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TattooChapter 25


Xiao Ke felt that it was time for them to have a good discussion.

It wasn’t okay for them to always be holding themselves back. This wasn’t comfortable. I want to understand your past, and only want to hear you personally tell me about it. But if you refuse to share, then Teacher Xiao will have to rush you a bit. lWw9TM

But, before Teacher Xiao had the opportunity to find a time to discuss with Zhou Zui, the situation culminated so that trouble came knocking instead.

Fang Qimiao was a civil servant, so didn’t have to work overtime at the end of the year. But, he couldn’t get out of visiting family friends to make more connections. On the day of Little New Year, he knocked on Xiao Ke’s door early in the morning. Xiao Ke hadn’t been awake at the time. When he saw him standing outside the door covered in snow, he was pretty surprised.

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“Not even calling before coming? What if I wasn’t at home?” Xiao Ke slanted his body to leave a path open for him to enter.

“I was passing through so dropped by to see you.” Fang Qimiao was carrying two boxes in his hands. He placed them on the shoe cabinet and said, “Help me give this to our mom later.” RVczax

Xiao Ke glanced over. They were two big boxes of swallow’s nest. He smiled and said, “Thanks. But that’s my mom. Stop trying to act close with me.”

“Ey, it’s all the same. Your mom is my mom.” Fang Qimiao sprawled onto the couch and groaned, “Lord Xiao, I’m so fucking tired.”

“You’re working overtime too?” Xiao Ke cocked an eyebrow and asked him, “You need to work overtime at your office?”

“No. I just spend all my days dropping off gifts. My dad gave me a long list.” He reached for a bottle of water from under the tea table and unscrewed it to drink. “My heart is tired.” Iu8fRt

Xiao Ke smiled and shook his head. “I don’t understand the pain of you wealthy heirs. Work hard ba, Little Ximiao.”

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“What about you?” Fang Qimiao rubbed his face and looked at Xiao Ke. “You still haven’t wooed that tattoo guy? It’s that difficult?”

Xiao Ke went to the bathroom to get ready. Before he put his toothbrush into his mouth, he smiled and said, “What do you mean tattoo guy. That’s my Teacher Zhou.”

“Yo, your Teacher Zhou?” Fang Qimiao suggestively chuckled. “Did he agree to be yours yet for you to be adding ‘my’ in front of that? Save some face, even Xiao Shuai has to admit that he’s not as good as he used to be. It’s been so many months but you still haven’t successfully wooed that old man?” T4qMwn

Xiao Ke didn’t want to answer him. He finished brushing his teeth and wiped the foam off his mouth before saying, “Seeing that we’ve been friends for so many years, Lord Xiao won’t show off to you. You single dog, don’t make me put a bone in front of you.”

These words implied that he had a chance. Fang Qimiao got off on the couch and sneakily ran over to ask about it, but how could Xiao Ke be willing to share the sweetness of his romance? Thus, Fang Qimiao became angry. Coincidentally, he had nothing to do this day, so was adamant about sticking to Xiao Ke. With such an annoying, large tail following him around, Xiao Ke really didn’t want to visit the shop.

“You can’t be like this, how long have we known each other?” Fang Qimiao threw a tantrum, determined to go with him. “We’ve known each for twenty years already. Besides, I won’t disturb you guys if I go. I’ll just game with little baldie, okay?”

Xiao Ke thought to himself, if Lu Xiaobei knew you called him “little baldie”, he would shoot you to death with his machine gun. In the end, Xiao Ke couldn’t get Fang Qimiao to leave. This person followed behind him in his own car; he didn’t even manage to throw him off the whole way there. js1rPE

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“I know,” Fang Qimiao said.

They didn’t get there too early today. The shop was already open. As soon as Xiao Ke walked in, Xu Wen pointed inside. Xiao Ke cocked an eyebrow, expression clearly asking what was wrong.

Xu Wen mouthed, “There’s……someone……” eMdv9N

Xiao Ke was completely bewildered. He made to walk in with Fang Qimiao. But after only two steps, before he could even manage to tell what was going on inside, someone covered his head and hugged him.

Zhou Zui pushed Xiao Ke and walked out again. One of his large hands was over Xiao Ke’s neck. He gently squeezed.

