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Sweet, Although ShortCh24 - I Have Something I Need to Tell You.


Editor: Amaris

Ning Can was dumbstruck. The pillow he had been clutching on tightly fell off. Just like the person holding it, the pillow fell softly on the floor. BN61jl

“Was it disgusting?” Xia Yan asked after they parted.

His voice was very calm, but his pitch-dark eyelashes quivered imperceptibly instead.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ning Can still hadn’t recovered from the shock.

Xia Yan stared at him. Each second passed was very long, like the four years of their separations. Fch9Xd

After coming back to his senses, Ning Can’s ears turned red. “Why would I be disgusted…”

Xia Yan’s heart throbbed fiercely. His voice was hoarse when he asked again, “Do you hate it?”

Ning Can’s brain circuit focused on the other thing instead. He asked, “So you’ve agreed on dating me?”

Xia Yan pulled Ning Can’s hand. He used so much force that he might break these slender fingers. “Ning Can…” mQTgRF

Xia Yan called out his name, but he didn’t know what to say next.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Both euphoria and fear swept through his nerves like violent storms and roaring waves, making him feel the empty feeling of stepping high in the clouds.


Is this real? U7oEXG

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In the pitch dark night when they should have slept deeply, this kind of thing happened. Shouldn’t he doubt that this was a dream?

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Wlj Tjc kjr rcjamtfv yjmx ab gfjilas ys Rlcu Jjc’r kbgvr. Pa kjr rb ragjcuf atja tf ofia j yla gfilfnfv. Ly6oiv

“Ktja kjr remt j delmx xlrr, tbk kbeiv sbe yf jyif ab offi jcsatlcu?” Rlcu Jjc ibbx eq ab Wlj Tjc lc gfrqbcrf, tlr fsfr vjhhilcu.

Xia Yan’s head buzzed. He held the back of Ning Can’s head and kissed him again.

Not only did Ning Can not push him away, he responded to Xia Yan, too.

The two of them gasped for breath. Before they knew it, they had lied down on Xia Yan’s bed. XhR2cF

Ning Can said, “There’s something I have to tell you.”

Xia Yan’s heart soared.

Ning Can felt somewhat too shy to speak out.

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Xia Yan loosened his grip. His fingertips trembled even to the point where his heart hurt. He said, “If you’re going to tell me that you did this just because you’re afraid or because you don’t want to sleep alone, I will never see you anymore in my whole life.” MthfVw

Ning Can immediately said, “How could I!” He felt really self-conscious that his voice cracked a bit.

Xia Yan’s face was expressionless.

Ning Can’s face burned, then he said, “Be-besides, I’m not afraid of anything. How old am I? Why would I…”

Xia Yan stared at him. PWJEt4

Ning Can couldn’t keep on pretending anymore. He had known all along that Xia Yan always pampered him by believing the lies he told, instead of believing the truth.

Ning Can compromised. “I have a tiny bit of that intention…”

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Xia Yan got up.

Ning Can grabbed Xia Yan’s wrist and said, “But if I don’t want to kiss you, I wouldn’t have kissed you!” b8SB75

Even though one of the reasons was because of the horror movie, he did want to.

Xia Yan was unable to move anymore.

No matter how brazen Ning Can could be, he still found it embarrassing to say, “…It’s that, since what happened four years ago, I’ve had a hard time using that thing.”

Xia Yan didn’t quite understand. VaC1yI

Ning Can flushed furiously, then told Xia Yan the secret that he had been hiding for four years, “I-I’m impotent…”

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Xia Yan was stupefied.

Ning Can said everything anyway. Furthermore, he had let it go when he knew that Xia Yan didn’t hate him, as if he had forgotten their partings for four years and went back to the younger days when they were still intimate with each other. He said, “Really, after we did it, I can’t do anything about that thing. No matter what, I cannot do it myself, but I haven’t asked anyone else to do it for me, either…”

Such a shameful thing, he would never tell anyone but Xia Yan! X9bzJI

Xia Yan snapped out of it. He recalled that night four years ago and felt the sharp pain inside his heart again.

He had injured Ning Can.

It was him who caused this psychological disorder in Ning Can.

Xia Yan’s heart was filled with remorse and grief. WyvXJ9

Ning Can continued, “If we are going to date, I have to tell you about this in advance…but you mustn’t avoid me. Even though I’m like this, I’m still… Alright, I’m also in the wrong, I shouldn’t belittle you, however…”

Xia Yan drooped his eyes and said, “It’s my fault.”

Ning Can wanted to say ‘You’re not at fault’, but thinking about how ferocious he was that night, and…

Why would he go so far as to be that fierce!? lP2dpj

Xia Yan asked Ning Can softly with a gentle look, “Can I take a look?”

Ning Can paused, thinking of what else he hadn’t seen, then said, “It’s useless even if you see it, it really won’t work.” Upon saying so, he slid his short pants down to his shanks.

Xia Yan’s heart trembled. He tried his best to calm himself and said, “This won’t work, you have to see a doctor.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was probably not a physiological problem but a psychological one instead. If Ning Can could get help from a professional doctor to counsel him, then surely… ZEpzWA

Somehow, Little Ning Can who was being stared at by Xia Yan and had been sleeping for four years…felt a twitch.

The author has something to say:

Was it sweet? Hehehe.



The last two chapters will be uploaded a bit later today. They’re special, after all. Hehehehehe.

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