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The King's GameCh111 - [Heart Of Machinery I]


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The enemy disappeared after leaving an ambiguous message. Gu Huai frowned slightly because of the message, but he did not delve too deeply. Clearance of the current world was his primary goal.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Lin listened to the conversation between the two men. He could not understand many strange words in the speech, but this did not affect his attitude towards the youth. If the youth did not mention it, then he would not ask.


It was not fake when He Yi said he had given up on the world. Since the other side disappeared, Gu Huai’s side had been very quiet. There were no more hired teams pouring dirty water on him and fabricating negative news. His acting career in the future could be called smooth sailing.


If an artist wanted to maintain his popularity, it was very necessary to continuously produce new works. Both quality and quantity needed to be mastered. A classic work could establish the artist’s position in the industry.


The film and television work that really enabled Gu Huai to establish his position in the circle at one stroke was the film “Untouchable Time”, which was directed by famous director Wu Jian and directly won all the most prestigious film awards that year. At present, Gu Huai was not only a domestic actor, but also an influential actor even in the international arena.

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There were countless praises about the youth, but in his most dazzling year, the youth had stepped down from the entertainment industry. At the same time, the news of the marriage between the Gu and Yan family filled the headlines.


At this moment, the vast majority of the youth’s fans were in a split state of not knowing whether they should cry or dance in ecstasy.


Radish rabbit: “Ah, our Ah Huai and Mr Yan need to get the certificate, but why did he announce his retirement QAQ!!”

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Circle: “No, I can’t accept it. Ah Huai’s career is still on the rise. In this golden age, even if you get a license to get married, you don’t have to quit.”


Orange Blame: “Even if I am completely lovelorn today, I still support Ah Huai and Yan Da … But what the hell is this withdrawal from acting? Crying!!”


Weibo had been completely fried, and the top three topics in the hot search list had all been occupied by the headlines related to the youth. However, it did not take long for the matter to ferment, and the party concerned quickly showed up and made an explanation.


Gu Huai’s post was not too long in length, which generally mentioned that the rest of his actions were of his own will and was not influenced by external factors. He also expressed his thanks to his fans for their company and blessing.

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The clearance value of this plane world reached 100% when Gu Huai won the highest award as an actor. The reason why he chose to retire at the peak of his career was that he had little time left. In the remaining ten years, Gu Huai undoubtedly wanted  to spend more time with his lover than he did with his work.


Even during the long rest period, after time, Gu Huai’s extraordinary warmth did not settle down, but instead showed a tendency to go even higher.


“When will Ah Huai leave?” The feeling that the youth would leave was sharper than before. When the feeling became stronger, Yan Lin hooked the youth’s finger with his index finger and asked in a low voice.


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There was no reason. Due to the combination of those unfamiliar words heard earlier in the dialogue between the youth and Qiong Qi, Yan Lin developed this feeling over time.


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When asked unexpectedly, Gu Huai stopped moving and then replied: “…there is still more than a month left.”


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“Chu Chu will wait for Huai.” When the sentence was finished clearly, Yan Lin’s voice was quite low, but there was no wavering in the sentence.


Because compared with the premonition that the youth would leave, Yan Lin’s other stronger perception was… as long as he waited patiently, he would get what he wanted and loved.


The cracks on Yan Lin’s horn had been repaired over the years, which reassured Gu Huai.


In fact, the time of a month was quite short. In an instant, it was the day Gu Huai had to leave. When he was firmly held by the man behind, Gu Huai turned half over to kiss beside the cold eyebrows and eyes of the man behind, and then kissed his beautiful and thin lips.


Yan Lin, who was kissed by the youth on his own initiative, lowered his head and encircled him more firmly.


“Plane transfer is about to take place.” The system gave a reminder.


It was the last plane he had to travel to. The system said at the beginning that it would allow two chances of failure, but in fact it never believed that the youth would have the possibility of failure. The youth had enough ability, and these were the worlds that it carefully arranged.

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Yan Lin seemed to feel this. He lowered his head and gently rubbed Gu Huai’s cheeks. He repeated his previous statement in a low voice, “Chu Chu will wait for Ah Huai.”


To be able to wait was a happy thing, because it meant that the person you loved still had the possibility to come back.


