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The King's GameCh20 - [Black Knight XX]


As a special guest, in order to avoid causing too much disturbance, the airport had created a special landing spot for the Zerg warships.

Looking at the faces of the goblins sent to receive them, the two human generals rubbed their chins. lcdxrU

You see, they said that the size and posture of the escorts were too exaggerated and was easily misunderstood. This was the result of a two third reduction in the troops. If they had traveled with the fleet that was initially assembled, they felt that the goblins by now would have been frightened to the point of raising their planet’s highest defense system.

The goblin who headed the reception team was actually the Chief Secretary of the planet’s governor. His name was Corey Delner, and he was obviously much calmer than the rest of his subordinates.

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After a preliminary conversation with the Zergs as the person who was in charge of their reception, Corey went up high-level Zerg. “Your Excellency the Governor has prepared a reception banquet for your visit, excuse me…”

Before he had finished his inquiry, Corey saw the high-level Zerg frown at him. This Zerg was a woman with huge bone wings growing behind her. Through her appearance and this distinctive feature, it was easy to identify her as the leader of the Second Zerg Legion. So far, she was the leader of the fleet. yARq8N

The frown was a sign of dissatisfaction, and the goblin, as a shrewd businessman, was always good at observing. The chief secretary was somewhat confused, and he could not speak a word until he realized that the other was not satisfied with their reception.

“If you feel there is anything that needs improvement, please do not hesitate to mention it.”

Customers were God. Goblins always had a good attitude towards customers who visited their planet to trade.

Kapalia slightly gathered up the huge bony wings behind her. The leader of the Zerg’s Second Legion did not reply, but went silently to the center of the army. The Zerg soldiers opened a way for the Legion leader and she quickly approached the black haired youth guarded by the soldiers in the central area. EfzjUu

Explaining was too troublesome. After approaching the young people, Kapalia knelt down in a crisp and neat manner. “Your Majesty.”

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This kneeling, the team responsible for the reception of the Zergs were stunned.

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If you asked who was the happiest person present, it must have been the two human officers who were enjoying themselves secretly.

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Capturing the word ‘Your Majesty’, the Chief Secretary forced himself to calm down quickly. On the premise that the Zergs around him were allowed to approach the black haired youth, he went up to the youth and bowed respectfully.

“Please forgive me for my negligence and rudeness just now. As an apology, i am willing to invite you to the Sesier Auction”.

Even the head of the Second Legion knelt down in front of the zerg, there was no doubt that the black haired youth in front of him was the supreme leader of the surrounding Zerg clans. z3MZLi

This kind of mistake was not a minor mistake. Seriously speaking, it was likely to affect the relationship between the two ethnic groups. Before the reception, he was granted the relevant authority by the council, Corey’s remark was made on behalf of the whole government.

Want to give their King gifts?

Understanding this statement, the Zergs present who had little expressions on their cold faces, became undoubtedly softer.

The Tak Zerg next to the young man also whispered fragments of greetings to the goblin who was speaking, without any threat. hzakQZ

Hammer and Shen Mu also accepted this
treatment. The Tak Zergs regarded them as youth’s playmates. Since then, they had enjoyed the friendly greetings from the lower class Zerg.

From this series of events, a conclusion had been drawn. If you wanted to have a good relationship with the Zerg, first of all, you should show a good attitude towards their king, such as giving gifts to the young zerg.

Anyway, when the youth was happy, the whole Zergs would be happy. He didn’t know if they were principles or not.

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“There’s no need to make amends for such exaggeration.” Originally, because the negotiation task was handled by Aljer, Gu Huai was safe in the circle of the Zerg soldiers, but at this moment, Gu Huai suddenly had the illusion that he was the leader of the underworld. zNA8 O

“We didn’t mean the reception just now. Let’s take you over first.” He took the initiative to build a step towards the correction of the mistake he made, and Gu Huai smiled at him.

Goblins had green skin, with long pointed ears and a generally short stature. Boarding the same vehicle, Gu Huai obscurely observed the goblins.

This world was really amazing. There were all kinds of races in it.

“We’ll go to the auction later?” There was no need to make amends, but Gu Huai was very interested in the auction he had heard before. He lowered his head and asked as he stretched out his hand to the plush cub in his arms. ym4k5r

“Chirp.” For the time being, only the decorative wings moved on the cub. It chirped to the young zerg to express its consent, and then continued to lean on him.

In the goblin capital, Mino, a well-known trading planet, it had many auctions every month, but the Sieser Auction, mentioned by the Chief Secretary of the planet, was a famous auction which only occurred once every ten years. Everything auctioned was a rare treasure.

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Once even the planet was auctioned. It was also because of this that there was a shortage of vacancies at the airport in the main city of Mino Star Center this time, there were too many people who came for fame or with a clear purpose.

Gu Huai actually did not know what the auction was, but was simply interested in it, but as he listened to the goblin’s words, obviously there was another meaning. joy24a

“An invitation letter is required for the entrance of the Sieser Auction. The invitation letter is usually obtained by presenting some rare treasures, but of course you are qualified, Your Majesty. If you want to attend the auction, I will prepare your exclusive seats later.” Corey stood nearby, waiting for the young man to nod, and he would arrange it immediately.

The Zergs had initially established friendly relations with their own race, and the black haired youth as the leader of the Zergs was a big customer in the eyes of the goblins.

Customers were God, but God also had different sizes and weights, for important customers, of course, they needed to be given better service.

A treasure of a certain rarity… Feeling that he wanted to go, Gu Huai probed into his pocket, and when he touched a sphere, he brought it out. MHtmlp

“Is this OK?” Gu Huai touched the glass ball which he liked very much. He put it in his palm, and then handed it over to the other side.

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For the time being, he could only find something that should be able to meet the requirements. Energy crystals should be a rare treasure. Gu Huai thought uncertainly, because the glass ball in his hand was similar to that of the other three Legion leaders besides the silver-haired Zerg, who had given him several before. Because the inconvenience was brought out, there were still more in Tuther, with this being the first one Alvis had given to give him.

With the eyes of professional businessmen, the eyes of the goblins suddenly lit up and became terribly bright. They all stared at the energy crystal in the hands of young zerg.

“Certainly!” The Chief Secretary did not hesitate to answer. ksQdLV

Energy crystals of the same value as a Class A planet was so casually brought out that the zerg’s financial resources had been fully felt by the goblins.

Rich, very rich, very rich!

Thinking about it carefully. The Zergs were the most ferocious when all races scrambled to occupy their planet in the old era. Many of the planets they occupied had unique special resources, such as what their governors wanted to win this time, the Thurton ore on Tuther.

It was undoubtedly the right choice for their race to establish friendly relations with the Zergs. As long as the exchange went smoothly, the trade channels between the two sides could be further opened. By then, they would be the envy of other races. HdvCBm

While other races were still on the sidelines, they needed to get close to the Zergs quickly.

The follow-up reception went smoothly, and when the king was well received by the goblins, the evaluation of the goblins by the Zerg soldiers increased by one point.

They were a good race, and it was good to have diplomatic relations.——


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