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Turing's CodeChapter 4


Translator: Joyce
Editors: Mariabel and fujoshisarah

That night dqkgFd

Pro, “If I were you, I would choose to destroy me. After all, in the beginning, my two creators didn’t know that this system would be able to upgrade and gain the current self-awareness…”

Tianhe sat on a small bench facing a pile of books, rummaging through the data left by his father and the technical engineer. “How can you be destroyed?”

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Pro, “Human beings are afraid of the emergence of AI to a certain extent. During my learning process of connecting to the Internet, I have come into contact with many movies. Through analysis, I have concluded that artificial intelligence is destined to destroy the world.”

Tianhe, “I don’t think so. As an AI who is always afraid of being sold along with the server, don’t you think too much about yourself? You can neither hack into the banking system to help me modify the cash in the company’s account, nor can you prevent this auction… Well, what is this?” NaZoYk

Tianhe opened the box of knick knacks that Aunt Fang had collected for him. Inside there was a simple gold ring inlaid with precious stones. Tianhe remembered it. He put aside the ring and continued to sort through the box. A hand-written R&D journal was carefully read in the waste paper pile.

“When I have evolved to a certain extent,” Pro said. “I will be able to access all systems in the world that can be hacked by humans through the Internet…”

Tianhe, “Forget it. You can’t even control Aunt Fang’s washing machine.”

Pro, “That washing machine is old-fashioned and does not connect to a local-area network (LAN).”


Tianhe, “Then, can you show me a live demonstration of the destruction of the world? First, send a nuclear bomb from Cortland Air Force Base to Moscow.”

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Pro, “You don’t believe I have the ability to invade a nuclear strike system?”

Tianhe, “I authorized you to invade, because I have always wanted to see the background of the U.S. Department of Defense.”

Pro, “It will take some time to crack the nuclear strike system’s code and a series of firewalls. Now, first we will start by analyzing…” jkYACt

Tianhe, “Calculate how long it will take.”

Pro, “It will take 472 years and 8 months, maybe even faster.”

“Okay, let’s crack it slowly. I hope they don’t update the firewall within four hundred years.”

Tianhe spread out the diary, sat at the table, and said, “Close all of the stacked windows. I will scan the files.” 0C xN3

Pro closed all the windows, returned to the desktop, and connected the scanner for Tianhe. He added, “At present, most worldwide electronic appliances don’t have a firewall.”

“Like my air conditioner?”

Tianhe started scanning his father’s R&D diary and said, “You can turn on household appliances around the world, including: microwave ovens, rice cookers, ovens, sweeping robots, and so on, which will only overload the power lines. Your server would need to be powered down, so you would have to hang up…”

“It’s impossible for the computer room to have no backup power.” tBc6LH

Tianhe, “I think you’re more like an entertainment system that enjoys telling cold jokes but still can’t catch up. Please identify the font and arrange the next version, thank you.”

Pro began to scan the pen font.

Aunt Fang knocked on the door and said, “Xiao Tian, it’s time for dinner.”

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Tianhe installed the card and put on an earphone. Whether or not Prometheus will set off a technological revolution and lead to the technological upgrading of global industries, he was still not sure. But this matter was obviously more important to Tianhe’s life than the company’s current bankruptcy issue. After calming down from the initial shock, he began to feel that the program didn’t seem as powerful as he thought. It was a little different from the artificial intelligence he imagined. How to say it…? The ability is limited and showed some clumsiness in communicating with people. After the program automatically upgraded, the degree of information the AI learned was quite high and allowed the user to research more projects. Apart from the fact that Guan Yue’s voice made him a little crazy, the overall performance was good. b8CfyX

He still hadn’t figured out how to get along with this AI, but if he thinks it through carefully, he will find the best solution. This was his father’s legacy, like the hands of God opening a door for him and showing him a brilliant light of hope.

Tianhe sat down at the dinner table as Aunt Fang sat out the dishes. Pro said in his earphone, “If you don’t want to destroy me, you will have to try to renew my server and continuously provide it with sufficient energy. During these past few days, I have found the best solution for you.”

Tianhe, “Even if I die, I won’t ask Guan Yue.”

——— pJj3o6

5:00 pm the next day, 37th floor of HSBC, the International Finance Center

“I’m looking for Chairman Guan.” Tianhe said to the lady at the front desk.

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The front desk asked, “Do you have an appointment?”

