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The Silly Wizard's Courtship MethodChapter 7


  The plot of fairy tales were always very rushed.


  Tang Wenye had only just adapted to the way Wu Lin was using his eyes alongside writing to communicate with him in asking whether he was hungry or not when the guard ran in to say he had finished preparing the ship and that they could head out to sea. 


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  Looking out at the darkening sky outside, he was speechless. 


  But no matter how speechless he was, they had to set off in order to conform with the plot.


  Standing on the deck, Tang Wenye looked around uneasily. He asked Wu Lin in a low voice, “Don’t you think this ship looks very familiar?”



  Wu Lin nodded.

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  “It looks like……” Tang Wenye spat out the four hair raising words, “The Titanic.”

[tn: Titanic is 铁达尼号 in Chinese hence the “four words”] IuiDs6


  Wu Lin continued to nod.


  “My god. The master of this fantasy world is too thoughtless. Even a sunken ship was fished out and is still being used.” He swept the scene through the corner of his eyes and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, “And the people onboard didn’t change either. Do those sailors not have any memories of the Titanic?” kO0gfc


  Wu Lin shrugged.


  A servant ran over. “Prince, Her Highness Princess Karina invites you to have dinner with her.” U136bv


  Tang Wenye said unhappily, “What else can she do besides eating?” However, when he thought of Chen Xi’s previous invitation which was both explicit and implicit, he had to admit that this fantasy world’s master had quite good taste in using Chen Xi’s image for this role.


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  Seeing Wu Lin’s disapproving eyes, he restrained his temper and waved to the guard, “Tell her that I will go immediately.” bJOEi2


  After the guard left, he couldn’t help but think of something and said worriedly, “If this story is《The Little Mermaid》then we’re going to be miserable.”


  Wu Lin widened his eyes. dc39jh


  “It’s a tragedy. You’re going to turn into foam while I have to marry a swindler.”

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  Wu Lin felt his neck. EgL6FU


  “Why do you keep touching your neck?” He asked. He couldn’t help peeling his hand away and was stunned. “Your tattoo…… is spreading.” It was like a black tentacle constantly climbing up his body. “This isn’t contagious ba?”


  Wu Lin looked at his frightened eyes and his heart was gloomy as he slowly shook his head.  mAUyfs


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  “Is it related to magic?” Tang Wenye was now used to classifying all unexplainable phenomena as magic. 


  Wu Lin nodded, his round eyes full of sorrow.  CzTUKs


  Tang Wenye felt anxious from his staring and hurriedly turned his face away. “Let’s go eat ba. Chen Xi…… no, the princess is waiting for us.”


  Princess Karina had waited for a long time, and she had finished half a bottle of red wine to show for it.  Uh7Z43


  Unfortunately, Tang Wenye didn’t notice these details. After sitting down, his eyes remained on Wu Lin. 


  Princess Karina looked at him with a smile, “Prince.” WahzP2


  Tang Wenye seemed to have noticed her existence, “Princess.”


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  “Prince.” cZ3KwJ


  Not again!


  Tang Wenye forced a smile, “Yes, you didn’t recognize the wrong person. I am the prince.” rEk3L7


  “Shall we hold the wedding ceremony tonight?” Princess Karina said. 

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  Tang Wenye’s smile turned cold. WVKaCs

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


  Uglcmfrr Bjglcj yjrtoeiis ybkfv tfg tfjv. “P’w ibbxlcu obgkjgv ab yfmbwlcu atf qglcmf’r yglvf.” 


  Kjcu Qfcsf reymbcrmlberis aegcfv ab ibbx ja Qe Olc bcis ab rff tlw tbivlcu j xclof lc bcf tjcv jcv j obgx lc atf batfg ktlif kjamtlcu Uglcmfrr Bjglcj mibrfis, jr lo tf kjr gfjvs ab jaajmx ja jcs wbwfca.  8dIKla


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  “Err, this matter isn’t urgent, we can still give it further thought. Let’s eat first, eat.” Tang Wenye lowered his head and began eating. Why did he have a subtle feeling that he had traveled back in time?


  As soon as the meal was over, Princess Karina followed behind Tang Wenye like a ghost, trying to strike while the iron was hot to instill in him the thought of marrying that night.  Q7SOIo


  Tang Wenye felt that no matter if he can return to reality or not, or even when he can return, he was afraid that it will be difficult for him to have a good opinion towards Chen Xi’s face from now on. 


  After listening to her say it for the 86th time, he finally couldn’t help pulling Wu Lin while using a 100 meter dash to run towards the bow of the ship. LtQ980


  By the bow of the ship, the wind was so strong that he could hardly open his eyes. 


  Wu Lin’s complexion wasn’t very good.  10Snrg


  “What’s the matter?” Tang Wenye grabbed his arm, his face full of worries.