Fang Qimiao didn’t know what was going on because he was behind Xiao Ke. He said, “Ey, what are you two playing at……”

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Xu Wen’s eyes were wide as she stared at them. Her expression was dazed too, just like Fang Qimiao’s. Zhou Zui lowly spoke next to Xiao Ke’s ear, “Teacher Xiao, wait for me in the car for a bit.” 63d5sY

Xiao Ke was standing across from him. He stared at the person in front of him. The entire flow of his actions just now had been very tender, but in this moment, Zhou Zui’s expression was quite solemn.

A male’s voice sounded from inside. He whistled and said, “Don’t leave ah. Stay here so we can get to know each other.”

Zhou Zui ignored that voice. He only stared into Xiao Ke’s eyes and asked again, “Wait for me in the car, okay?”

Xiao Ke stood in place for a few seconds. He didn’t know which reaction would be right in a situation like this. In the end, he only nodded. “Un, okay.” uws0h7

He turned around on the spot, not even looking back once.

When his hand could touch the doorknob, he stopped. Without turning around, he stood there and said, “Since you’re telling me to leave, I definitely will. But Teacher Zhou, we can only keep being like this if we have the intention to continue. That’s the only way we could keep going.”

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After saying this, Xiao Ke pushed the door open and left. He completely disregarded Fang Qimiao who was still behind him; Fang Qimiao almost got hit in the face by the glass door. He hurriedly walked out. Before leaving, he turned around to look at Zhou Zui. Zhou Zui gently furrowed his brows. His gaze was still following Xiao Ke’s figure.

Xiao Ke didn’t say anything for a long time after getting into his car. There was something stuck in his throat that he couldn’t get out. He hadn’t finished that sentence earlier, but he knew that Zhou Zui understood. It was okay for mature adults to be in a suggestive, ambiguous relationship, but if you continued on this way and refused to share anything with one another, then maybe it would be better to just end things before they progressed further. sqLT9x

“Now this is awkward……” Fang Qimiao sat in the passenger seat of Xiao Ke’s car. He glanced at Xiao Ke and tested the waters, “What’s wrong, Lord Xiao. This isn’t like you.”

Today’s events really surprised Fang Qimiao. Xiao Ke was someone who didn’t like getting angry. It was also hard to make him angry. But right now, Xiao Ke very obviously was a little moody. From Fang Qimiao’s perspective, it seemed like Zhou Zui’s actions were understandable. He just didn’t want trouble to find Xiao Ke. This wasn’t anything serious.

Xiao Ke closed his eyes and leaned back against his chair. A while later, he squeezed the bridge of his nose and sighed.

Fang Qimiao turned on the radio. Two hosts were having an awkward-but-not-really conversation with someone over the phone. F9Ijun

“Unhappy?” Fang Ximiao chuckled a bit. He turned the radio’s volume lower and said, “There’s no need. My mature Lord Xiao can become stupid because of dating too?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“We’re not dating,” Xiao Ke said with his eyes closed.

“Okay, you’re not.” Fang Qimiao shrugged and replied, “Your Teacher Zhou wasn’t wrong today. Make sure you know that.”

Xiao Ke furrowed his brows. A while later, he finally answered, “I know.” CpQT9g

“As long as you know. Keep pondering it yourself. I won’t say anything else.” After expressing his opinion, Fang Qimiao stopped talking. This person wasn’t chatty all the time. He shut up faster than anyone when the situation called for it.

After Xiao Ke left, Zhou Zui stood in place for a bit, then lit a cigarette and took a few puffs prior to walking back inside. Just now, Zhou Zui had stopped Xiao Ke before he had even walked in. In actuality, Zhou Zui had purposefully stood right next to the door for fear that he would take that step forward.

There were four people sitting on the lobby couch in total. There was a tall, thin one in the middle who spoke up first. He asked, “Zui ge has someone now?”

Zhou Zui ignored him. He walked over and sat down in a single person sofa off to the side. He grabbed the ashtray from the tea table and flicked some ash into it. Without looking up, he said, “Go back and tell Third Brother, stop trying to put his hands in my business. He couldn’t before, and he’ll never be able to.” a5lznq

That person chuckled. He pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth too, but didn’t light it. “Zui ge, don’t be so stubborn.”

