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The Silly Wizard's Courtship MethodChapter 5


  The bubble stopped three meters above the sea.


  Wu Lin took a small wooden stick from his pocket, then slowly elongated it like an antenna.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  “A magic wand?” Tang Wenye was a little excited. Everybody more or less have some surreal fantasies. Once the fear of wizards was removed, only curiosity and yearning remained. 


  Wu Lin corrected him, “Actually, it’s just an ordinary walnut stick.”


  Tang Wenye’s enthusiasm was extinguished in an instant. He joked uneasily, “So are you taking it out now to plant a walnut tree?”



  “No, it’s used to cast magic,” he said as he used the stick to point at a person who had fallen into the water. 

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  That person was immediately encircled in a bubble and floated above the sea. 

  …… JGkda3

  Isn’t that a magic wand then?!


  Tang Wenye watched him use the so-called walnut stick to rescue those people who fell into the water one by one while in a bad mood. 


  The shouting grew worse, worse than before they received help. 


  Those who were rescued were even more frightened than those who weren’t.


  In their minds, they were already imagining countless scenes of being captured and tortured by extraterrestrial beings, bloodied to the point that they were hardly alive yet unable to die. To be able to die peacefully in the icy water would be wonderful by comparison. 


  “They look very scared,” Tang Wenye said truthfully.

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  “You were also very scared the first time you saw me use magic,” Wu Lin responded.


  Tang Wenye’s face reddened slightly from his words. He argued back, “That’s because I’m human.”


  “They also feel the same way.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  Reality and illusion were originally hard to distinguish apart. Wu Lin had read in one of his mother’s letters about how his grandfather had once suspected that his world was just an illusion because he often lost the same thing in the same place on the same day every year. He called himself the hoax of a real wizard, a puppet who had been placed in a fantasy world. 


  As more and more people were rescued, they changed from panicked to numb and silently watched as other people received the same fate as them. 


  The sea was enveloped in silence and despair.


  Nonetheless, as one of the initiators for rescue, Tang Wenye was rather proud of himself. “What should we do after we have rescued everyone?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  Holding the handle of the walnut stick, Wu Lin paused slightly, then doubtfully asked, “What do you want to do?”


  “Of course return to the real world. I still have a lot of work to do and there’s also my family…… I haven’t seen the World Cup finals yet!” If you don’t think about it then you won’t know. The moment Tang Wenye gave it some thought, he discovered that his life was still far from complete. “I haven’t even started my own family.”


  Wu Lin turned and looked at him seriously, “If you propose to me right now, I would agree.”

  …… ehlI6L

  Tang Wenye wiped his face then fiercely reprimanded, “Quickly think about how to get back to the real world first, warehouse clerk!”


  Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the sky that illuminated the sea. 


  Tang Wenye looked up in shock. 


  Several forks of lightning split through the night sky and struck the bubbles containing those who had been rescued. 

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  mDZf x

  The bubbles disappeared without a sound and those people fell into the water once again, sinking to the bottom of the sea without even a struggle. 


  “My god.” Tang Wenye looked inconceivably at the scene before him, “Did the master of this fantasy world read the script wrong…… the Titanic wasn’t a mythological movie.”


  “I destroyed the original plot of this world so its master had to use her own method to correct it.” Wu Lin explained.


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  “You should have told me earlier!” Tang Wenye watched the lightning get closer and closer with apprehension. 


  “We should at least try……”


  He couldn’t hear the following words that Wu Lin said because that white light had already engulfed all his senses……


  Tang Wenye woke up once again in a strange room.

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  Pink curtains, pink bed sheets, pink dressing table…… There was so much pink that he almost thought he had gone color blind. All he could distinguish was pink and white. 


  He jumped out of bed and opened the window.


  Under the window was a small garden, large expanses of green grass, and colorful flowers.


  At least they had departed from the sea.


  He felt relieved but also couldn’t help worrying about his own situation. Based on his current analysis, he had likely jumped from Script A to Script B and that shoddy wizard who had wanted them to “always be together” had also disappeared! 