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  “Jié jié jié jié……” A familiar, eerie laughter suddenly sounded overhead and a dense black cloud enveloped the sky above them, surging ominously. “He got backlash from magic. Tsk tsk, it’s really a pitiful little dou ding. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t obtain the heart of his destined lover……” aYHSiG


  Tang Wenye resisted his fear with great difficulty and raised his head to yell, “What do you mean?”


  “So you didn’t know. Jié jié…… this little dou ding used magic to see his future lover but was cursed as a result. If he can’t obtain the heart of his future lover then the black curse on his body will strangle him to death.” gZCaok


  “This is a curse?” Tang Wenye looked at the black vines that had already extended to Wu Lin’s cheeks in shock. “Is there no other way to save him?”

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  “Other way? En, of course there is.” There was a thin flash of light that suddenly fell from the black cloud.  grHqZd


  Due to his past experience, Tang Wenye reflexively pulled Wu Lin as he dodged to the side.


  The thin ray of light landed on the deck.  fddbsi


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  It was a golden dagger.


  “This is……” Tang Wenye’s face paled when he thought of the ending of《The Little Mermaid》. nK 35M


  “You should remember the ending of the story ba?” The eerie voice turned gloomy and full of enticement. “As long as he takes the dagger and stabs it into your chest, he will be saved.”


  Tang Wenye’s face changed again from white to black. pabKrU


  “But the opportunities are equal. If you take the dagger and stab it into his chest…… then you can return to the real world.”


  Return to the real world? RidTdB


  Tang Wenye’s heart thumped like a starving man who just saw a delicious slice of cake placed in front of him. 


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  As if there were demons and gods at work, he picked up the dagger.  RuSmd0


  Wu Lin watched him and slowly revealed a smile of encouragement. 


  Tang Wenye’s throat dried. He suddenly pulled Wu Lin’s hand and resolutely stuffed it into his hand. He closed his eyes and stuck out his chest. “Come on come on.” He will regret it! He will definitely regret it!  zt5FsE


  While he was thinking this, Wu Lin’s face was constantly appearing in his mind — every one of them was smiling, every one of them was so damn cute.

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  Damn it! SOUPlL


  He unexpectedly didn’t regret it at all.


  The feeling of waiting for his sentence made him couldn’t help nervously opening his eyes, only to see Wu Lin silently piercing his own chest with the dagger. P9xXko


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  “Are you an idiot?! You’d even make a mistake when stabbing someone?!” Tang Wenye’s roaring voice cracked. 


  Wu Lin innocently widened his eyes. He wanted to say that the dagger was what he had stabbed into himself and that he didn’t hurt at all, he was only a bit sleepy…… it should be due to magic. DL67pG


  But Tang Wenye didn’t give him the chance to explain. He grasped Wu Lin’s arms and hugged him tightly. “Idiot! You idiot!” Tears finally fell from his eyes.


  He finally knew that there was someone in the world who loved him more than his own life. What was great was that that person loved him just as much. What was lamentable was that this story was《The Little Mermaid》and it was clear that it wasn’t a Disney adaptation. R13dXf


  Wu Lin wanted to struggle but a sudden sleepiness made him thoroughly fall into the land of dreams. 


  “There’s something that I think you have the right to know.” The voice from within the black cloud was no longer so eerie that it made people’s hair stand. WOiawY


  Tang Wenye’s eyes brightened as he shakingly asked “Can you save him?”


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  “No, I just wanted to tell you that he died quicker because of your passionate embrace just now.” c8vtru




  A flash of lightning split through the black cloud.  WPAFcx


  Tang Wenye hugged Wu Lin and closed his eyes resignedly. 

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  It’s over.  J1qKSF


  Regardless of whether the story will continue or not, for him, everything was already over.



  The door of Wu Lin’s room was shut tightly. 

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  Lauren stood helplessly at the door while rubbing the back of her hand. No matter who, their hand would hurt if they were knocking on a door continuously for an hour.

  S7 edn

  “Lin darling,” She lowered her hand before unresignedly knocking on the door again. “Mom already apologized to you. I shouldn’t have pretended to be an enemy of Stirling and made you enter a fantasy world but you must believe that this was completely out of a mother’s love for her child. How could I just sit back and do nothing as my child suffered from magic backlash?”


  Nearby, Yuan Zhengjie said in a low voice, “But auntie, the stories you chose were really……” As an accomplice, he had been watching the whole live broadcast in the water mirror. 


  “What’s wrong with them?” Lauren justified herself, “These stories were all carefully selected. The romance in《The Titanic》transcended the boundary of life and death,《Cinderella》eliminated the gap in identity, and《The Little Mermaid》is even greater — they crossed the boundary of race! I chose these in order to let Tang Wenye know that gender isn’t a big deal! Look, didn’t Tang Wenye overcome his own fear and prejudice and understand his feelings in the end?”


