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TattooChapter 47


Teacher Xiao was capable of everything. Teacher Xiao was the great savior.

That night, Xiao Ke laid beside Zhou Zui, held onto his hands, and told him, “Sleep here tonight. I’ll watch you sleep.” 2FgUXx

Un,” Zhou Zui used his fingers to gently scrape the back of Xiao Ke’s hands. He lowly agreed, “Okay.”

Xiao Ke smiled at him. His smile was very gentle; his gaze was filled with acceptance. He softly kissed Zhou Zui’s forehead and said, “Sleep. I’ll protect you.”

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Xiao Ke said he was going to watch over Zhou Zui, so he really did watch over him for the whole night. He didn’t turn off the lights at all, keeping the lights in the hallway on their dimmest setting. This way, there would always be light in the bedroom, but not so bright as to disrupt sleep. After Zhou Zui closed his eyes, Xiao Ke could feel his muscles slowly begin to tense. His palms gradually started to become clammy.

Xiao Ke whispered into his ear, “Baobei’er, it’s me.” Imb7fO

Zhou Zui instantly opened his eyes and looked at him. Xiao Ke was still smiling kindly. “Sleep.”

That night, Xiao Ke stayed right next to Zhou Zui. He rested his weight on his arm and silently gazed at him. For a long time, Zhou Zui couldn’t fall asleep. It wasn’t that easy. But Xiao Ke remained calm. He didn’t touch him, only using his words to gently comfort the other. Xiao Ke’s continuous and stable voice announced his presence. It made people feel comfortable and safe.

Later on, Zhou Zui actually did manage to fall asleep. Only, he didn’t fall into a deep sleep. Xiao Ke didn’t close his eyes at all. He kept his eyes on Zhou Zui. As soon as Zhou Zui seemed the slightest bit restless, he would immediately use a soft tone to say, “It’s me, don’t be scared. I’m Xiao Ke.”

This lasted a whole night. The night didn’t feel slow or long. Xiao Ke felt extremely satisfied every moment he looked at Zhou Zui. The object of his affections was in his gaze. He didn’t feel like he was suffering, didn’t feel like this was a burden. Instead, this night brought him a unique feeling of happiness. Xiao Ke scoffed at himself. He really was in too deep. rzsMdV

When Zhou Zui opened his eyes in the morning, he could still hear Xiao Ke gently saying, “Keep sleeping, I’m right next to you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The first thing he saw was Xiao Ke’s faint smile and his eyes that were bloodshot from staying awake all night. As Zhou Zui struggled to clear his mind, he lost himself in Xiao Ke’s gaze for a few seconds. Then, he reached a hand out to tug Xiao Ke into his embrace and bury his face in the other’s shoulder. His voice was very low and raspy. “……You didn’t sleep at all?”

Xiao Ke smiled and reached around to squeeze the hard bone of the back of Zhou Zui’s head. He gently scratched at it with his fingers. His tone was lifted, filled with slight pride. He asked the other, “Right now isn’t the time to worry about whether or not I slept. I just want to ask, did you manage to sleep the whole night last night?”

Zhou Zui’s voice sounded muffled. “Un.” D9SMKw

“Teacher Xiao does what he says he’ll do.” Xiao Ke laughed a bit longer, then yawned. He lazily said, “Originally, I was planning on going back to my mom’s place for lunch. But nevermind. I’m going to catch up on sleep in the shop.”

Zhou Zui wasn’t able to speak for a long time. He could only keep pressing silent kisses against Xiao Ke’s ear and neck. His heart was so full it felt painful. He had never felt this way before. His old heart was being carefully held in someone else’s hands. He didn’t know why he was worth this treatment.

Subjectively, Xiao Ke didn’t feel tired or uncomfortable at all. But he was getting old. He no longer had the energy he did in his late teens and early twenties. In the past two years, it had gotten harder and harder for him to stay up late. The aftereffects of not sleeping all night were pretty obvious. When he got to the shop, even Lu Xiaobei could tell. He stared at Xiao Ke’s face and asked very straightforwardly, “Fuck……What did you two do last night?”

Xiao Ke yawned and said, “Get your mind out of the gutter. We were super pure.” 4nTmg8

Un un,” Lu Xiaobei nodded. “You purely spent all night doing impure things?”

“Git,” Xiao Ke laughed while scolding him.