  Dong dong dong.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


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  Qtfc tf bqfcfv atf vbbg jcv rjk mifjgis atf rmfcf yfobgf tlw, Kjcu Qfcsf kjr raeccfv.


  Outside the door stood a beautiful young man who was half a head shorter than him with milky white skin, limpid eyes that were like sapphires, and cherry lips…… however, that was not the reason why he was stunned. He was shocked because the youth was wearing a poofy dress that was popular in the Edwardian era with a tight corset, long skirt that dragged on the ground, and low collar that exposed a large expanse of chest…… Could it be that he was still in the age of the Titanic but only his position had changed from the sea to dry land? But even if it was in the same time period as the Titanic, he had certainly never heard of boys dressing in this manner. 


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  “You’re……” he stammered.


  The youth looked up timidly at him with his beautiful eyes, “Second brother, I want to attend the ball.”


  Second brother? He’s the second brother? He changed from a minor character to some side character? 


  Tang Wenye opened his mouth and spoke after a long pause, “Then, I wish you a pleasant journey.”

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  The youth’s cherry lips slowly opened as if stunned.


  The two people stared at one another like this for a while until, finally, a third voice was inserted into the mix, “Cinderella, have you finished your work?”


  Tang Wenye and the youth turned to look at the same time. 


  It was a young man wearing an abundant dress similar to the youth’s. However, whether it was the texture or workmanship, both were at a higher same level. 


  He arrogantly walked over and glanced haughtily at the youth before revealing a look of pity at Tang Wenye. “Oh, poor Katy, is your stomach feeling better now?”


  Seeing that kind of fake expression on a man’s face, Tang Wenye’s stomach, which was originally feeling perfectly fine, suddenly churned.


  “Big brother.” The youth lowered his head and asked in a low voice, “Can I attend the prince’s ball?”

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  “The ball?” The young man exclaimed exaggeratedly. With one hand on his hip, he pointed at him and said, “You want to attend the ball? My goodness, are you trying to scare the prince?”


  The youth looked as if he had received a blow and tears welled up in his eyes, appearing as if they would fall with just one shake. 


  Finding it unbearable, Tang Wenye interjected, “I think it would be good for him to see the world.”


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  As soon as his voice fell, the young man and youth looked at him as if they were looking at an alien.


  “Katy, you……” The young man said, then swallowed back his words before turning to the youth. “Attending the ball requires a beautiful dress, do you have any? You wouldn’t be thinking of going while wearing this patched up grey dress ba? But my dear Cinderella, the ball will begin tonight oh.” He smiled complacently and left, his steps like that of a haughty rooster’s. 


  The youth’s tears finally fell.


  Tang Wenye held his head. Could anyone tell him what play this is?! 

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  “Right, do you know what big…… brother’s name is?”


  The youth looked at him in astonishment and obediently replied, “Charlotte.”


  “Oh. The eldest is Charlotte, I’m Katy, and you’re Cinder…… Cinderella?!” If there was a mirror in front of him, he would have been able to see his current expression like he had just been runned over by a truck.


  “What’s the matter?” Cinderella looked at him worriedly.


  “I’m fine, I just need to calm down.” Tang Wenye wiped his face and was about to turn around and go back into his room when he heard Cinderella ask unresignedly from behind, “Can I attend the ball?” Tang Wenye’s earlier reply had given him hope. 


  “Of course you can.” If Cinderella couldn’t attend the ball then the whole story was meaningless. 


  “Really?” Cinderella’s eyes immediately lit up, “Will brother lend me a dress?”

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  “Dress?” Tang Wenye looked at him incredulously, “How can I have dresses……” However, an even more incredible thing happened when he looked down and saw what he was wearing.


  In sharp contrast to his shock, Cinderella’s eyes were full of anticipation. 


  It took Tang Wenye a long time to find his voice, “Don’t you have a godmother? Just ask her for help.”


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  “Godmother? I don’t ah,” Cinderella replied blankly. 


  “How can you not have a godmother? If you don’t have a godmother then how would you take a pumpkin carriage to attend the ball and drop your crystal shoes?” Tang Wenye felt as if he was going crazy. 


  Cinderella had no idea how he should continue. 


