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Turing's CodeChapter 5

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Translator: Joyce
Editors: Mariabel and fujoshisarah

“You almost left me in his office.” QWB3hj

“Shouldn’t you think that your body only exists in a Bluetooth earphone. You installed your broken server unit and still eat my money.”

Tianhe walked to the corridor outside Qingsong company and impatiently pressed the button for the elevator.

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Pro, “The TU3 server unit is not broken, it has 100,000 processing chips. Otherwise, I would not be able to complete the auto-upgrade within two years. Tianhe, you messed things up. He’s sitting in the office crying 76% probability of the time, smashing something 23% of the time, and there’s a 1% chance of—”

“Pro, from now on, stop giving me bad advice. I haven’t seen him shed a tear in my life…” Tianhe said in a low voice. aNiRzQ

Just as he was talking, the treasurer quickly ran after him, stopped the elevator door, and handed him an envelope. “Mr. Wen, the boss gave this to you.”

“Thank you.” Tianhe took the envelope, poured out the ring Guan Yue once gave to him, put it on casually, and drove home.

The Bluetooth in the car made the street noise sound out of place.

“Tianhe, you still love him.”


Tianhe was blocked on the road. He said, “You know, when I was in his office, you were too noisy. Plus, your voices are very similar. I didn’t know who was talking for a while.”

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Pro, “But I don’t think that’s the reason you took off the earphone. We had a 90% probability of success.”

“Success?” Tianhe patted Bentley’s steering wheel. “Successfully cheating him out of his money? That’s an outright mistake.”

Pro, “Guan Yue fell in love with you when you were 16 years old. His heartbeat frequency was recorded in the database every minute and second during that period. When he was with you, his heartbeat accelerated and dopamine secretion increased. When he was separated from you…” 67osgP

Tianhe, “Xiao Liu, please turn on a flamboyant, romantic novel reader for me…oh, Xiao Liu has resigned.”

Tianhe drove through the red light, turned off the Bluetooth, casually pressed the car’s reading machine twice, and a cheerful reader sounded.

Domineering President Deeply Favored Volume 1, Chapter 1, Section 1. Early in the morning, she woke up in a large bed and opened her eyes. She was surprised to find herself in a rare vacuum silk nightgown… Ah! Who am I? Why did I appear in…”

Tianhe decisively turned off the book reading machine and reconnected the Bluetooth on the car. “I changed my mind, please continue,” klSZci

Pro, “…He’s willing to do this for you, as long as you speak up.”

Tianhe, “What misunderstanding do you have about him? Pro, would a partner-level CEO take all their capital to do such a thing? You’re both in financial software, but I think you’re more like an upgraded book reading machine. Were you broken by the reader?”

Pro, “First of all, your temperament, taste, appearance, and connotation are all fatal attractions to him. He will never find a lover like you in this life…”

“That’s right,” Tianhe replied without modesty. “Apart from ‘amazing,’ you could also say ‘fatal.’ As an AI, it’s not good to draw one analogy from another.” HvDi3b

Pro continued. “Secondly, the memories of you two growing up together makes him have a family attachment to you…”

After driving out of the International Finance Center, Tianhe turned into the underground garage of the building. He parked the car and put on his Bluetooth earphone. “I only like Bach, the housework master, not Beethoven.”

Pro, “You can request whatever you like or dislike.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“But the most essential reason is that our souls cannot be reconciled,” Tianhe replied. H4Xzuv

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Pro, “Want to get something to drink? I can search for restaurants near you, but I suggest you carefully calculate your savings and use them reasonably. After all, you still have to pay the rent for the Canadian computer room next month.”

Kljctf kjixfv bea bo atf yelivlcu jcv kjamtfv atf fcvifrris oibklcu mgbkvr. Lf rja vbkc bc j yfcmt ys atf rlvf bo atf gbjv. Ktf rxs kjr uibbws jcv tfjns klat vjgx mibevr, lcvlmjalcu jc bcmbwlcu rabgw.