That day, Zhou Zui was still finishing up the half full body he had been working on yesterday. The man was still sprawled out naked on the bed. Zhou Zui had his mask on, expression cold as he continued lining.

But only his expression was cold. His heart not only wasn’t cold, it was actually very soft and warm. He kept thinking about the handsome teacher catching up on sleep in the room next door. 7GtQ5a

The handsome teacher didn’t know anything. He had a blanket over himself and was fast asleep.

Though Xiao Ke had been very confident when he said leave it all to me, in actuality, nobody could be certain of such things. Whether or not Zhou Zui’s problem could be solved was truly unknown. But Xiao Ke refused to give up. If one month wasn’t enough, they would use two months; if two months weren’t enough, they would use a year; if a year wasn’t enough, they would use three to five years. Even if they had to use an incredibly long amount of time to get results, they would.

What a joke. Teacher Xiao was a living, breathing person. How could he lose to anyone? I’m going to stay right next to you, watching over you, until the only thing in your heart when you close your eyes is me.

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Xiao Ke had enough confidence to do this. L3T8Kl

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Ktfs cffvfv ab ajxf atlcur ribkis. Ktlr mbeivc’a yf gertfv. Kter, Wljb Bf jmafv cbgwji. Lf vlvc’a ub ibbxlcu obg Itbe Iel bc kbgxvjsr. Lf cffvfv ab kbgx jcv Itbe Iel tjv atlcur rmtfveifv abb. Ebwjcmf jcv tfjilcu kfgfc’a alwf rfcrlalnf. Ktfs ralii tjv rb wemt alwf lc atf oeaegf. Qtja kjr atf gert?

One day, Fang Qimiao parked outside Xiao Ke’s school after work. He directly picked the other up. As soon as Xiao Ke got into the car, Fang Qimiao started saying sarcastically, “Thank you Lord Xiao for giving me face and eating with me. How difficult it is to meet you.”

Xiao Ke laughed and side-eyed him. “Speak normally. Quit acting so weird.”

Thus, Fang Qimiao said, “These days, I have to schedule an appointment in advance to see you. You’re the standard ‘see a beauty and forget your friends’. If you keep acting like this, you won’t have any more ‘friends’. Say, in the past when you were together with, you know, you weren’t this bad?” V1WTk6

Xiao Ke was still smiling. He was in a great mood. “Quit joking, okay? Did you try to make plans with me? Did I receive a call from you or refuse to accept your WeChat messages?”

“That’s because I’m caring. I knew you were busy dating, so didn’t want to take up too much of your time,” Fang Qimiao snickered. “Either way, you need to accompany me to a gathering today. It’ll be too awkward if I go by myself. There’s someone attending who wants to ask a favor from me. I don’t want to give him the chance for conversation.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Ke leaned against the back of his seat and made a hand gesture. “Lord Xiao will solve things for you.”

A while later, Fang Qimiao asked him, “How’s your relationship with your Teacher Zhou? Any conflicts?” TUnr K

Lord Xiao closed his eyes and relaxed, satisfied smile on his face. “We’re great.”

“Be more careful this time.” Fang Qimiao only gave this short warning, but didn’t say anything else. “You’re young, so can’t outsmart those wily old men. Don’t get played, don’t get the short end of the stick.”

Xiao Ke only smiled in response. He nodded to Fang Qimiao’s words and made a noise of acknowledgment. But in his heart, he thought My wily old man is just a big baby. Who can he trick? He doesn’t even know how to lie. If he even keeps a tiny secret in his heart without telling me, he feels like he has committed a great sin and deserves punishment. He feels sorry to Teacher Xiao, sorry that he hasn’t lived up to Teacher Xiao’s love for him, sorry that he’s wasting Teacher Xiao’s absolute sincerity.

Ay, he’s truly too cute. I haven’t seen him again in several days; I kind of miss him. uCTmyd

Xiao Ke didn’t even drink a drop of alcohol that night. Actually, his stomach didn’t hurt every time he drank alcohol, but he didn’t want to drink any because he didn’t want Teacher Zhou to worry.

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After eating, on the way to karaoke, Xiao Ke sent a message to Zhou Zui asking: Busy?

Zhou Zui replied: No. I’m home.

Thus, before singing, Xiao Ke called Zhou Zui. He told him, “Teacher Xiao will sing a song for you.” PA7Kwh

His phone was on speaker. Xiao Ke held it in his hand and sang a sincere love song. Nobody else knew that Xiao Ke was in the middle of a call. They shouted for him to keep singing. Xiao Ke glanced at the time and realized it was almost eleven. Thus, he waved and walked out with a smile.