“I’m not stubborn.” Zhou Zui’s head was still down as he refused to look at them. “I’m so easy to talk to.”

Lu Xiaobei walked out from a different tattoo room. He leaned against the doorframe, staring at them through half-lidded eyes. He didn’t say anything. Zhou Zui glanced at him, but otherwise ignored his presence.

“Third Brother is easy to talk to too. We’re just collaborating. How simple would it be. Zui ge, don’t overthink it.” l8SO4g

Zhou Zui shook his head. “I’m going to repeat what I said before. Don’t try to reach your hands into my business. I can still give you the amount I promised in the past, if you want it. If you don’t, then nevermind.”

When he spoke, his voice was low. It made listeners’ hearts tremble in fear.

“It’s just me and my lonesome. Let’s not make things difficult for each other.” Zhou Zui stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray and rested his arm against his knee. He looked up to meet that person’s gaze. Maintaining eye contact, he said, “Back then Third Brother broke a leg. It’s his right to bear a grudge against me now. But I can only give him so much. I refuse to give him anything else; I don’t even have anything else.”

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After saying this, Zhou Zui stood up and told Lu Xiaobei, “Xiaobei, see them out.” hwukBm

“It’s just you and your lonesome?” That person called Zhou Zui to a halt. He chuckled, “In the past, yes, but not now, right ge?”

Zhou Zui turned around to look at him.

“Who was that just now? Not bad looking. Our Zui ge’s taste hasn’t changed.” He lit the cigarette that had been in his mouth the whole time. The smoke made it hard for him to keep his eyes open. “He’s a teacher? Nice, Zui ge hasn’t lost his touch.”

Zhou Zui didn’t say anything. He only stared at the other. 4dbuxl

The man clapped his hands together, then separated them again. He forced a friendly expression onto his face. “I don’t mean anything else, ge. Actually, what we’re proposing is a win-win for all. If you really don’t understand, maybe I can help you ask Teacher? Let Teacher gege help you analyze it.”

Lu Xiaobei licked his lips and silently cussed.

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“Teacher Xiao, was it?” This person shook his head. “I really don’t want to cause a ruckus at school. I’ve always been terrified of school, ever since young. I shake every time I see a school. Zui ge, we should just solve our problems between ourselves. Let’s not get Teacher involved.”

This was a very obvious threat. Honestly, they maybe weren’t actually low enough to get a stranger involved, maybe they were only saying this for Zhou Zui to hear, simply to agitate him. m7 txP

After the man said this, Zhou Zui stared at him for a long time. In the end, he remained expressionless and nodded. He said, “Un, you can try.”

Xiao Ke waited in the car for over half an hour before Zhou Zui walked out of the shop. He wasn’t wearing a jacket, only a sweater. He stood outside the door, looking left and right for Xiao Ke’s car. Xiao Ke reached a hand out to give a short honk with the car horn. Zhou Zui walked towards him.

“I’ll go back to my car for a bit!” Fang Qimiao opened the door and jumped out. “Have a good talk!”

When Zhou Zui approached, he nodded at Fang Qimiao. Fang Qimiao greeted him, “Hello cool man.” lU1Wdu

Zhou Zui sat in the car. The smell of cigarette smoke still lingered on him. This, along with the cold wind, rushed in through Xiao Ke’s nostrils. Instantly, he felt a tickle in his nose. He wanted to sneeze.

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Actually, Xiao Ke had already calmed down after all this time. He kind of regretted being so aggressive in his words just now. He wasn’t truly angry, but had just felt irritated because Zhou Zui had pushed him out too many times. Fang Qimiao wasn’t wrong. This truly wasn’t Teacher Xiao’s style.

Dating really lowered one’s IQ. Xiao Ke wanted to say something to alleviate the tense atmosphere, but Zhou Zui spoke up first.

“Teacher Xiao, I don’t not want to continue. Don’t be mad.” MlB7uF

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Translator's Note

Kicks off Lunar New Year celebrations; typically falls a week before LNY.

Translator's Note

Chinese slang to describe single people.

Translator's Note

Dog food, aka a couple being cute.

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His mouth LOL

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