As the same being, Yan Lin had the same view as the system on this matter.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Lin had the feeling it would not be long.


No accident, it was the last time he had to select a world. Gu Huai turned over a card which he could only see.


Ghost card.


The third-party intervention would cause uncontrollable factors in the plane world. Considering Qiong Qi’s previous remarks, before the plane transfer, the system said: “There will be things beyond the expected range in this world.”

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What exactly it would be, the system was also temporarily unable to know.


“Mmm.” Gu Huai replied.


Hearing the answer, the system began to count down the plane shift. When the timing reached the last second, the young man’s body completely leaned back against Yan Lin.


Yan Lin pecked the lips of the young man, lowered his eyes slightly and continued to hold the unconscious man in his arms


At this time, in another world far away——


On the Arctic ice cap, the coldest place in the continent of Eizea, endless glaciers seemed to cover the land, which meant it was difficult to find any signs of life.


There was no life, but there was something moving in the ice cap.

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[Life body reaction detected, danger level determined: E]


Heavy metal bodies would inevitably make noises when they moved, especially the parts of these mechanical creatures moving on the ice cap in the far north had been damaged in many places, making the noises even more noisy and offensive.

“Click, click-“ GIOE6L


A dozen or so mechanical creatures of different shapes paused at this moment, staring at the ice layer that had just detected the reaction of a living organism, and silently discussing the resolution.

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The remaining life forms in this world regarded them as enemies. Although there was no instruction to fight these life forms in their initial instruction, they were granted the right to use force to protect themselves during necessary periods by their creator. 8hU7sY


Because these organisms repeatedly attack them, accordingly, these mechanical creations had long confirmed the “counterattack” instruction.


At this moment, the decision to be made by these mechanical creatures was whether they needed to completely erase the life of the body buried under the ice. bGEs H


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The life response of the living body was very weak, and the danger level was judged to be E, which was the lowest level of danger. According to the situation on the spot, even if they didn’t do anything, there was a great chance that this living body would die on its own.


However, if erasing was performed by them, they would need to consume the little energy they had left. sn3ahi


However, as long as it was not an inevitable event with a 100% probability, there would be an unexpected possibility, which would leave a hidden danger.


Finally, a mechanical creature came out of the front of the team, lifted its damaged arm to the ice, and          made a light beam using a weapon made with exquisite engineering. Efisx0


With energy gathering, the weapon’s launch port condensed light clusters, and the powerful beam of light broke a big crack in the thick ice layer in a blink of an eye.


The impact penetrated under the ice several meters deep, just to be blocked by some kind of hard material. KUmzJB


By the time the object was clearly seen through the cracked ice, these mechanical creatures had made the same emotional response. They seemed to have suddenly froze.


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It was a human body freezer made by human science and technology. Through the transparent interlayer at the top, these cold mechanical creations saw the figure of a dark-haired young man in the freezer. mZMTx9


Human being.


The scan confirmed what was in front of them, and the blue light on the eyes of the mechanical creations suddenly flashed violently several times as if stimulated by something. i9ugtC


“Du, Du …”

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Between the harsh and silent glaciers, monotonous sounds made by mechanical creatures reverberate at this time. This seemingly meaningless echo actually represented the joy and feelings of these cold machines. QbYISC


These mechanical creatures worked together to dig out the freezing chamber under the ice and carefully transported it back to their temporary residence.


The normal temperature of the human body was about 37 ℃. This knowledge was searched in the data warehouse, and the mechanical creatures that moved the freezer back to the temporary residence opened the freezer after repeated discussions. They put the youth into the belly of a baking robot originally used as a household type. mFHrjN


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Heat preservation….


There was no knowledge of thawing the human body in the database. These mechanical creatures could only do what they thought was right. The average human body could not withstand the low temperature, so they had to hope that the heat preservation worked for the youth. wQd7Mp


After the youth was placed in the belly of the baking robot, all the mechanical creatures in the abandoned fort closely surrounded him.


Joy. Although they did not have the soft heart of normal beings, these cold mechanical creatures also seemed to be experiencing this kind of emotion. bs0dOP


This was the instinctive love of creation for its creator.


TN: E RV7u


Last arc before the finale, sad. This arc is interesting tho, ROBOTSSSSSSS.

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