“P’ii atlcx bo rbwf batfg kjs,” Kljctf wegwegfv. “Pa’r yffc j ibcu alwf… P vlvc’a fzqfma ab rqfjx ab tlw jujlc ja remt j alwf.”

“Was it necessary to break up? Do you mind telling me why?” HTveQw

Tianhe, “Are you interested in our past?”

Pro, “Of course, I’m still learning.”

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Tianhe, “It started at what seemed to have been Lhasa Airport. Yes, I’m sure it was Lhasa Airport. Originally, he wanted to take me climbing up Mount Everest…”

When was their last conversation? He remembered that it was a year ago, during the day of their separation. After the two sides agreed to break up, Guan Yue proposed to go to Mount Everest. After all points have been scored, what use is there in climbing Everest? Even if they were still together, Tianhe didn’t believe he could climb up. In case of sudden madness, it was unnecessary to die together. After all, the saying ‘nothing can separate us except death’ was said by Tianhe himself. DY6cwL

However, he still went. At that time, after working in New York for three years, Guan Yue finally finished his project. He flew across the Atlantic Ocean to return to London and knocked on the door of No.12, St. Nicholas. The housekeeper was an old gentleman, who Tianhe’s mother invited for him. Even after Tianhe repeatedly refused to open the door, he still let Guan Yue in and brought him refreshments.

“You look like a stalker,” Tianhe said. “I already said I don’t want to go out. There’s still an unfinished project.”

Guan Yue had matured year after year, but his words were getting younger and younger. His former student spirit had completely changed into a complete adult. The middle-level people who were engaged in the financial industry were all very versatile and could still tell jokes. However, while the high-level officials all showed a polite attitude, they actually kept people away from them. Guan Yue had gradually become like this—Tianhe was the only one who could communicate with him about things other than work, but they hadn’t talked for a long time.

Guan Yue looked at his watch and replied, “I’ll wait for you and leave when I’m finished.” sMvbl9

Tianhe had been busy with the task for two days, but he knew that with Guan Yue’s character if he didn’t go out with him, they would never be able to end it. So, he whispered a few words to the housekeeper. The servants started packing while he took a bath.

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“Lhasa.” Dressed in a tracksuit, Guan Yue took a sip of tea and waited patiently in the living room. “No need to bring anything, I’ve prepared it for you.”

After wiping his hair and changing into outdoor clothes, he followed Guan Yue to the plane and slept for more than ten hours. He felt good when he saw the cloudless sky in Lhasa.

“It’s not good to bid farewell in bed,” Tianhe said. “If you can’t breathe, your company’s 10 billion yuan projects will be neglected.” hzjsZS

“There’s no such meaning,” Guan Yue replied coldly. “I’m not here to have sex with you.”

Tianhe looked around. “Just us?”

There was no driver and no assistant, only the two of them on the sunny streets of Lhasa. Guan Yue didn’t answer. He put on sunglasses and carried his bag. With Tianhe following behind, he walked slowly. At nearly four thousand meters above sea level, Tianhe suddenly felt the isolation and emptiness of being on top of the world.

From the moment he stepped on this land, it was as if London, New York, Beijing, Shanghai…. The whole, flashy world and myriad of noises, smoke, and dust quietly disappeared. Under the accessible blue sky, only he and Guan Yue were left. Their lives’ many troubles and disturbances were finally restored to their original appearance. VCdByQ

Guan Yue said nothing. He walked in front of the rental car. Then, he found a small restaurant in front of Potala Palace and put down their equipment. He ordered a warm teapot, then sat in the restaurant with Tianhe. What Tianhe remembered most was that Lhasa’s milk tea was really delicious. There was also a Tibetan couple sitting beside him, a tough-looking boy and shy-looking girl, with plateau red faces.

Tianhe had read books about Tibet and knew about the reincarnation legend. He couldn’t help but wonder if he and Guan Yue were born and raised in this country and didn’t have everything they had now, would there be so much trouble?