He turned off the speaker and put the phone up to his ear. Gently laughing, he asked, “Did you like it?”

Zhou Zui said, “Yes. It sounded really good.”

Xiao Ke sounded out his words clearly. It sounded like he was speaking into Zhou Zui’s ear. His tone was unclear and suggestive. “Then next time, I’ll only sing for you……” 8ajYU3

This was a normal sentence, but with the tone Xiao Ke used, it allowed one’s imagination to run wild. Zhou Zui’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. A few seconds later, he lowly said, “……I miss you, Teacher Xiao.”

At this moment, Xiao Ke burst into laughter. He had done that on purpose. Teasing the old man was very interesting. He would always fall into the trap immediately. On impulse, Xiao Ke really wanted to respond then I’ll be over in a bit, but after thinking of Fang Qimiao’s unfinished business, he realized that their friendship would probably truly end if he left right now. Thus, he said, “I’ll be there tomorrow night. Wait one more day for me.”

The next day was Friday. After work, Zhou Zui was already waiting for him at the school gates. For two consecutive days, luxury cars were parked outside waiting. Teacher Xiao felt that he wasn’t being lowkey enough. But it couldn’t be helped. One was his best friend and the other was his precious. Being lowkey didn’t matter anymore.

Xiao Ke didn’t even put on his seatbelt before he leaned in to kiss Zhou Zui’s face. With curved eyes, he said, “Liwu is a little handsome today.” oYPsXK

Mr. Zhou’s wardrobe normally consisted of dark colored clothes, most of them black. Today, he was wearing a white polo and looked quite formal.

Xiao Ke usually dressed more semi-formal for work too. After all, teachers were supposed to be role models. When he wasn’t wearing a white lab coat, he was in collared shirts. These shirts were picky and only looked good on certain people, but there wasn’t really any article of clothing Teacher Xiao didn’t look good in. No matter how picky the shirts were, he could still handle them. He wasn’t called “Xiao Shuai” for nothing.

Zhou Zui chuckled lowly. Xiao Ke knew that this person was feeling shy again.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Honestly, Zhou Zui had dressed like this on purpose. A few days ago, he had specially asked Lu Xiaobei to buy a bunch of clothes for him, specifying that he wanted ones that would make him look younger. He truly felt a lot of pressure dating such a young and handsome Teacher Xiao, especially after seeing Teacher Xiao’s ex-boyfriend. That person was around the same age as him, but looked much younger and carried himself much more elegantly. One could tell from a glance how high class this person was. One day, Zhou Zui had taken a good look at himself in the mirror after washing his face. The more he stared, the less satisfied he became. He felt that he was too rough and his face wasn’t good looking either. He was only somewhat cultured. When he didn’t take care of his appearance, he looked over a decade older than Xiao Ke. They were originally only a few years apart, but could look to be uncle and student. j4Jb50

Lu Xiaobei had laughed for two hours. He had even laughed while working. That day, the tattoo he was scheduled for was a small string of letters. After finishing, Lu Xiaobei left, inviting someone else to go shopping with him. He didn’t get back until evening. When he did, he had a whole car backseat full of trophies for his big bro; after a day of shopping, he had spent close to ten thousand.

“Wear these. Go spread your feathers in front of my Xiao ge.” Lu Xiaobei was tired, but upon seeing his big bro’s cold and expressionless face, he still wanted to laugh. “I’ll buy more for you when we switch seasons. After all, the only advantage we have left is money. Designers don’t even make as much money in a month as we do tattooing a sleeve.”

Zhou Zui shook his head and said, “You can’t compare it like that.”

Lu Xiaobei replied, “If you don’t compare it like that, there’s nothing else to compare. I’m comforting you, you should understand this.” oClwmD

Xiao Ke didn’t know about these occurrences. He only thought that Zhou Zui suddenly wanted to switch styles. The outfit looked pretty novel and made his Teacher Zhou appear very handsome and very young. This lasted until night, when Xiao Ke got home and started flipping through the drawers, looking for underwear. When he saw the pile of paper bags, he was a bit perplexed. After looking through them, he squatted on the floor and laughed for a good couple minutes.