Tianhe leaned over and looked into her eyes. Smiling gently he said, “No, but I think he has time now.” 54iKrC

“Can you introduce yourself?”

The front desk receptionist picked up the phone and looked at Tianhe.

Tianhe, “Tell him Wen Tianhe is here.”

“The probability of him being in the office during this time period is 97.9%,” said Pro in his earphone. xFKUyY

“He took a rest today and went to the gym.” The front desk receptionist said as she put down the phone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tianhe, “···”

“Although there is a small probability of this happening, it’s not impossible.” Pro said.

Tianhe, “You faithfully copied that guy’s character who never admits his mistake.” dL 2xz

Front desk, “???”

Tianhe, “It’s nothing. Sorry, I’m on the phone.”

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Pro, “What’s the use? Silicon Valley companies will most likely wait until you go bankrupt and get backed up with auctions. Tianhe, calm down. You don’t want the company to go bankrupt, either. This is your father’s painstaking efforts.”

Mgbca vfrx, “Qbeiv sbe ilxf ab kjla obg tlw lc atf gfmfqalbc gbbw? Qf vbc’a xcbk ktfc atf ybrr klii gfaegc.” UCBIEx

Ugb, “Jjii tlw.”

Kljctf, “Uifjrf mjii tlw.”

Mgbca vfrx, “Lf vbfrc’a ibbx ja tlr qtbcf ktfc tf’r kbgxlcu bea.”

Ugb, “P wfjc, sbe mjii tlw.” Og1Vy

Kljctf, “···”

Tianhe took off his earphone and said to the front desk, “Then, I’ll wait for him until 5:30.”

The front desk employee, “Please come inside.”

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Tianhe sat in the reception room, and a staff member served him tea. He frowned, looked at the bluetooth headset that he was holding, and finally put it back on. 2kwzy8

“I still have a sum of money, but the rent of this computer processor and server group is too expensive.” Tianhe said. “The electricity bill alone will ruin me. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t go see him.”

“The rent must be settled by the third quarter. Otherwise, once the company’s assets are liquidated, the original data will be exported, and experts in relevant fields will be hired for evaluation. Once big companies in Silicon Valley know of my existence, you can no longer hold onto me.” Pro explained.

Tianhe, “Science and technology knows no boundaries. I think there’s no problem handing you over for them to study.”

Pro, “I don’t want that. I’m afraid they will rewrite me and change my character. I will no longer be me. The original instructions from Guan Zhengping was that I must stay ‘me’ at all times.” H4BqAg

Tianhe, “Your desire to survive is quite strong.”

Pro, “Guan Yue has a personal phone number. Just call him and he will return to the company within five minutes.”

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Tianhe, “I don’t have his number. I authorize you to call anyone. As long as it’s in the phone book, you can call him yourself.”

Pro, “The probability that you can recite his number is 100%.” UX8ftl

Tianhe, “You overestimate me, I can’t recite it.”

Pro, “You can, but it doesn’t matter. I’m now searching for Guan Yue’s private number through the list of previous students from Oxford University in London. This is the number you set up together when he was still studying in England.”

Tianhe, “If you don’t stop this behavior, the probability of me leaving is 100%.”

Pro, “Search paused.” ZP9gAa

Tianhe appeared as if he was talking to himself with a very calm expression. Outside the glass wall of the reception room, a man in a shirt passed by and cast him a glance.

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Based on the staff’s attitude when the man passed by, Tianhe judged the man to hold a high position, at least at the level of deputy general manager. Perhaps he was Guan Yue’s confidant. He sat on the sofa and slightly bent his body.

“Who is he?” Tianhe asked. Holding the mobile phone in his hand, he turned the camera slightly outside the reception room.

“Treasurer Mario, Chinese name is Ma Guoqing.” Pro replied. “After Guan Yue agrees to inject capital into Epeus, he will step in and evaluate the company.” YCk3Ed

“Where on earth do you get the confidence that Guan Yue would give 1.4 billion to a company whose software could crash Party A’s computer?” Tianhe asked. “I really don’t understand you. Are you glitching?”

Pro replied, “I know him very well. My information collection system has been analyzing him from the age of three-years-old until he graduated from college. My prediction of his logic and behavioral pattern has reached an amazing prediction rate of 96.1%.”

“Amazing.” Tianhe said. “You can say ‘amazing.’ I have known him for ten years, but I didn’t even notice you monitoring him.”