Guan Yue also looked at the couple without saying a word.

“Drive to Wudang tomorrow,” Guan Yue finally said. GeL9oa

“It’s impossible to climb up,” Tianhe said. “Are you crazy?”

Guan Yue, “To reach the top, you have to take it one step at a time.”

That was okay, Tianhe no longer insisted. “I want to go to Bajiao Lane and leave the day after tomorrow.”

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After supper at four o’clock in the afternoon, the two stayed in a hotel. Guan Yue booked a standard room and both of them laid down on the bed. Before long, Guan Yue started answering phone calls. He was either listening, occasionally saying ‘OK,’ or giving short comments. When the sun went down, Tianhe had a terrible headache on the plateau and his ears were buzzing. Finally, he couldn’t help but said, “Can you stop answering calls in the room?” xVaoUR


Guan Yue went to the bathroom, closed the door, and continued to handle his business. Tianhe sighed in the darkness. They were already separated, why were they torturing each other?

In the middle of the night, Guan Yue came out to see Tianhe laying in bed, panting painfully. The altitude sickness was getting worse and worse, as if he was suffering. Guan Yue stepped forward and touched Tianhe’s forehead, then rushed out to buy oxygen and Rhodiola Rosea to make coca leaf tea. After a whole night’s ordeal, the next morning, he was almost overwhelmed.

“When we were in Bolivia, you could still hold on,” Guan Yue, who stayed by the bedside all night, frowned. “Why is this time so serious?” 26HldV

Tianhe thought that his move was very effective. Maybe he will die on the way without having to go to the Everest base camp.

“Lately, I’ve been staying up all night. I didn’t sleep well, working on the professor’s project,” Tianhe said wearily. “It doesn’t matter. Let me set up slowly. Today, I feel much better.”

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Guan Yue bought breakfast but Tianhe threw it up after two bites.

“Forget it, let’s just go.” Guan Yue said. BrX3HD

“No,” Tianhe’s temper flared instead. “This is the first time in three years that we have come out to play like this.”

Guan Yue silently looked at Tianhe, who stood up and said stubbornly, “I haven’t been to Lhasa yet. I want to go to Bajiao Lane.”

Guan Yue put on his coat and left the hotel with Tianhe.

Guan Yue stubbornly demanded, “Eat more.” ikR7W

Tianhe, “I can’t eat. Don’t worry about me, it’s okay.”

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Guan Yue, “Then let’s come again next time. Listen to me and let’s go back.”

Tianhe laughed, “When is the next time? There’s no next time. This is the last time.”

The sun shone through the gaps between the warp rollers. Tianhe wore a Tibetan hat and robe. He walked along the rows of warp rollers, his slender fingers turning the half-meter high warp rollers clockwise. Guan Yue stood at the gate of Jokhang Temple silently watching the sky slowly creep towards him. dT8sjO

“First, it’s best not to meet each other, so we cannot fall in love.”

“Second, it’s best not to know each other, so we don’t miss each other.”

“Third, it’s better not to accompany each other, so we don’t owe each other.”

Tianhe smiled and raised his eyebrows gently. Looking at the figure of Guan Yue at the end of the road, his handsome face was blurry under the setting sun. It was as if waiting for him at the end of time. It really solidified the long years of meeting, knowing, and accompanying each other from childhood to adulthood. FI7pPy

“Fourth, it’s best not to cherish each other, so we can easily forget each other.”

“Fifth, it’s best not to fall in love, so we cannot abandon each other.”

Tianhe murmured, “Sixth, it’s best not to be relatives, so we cannot meet.”

“Seventh, it’s best not to make mistakes, so we cannot be negative.” ds8Y9q

“Eighth, it’s best not to agree, so we cannot continue.”

“Ninth, it’s better not to depend on each other, so we cannot lean against each other… Tenth, it’s best not to meet, so we don’t get together…”

It was a long road, but at last, it came to an end. Tianhe stopped, waiting at the end, as Guan Yue held up his phone and showed him the ticket booking. The ticket for 7 o’clock in the evening was purchased.