  “But your plot seemed to have deviated too far from the original.” He raised his eyebrow at Lauren’s threatening expression, then hastily changed the subject. “And it was just a fantasy land, things aren’t so certain in reality.”


  As soon as his voice fell, the doorbell rang frantically.


  Lauren smiled proudly. “Admit defeat ba, it’s nothing shameful.”

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  Yuan Zhengjie opened the door and, sure enough, it was Tang Wenye. The first sentence he said as he rushed in was: “How’s Wu Lin?”


  Yuan Zhengjie pointed to Wu Lin’s room. Lauren had already gone into hiding.


  “Is he okay?” Tang Wenye’s face was stretched taut, as if he was afraid to hear bad news come out of his mouth. 


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  “Why don’t you confirm it for yourself?” Yuan Zhengjie said. 


  Tang Wenye finally looked squarely at him, “I’m Tang Wenye, you are……”


  “Wu Lin’s cousin.”


  “Yuan Zhengjie.” Tang Wenye remembered Wu Lin telling him who the main culprit that had suggested that had wanted his address was. However, right now he wasn’t interested in settling this old score. 

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  He strode to the door of Wu Lin’s room and took a deep breath, “Wu Lin?”


  The door remained tightly closed. 


  “Are you okay?” He began to pound the door.


  After being devastated by Lauren for an hour, the door that thought it would finally catch a break began undergoing the second wave of tests. 


  Fortunately, this time the test was very short. After less than a minute, the door opened.


  Wu Lin looked at him in bewilderment, “Tang Wenye?”


  Tang Wenye grabbed him and carefully looked him up and down for a long time and was only relieved after he was certain that he wasn’t missing an arm or leg. “Nothing wrong?”

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  “Nothing,” Wu Lin shook his head.


  “Then why did it take you so long to open the door?” After confirming that he was okay, Tang Wenye’s temper returned. 


  “Sleeping ah.” Wu Lin rubbed his eyes as he replied.


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  “Sleeping?” Tang Wenye abruptly raised his voice. As soon as he woke up he had worriedly looked for the address he had registered with the company then ran to his house to find him but he was actually…… sleeping?!


  Wu Lin blinked and said, “You’re not tired ma? It kept thundering in my dream just now, so it turned out to be you knocking on the door ah.”


  Tang Wenye took a deep breath and said with an insincere smile, “Then I wish you a sweet dream!” He turned to leave when Wu Lin grabbed him by his clothes. 


  “Tang Wenye, become my lover?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  This clearly wasn’t his first time hearing this but why was it that not only did he not feel fed up, he even found it very sweet? 

  UNvD m

  Tang Wenye’s heart was soft but his words remained unyielding. “I have to think about it.”


  “You’ll think about it?” Wu Lin’s eyes widened excitedly and his sleepiness instantly flew away. “You wait.” He rushed to the bedside table, opened the drawer and rummaged through it for a long time before finally rushing back. Holding up a ruby ring with both hands, he knelt down on one knee and asked sincerely, “Tang Wenye, will you marry me?”


  The corner of Tang Wenye’s mouth twitched. “I should be saying this to you.”


  “But you don’t have a ring,” Wu Lin said.


  Tang Wenye grabbed the ring, pulled him up, and arranged his expression before saying seriously, “Wu Lin, are you willing to take care of me, obey me, accompany me, and never leave me in the future?”


  Wu Lin nodded without any hesitation, “I’m willing.”

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  Tang Wenye smiled with satisfaction. “Very good. Then congratulations, you will also receive the same except for obedience.” He held his hand and slowly slid the ring onto his ring finger. “Use this for now. Wait for me to buy a new one before replacing it.”


  “En.” Wu Lin looked at the ring on his finger happily.


  Tang Wenye had another concern. “Would your family object to us being together?”


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  “Of course not,” Wu Lin said. “My mother is the most enlightened mother in the world!”


  Lauren, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation while hiding, decided to forgive him for not hearing her knocking due to sleeping too deeply.


  “What about your family?” This time, it was Wu Lin’s turn to worry. 


  Tang Wenye embraced him and said, “We weren’t even scared of a vicious witch, what else would scare us?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  Vicious witch?


  A sneer appeared on the corner of Lauren’s mouth. 


  The newly made sweethearts were embracing one another emotionally when they suddenly saw a flash of white light appear before their eyes……


  “No way ba? Again?!”



Re: Aaand it’s finished! Thank you guys so much for following me on this short, albeit sweet, journey. I don’t usually reply to comments but I do read and treasure every one of them 🙂 I was originally very hesitant to pick this one up since I was already translating another novel but I’m very glad I ended up going through with it since I was able to share with you guys the wonderful messages this novel contains about love and being true to your own feelings. Thank you once again for reading vVeZUH

And umm… let’s hope mother-in-law doesn’t give them too hard of a time xD


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