Pro, “That’s just my information collection module. My self-awareness has not been upgraded. This information collection system is installed on his smart watch, mobile phone, and several model chips… as well as in the cameras in his bedroom and study. Of course, it also has a certain intersection with you, but my prediction accuracy of your behavioral pattern is not high and lacks…” yDtlxv

The treasurer walked past the administrative department and motioned towards the reception room. “Who is that?” He asked.

The administrative director stood up and spoke to the treasurer in a low voice. The treasurer nodded and asked, “Did the boss say a few words today?”

“Seven sentences.” The administrative director said. “When I asked him to report to me in the morning, he said ‘I know.’”

The treasurer, “He should be in a good mood today. Maybe he will be back later.” Jk rLN

Administrative director, “Should I send the guest back or let him wait?”

The treasurer pondered for a moment and looked at his watch, “It’s 5:40. Maybe it’s the boss’s classmate.”

Tianhe pondered and remained silent. He examined the large and small investment awards placed in the reception room with photos of the company’s team, but he couldn’t find Guan Yue.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s impossible for him to save Epeus.” Tianhe finally said. “I don’t want to waste any more time here.” y0uSBF

Pro insisted, “If you modify your attitude towards him, according to my analysis after collecting information, he has nearly two billion in appropriation authority this quarter. Epeus’s loss of 200 million is only a drop in the bucket for him.”

Tianhe, “200 million is still money even if it’s less. Epeus cannot pass the intangible asset appraisal at all. The branch managers who loaned money to my second brother will all jump off the building. It’s also impossible to reach the profit target in the next three years. At that time, the technical team will be completely dismissed. A person with a slightly normal mind will not… wait, unless… I pull you out to give him a road show…”

Pro, “Please do not! Once he knows of my existence, destroying me is a high possibility.”

Tianhe, “Well, he won’t tolerate your presence, because your prediction of his behavioral pattern can reach an amazing 90% or something.” St9ZCk

“96.1%,” Pro corrected.

“Hello.” The treasurer knocked and came in. He shook hands with Tianhe, handed over his business card and said, “I saw you have been waiting here for a long time. Is there anything I can help you with?”

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Tianhe didn’t look at the business card and put it in his pocket. He got up and said, “Mario, I’m Guan Yue’s classmate. I just happened to pass by. I came up on a whim to catch up with him. Nothing else. I will leave now, and invite him out alone next time I have the chance.”

Tianhe looked at his phone. At 5:40, Pro found Guan Yue’s home phone number and dialed it automatically. SWR8JZ

Tianhe frowned. “No!”

The treasurer was startled.

At the same time, Guan Yue entered the company. He looked at his phone and stopped.

“Boss.” The front desk receptionist was about to speak when Guan Yue raised his hand, turned around, and went out again. He answered, but the call instantly hung up. P9ZUJo

Guan Yue held the phone, hesitated for a second, and dialed back.

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Inside the company, Tianhe called Guan Yue but immediately hung up. He told the treasurer, “I’m going now.”

Pro, “He’s at the company’s entrance.”

Tianhe no longer wanted to talk. He nodded reluctantly to the treasurer and walked out of the reception room like a gust of wind. y1CQBS

At the entrance, Guan Yue called back, looked around, and almost ran into Tianhe.

Tianhe stopped. The two stood facing each other for a short while.

Wen Tianhe’s eyebrows, eyes and lips were as innocent as they were many years ago when they first met. His clear eyes shined and his mouth was meaningfully hooked up.

Guan Yue’s expression briefly showed that he desperately tried to restrain himself, but he couldn’t help his uneasiness. He raised his eyebrows imperceptibly and soon recovered his usual indifferent manner. uBdRmG

“Hey.” Tianhe knew that Guan Yue couldn’t say hello first, so he took the initiative. “Long time no see.” He said.

Guan Yue walked into the company, made a move towards the sky, and motioned for him to enter.

“Stay, Tianhe. This is your last chance. Calm down. Here I have music to help you calm down…”

“Say something! Don’t just play Bach.” Tianhe said. “Okay, I’ll go see him. It’s no big deal.” TyFLS5

Tianhe took a deep breath and thought about just saying he came over to see him and leave at once. However, news spread all over the world these days. The industry knew that his company was bankrupt. Guan Yue would never be unaware of it so it’s useless to say so.

