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The King's GameCh126 - [Heart of Machinery XVI]


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Letting a small army composed of mechanical creatures and a human enter Ogg City, all races in this united city were now in a state of mental tension.

The last time they let mechanical creatures into the city was also because the superiors were persuaded by the human youth, but last time the models of the mechanical creatures beside the youth were very old, so in the heavily guarded Ogg city, they didn’t need to worry too much about the mechanical creatures…

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This time it was different.

The small army in the city did not say that outside the city gate, an entire army was still parked on the edge of Ogg’s alert area. According to its scale, the soldiers of all races in the allied forces could not help but think reflexively that the mechanical army was going to launch an attack on them. L4182O

The huge army on the edge of the alert area seemed to show no sign of pushing forward any more. For the time being, the attention of all the people in the city was mainly focused on the team being welcomed into the meeting hall from the spacious street.

To say which race had the deepest prejudice against the mechanical creatures, there was no doubt that it was the elves. Since the human race was destroyed, the elves had been the party most invaded and destroyed by the mechanical creatures.

First, the eternal flower as a sacred relic of the clan was robbed. Later, the territory was almost lost. The defense devices of the holy land were destroyed and left damaged. The Tree of Life that gave birth to the elves was nearly destroyed…

This was a serious matter that nearly exterminated them. Even if the elves were peace-loving by nature, there would be anger if they were pressed so hard.


Now, for these elves, the human youth in the team of mechanical creatures had become a point of contention. Judging from the situation of the last battle, this human being was undoubtedly their benefactor, but the other was now interacting with mechanical creatures.

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Because they wanted to repay the kindness, the Elves had strongly supported and voted in favor when the parliament proposed to send hidden troops to rescue the youth in the Royal City.

Some townspeople looked at the youth as if they were looking at a traitor, but aware of this, an N2-type mechanical creature with sky blue light radiating from its eyes simply put the youth on its shoulders, and then turned away to stare at the townspeople one by one with its glowing eyes.

If it weren’t for the youth, who didn’t want them to fight with other races again, they wouldn’t want any peaceful coexistence. t9h1 W

Execution procedures were to destroy these races, pack the occupied territories and treasures into gifts and give them to the youth to build a more magnificent and huge kingdom, and then they would create a throne for the youth to sit comfortably on so that he could sit happily on it.

What kind of natural power did this human youth have over these mechanical creatures? The senior officials of the races who silently watched the scene quietly pondered this question.

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When they arrived at the meeting hall, the crowd looked at the mechanical creature that had let the young man sit on its shoulder with great care. Then the mechanical creature stood behind the young man’s seat and looked down at the youth sitting on the seat of the meeting hall.

Noah sat next to the youth with no facial expression, while other humanoid machines also surrounded the youth behind him. At this moment, it did not look aggressive.

The Council Chamber was a sacred hall. It seemed quite quiet at this moment when all the people had just sat on their seats. The atmosphere in the Council Chamber became very subtle due to the addition of the mechanical creatures.

“The eternal flower is sacred to the elves and is now returned to its owner.” Gu Huai took the lead in breaking the silence in the meeting hall. According to his meaning, he took out a faint light flower from his homemade space ring and pushed it toward the direction of the Elf prophet. c2sH0y

They saw with their eyes the scene where the young man was taken by the humanoid weapon beside him. The Elf prophet was actually the person who felt the most incredulous about this series of changes.

His predictions had never gone wrong, and the scene in the prediction must have happened. How did the human youth survive and what caused these mechanical creatures to change their attitude towards the youth when the rescue mission of the hidden troops failed? These two things were very worth pondering on.

There was not only the prophet Norma among the elves present. When seeing the youth take out the eternal flower, all the elves on the outer seat almost looked straight, hoping to bring the holy object of their clan back to their holy land for offering immediately.

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The mechanical creatures were really willing to return the eternal flower to them so easily, the elves present were hardly convinced. q5ldPX

The sentence “return” was said by the human youth in front of us. Could the other represent the will of these mechanical creatures?

People were skeptical about this, but hearing the youth’s words, there was no objection from the surrounding mechanical creatures, including the humanoid weapon with a cold face beside the youth.

The pledge of promise was gone, and the human-shaped weapon peeped at by the crowd had slightly lowered its eyelids at this moment. Although they could not see any emotion on its indifferent face, his sight moved with the eternal flower. Until the flower was taken back to his hand by the elf prophet, the angle of Noah’s lip became a flat line.

Although it didn’t make any noise to raise objections, why did it seem to be not very happy… IND4kC

The members of all races present were not bad at observing. Of course, they didn’t not fail to see this. And some people who happened to be at the right angle saw that the human youth on the seat was gently shaking the hand of the humanoid weapon beside him in a soothing way, while the latter held the young man’s hand against him at this moment, and the cold temperature on his body seemed to melt away a lot.

It was not reasonable to rob the holy objects of other people’s races as his pledge. Noah didn’t care anyway, but before he came to Ogg City, he had already agreed to the youth’s proposal.

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After holding the young man’s hand in reverse, the sullen humanoid weapon eased down, and its gaze was withdrawn from the elf prophet and placed on the young man next to him.

