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The King's GameCh23 - [Black Knight XXIII]


When he washed and changed his clothes in the cubicle, Gu Huai saw in the mirror that his ears were a little red. He reached out and pinched them, he placed the white rose-like flower in his hands into a glass with water, then he put the glass on the windowsill.

Looking at the flower, Gu Huai thought about how carefully the Silver-haired Zerg held the flower branch, and slowly put it in front of him, because he mentioned it. 0HZoME

The Zerg’s hand could be used as a ruthless killing weapon, but the picture of him carefully holding the slender flower branches was hard to imagine. It was like two kinds of extremely incompatible items suddenly mingled together, giving birth to an incredible tenderness under the ferocity and brutality.

If this scene was seen by the people of other races, they would probably be too stunned to function.

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When the heat on his ears subsided, Gu Huai touched his neck, the marks on the top of his neck were not obvious and would be gone soon.

Whether it was the flower delivery or the cub that jumped into his arms before, Gu Huai had clearly realized the feeling of being pleased by the Silver-haired Zerg, as well as the kissing and licking. Mo1JAy

In the Zergs clan, kissing and licking were of special significance.

The reason for this was that the Zergs sometimes licked the villi of another cub and combed the hair of the cub. Of course, it was only for those they liked and wanted to be close to.

In adulthood, kissing and licking was still an important way for the Zergs to express their preference for their loved ones. So even if he was licked on the neck, what Gu Huai knew the actions of the Silver-haired Zerg was not desire, but the other was expressing its love to him.

This was not a clever way of expression, on the contrary, it was the simplest and most direct one. But in this way, it made Gu Huai feel like he had been poked in his heart.


“My dear system.” Before leaving the cubicle, Gu Huai called the system in his consciousness.

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“Yes.” Without interfering with the way the host cleared the levels, the system that was basically watching on the sidelines made its presence known.

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“I think I might be in a relationship.” As he said this, Gu Huai raised his hand and scratched his cheek. Although it was possible to say that, but the fact that he took the initiative to say this sentence, in fact, had shown his acceptance.

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Obbxlcu ja atf mifjgjcmf ifnfi, Xe Lejl bqfcfv tlr wbeat jcv jrxfv, “Gb sbe atlcx atja joafg yfmbwlcu j xlcu, P mjc ufa jcsatlcu P kjca, lcmievlcu ublcu yjmx ab atf olgra kbgiv P’nf fzqfglfcmfv?”

Every world had a clearance time limit. If the clearance level did not reach 100% before the time limit was exhausted, it would undoubtedly be judged as a failure, and then it would automatically depart from the world. There were two choices for clearing the levels within the time limit, one was to transfer to the next world immediately, and the other was to choose to stay in the world within the remaining time limit.

Either of these two situations, Gu Huai knew that he couldn’t stay in this world for a long time.

He first accepted the game because he didn’t want to be the protagonist in a tragedy script so early, but he didn’t care much about whether he could go back to his original world. e8h5B1

After all, in his world, he was the type of person who had enough to eat. Without family, there was only an intelligent robot in the house besides himself.

“Of course.” The system affirmed.

“I like it here very much.” With a slightly curved eyebrow, Gu Huai went out of the cubicle after talking to the system.

In order to find inspiration, Gu Huai often traveled around in his world, but he did not feel lonely. But after experiencing this world, he felt that he probably couldn’t do it again, because he had now experienced the feeling of having a family. The Zergs were a family to him, and Gu Huai admitted to being moved by Alvis. vC2GT8

Whether it was missing a person in a relationship, or passively leaving home for some reason and worrying family members, it was bad behavior.

So win. With the same goal as before, but in fact, until now, Gu Huai finally had the desire to win.

“I don’t need so many people, Kapalia. Just stay here.” The Zergs who seemed to be going out with their king were stopped. At this time, they were eager to follow their king. Gu Huai showed a helpless expression.

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But if you traveled with such a well trained Zerg elite force at a glance, you could imagine the degree of admiration, especially if there was a commander of the Legion inside, who was expected to be noticed everywhere. 68s9op

Not going against their king’s wishes, the Zerg soldiers who were stopped looked with envy at the small army that could go out with the king. They also wanted to follow their king.

