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The King's GameCh105 - [Mermaid XXIII]


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Its attention was fixed on the slightly red-eyed beauty, and less than a second after its response, the system immediately reflected on how big a mistake it had made. 4wNVnc

System: “….”

The system was silent for a moment before it began thinking about excuses in a hurry.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It couldn’t understand the youth’s inner thoughts at this time. After systematic and repeated thinking, it couldn’t make a sound for a long time. The youth was not allowed to find out what he had discovered, so it was eager to cover up what it had said.

But the next second, Gu Huai repeated the clear call, directly shaking the unstable psychology of his system. Sqkmb8

“Chu Chu.” The setup had been successful and he managed to trap his system. Gu Huai had no reason to let go of the rope in his hand. Of course, he wouldn’t let go of it and would continue to pursue victory.

“…” It still couldn’t think of any possibility of exposing itself. The system insisted on this idea, and this time it remained silent.

After the system kept silent, it intended that no matter what the youth said, it would not respond for the time being. In this case, there was a possibility of error in the response. If it kept its mouth shut, it could completely eliminate this opportunity.

However, the system did not say a word for a few seconds before it saw the youth half lying on a leather sofa touching his tail and his face tinged with a faint red, squinting. He unbuttoned another button on his thin shirt and it could see his beautiful collarbone and, below that, his half-hidden chest. fq0wQV

System: “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

To do all this, Gu Huai was actually very calm. He didn’t feel embarrassed, he didn’t even blush. At this time, the red on Gu Huai’s cheek was just a physiological reaction caused by touching sensitive parts but it was actually more suitable for the situation.

Even if it had already figured out what the youth was doing, the system could not be indifferent to the present situation, and there was no possibility that it could withdraw its attention from the treasure it loved. What was more, the eyes of the youth were now filled with beautiful colors.

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Seeing that the youth’s long and beautiful fingers had moved down to the next button, the system finally gave up the practice of silent evasion at this time, and could not bear it. The system responded with a very low voice, “Hmm.” 3cbELS

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After the youth changed his silver tail back to normal human legs, the system was ready to face his doubts about it… Or questions. 7ExtM4

It was not so important now that the youth recognized it for what it was. What was important was that it confirmed it. At this time, in the eyes of the youth, there should be a lot of doubts about what he had experienced.

Its motive and purpose, in the current situation, could undoubtedly become the point of suspicion and doubt of the other.

After the response had been acknowledged, the system didn’t make any sound. It did not want to be suspected by the youth, but there were some things that it couldn’t say now and needed to continue to hide.

It was impossible to say that its emotions did not fluctuate, except that Noah had long gotten used to patience. K0lM6j

It took a long time for it to see a light in the cold darkness, so its bad luck meant it would not have a second chance.

In order to achieve the desired result, even if it had to accept the youth’s query now, it also…

“I won’t ask more about anything else. I don’t think you can answer now.” At this time when the system was silent, Gu Huai changed his posture from half-lying on the dark leather sofa to sitting straight, he raised his hand and scratched his left cheek lightly with his white fingertips. “At the end, I will know everything.”

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One could easily lose their vest because of the series of actions it had just made. His family’s system was like this, and it was impossible for it to do anything bad to him. Gu Huai was quite helpless thinking about this, the other side liked him obviously and it was easy to see, he did not doubt that. Cv0qZ

The system and his lover were the same existence, so the real reason why he was asked to participate in the game was not so simple, and it was definitely not accidental.

There were many doubtful points, but Gu Huai did not want to investigate in detail now. He did not want to use tricks to investigate it, but he just wanted the other to voluntarily admit it.

The vast array of questionable things that the youth had so casually brushed aside had left the system, who was ready to accept his doubts, in a state of limbo.

In other words, it was normal for any other person to be suspicious when faced with this kind of situation, especially when asking for the truth. The youth didn’t ask it now, the subtext expressed trust. xhK5jz

“Chu Chu… likes Ah Huai.”  The voice of the system was very low. It was the first time it used a self-proclaimed identity exposure in front of the youth. At this time, there was actually serious emotion in its cold voice. It said this sentence very seriously, which was one thing it would never lie about.

After saying that sentence, the system paused, and slowly added in a cold voice, “Chu Chu in every world likes Ah Huai.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There were some things that needed to be hidden before the end, and there were some things that could be told, the system was now picking out the facts it most wanted to present to the youth.

It was inconvenient to repeat the reasons, so the system only gave the main facts. 8fLSKi

“By winning the game, Ah Huai will know everything.” Having already acknowledged its identity, the system no longer restrained itself from using the term “Ah Huai” for the youth.

Passing through the five planes world was the condition to win the game, and now it was the fourth. If the youth successfully passed through this world and the next world, his wish would be realized.

Gu Huai replied, judging from the current statement of his family’s system, the game that the other party initially requested him to play was real.

As for why the other had asked him to play such a game, although Gu Huai had doubts, he was willing to let it go for a while. prGAUb

“Ah Huai, don’t be angry …” When the system said this sentence, its voice was almost inaudible, and it still hesitated saying it again.

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Before using a scheme to trap his system, Gu Huai felt only a kind of indifferent attitude from the words of his system, but now the other had been trapped by him. There was no doubt that there was a sharp difference between the responses in various aspects such as its tone of voice.

Its identity as an onlooker couldn’t be maintained, and its attitude of cold observation couldn’t be maintained naturally, because the system was still worried about the anger of the youth, so it carefully said that sentence after hesitation.

At this time, Gu Huai again disguised his low cough and asked calmly, “Like me?” qXJm4o

From the moment the system was induced into responding unconsciously, the youth was controlling the scene. Hearing this question, the system answered honestly: “Yes.”

It had just stated this sentence on its own initiative, but as long as the youth wanted to ask it this question, no matter how many times, it would seriously answer and say that it liked him.

“Well …” Gu Huai raised his hand and touched his chin, he made a gesture of consideration, smiling slightly when he felt that his system was almost starting to worry. “Then tell me again, and I will not be angry.”

Something so easy to do. Unaware that he was stabilized by the youth’s coaxing, the system started to fulfill the youth’s request without any hesitation. 6eT 5Z

“Chu Chu likes Ah Huai.” After the words were clearly expressed, the system added, “Chu Chu only likes Ah Huai.”

So it refused to let other people finish the game. From the beginning, it never intended to give other people a chance, even if someone expressed dissatisfaction with it.

It was the rule, and it acted within the scope of the treaty. No one could accuse it of any unreasonable cheating.

“When did you start liking me?” Gu Huai couldn’t help asking this question. He was asked to participate in the game by his system. He theorized it liked him from the start. T9Gebj

“Very early.” After a pause, the system didn’t lie, but chose a vague answer.

Very early…

When it was created, just endowed with self-consciousness, at first sight, it opened its eyes and saw the youth.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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  1. I think the person next to me at my lunch table at work judged the “awww” I let out involuntarily at the “Chu Chu in every world likes Ah Huai.”, but this was such a sweet chapter!

    Also, RIP any person playing who isn’t Gu Huai in this universe. Haha!

  2. ‘When it was created, just endowed with self-consciousness, at first sight, it opened its eyes and saw the youth.’

    I wonder when this mystery will.finaly be unravelled ~

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