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The King's GameCh27 - [Black Knight XXVII]


At the first moment of perceiving something strange, that is, the second before the dome of the auction house was blown up, the cub nestled in the arms of the youth stopped wagging the tip of its tail, and at the same time changed back to his original form and surrounded the youth with his tail.

With the explosion of the dome being demolished by force, the guests of all races in the auction house naturally could not calm down, and the whole auction house suddenly became a riot. jaEchF

There was no alarm. Mino star was infiltrated by a minority of Goblins of the Penn Empire, and most of the additional security guards for the auction were actually part of the Penn Empire.

At present, it could be said that the auction venue was surrounded by enemies inside and outside.

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The dome was blown up and the falling rocks caused screams. After encircling the youth with his tail, Alves spread out a pair of huge silver wings, wrapped the young zerg in it, and smashed a huge slab of stone into powder with his tail.

The goblin auctioneers on the auction stand were still stunned and did not know how to react. Now, all the goblin soldiers pouring into the auction hall were enemies. For all the ethnic groups in the area, they were in a state of isolation and helplessness. 91dfIp

Of course, there were exceptions.

Without lowering the platform, the Tak Zerg on the independent platform directly blocked it with its huge body, enabling youth to stay in a safe environment, and coincidentally blocked the two humans too.

Although the two humans knew that it was only an incident, they were still somewhat moved and grateful.

“Karu.” Seeing the Tak Zerg, who were constantly hit by small pieces of gravel on its back, Gu Huai, who came out of the silver wing, stretched out his hand.


When the youth emerged from his shelter, the Tak Zerg uttered a low hissing voice, urging the young zerg to retreat back to safety.

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The small stone on its body was not really painful to a Tak Zerg, but even if it was replaced by bullets, the Tak Zerg would do exactly the same thing.

Protect the King, for the Zerg, this would not be shaken by anything, especially for the low level Zerg who did not have too much wisdom.

It was in front of it that the youth was born. At first, when they were on the abandoned planet, they guarded a pure white giant egg. Later, the treasure was opened and the precious thing inside appeared. PoibER

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Because looking at the birth of this treasure, the Tak Zergs who once lived on the abandoned planet not only instinctively loved and obeyed the new king, but also believed that they had the responsibility to care for the young zerg.

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When Gu Huai reached out and put his hand on the forearm of the Tak Zerg, the top space of the flying platform was moved by a twisted whirlpool of space created by him. All the falling stones were smashed into dust at the moment they touched the whirlpool of space and sucked into the twisted space.

As the interior was penetrated, Mino star’s alarm came late, and it was only now that the army was mobilized. The current situation was that the fleet of the Penn Empire were sitting overhead, and weapons such as phase guns were ready, which could be said to have basically taken control of the situation. cJDeqv

The entire auction venue was surrounded by Penn Imperial soldiers who rushed into the auction house with guns, and people of all races on the flying platform were ordered to land the platform.

After the platform landed, the various races of bidders on these platforms were driven to the same place by the minority goblins with guns.

For a time, the luxurious auction house seemed to have turned into a slaughterhouse. People of all ethnic groups were pointed at by guns, they could only be slaughtered at this time.

Designed to create an atmosphere of terror, these minority goblins gave the same instructions to the last flying platform still suspended in the middle of the sky. lvCT0b

There was a point space anomaly just over the platform, but now the anomaly had disappeared and the situation was under control.

These goblins were not so concerned about this accident.

People of all races who knew what ferocious race was on the platform had hope, but soon their hope was extinguished, because the flying platform, which was suspended in the middle of the sky, was slowly descending.

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Although it was a ferocious race feared by all the stars, there was no way to confront an army when there were only a few people, which was common sense… 7uleYF

However, this idea had been established, and the people of all races who felt their hope extinguishing were watching the last platform fall to the ground, and they heard the huge roar of space tearing.

“huhh, huhh.”

Through the huge holes in the dome of the auction house, people of all nationalities who were driven to the same place saw a battleship hovering well in the sky, torn apart, sucked in and half of its body was crushed, and the rest crashed into the ground, followed by a burst of explosions.