He had already returned to normal by the time Zhou Zui got out of the shower. Xiao Ke grabbed a pair of underwear and headed into the bathroom. Along the way, he pinched Zhou Zui’s waist and whispered into his ear, “Teacher Zhou, wait for me in bed.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Actually, Zhou Zui had overthought things again. What did it matter what he wore? Xiao Ke liked him no matter how he looked. For example, Xiao Ke liked him best when they were making love and Zhou Zui appeared drowned by passion and captured by lust. In these moments, as long as Xiao Ke glanced at the way he furrowed his brows and tried to hold himself back, he would feel like losing control. If he even liked Zhou Zui when the other was completely naked, what did it matter what he wore?

After sex, Xiao Ke sprawled out comfortably on the bed. He told Zhou Zui who was picking up condoms from the floor, “……Good waist, Teacher Zhou.” 6NjTQ1

Zhou Zui paused in his movements and glanced over. He smiled and said, “Hurry and sleep if you’re tired.”

Xiao Ke was too lazy to even put on new underwear. He laid there, completely bare, staring at Zhou Zui. He grinned and opened his arms. “I’m not sleeping. Hurry and clean up, then come over here. Teacher Xiao’s embrace is waiting for you.”

Zhou Zui shook his head. After throwing away the condoms, he kissed the other and said, “You sleep on your own. I’ll go sleep in a different room.”

“Splitting rooms?” Xiao Ke raised an eyebrow. “Teacher Xiao has lost his charisma?” JdmCDx

“Not at all.” Zhou Zui bumped the tip of his nose. There was obvious reluctance in his eyes. “Rest well.”

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Xiao Ke opened his mouth and bit Zhou Zui’s nose. He hrmph’d and said, “I won’t. I can’t sleep alone.”

He had saved up energy for a week just to accompany Zhou Zui to bed for these two days. Splitting rooms was a bad joke. He definitely wouldn’t agree to that. After Zhou Zui finished cleaning up, Xiao Ke caught him in an embrace and gently asked, “Let me hold you tonight……okay?”

Without even thinking about it, Zhou Zui answered, “Okay.” g6ueS9

Xiao Ke’s embrace was very comfortable. Their breaths and heartbeats became one. It made the two of them feel a sense of belonging and brought a lot of solace. Later on, after seeing that Zhou Zui was on the verge of sleep, Xiao Ke finally let him go. He maintained a small distance from the other, avoiding physical contact. Zhou Zui took a few deep breaths. Xiao Ke softly said, “Relax, Teacher Xiao will sing a song for you.”

Xiao Ke had a really nice voice. Zhou Zui had heard it already a long time ago, but every time before, it had been in the noisy environment of the KTV room. The mic made his voice infinitely louder. But the way Xiao Ke quietly sat beside him at night, this feeling was very strange. It truly made one’s heart slowly relax.

Xiao Ke sang “I Don’t Want to Change You”, an English song. The rhythm was comforting. Zhou Zui slowly adjusted his breathing to the tempo of the song. After it finished, Zhou Zui had actually fallen asleep.

Xiao Ke laughed soundlessly. So it really wasn’t that hard, right? There wasn’t anyone Teacher Xiao couldn’t woo, nor was there any ex Teacher Xiao couldn’t erase from one’s memory. d24dRK

That night, he remained awake for practically the whole night, using his voice to announce his presence. He made sure his voice was clear, that Zhou Zui would be able to recognize it even while asleep. Though it was a lot of work, Xiao Ke didn’t feel tired at all.

They maintained such a lifestyle for a very long period of time. At first, Xiao Ke didn’t sleep at all on the nights he stayed over. But even though he continuously watched over the other, Zhou Zui would still occasionally jerk awake and reject the presence of someone beside him. During these instances, Xiao Ke would sing to him. When he was stuck in a nightmare, words meant nothing, but singing helped.

This was the way Xiao Ke separated himself from that person: with his songs, with his voice. These contained warmth. This voice only belonged to Xiao Ke. When he sang, the emotion in it was only directed at Zhou Zui.

Later on, the times between Zhou Zui’s episodes got longer. Xiao Ke could sleep in between them. But even when he fell asleep, it was a really light sleep. As soon as Zhou Zui woke up, he would also wake up and placate the other, talking to him or singing a few ballads to him. f0ydQM

After learning of this, Lu Xiaobei couldn’t close his mouth. He was that shocked. He was dazed for a long time, eyes red. Eventually, he clapped his hands together in a gesture, desiring to say something. But nothing came out of his mouth. He couldn’t find the words to express what he wanted to. In the end, he could only say, “……You’ve worked hard, ge.”

