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Sweet, Although ShortCh26 - He Also Loved Him. [END]


Editor: Amaris

The next day, when Ning Can woke up, he noticed that Xia Yan looked tired. It was as if Xia Yan had stayed up all night. 952tDH

Ning Can leaned closer and looked at Xia Yan. “You didn’t sleep well?”

Not only did Xia Yan not sleep well, he actually didn’t sleep at all.

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Ning Can was so close to him that Xia Yan couldn’t help but shift his gaze away. “What do you want to eat for breakfast?”

Ning Can knew him too well. Looking at his appearance like this, Ning Can knew that Xia Yan was hiding something from him. Just like countless times four years ago, Ning Can would break through Xia Yan’s ‘mask’ and saw through his eyes. “What’s wrong?” hyi8ZH

Xia Yan, “…”

Ning Can’s thick nerve jumped. He asked, “You are not regretting it, right?”

We’ve just tried it out, yet he regretted it already, this is freaking… 

Xia Yan immediately said, “That’s not it!” 0KoZYG

Ning Can’s anger was defused. He asked again, “Then what is it? What’s troubling you?”

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After pausing for some time, Xia Yan said softly, “Is this…real?”

Was what happened last night real? Was the Ning Can before his eyes real? Were they really dating?

It all happened too suddenly. He feared if he shut his eyes, when he opened it, his side would be empty, just like every single day and night these four years. 5J1 aB

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Ning Can was stupefied. Then he chuckled, his small canine teeth visible. “Xia Yan, grow up a bit, would you!”

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Xia Yan looked at him without saying any words. His eyes were filled with his long-held deep affection.

Ning Can bumped his forehead with Xia Yan’s. “It’s a pity that I only know about this now.”

If Ning Can had known earlier, would he need to leave Xia Yan? FL3BKI

Perhaps Ning Can still didn’t understand this kind of feeling back then, but he would never let Xia Yan down.

He would earnestly take everything related to Xia Yan to his heart.

Xia Yan finally opened his mouth, his voice hoarse, “Ning Can.”

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Ning Can, “Hm?” APwLC3

Xia Yan, “Don’t play jokes on me.”

Ning Can’s eyes curved, then he said playfully, “That won’t do.”

Xia Yan’s eyes shrank.

Ning Can hurriedly finished his words, “We’d be together everyday in the future, so it’s only natural for me to tease you.” jlnC5i

Teasing and playing jokes were two different things.

Ning Can would never joke about Xia Yan’s feelings, but he wanted to tease Xia Yan on his ‘cowardice’.

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Just like ten years ago, Ning Can would snatch Xia Yan’s cup, took Xia Yan’s pen, filled Xia Yan’s phone with his favorite games, and even wore Xia Yan’s shoes.

Ah… When they had grown up into adults, it seemed that their shoe sizes weren’t the same anymore. ziBmqZ

Well then… His slippers could do!

Xia Yan’s mind was completely on the first half of Ning Can’s words. He gazed at Ning Can and said, “You said that we’d be together everyday.”

Ning Can nodded energetically. “Mm-hm!”

Later, after some time had passed, they talked about Qin Shijie again. 9Z0rPY

Ning Can mumbled, “Don’t you think she’s a bit similar to you?”

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Xia Yan was taken aback.

Ning Can stated, “When you were about 17 or 18 years old, you were so fair like a tofu. When you don’t smile, the corner of your eyes would be pushed down. You also have a small mole over there…”

Ning Can took out the graduation photo and pointed to the fair-skinned girl who didn’t smile to let Xia Yan look. jw2rsO

Both of them had a small, black mole under the corner of their eyes. It was very small, but it was very eye-catching because of their fair complexions.

Ning Can said, “At that time, I was still confused, which was why I thought she was good looking.”

Was it Qin Shijie who was good looking, or was it actually Xia Yan who was good looking? The 17 or 18-years-old and slow Ning Can couldn’t distinguish them.

It was because everyone told him that boys had to like girls. aY2onQ

But actually, when it came to liking someone, it had nothing to do with anyone else.

The only thing that mattered was to see your own heart clearly.

Ning Can looked at the present Xia Yan and said again, “Actually, both of you are not the same at all, because no one would be as good looking as you…”

Before the sound of Ning Can’s voice had died away, he had been vigorously kissed by Xia Yan. 0uISN

Ning Can’s words were so sweet that Xia Yan’s mouth was completely filled with sugar.

This gentle and pleasant warm feeling had thoroughly melted Xia Yan.

This was something he had never felt before——his nightmares were over.

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Because he also loved him. nj UmW

The author has something to say:

Alright, I’ve paid my debts~

Let’s talk again if there are more short stories in the future, this one is finished~



It’s finished…! I honestly have a lot to say but gonna rest for now because I got flu… again >_> Let’s talk later! PS go read IYDFILYD (and lots of CG’s novels too of course!) in the meantime /nO

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  1. Absolutely loved this one and other two shorts in this collection! Thank you so much for translating! Hope you are feeling well now! ☺️