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The Silly Wizard's Courtship MethodChapter 6


  Night finally came. 


  Tang Wenye had the opportunity to see the legendary stepmother. What was unexpected was that she was actually a woman. Regarding the chaotic gender setting in this fantasy world, however, he had long lost the interest to pursue that matter. His sole comfort was that he didn’t need to pretend to be calm while a middle-aged man wearing a luxuriant dress dangled around in front of him.


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  In order to help Cinderella successfully complete the mission of changing from a sparrow into a phoenix, Tang Wenye feigned illness to stay behind. Only after his stepmother and Charlotte left did he take the splendidly dressed Cinderella onto a carriage with a large pumpkin by the back door and rushed madly to the castle. 


  As expected, it was a castle like the ones in fairy tales. The guards at the entrance numbered in the single digits and didn’t even bother to ask any questions when they saw the two of them. From the beginning to the end, their eyes were empty and stared straight ahead. 


  Without any difficulty, they had arrived at the ball. Before he entered, Cinderella heard Tang Wenye cursing under his breath. 



  “What’s the matter? Brother?” Because of Tang Wenye’s selfless help, he already regarded him as his closest relative besides his parents. 

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  “It’s nothing,” Tang Wenye rubbed his nose. Since everybody on the Titanic could speak Chinese, then hearing《Tian Mi Mi》 playing at the ball would be considered very normal.


  In order to highlight Cinderella’s beauty, he purposely shouted at the entrance, “A guest has arrived!”

  …… rLZV17

  The people who were in the middle of gracefully dancing slowed down and looked towards the entrance bewilderedly. They have probably never heard of somebody’s arrival worded in such a manner.


  Cinderella was at a loss and stood blankly in place. 


  Without any hesitation, Tang Wenye raised his foot and kicked him out.


  Cinderella staggered into the ballroom. 

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  Hearing the exclamations inside, Tang Wenye knew that the story was finally following the script.


  He stealthily peeked inside, saw the prince holding Cinderella’s hand for a dance, and began searching for Wu Lin with peace of mind. In any case, the two of them were the only real ones in this entire farce and shared a common ideal and goal. 


  “Are you looking for me?” Wu Lin’s voice sounded from behind him. 


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  Tang Wenye turned around but didn’t answer his question, “Why are you here?”


  “I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to handle it alone so I came to help,” Wu Lin said.


  “Have you persuaded the prince?”


  “I told him.” Wu Lin paused, then frowned, “But he didn’t seem to care about it too much.”

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  Tang Wenye expressed his understanding, “No one would take something like fortune telling to heart before they meet that person.”


  Wu Lin shrugged, “So what are we doing now?”


  “Waiting.” Tang Wenye looked at the huge clock tower directly facing the entrance and said, “Waiting until 12 o’clock.”


  The wait felt endless, especially when there was nothing to do. 


  Tang Wenye and Wu Lin stood among a thicket of shrubs besides the flight of steps and began dozing off.


  Suddenly, the clock sounded, it’s deafening ringing quickly waking up both Tang Wenye and Wu Lin. 


  “Quickly!” Tang Wenye pulled at the sleepy Wu Lin while sticking his head out from amongst the cluster of shrubs.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  Cinderella ran out with his dress in hand, his face flushed with excitement.


  “Brother!” When he saw Tang Wenye, he immediately flew over like an arrow.


  Tang Wenye squatted down without another word, “Take off your shoe.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  “Ah?” Cinderella watched blankly as he tried to take his shoe off.

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  Tang Wenye got the shoe off with great difficulty then pulled Cinderella into the shrubs with one hand while he threw the shoe at the incoming prince with the other!

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


  Ycis j “qj” rbecv kjr tfjgv jr atf qglcmf’r ojmf kjr tla tfjv-bc! 


  Qlatlc atf rtgeyr: “……”

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  “Qtb kjr ygjhfc fcbeut ab vjgf tla atlr qglcmf?” Ktf qglcmf jcuglis tfiv atf rtbf.


  “……” Kjcu Qfcsf ibbxfv ja Jlcvfgfiij, “Qtfatfg bg cba sbe yfmbwf atf qglcmf’r mbcrbga vfqfcvr bc atlr.”


  Jlcvfgfiij kjr nfgs mbcoerfv. 


  “Bravely step forward ba!” He pushed him out.


  The innocent Cinderella looked at the prince and was distracted for a moment before smiling shyly, “Prince, it’s me.”