Faced with this sudden change of scene, no matter which side was present, they were stunned for a second. u7f39K

Bidders of all races who were also pointed at by guns felt like they were in a roller coaster, and the gun wielding minority goblins now turned their guns all the way to the newly landed platform, aiming at several figures on the platform.

Where did this fit in with common sense?

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After the ups and downs, the people of all nationalities only realized that the world in front of them was very untrue. They saw that abilities could be used for assistant purposes, such as space transmission, or for various attacks.

Following the power fluctuation to find the initiator of the power, looking at the Silver-haired Zerg who they did not know when he appeared on the flight platform, the participants of all races present now had a tingling sensation on their scalp. cepMX

There were fewer than ten Zergs on this small flying platform, but from these Zergs, whose eyes had almost shrunk into thin linear pupils, they suddenly feel that these Zergs were more dangerous than the minority Goblins who surrounded them with weapons of destruction.

If you could read the obvious anger on the Zergs faces, which were always blank, it showed that the Zergs were basically in a state of rage.

Targeted by countless lethal weapons, one could see that the rage of these high level Zergs was soaring.

If the guns were aimed at them, these high level Zergs would not feel anything. x6 ApH

But the target also included their king, this was no longer an ordinary battle, but a declaration of war against the whole Zerg. Shortly after the crash of a battleship, the sound of battleship fire came from above the dome of the bombed auction house, most notably the sound of energy storage before the phase gun was launched.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

That was the temporarily unmanned Eurasian warship.

As self-conscious biological warships, the moment it received their King’s spiritual links, these Yula warships, which were originally in the airport, all transformed into the most powerful warship form of the Destroyer class in an instant, and were advancing at full speed to the Royal area where the auction venue was located.

After arriving, without a pause, the warship’s weapons were powered up to 100% and the target was locked for attack. The support fleet, which had been cut by two third, was still sizeable and did not lose ground in battle with the fleet that launched the attack. NjKRFG

“One of the subordinates was quick handed and inadvertently sent a call for help.” It was not clear whether Aljer said this with a smile, or whether he did not care.

Two Legion leaders on this planet, plus the size of the escort, it was not necessarily to send a call for help to Tuther, but since the other side had declared war on their entire race…

The Silver haired Zerg did not disagree with this motion. He just raised his eyes and smiled warmly.

But with his tail around the youth, Alves did not let himself fight, but simply destroyed all the weapons in the hands of the surrounding goblins with his ability. rKlkZD

The enemy had no weapons in his hands, and the people of all races in the auction house were instantly able to resist, but only a short time after the initial resistance, they found that the situation outside had changed again.

In a few seconds, it was unknown what had happened. The whole sky turned black, it was like a black cloud crushing the city. In fact, it was a dense fleet of Yula warships.

Everyone who came out of the auction house and saw the scene clearly had only one idea.

Who is invading whom now? g7FMDN

It was no wonder that people coming out of the auction house had this idea. After all, the current scene was too shocking.

It was too late to realize that they had kicked a piece of iron. The first reaction was to abandon the ship. The commander in chief of the Penn Empire’s fleet was ready to let his men continue fighting to buy him time. His ship would soon be able to teleport and flee.

“Energy transfer, 5, 4, 3, 2…”

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The last number was read out smoothly, and the instantaneous space change caused by the warship’s transition also appeared, but with only a slight shaking of the ship’s body, the commander of the Penn Empire found that his warship remained in its original coordinates and could not leave. tEP2Y7

The next second, the ship suddenly fell in a free fall. There was no turning point. The battleship crashed straight to the ground, making the heavy noise it deserved.

Unlike the previous power fluctuations. Following the power fluctuation to find the initiator of the power, the audience saw the black haired youth surrounded by the silver haired zerg with his tail.

The black eyes of the youth, which were originally round pupils, had now turned into golden vertical pupils similar to those of the silver haired zerg that was next to him.


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