This human youth could indeed represent the wishes of these mechanical creatures. At this moment, members of all races in this Chamber had affirmed this point. 2fIE A

The Eternal flower was originally an elven object. As the youth said, it was returned to its original owner. Naturally, the elven prophet would not say any words of thanks after taking back the flower. He just nodded and followed the topic of opening the meeting. “You said you wanted to talk about peace. I would like to ask you what your specific thoughts are.”

It was easy to talk. How to ensure future peace was the biggest difficulty. Even if both sides could sit and talk calmly now, all members of the Kadrin parliament were still treading on thin ice.

Gu Huai also didn’t want to make any detours. He first repeated his earlier pledge to remind everyone present, “I said before that if things were over, I would have the right to take care of Noah and the other mechanical creatures. You can’ t do any investigation. The meeting should be based on this premise, as I hope no one has forgotten this point.”

If you want to investigate, you have to have the ability to investigate. The youth’s statement was not only to safeguard the lives of the mechanical creatures, but also to give the Kadrin Parliament a chance to step down. The leaders of all races in the seat were silent at this time, and he assumed that they had acquiesced to his statement. E1Kmy0

The next thing Gu Huai would say was related to the Ark Plan.

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As for the Ark Plan, the members of all races on the seat did not know much about it. This was also said to Gu Huai by Red Dragon Gerald earlier. Because it was a plan that had been classified as a top secret by human beings, the Kadrin Parliament could hardly find any clues even if they wanted to trace it. The relevant information had basically been destroyed.

Gu Huai could only rely on speculation about the contents of the Ark plan before he was caught in the territory of mechanical creatures, but now he had pieced together the contents of the plan.

“Robots will strictly follow their procedures. The Ark Project was supposed to only produce mechanical creations as weapons that could protect human beings and win conflicts and wars for mankind.” Speaking of which, Gu Huai already saw some people with questioning expressions on their faces, but did not stop talking. Gu Huai went on to say, “Before the Ark Project was carried out, human beings made many experimental models, that is, those robots belonging to basic models. This discovery was told to me by Gerald at the beginning, so I think the Kadrin Parliament should also know this.” hGBX r

“I was rescued from a frozen capsule under the ice cap in the far north by old robots. These old robots have been friendly to me from the beginning and saved me at the cost of the little energy they had left. As experimental models, they were friendly to human beings. I think this is enough to confirm my first remark.” Speaking the truth, Gu Huai looked around at the leaders of all races on their seats.

At that time, all the people present could not refute this statement from the youth. Since the extinction of human beings, other races had also been attacked by mechanical legions one after another. After all the races united, all the mechanical creatures were regarded as enemies, although some people actually discovered that the old mechanical creatures did not take the initiative to participate in the war.

Human beings were not stupid. Of course, the original intention of manufacturing mechanical creatures could not be to destroy themselves. Although the consequences were inconsistent with the original intention, what the youth said about the plan should be correct.

However, the word “originally” in the youth sentence made the races present feel that something was wrong. mO5dKv

According to the original ideas of the races, the mechanical creatures produced by the Ark plan should have lost control, so they attacked human beings and brought them disaster. However, the youth had come up with this matter as if to tell them that it was not just a simple matter of losing control…

“In the initial program of the mechanical creatures created by the Ark Project, all races in Eizea were set to be destroyed. The first set to be destroyed were the human beings and the second were elves. Let’s leave aside the rest for a moment, and here you should understand that such a program setting cannot be the original content of the Ark Plan, but someone must have tampered with it.” Gu Huai knew the man who was hiding in the dark. From another angle, it could also be said that human beings in this plane world suffered from him.

In order to make him unable to pass through the world smoothly, his enemy took great pains.

Hearing this from the youth, the members present on the seat were shocked at first. Their first concern was not who was the one who was doing the work in the Ark Project, but the procedure set by the youth. xGZvnV

The youth said that the mechanical creatures would strictly implement the procedures, and also said that in the initial procedures of these mechanical creatures there was a setting to destroy their race. Since they were doomed to hostility, how could these peace talks continue to be possible?

“This is an erroneous program set under someone’s hostile influence. Personally, I certainly don’t think it is necessary to carry out such a program, but the mechanical biological program cannot be cancelled just by canceling…” Speaking of which, Gu Huai paused.

So what was the point of this peace talk?? Hearing this, some people on the seat of the Council hall became more and more unable to sit down.

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However, at the moment when everyone was about to succumb, Gu Huai said out the solution: “It’s not that there is no solution. There is a loophole in the logic of the setting procedure. It just requires all races to make some changes in form. “ hxc62H

“What do you need us to do, your excellency?” The king of the dwarves pulled off his big beard, and his tone was relatively relaxed. If it was only a change in form, there was nothing unacceptable.

Gu Huai coughed low at this moment, trying to speak gently, “Very simple, just change your name…”

Change the name, for example, the elves change their name to the moon clan or any other name, as long as the name “elves” was clearly not used, it was not too bad for it to be used at home.

Members of all races who heard the youth’s words in the Chamber were obviously stunned at this moment, because the solution proposed by the youth was too light and simple, and did not conform to what they expected. 1T4bhn

What magic was this—??


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


The magic of love duh 😂 DV G6W


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