Xiao Ke smiled and waved, very carefree. He didn’t mind at all. “It’s not hard. It’s nothing at all. You think your big bro doesn’t have it hard? This is more tiring for him than me.”

Nothing was easy in this world. When he had pursued Zhou Zui, he had overlooked Zhou Zui’s past experiences to be together with him. That hadn’t been easy either. Though Xiao Ke accompanied and coaxed the other every night, Zhou Zui still felt very tired after falling asleep. His brain was always on high alert. He would dream all night, meaning that he wasn’t more relaxed when asleep than awake.

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But since he had already followed his heart and decided on this path, he needed to properly walk down this path. It would be tougher in the beginning while they pulled out all the weeds, but this would only make things easier in the future. This way, their walk would be much more extensive and comfortable. eL3vfK

Even Lu Xiaobei’s eyes turned red after hearing of this. He felt touched. Zhou Zui, who witnessed this every evening, could understand Xiao Ke’s feelings even more clearly. He was very reluctant; every morning when he woke up, he felt his heart tug. But he didn’t want to let down Xiao Ke and his sincere emotions. He could only make himself relax and stop overthinking, trying to increase his own sleep quality every night.

But sometimes, he would still find himself feeling guilty. Especially when his originally okay sleep quality began to get worse for some reason. One night, he had even reached out and pushed Xiao Ke after opening his eyes in the middle of the night and seeing someone beside him.

He hadn’t controlled his strength. Xiao Ke’s neck made a cracking noise when he pushed him.

At the time, Xiao Ke had only just fallen asleep. He was shocked awake by this push. But the first reaction he had after opening his eyes was to say, “Don’t be scared, baobei’er. I’m Xiao Ke.” mloyfC

This made Zhou Zui depressed for a whole day. He embraced Xiao Ke from behind and buried his face in the other’s shoulder, wordless. He felt very defeated, but also very agitated.

In the end, his heart hurt too much. Xiao Ke had already lost a lot of weight from all the sleepless nights. His chin had even become sharp.

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That night, after showering, Zhou Zui directly made his way into a different room. He was quiet, speechless.

Xiao Ke stood outside the room, leaning against the doorway. He smiled and crooked his finger. “Come on, precious. Time to come and sleep.” l1WOpC

Zhou Zui shook his head. He lowly said, “I’m sleeping here tonight.”

Xiao Ke crossed his arms across his chest and smiled evilly. “You sure you can deal with the consequences of sleeping in separate rooms? What if there’s no one by Lord Xiao’s side when he has a wet dream in the middle of the night?”

“Having wet dreams,” Zhou Zui lowered his head and lightly said, “You can’t even shut your eyes. How are you going to dream?”

Xiao Ke didn’t want to waste time bantering with him. He patted the door and called out, “Hurry and get over here. Don’t make me go over there and get you.” PB9wKi

Zhou Zui’s stubborn personality decided to display itself. He didn’t want Xiao Ke to suffer so much every night. He didn’t move at all, only shaking his head.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Ke stood in the doorway, arguing with him for a long time. Eventually, he lost all his patience and his expression darkened too. He lowered his voice and asked, “Teacher Zhou, you’re never going to sleep with me again, is that it?”

Something snapped in Zhou Zui’s mind and he somehow actually nodded.

Xiao Ke was in disbelief. He was so angry he started laughing. In the end, he nodded and said, “Okay, Teacher Zhou. I know now.” GdY WR

Xiao Ke returned to the master bedroom and directly locked the door behind him. When the lock clicked into place, both of their hearts trembled too.

Omg I don’t even know how I’m about to finish this novel while also writing 3 papers for school and translating two other novels AAAAH (pats self on back) Countdown to last two chapters T___T I’m going to feel so sad saying goodbye to Teacher Zhou and Teacher Xiao…

In other news, because I also have papers to write for school, the final chapter (48) will be updated this Friday as scheduled, but the extra chapter (Lu Xiaobei’s side story) will have to wait until next Friday/maybe even later instead of next Sunday 🙁

(Also why am I already debating which novel I want to pick up next LMAO stop it JP you already have two other novels you’re tl’ing……) zgEF7j

Translator's Note

Derived from when a male peacock spreads their feathers to impress possible mates.

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