  …… RYxCtK

  Tang Wenye and Wu Lin watched the situation nervously.


  Wu Lin stared at the old cloth shoe in the prince’s hand and whispered, “That’s the crystal shoe?”

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  “The ‘crystal shoes’ value lies in its uniqueness, so does Cinderella’s patched shoes. There is no difference,” Tang Wenye said reasonably.


  Wu Lin still felt strange, “You wanted the prince to find Cinderella through this pair of shoes?”


  Tang Wenye’s face reddened slightly, “Isn’t there also you? Aren’t there people in the royal court who are good at handling these kinds of things? You can just tell the prince that you couldn’t find them.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  Wu Lin watched the two people who were getting closer and closer to the flight of steps and said in a low voice, “This time the prince should already know without needing me to say it.”


  “En.” Emotional, Tang Wenye thought proudly: He really is talented. Even with such a shortage of resources, he was still able to complete the task beautifully.


  The prince walked up to Cinderella and passed the shoe over to him, “This is yours?”


  Cinderella braced himself and admitted to it. 

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  “Very well. For the sake of your initiative in confessing, this prince has decided to put you in jail for only three months!”


  Cinderella froze.


  Tang Wenye froze.


  Wu Lin…… directly walked out and said, “Prince, please think thrice.”


  The prince’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw Wu Lin. “Teacher, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you all night, I wanted to invite you to a dance.”


  Tang Wenye felt very upset while listening on the side. Wasn’t this supposed to be said to Cinderella?


  Wu Lin expressionlessly pointed to Cinderella who had almost fainted from the fright. “Prince, he is the one you are fated to be with.”

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  “No. Teacher.” The prince stepped forward emotionally and grabbed him by the shoulders, “Teacher, I clearly thought about it tonight. I don’t need to find any princess in the future, my princess is you!”


  “Wait.” A very disgruntled Tang Wenye finally couldn’t help jumping out and pulling Wu Lin behind him. “The story isn’t like this! The person you like should be Cinderella.” 


  “Who are you?” The prince looked at him with dissatisfaction.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  Before Tang Wenye could reply, Wu Lin spoke first, “He is my lover.”

  …… fJqkhb

  The temperature directly dropped below zero. 


  The prince was very agitated. “Teacher, why have I never heard you mention this?”


  Wu Lin: “Because you didn’t ask.”

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  The prince held his head and shouted, “No, I absolutely won’t give up! Guards, arrest this person!”


  “Ah? Wait, it’s not what you think……” Before Tang Wenye could defend himself, another flash of lightning split the sky and hit him. 



  This time when he woke up, he was able to calmly observe his surroundings—— dTpwD


  As before, it was an unfamiliar room. However, it at least didn’t sway back and forth nor was it so full of pink that it made him doubt his eyesight. Even though his clothing was still that of retro Europe, at least it was the men’s style. 


  He mockingly thought to himself that if he was to get struck by lightning a couple more times, his attitude towards life would probably attain a state of *nì lái shùn shòu without any desire nor demand.  EmM7Fo


  After he got out of the bed and wore his shoes, he unhurriedly opened the door.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  “Your Highness the Prince!” The guard standing at the door called out respectfully. 


  “Prince?” Tang Wenye pointed to himself in amazement. “Are you referring to me?”


  “Of course, Your Majesty,” The guard replied respectfully.


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  Tang Wenye contemplated then asked, “Can you tell me which princesses are around?” It wouldn’t be《Snow White》this time would it?


  “Princess Karina from the neighboring country is currently a guest at the palace.”


  “Karina?” So it wasn’t Snow White, but a guest at the palace…… such a plot was really too unconventional. “Where is the princess right now?”


  “She is taking a walk in the garden.”

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  The garden here was very similar to the one at Cinderella’s house. The flowers were the same but the locations were different. It can be seen that the imagination of the fantasy world’s master was limited. 


  “Prince.” As soon as Tang Wenye arrived in the garden, Princess Karina greeted him. 


  “Princess?” Tang Wenye froze. How could it be Chen Xi?! 




  “…… Princess.”




  Tang Wenye collected himself and smiled, “How about we change the subject?”

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  Princess Karina obediently shifted the topic, “Is the prince feeling better?”


  Tang Wenye replied blankly, “Uh, much better.”


  “The sea is merciless. The prince must be careful when going out to sea in the future.”


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  “Um, okay.” The sea?


  Princess Karina who was maintaining a smile: “……”


  There was an awkward silence. 