On Mino’s exclusive means of transport, while Aljer went to set the flight route, Gu Huai hugged the cub in his arms with his tail and wings hanging down.

Adult Zergs, let alone cubs, could also be interrupted for a long period of time when they expressed their preference to someone they liked and wanted to be close to.

“Good.” Gu Huai did not hold back the curving of his eyes when he thought of the adjective “grieving” which was the current state of the cub in his arms. Having said this, he reached out and patted down the hairs on the round cub’s back. WeZ6Sq

Along the way, Gu Huai was very slow to think that he used his hands to rub their leader, in the eyes of the others, as if, as if, uh… Could it also be understood as expressing like?
Didn’t he rub the leader’s head for the first time on an abandoned planet?

“Chirp, chirp!” As the young man touched the white cub on his back, the cub squinted its pale golden vertical pupils, and its silver tail swayed slightly.

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It was impossible for a Zerg cub to be so obedient and submissive when its body was being touched. It could only be done by itself or by someone who it liked or wanted to be close to.

At this time, in a trading area not far away, the two human officers plus a Zerg troop of more than ten high ranked Zergs were at a standoff with a human force. Cy MuV

There was no doubt that the Trade Zone was the busiest area on Mino Star. There were so many people that sometimes some streets would be crowded. If something happened, it would be easy to attract people to watch.

Watching should also be divided into sides, humans and Zergs were on both sides, the people cherished their lives did not want to watch this. But Mino star clearly stipulated that no war was allowed. Goblins had control forces in key areas of the planet, so there were still a lot of people watching on the sly.

Standing in front of the human forces, the shoulder badge on the military uniform was particularly prominent. It was the shoulder badge representing the rank of general. There were no more than seven generals with this rank in the global federation.

The general was the head of Shen family. This time, Mino star was bidding for a finalized treasure on behalf of the Earth Federation at the Seiser auction. s34h5I

During the execution of his mission, he could not say how he felt when he saw his only son who he thought had died in the hands of the star robbers. He saw his son in the midst of the Zergs and they seemed to be shopping together, which made General Shen Qiu wonder if he was really old.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Not an old man, but a middle-aged man, who led the army to a beautiful victory some time ago, was now suspicious of his own vision.

“We’re not treasonous, uncle. Don’t use that look.” The Shen family and the Nisslok family were descendants and had very close and friendly relations. Hammer’s attitude toward the human general in front of him couldn’t help but take on a carefree note, which was much more relaxed than when he faced his father.

Apart from the fact that no one could be released without a command from a superior, the senior Zerg following the two human officers did not interfere with what the two guests wanted to do, and the conversation was casual. 95JwCd

Although this Zerg unit only had more than ten advanced Zergs, the human forces had a quantitative advantage on their side, but they could not take the humans away forcefully without fighting, they could only take a momentum advantage in the confrontation, and this advantage would be lost soon.

The Zerg reinforcements came very quickly, they thought as they looked at the Zerg troops approaching them.

Admiral Shen Qiu, of course, did not think that the two men would be treasonous. He saw another human prisoner in the Zerg troops approaching him. He asked, “What conditions are needed to return the three prisoners to us?”

The Zerg troops close by were undoubtedly elite troops, which could be seen at a glance, but the general’s attitude was quite calm and he was not disorderly. AHn3hg

Three. On hearing this number, the two human officers knew that their high ranked superior had misunderstood something and waved their hands to deny it.

The man looked and realized that all the high ranked Zergs in the Zerg army became tense and vigilant, which was quite different from the calm posture just now.

The change of attitude change from Zergs were very obvious, and the atmosphere suddenly becomes tense.

Without letting this misunderstanding and tension continue, Gu Huai stepped out of the guard circle of the high level Zergs and stood in front of the Head General of the Earth’s Federation with countless merits. He calmly and naturally held out his right hand to the other. “On behalf of the Zergs, I will talk to you, Your Excellency.” KjO13y

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  1. I like how Gu Huai readily accepts the fact of being in a relationship. It isn’t something you normally see with most MC’s usually hesitating beforehand and such due to the same sex matter.

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

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    System: I am happy for you

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    And GH acquiring a (huge) extended family and wanting to stay with them is so precious 🤗

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