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Tianhe avoided looking at Guan Yue, turned his head to the side, and nodded. kjhZWP

Guan Yue pointed to the ground and motioned Tianhe to wait there. Tianhe sat cross-legged on the ground outside Jokhang Temple and looked up at the blue sky, free and unfettered.

Guan Yue walked up to a group of Tibetans, raised his head and hands, separating them. Then, he threw himself on the ground, knelt down, and waited for a long moment. He stepped back, dived, knelt, and knocked again. Tianhe quietly watched Guan Yue and forgot to count his kowtows. When Guan Yue was finished, he got up and walked back to Tianhe. He had a red mark on his forehead that made him feel a little funny, so he couldn’t help laughing.

Guan Yue took his bag and silently sent Tianhe to the airport.

“What did you chant during your turn of sutras?” Guan Yue said. q197vF

Tianhe replied, “I read my code and hoped for the project to go well. What about you? What did you wish for when you kowtowed?”

Guan Yue replied, “I wished for the gods to take care of me and for my company to go public smoothly.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tianhe smiled and looked at Guan Yue carefully. “You’re a serious and responsible investor. Your wish will surely come true. Then…I’m going now.”

Guan Yue stared at Tianhe silently. Tianhe said nothing more. After passing the security check at the airport, Guan Yue quietly looked at him. When Tianhe raised his hand and let the security inspector sweep his body, Guan Yue finally asked, “Do you still love me?” IF9v5P

“A little.” Tianhe turned to Guan Yue and smiled. “But when I think about the fact that after I die, I won’t be buried in the Guan family’s ancestral grave, I realize my future pain will be worse than today’s pain. Let’s stick to it.”

Guan Yue said, “You can find someone better than me.”

Tianhe nodded and made a farewell gesture.

A week after leaving Lhasa, Tianhe finally couldn’t help but check out Guan Yue’s Facebook. Guan Yue took more pictures of the view from Mount Everest. In the end, he went to Nepal and to the base camp of Mount Everest alone, but didn’t climb to the top. He followed Sherpa’s guide to the camp and took pictures of the vast mountains and snow present at an altitude of 6,400 meters. Vp7WXT

The caption read:
I used to think that the snowy mountain had been there unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years. The mountain will always be a mountain and the snow will always be snow. However, even if many things never seem to change, the souls have already altered. But once we met, we knew each other. How can we not see each other? An De and the king were separated from each other so that life and death wouldn't be missed.

“Pro,” Tianhe finished retelling his memory and suddenly asked, “Have you ever been in love? Have you ever experienced heartache after you fell in love with someone?” UGSHeF

Pro didn’t speak.

Tianhe looked at a couple running in front of him. The boy stood by the side of the road and turned back to wait for his girlfriend to catch up.

“You chase me,” Tianhe laughed. “We’re on this long road of life and we keep moving forward, but sometimes, inevitably, we walk on different paths. Pro, it’s nice to talk about love with you, but it’s a pity you don’t understand.”

Pro remained silent. 2WdICQ

All of a sudden, he heard a burst of cheerful music from his earphone. The phone connected and an enthusiastic voice rang out. “Hey, baby, want to come out and play with me?”

Tianhe, “···”

Jiang Zijian, “Are you still outside? How about we go out to eat dinner? I need your advice about life events!”

Tianhe, “Let’s go to Fink. Today, I suddenly thought about his family. I miss him a little.” 0 Bkqi

Tianhe made the appointment and hung up the phone. He stood in the crowd and looked around at the high-rise buildings.

“I don’t quite understand how you feel, but I think a friend with whom you share the highest frequency of phone calls might be able to ease your anxiety,” Pro said.

Tianhe’s mouth slightly tilted up and replied, “Thanks, Pro.”

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Translator's Note

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

an ancient poem translated by Zeng Xuan which means “How can I be separated from you and cut off the love, lest you taste the pain of yearning dead or alive.”

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