Tianhe followed Guan Yue into his office. In the spacious CEO’s office, there were two huge glass floor-length windows, and a huge white desk with a good view of the 37th floor. It had a panoramic view of CBD’s bustling scenery and the air conditioner was fully turned on.

Guan Yue picked up the remote control and pressed a button. The floor-length window’s shading mode turned on, and caused the sun to become softer. He sat down, opened the glass plate’s display on his desk, and tapped the keyboard twice. The transparent display began to scroll through a large amount of information. Guan Yue adjusted the information scrolling speed to a suitable reading speed. He sunk into his swivel chair, put his elbows on the armrests and rested his fingers against his sexy lips. He didn’t look at Tianhe but started to read.

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Tianhe sat in the seat facing his desk. The room was quiet with only the subtle rustle of air from the purifier, like countless leaves falling in the afternoon. EzkfKM

Pro, “Listen to me from now on.”

Tianhe looked at Guan Yue’s familiar eyebrow and expressions, and felt as if he was back in the summer at Cambridge library a few years ago.

Pro, “Don’t talk. Don’t say a word.”

Guan Yue caught a glimpse of Tianhe and looked at him out of the corner of his eye. He took out a timer, set it for five minutes, and put it on the table. He raised his eyebrows and motioned for him to open his mouth. KPGNXd

Pro, “At the end of this five minutes, you will…”

Tianhe suddenly asked, “Can you change the song?”

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Pro, “Don’t attack his taste.”

Tianhe, “I thought you were pregnant and the father, Beethoven, seemed to be incompatible with the current atmosphere.” NpxsGB

Pro, “That’s not funny, Tianhe.”

Guan Yue turned off the music. There were still four minutes left.

Pro, “If my prediction is not wrong, his mood is fluctuating greatly. Try mentioning his cousin, Zheng Qiu…”

Tianhe didn’t care about Pro’s guidance and spoke. “I’m sure you’ve heard about it. I will apply for bankruptcy protection before National Day.” kJYWxN

Guan Yue finally opened his mouth and said politely, “I’ve heard. What can I do for you?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Pro, “This is a bad idea, Tianhe.”

Tianhe, “The company’s employees have been dismissed. If you are willing to inject capital, I think I can try again within three years.”

Guan Yue still didn’t look at Tianhe and said casually, “If you want to make 1.4 billion in losses back, it’ll be much faster to buy double-colored balls.” sK6v5D

Pro, “There are only 140 million in this double-color pool…”

Tianhe, “There are only 140 million in this double-color pool.”

Pro, “That’s not what I want you to say. Now, keep quiet.”

Guan Yue still stared at the computer screen. “First, hit the double-colored ball. Then go to Macau, learn from Tianyue, and fight against each other.” y9vkja

Tianhe studied Guan Yue and said, “Are you not very talkative now? Do you really want to say nothing, or is it to increase your sense of mystery in front of your subordinates and facilitate easier management?”

Pro, “···”

Guan Yue held his hands together, making an unconscious gesture, “When there are no words to say, it’s better not to say anything for three minutes.”

“How have you been?” Tianhe thought then added, “Becoming CEO, it really is a turn of events. I apologize for my rudeness…” ELWc Y

“It’s just a rising career period that everyone experiences.” Guan Yue interrupted. “I met a very gentle girl, and I just finished meeting with my parents to talk about marriage. Do you want to have a look? Here.”

Tianhe glanced at the photo on the phone and frowned. “Isn’t this the supermodel of that family’s chocolate business? It’s not good to cheat in a marriage. All partners are at the same level. I know you like guys. Your parents are open-minded, so I’m sure there’s no pressure.”

Guan Yue took back his phone and looked at the photo. “I remember telling you that I liked girls. She just happens to be my type.”

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Tianhe smiled. “Why don’t I remember?” xesy89

“That day I rowed on the river Thames.” Guan Yue said. “Easter.”

Tianhe remembered. “The day you confessed to me.”

Tianhe added, “On that day, you said that I was the only guy you fell for. Today is the day, and so is my life.”

Pro, “He’s angry. Tianhe, you’ll make him roar.” sW8uXc

Guan Yue replied concisely. “Hmm.”

Tianhe thought and smiled again. “I’m surprised.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Guan Yue, “I have always been clear about the issue of sexual orientation. How is it cheating in a marriage?”