  Tang Wenye simply pushed him aside and shouted down the corridor, “Wu Lin, Wu Lin…… You come out! Wu Lin!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  One by one, everybody in the house gathered due to his shouting. 


  “Katy, what are you doing?” Charlotte asked impatiently.


  Tang Wenye waved his hands, “Don’t mind me!”


  “My dear little brother, don’t tell me you’re attending the ball like this? The prince wouldn’t want a deranged princess.” Charlotte said.




  Tang Wenye rushed to the garden in one breath. He would suffocate if he stayed in there for a moment longer. 


  In the garden, the flowers and green grass that were full of vitality slowly placated his heart.

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  He exhaled and turned around to go back in when he caught sight of Wu Lin standing behind him while watching him with a smile. 


  “Why didn’t you say anything when you came?” If he had arrived a few minutes earlier then what would have greeted him was a torrent of abuse. However, by now his fervor had already subsided.


  Wu Lin said with a smile, “I feel very happy watching your back like this.”


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  Tang Wenye tugged his dress sulkingly, “Don’t you find this laughable?”


  “Liking a person means liking them in their entirety, not just his outer appearance or in a certain moment.” Wu Lin’s eyes were very sincere.


  Tang Wenye was stunned and looked away with great difficulty, “You should say these kinds of words to girls.”


  “I don’t mind if you’re a man.” Wu Lin replied.

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  “But I mind. I’ve said before, I’m not interested in men.” Tang Wenye anxiously pulled at his hair then changed the topic,“What does the master of the fantasy world want to reenact this time?”


  Wu Lin looked a little disappointed but still followed suit, “This story is Cinderella and the plot of Cinderella is to let Cinderella and the prince be together.”


  “I know what the plot of Cinderella is. My question is what do we have to do to get out of this damn fantasy world?”


  “Follow the intentions of the fantasy world’s master until she is either bored or tired.”


  Tang Wenye stared. “If this was an exam question and I was the examiner, I would definitely give you a negative 100.”


  “Then what’s the correct answer?” Wu Lin asked open-mindedly.


  Tang Wenye was stumped and quickly switched to another topic. “By the way, just now Cinderella said that he doesn’t have a godmother.”

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  “So he doesn’t have a fairy godmother to help him change a pumpkin into a carriage and lose his crystal shoes.”


  Wu Lin saw Tang Wenye looking at him with bright eyes, “You mean……”


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  “Aren’t you a wizard? Making a pumpkin carriage shouldn’t be hard ba?” Tang Wenye asked.


  “I can’t,” Wu Lin replied honestly. 


  Tang Wenye persisted, “Then what about crystal shoes?”



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  “…… Then what can you do?”


  “Enchantments, fireballs, waterballs……”


  “Stop,” Tang Wenye said. “If you go on then I’ll think I’ve crossed over into the world of Harry Potter.”


  Wu Lin confessed, “Actually, I have no relationship with him.” Towards future family members, the familial relationships in their own family must be explained clearly.


  Tang Wenye, however, wasn’t thinking as far into the future as him because the problem before him was already vexing enough, “If you can’t make a pumpkin carriage or crystal shoes then what can you do?”


  “I’m the prince’s tutor,” Wu Lin answered.


  Tang Wenye stared blankly, “Ah?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  DyC N3

  “The prince trusts me very much.”




  “So I can guide the prince into having a good impression of Cinderella.”


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  Tang Wenye clearly wasn’t confident in him, “How are you going to do that?”


  “I’ll tell him that his future wife’s name is Cinderella.” Wu Lin’s method was very direct.


  Tang Wenye was speechless. 


  “No good?” Wu Lin asked doubtfully.

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  Tang Wenye: “This would directly skip over the crystal shoes step. You should remember the Titanic’s conclusion ba?” The lightning splitting the night sky had left him with lingering fears.


  “Then what should I do?” Wu Lin asked.


  “Tell him that his other half is a ‘will lose a crystal shoe at twelve midnight’…… youth!”

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  Wu Lin was unperturbed, he did not feel any surprise towards Cinderella’s gender at all.


