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Tianbao Fuyao Lu

Tianbao Fuyao Lu 天宝伏妖录

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Author: 非天夜翔
Total Chapters: 221
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical
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Translators: moon, Joyce, Zryuu (former), illi (former). Editors: pnemnn, namio
Release Schedule: Sporadic


(translated by moon, edited by namio and pnemnn, modified from Zryuu’s original tl and the original Chinese one on jjwxc)

From the end of the horizon, a phoenix led millions of birds in flight. Behind it, a sky filled with billowing clouds that looked like a sea of flames skimmed over Chang’an. A golden-winged roc perched loftily atop the roof of the Xingqing Palace. In its eyes was reflected the splendor of the common people who lived in this Divine Land. In silence, dynasties rose and fell, and the tides ebbed and flowed.

Li Jinglong dragged along his wound-riddled body. From the palm of his hand, a brilliant light shone as he relentlessly drew closer to Hongjun.

“The living… are merely passing travelers…”

His deep voice resounded through the depths of the world, as the black fog that covered the sky and blanketed the earth receded before that light.

“The dead… return to their eternal homes (t/n: the earth, upon burial).”

That light was the blazing sun that illuminated the heavens and the earth. It was the light of the stars that twinkled in the night sky. It was an everlasting Heart Lamp that pierced through the darkness.

“The heavens and the earth are… an inn; for all our grief we inevitably return… to dust.”

Li Jinglong closed his eyes, placing one hand on Hongjun’s forehead. The white light dispersed, illuminating the mountains of corpses and rivers of blood that filled the battlefield. In the shadows cast by the light of that lamp, the memories came: the flamboyant debauchery in Pingkang Li, the parasol tree in the Exorcism Department bathing in the light of the summer sun, the swirling sand and fluttering snow of Saiwai, the clear, spring-like sound of A-Tai’s song, the new green leaves that Mo Rigen and Lu Xu picked, the flying brushstrokes of Qiu Yongsi’s pen, which evolved into immortal verses that graced Li Bai’s cup

A young nobleman strolled through the Eastern Market of Chang’an,

Enjoying the breeze as he rode his white horse on a silver saddle.

After admiring the falling flowers, where does he like to go? 

He smiles as he enters a Hu-run wine shop.


A gong who has terrible luck wherever he goes x a shou who can suck away the luck of those around him


This work is also titled Who Here Isn’t a Prince or Something Like That?

Professor moon explains:

Timeline: This novel starts in the Tianbao era (742 – 756 CE) of the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (618-907), shortly before the devastating rebellion that led to the eventual decline of the dynasty, although the first half of the dynasty was considered a period of great progress and flourishing of the arts and culture. The Tianbao era is also a mere five decades after the fall of the short-lived Zhou Dynasty (690-705), when Empress Wu Zetian seized power from her nephew.

Characters: Some of the characters who get named are famous poets or painters of the Tang dynasty. Two of the most famous poets are Li Bai (701-762), who wrote many poems (two of which are above) that are still studied in curricula around the world today, and Du Fu (712-770), considered by some as the greatest of the Chinese poets. Other side characters that get name-dropped are painters who created certain artistic styles, or political figures, or architects (but we’ll provide tl notes for them as well).

Connection to Dinghai Fusheng Records: Tianbao is a loose sequel to Dinghai, but both can be read on their own (you won’t be missing much)! In fact, Tianbao was published before Dinghai, so the order really doesn’t matter!

Donghua PV:


Translator's Note

The capital of China in the Tianbao era of the Tang dynasty, which is when this novel is set.

Translator's Note

Also called Garuda in Buddhist mythology, a mythical bird that is also sometimes considered the king of all birds.

Translator's Note

The southernmost of the three palaces in Chang’an, reserved for political affairs and the private residence of Emperor Xuanzong (the emperor of the Tang dynasty in this era) and his consort Yang-guifei.

Translator's Note


Translator's Note


Translator's Note

A concept familiar to those that have read Dinghai. For those of you who haven’t, the Heart Lamp basically is an artifact that is related to the light hidden within the human heart.

Translator's Note

For the living, who are the passing travelers.

Translator's Note

These are lines from one of Li Bai’s (famous Tang dynasty poet) poems, focusing on the impermanence of life. Someone did a translation of the poem here: http://www.ourenglish.org/GDS/139HWNKREN-TheLivingMerelyTravelers032819.html

Translator's Note

The red-light district of Chang’an.

Translator's Note

The area beyond the Great Wall, where many of the nomadic Hu tribes lived.

Translator's Note

One of the main cast, the left-most in the novel cover image.

Translator's Note

One of the main cast, the second from the right.

Translator's Note

A side character

Translator's Note

Famous Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty

Translator's Note

Of wine

Translator's Note

Another poem by Li Bai, this one on hedonistic scions who like to lead very extravagant lifestyles.

Translator's Note

The proprietor is a Hu person.

Translator's Note

In the Tang dynasty, wine shops sold both wine and entertainment in the form of performers.

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  1. Is it a Gong featuring novel or is it the usual shou featuring novel?

  2. Hi! I am Neko, I am from Indonesia. I have read your English version of “Tianbao Fuyao Lu” that you have translated from Chinese and I am very excited to translate it into Indonesian! OwO Can I ask your permission to translate your version into Indonesian and upload it to my Wattpad account please? I will be of course put you on the credit so that people will also be interested to read your works.

    Thank you very much for your attention. I would be waiting for your reply soon.

  3. Hi. First, I would like to thank for the translation of this novel.

    I would also like to request permission to translate it into Spanish.

    again thank you very much.

    • Hi! I’m not the active translator for Tianbao Fuyao Lu at the moment, I’m only translating a little here and there as teasers. We’re still looking for a translator for Tianbao! But idm you translating the chapters I have so far~

  4. C-can someone translate the Synopsis into more understandable words…I think I’m too dumb to comprehend it.

  5. Hi, Moon

    Thank you so much for translating this novel. I’m in love with this after saw the donghua adaptation😍😍

    By the way, do you mind if I re-translate this novel into Indonesian? Of course I will include credit for you as English translator. Look forward to your reply ~

    Thank you for your hard work😊