  Rw A6i

  The two stared at each other. 

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  His eyes became sore from staring. 


  Tang Wenye felt that he should retreat.


  A servant timely arrived. “Prince, the luncheon is ready.”


  “What are we waiting for? Let’s go ba.” While speaking, Tang Wenye left without turning back, leaving the servant and Princess Karina to stare at each other. 


  The food on the dining table was very lavish.


  However, Tang Wenye had already tried it when playing Katie. The food in the fantasy world could only satiate the eyes and the stomach. It leaves much to be desired by the tongue.


  He saw Princess Karina leisurely coming over and made an inviting gesture, “Let’s begin.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  “Prince, please wait a moment. There’s still someone who hasn’t arrived yet.” She gracefully sat on his left. 


  Just when Tang Wenye was about to ask who it was, he saw Wu Lin appear in a dress.

  Qp SEx

  In that instant, his originally restless mood became calm. The colors in his surroundings dimmed in that instant and his eyes seemed to only be able to see Wu Lin’s lovely yet heroic face. He was in a daze and only recovered when Wu Lin sat down beside him and quietly tugged at his sleeve. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  Tang Wenye gave a low cough before calmly leaning over and said quietly, “Do you know which story it is this time?”


  Wu Lin blinked and didn’t speak. 


  “You don’t know?” Tang Wenye was slightly disappointed. 


  Wu Lin still didn’t speak. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  “What’s the matter with you?” His behavior just now couldn’t have scared him could it? He felt inexplicably guilty. 


  Princess Karina heaved a sigh. “If only she could talk.”


  Tang Wenye almost laughed. Wu Lin can’t talk? Then who was the one that kept saying all day that he wanted to be his lover? Yet he unexpectedly couldn’t talk…… It couldn’t be ba?! A prince rescued from the sea by a princess from a neighboring country, a girl who couldn’t speak……


  A story quite in line with the present situation suddenly came to mind. 


  “The Little Mermaid?” He abruptly sprang to his feet. 


  “Prince?” Princess Karina looked up at him in surprise. 


  “It’s nothing it’s nothing, continue eating.” Tang Wenye slowly sat back down, glanced at Wu Lin, then couldn’t help smiling wryly. This was just wonderful. Not only was the story《The Little Mermaid》, they were even promoted from minor characters all the way to main characters. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  2Mf G8

  He was full of worries as he ate the meal.


  After the meal, Tang Wenye pulled Wu Lin into the room. 


  “What should we do this time?” He was so anxious that he was practically *pacing around in circles.

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  Wu Lin looked at him silently. His mouth opened but had no choice but to give up. He looked very aggrieved.  tXJYHO


  “If you can’t talk then you can always write.” When Tang Wenye looked around but couldn’t find a paper nor a pen, he simply held his palm out in front of him. “Write it on my hand ba.”


  Wu Lin looked slightly surprised then immediately smiled, his eyes bending into the shape of crescent moons. L39EVK


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  “There was no other choice, don’t think too much about it.” Tang Wenye calmed his stirring heart with great difficulty. Then, *like a sheep in wolf’s clothing, he urged, “Still not writing yet?”


  Wu Lin held his hand and began writing stroke by stroke. 


  His fingertip brushed over his palm, bringing with it a light yet itchy feel. Tang Wenye could hear the pounding of his own heart, as if the light itch had been transmitted from the palm of his hand to his heart. 


  He was startled and unconsciously grasped his hand into a fist, wrapping the finger that was making his heart become restless and flustered in the palm of his hand.


  Wu Lin turned to look at him, his clear black eyes were like a pool of water shimmering with starlight. 


  There was an explosion in Tang Wenye’s head. It was as if everything else in the world had disappeared and all that remained was the person before him……


  “Damn it!” He abruptly pushed him away and quickly walked to a window, pushing it open to let the cool breeze blow on his hot face.

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  Uivr M

  Behind him, Wu Lin felt a sense of loss as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Translator's Note

甜蜜蜜 is this really classic song sung by Teresa Tang, a very influential singer in China and Taiwan. If you have Chinese parents like mine, you’ll definitely have heard this song even if you don’t recognize the name xD 9fb7FY

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  1. Hahaha. That prince was in love with his teacher. Wu Lin’s charms are many. fufufu

    And now he’s the little mermaid! But that story has a sad ending for the mermaid! I hope Tang Wenye follows the disney’s version 😅

    There is a typo: ‘ fantasy world’s master wad limited’

    Thanks for the chapter!