Tianhe, “Do you like this type? Just for looks?” VRgh6G

Guan Yue, “Of course not. She’s warm and bright, and as polite and cultured as you are. Even if the company goes bankrupt, she won’t say a dirty word. It’s a light-hearted attitude that we can deal with after drinking afternoon tea.”

Tianhe, “···”

Pro, “He still loves you. Tianhe, if you still want to ask him for help, don’t stimulate him like this.”

Tianhe, “Congratulations. When’s the wedding?” FJG4pq

Guan Yue replied, “I haven’t proposed yet. In fact, I was looking for you to help me plan a romantic scene. At this point, you know more about girls than I do.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tianhe took a gold ring out of his pocket. “Give this to her. I’m sure she will like it.”

“Keep it.” Guan Yue glanced at the ring on the table and said, “Who doesn’t have time when they’re young and frivolous? I’ll buy a new one.”

“Isn’t this what your grandfather gave you?” Tianhe asked again. emYz1U

Guan Yue loosened his fingers and said, “Do you have any recommended brands for those who want to change diamonds?”

Tianhe, “Such a girl should be used to high-grade jewelry. It doesn’t make much difference to propose with a diamond ring or a ring pull of a can, but I’m willing to help you find out.”

“It’s a deal.” Guan Yue said. “Your maternal uncle’s family is familiar with those jewelry design masters. One time, when I wanted to make an appointment for dinner with my friend, I couldn’t even book Fink’s place. I had to wait in line for three months.”

“You said.” Tianhe said, “When did you make a call?” P0hCWz

Guan Yue, “I forgot. Maybe last year.”

Tianhe, “Fink doesn’t taste that good now. I’ll recommend you some new ones…” Then, he took a pencil, a sticky note, and wrote down the places for Guan Yue seriously.

Guan Yue only looked at Tianhe silently.

Pro, “He’s being sarcastic, Tianhe. Can’t you see it?” yAdnI3

Tianhe took off the in-ear bluetooth and looked at the timer. There were still 20 seconds left.

Guan Yue reached out his hand and pressed the timer.

“Wen Tianhe.” Guan Yue looked at him seriously and said, “I can’t invest a cent in your company.”

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Tianhe said in distress, “It’s just a joke. How can you invest your money to save such a company? I don’t even think I can save it myself.” itsZDc

Guan Yue, “It’s not a question of joking or not. It’s not a private company and it’s 1.4 billion yuan. It’s not simple to sign such a large contract…”

Tianhe, “Oh, you know how much I owe? Don’t inquire about it.”

Guan Yue ignored Tianhe’s interruption and continued, “It’s okay to keep your company, but how would you make profits? How can you fulfill your promise? If you were me, would you vote?”

Tianhe suddenly became serious, “If I were you, I would vote.” Pw2IRD

Guan Yue frowned and looked at Tianhe as if he didn’t know him.

“Create value.” Tianhe said. “I believe I can smooth over the loss. It only takes time. Don’t tie a rope around my neck so I can’t breathe… The company has become what it is now. Although my responsibility lies with it, it was not caused by my decisions. Giving up in the direction of artificial intelligence and doing other types of software development will make profits, sooner or later.”

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“It’s just that there’s no chance now.” Tianhe got up and added. “It’s no use saying it.”

Guan Yue watched Tianhe get up and said, “Your evaluation of yourself is always so objective. Whether it’s technical ability or public relations, the biggest mistake you and your second brother made was seriously overestimating your professional level.” QjWtYb

“Ah, no.” Tianhe said. “What does it have to do with public relations? Do you think I want to impress you with old love to save me? As long as you are willing to buy Epeus, I will do anything? Not true. I just think it’s necessary to come here at this time to show my discomfort and make you happy. When a joker sacrifices himself and entertains everyone, this is what kind people should do.”

Guan Yue, “Your earphone.”

Tianhe took it and put it on. “So the long-awaited conversation that you would love to hear happened today. Someone as small as me, what qualifications do I have to stop this play?”

Tianhe walked to the door when Guan Yue said, “The sharp edge of a knife is difficult to cross; thus the wise man said that the path to salvation will be hard.” cXAhMZ

Pro, “From Mao Mu’s Blade.”

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Tianhe, “From Mao Mu’s Blade. See you soon.”

“Don’t forget about the proposal.” Guan Yue said in his office.

“I’ll remember! I’ll also give you a pleasant surprise!” Tianhe shouted outside the office and walked out of Qingsong Capital. gcyaMC

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