  “You’re not surprised?” When he said it, he had purposefully done so with an exaggerated expression.


  “As long as two people like one another, whether they are male or female isn’t important.” Wu Lin replied.


  Tang Wenye knew that once this topic was involved, their dialogue would turn into a fruitless debate once again so he announced the end of their meeting. “You should hurry back ba. I also want to make preparations for the godmother that’ll be coming.”

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  Wu Lin looked at him reluctantly and turned around……


  “Wait.” Tang Wenye narrowed his eyes and pointed at the back of his neck, “You have a tattoo?”


  Wu Lin looked back, a crack finally appearing in his unperturbed expression, “Tattoo? How is it?”


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  “It’s black.” He pulled the collar of his shirt down a little, “Like a vine. What? You didn’t know?”


  Wu Lin’s eyes drooped down and his fingers slightly trembled, “I knew.”


  “I didn’t expect you to be quite individualistic.” Tang Wenye patted him on the shoulder, “Maybe after we leave this fantasy world, we can become good friends and chat if we have the chance.”


  At a normal time, perhaps Wu Lin’s eyes would have been twinkling with excitement but at the moment, he appeared very preoccupied as he nodded absent-mindedly before leaving. 

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  Despite Tang Wenye feeling a bit uncomfortable with his indifference, he didn’t think much about it because the first thing he must consider at the moment was the problem of a pumpkin carriage and crystal shoes, and the most crucial thing needed to solve this problem was precisely money. 


  He ran back to his room and began searching for valuables.


  Unfortunately, in addition to the fairy tale changing sisters into brothers, it even confiscated his jewelry. He rummaged through all the drawers but only found one ivory comb. 


  Tang Wenye didn’t know how much an ivory comb was worth in a fairy tale but he guessed that it most likely wouldn’t be able to buy a pair of crystal shoes. 


  He knitted his brows while thinking out loud, “No matter what, rent a carriage first.”


  Problems must be resolved one by one. 


  Thus, he mortgaged the ivory comb to the owner of a carriage dealer in exchange for a carriage, a coachman, and a pumpkin.

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  Then, he quickly found Cinderella who had been hiding in the corner weeping and had him come to his room to pick out a dress. 


  “I can lend you clothes and help you prepare a carriage, but I have one condition that you must abide by.” Tang Wenye watched him constantly looking in the mirror with his arms crossed, “You must leave at twelve o’clock.”


  Cinderella turned and looked at him doubtfully, “Why?”


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  “Because I’m lending you the dress so I have the final say.”


  “Yes, brother.” For him, it was already a great surprise to be able to attend the ball so such a small condition was nothing. 


  “If you break your promise, I will……” He paused, “Curse you to be unable to marry the prince for a lifetime.”


  Cinderella covered his mouth in shock, evidently startled by his vicious curse. 

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  Tang Wenye shook his head helplessly. As a man, to unexpectedly have to strive to get married off to another man as a lifelong goal is truly……


  Suddenly, Wu Lin’s face appeared in his mind. At least Wu Lin has the goal of becoming a senior warehouse clerk.


  “Brother, why are you helping me?” Cinderella looked at him hesitantly, “Don’t you want to marry the prince?”


  Nonsense! Of course not!


  Tang Wenye looked at him and said decisively, “Because my biggest wish is for you to marry the prince.”


  Cinderella was moved beyond words, “Brother……”


  “However, there’s a problem.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


  “What’s the problem?”


  “We’re missing a pair of shoes.”


  “…… Ah?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Re: Tang Wenye, stop pulling at your hair! I get that you’re stressed but if you keep that up then you’ll go bald  Sw5O7f

Translator's Note

For those wondering why Tang Wenye didn’t recognize ‘Cinderella’ earlier, remember how the sailors in the Titanic world were able to speak fluent Chinese? Well, Cinderella’s name had also been in Chinese (辛德瑞拉), that’s why Tang Wenye didn’t make the connection at first

Translator's Note

In Chinese, how they indicate possession is different than in English. That’s why instead of “his other half is the youth who will lose a crystal shoe at twelve midnight,” it’s structured like this instead since I wanted to keep the emphasis he makes

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