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Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch73 - Casting A Net


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

On the second floor of the north Tower, Wu Jin waved his paw and said goodbye to Red. 61elWd

The door to the dormitory bedroom slammed shut.


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In order to encourage sleep, the twin towers were heated after 9PM. The window blinds opened and closed slightly with the late-summer early-autumn breeze, bringing with it the light fragrance of lilies as it swirled through the room and was caught in damp moisture of the air.


The small curls hadn’t dried yet and were wet and scattered while Wu Jin chattered on. They grew even more chaotic with the breeze.

The youth’s small round face was flushed from his shower, and he followed behind Wei Shi wherever he went, his two feet pitter pattering and skillfully stepping into slippers, like an electric rabbit toy that was set to follow a predetermined program.


Wei Shi bowed his head, his gaze sweeping from top to bottom, illusory, faint flames seeming to flicker within.


“!!” Wu Jin shrunk back instinctively, his head becoming even more of a mess.

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He’d already washed himself clean before coming… and purposely put on a pair of autumn pants! Because the big boss had once told him that he had to have pants on… Brother Rabbit was still young, and he couldn’t lead the rabbit astray!

The electric rabbit toy Wu Jin was very nervous, secretly checking over his mechanical springs and clutching nervously at his autumn pants. His heart pounded and thumped chaotically. 9ZsJQc


Calm down! Tonight he’d come over to build up goodwill––he couldn’t let the big boss hate him because of the CP hype!


When he’d been in front of the door, Wu Jin had made it a point to look at the votes for the team activity and gained a little peace of mind. I6axfR

White Moonlight double assault had been making rapid progress with 6 million new votes, pushing past the Scarf CP. This helped show that he wasn’t a calculating little follower who had tied himself to big brother just for the sake of traffic!


Although he didn’t know why he felt lost for some reason––Wu Jin shook his head quickly, countless rabbit balls in his heart clutching at the cuffs of his autumn pants and trying to pull Wu Jin back on track.

He was here to build goodwill! He was here to build goodwill!! 3Gofji


Wu Jin took a look around.

The big boss’s bedroom wasn’t the same as usual. The training equipment in the cabinets had been emptied out and packed into cartons on the ground, stacked up in twos or threes. There was a note stuck on them––‘South Tower 303’.

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Wu Jin’s expression suddenly became happier.

Big boss had been promoted to B rank and was going to move to South Tower!


Crosson trainees did as they liked and would usually enjoy some ‘social time’ after curfew and lights out, chatting and whiling time away in the dark. The twin towers weren’t connected after the curfew, but once the big boss moved into the South Tower––he could build up goodwill every day! During the day! At night! Using snacks from the canteen! By bringing the rabbit! Building up goodwill until the meter filled up and overflowed! ihe8Ts


Wu Jin didn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves, happy and delighted as he went over to help carry a box, “Big brother, let me do it!”

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The box wasn’t heavy, and Wu Jin’s movements were as fast as lightning. His eyes shone as though he’d seen task items in a strategy game. Very soon, his entire person was plopped down on top of the box.


The soft small curls that still carried a trace of dampness were very close to Wei Shi, Wu Jin’s elbows were white and tender in this non-combative state, and he hugged the box and was unwilling to let go. He was wearing trousers that were pulled out from who knew where, showing a small waist beneath the elastic. Above it was a shallow curve, eye-catching as it moved.


Wei Shi looked down from above and rubbed his fingers against the handle of the gun in his hand, the cold metal elements a far cry from the feeling in his mind.

He narrowed his eyes slightly. 2EfV8o


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

––“Intimacy, comfort, and possessiveness are some of the emotions that must be experienced over the course of treatment.”

––“It will disappear normally after touching your therapy companion, so please don’t worry too much…”

  BSn aV

“Come here.”

Wu Jin tried to hold onto the box and obey at the same time, standing up and raising up his head in surprise.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Dlu ygbatfg’r vgs, kjgw tjcv ragbxfv jmgbrr atf abq bo tlr tfjv. Kbemtlcu tlr tfjv wfjca qgjlrf––ylu ygbatfg lcvffv ilxfv ilaaif obiibkfgr ktb tfiqfv mjggs ybzfr!


Qfl Vtl kjlafv lcvloofgfcais obg akb rfmbcvr, atf qjiw atja kjr mjeuta ys atf rwjii megir yijhlcu tbaafg jcv tbaafg, tlr cjggbkfv ujhf rffwlcu ab fja Qe Alc eq jilnf.

Oh, to hell with disappearing normally after touching.


The youth who was stroked was visibly delighted and wished that he could hold up all the boxes, “When will big brother move into South Tower? I live on the top floor in 702…” gyE kF


Wei Shi: “Wei Yan is your roommate.” It was a statement.

Wu Jin made an ‘ah’ sound, his eyes blank as he didn’t understand why Wei Yan was brought up.

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Wei Shi: “The other Scarf?”

Wu Jin was shocked, and the box almost fell to the ground. The tips of his ears quickly turned red, “Wh-what Scarf…”


In the next second, a hand full of gun calluses wrapped around the youth’s elbow, the cardboard box plopping to the ground. The man pushed him expressionlessly into the corner of the wall, like a rabbit who’d been scared into dropping his carrots. b8HuOK

“Team activity.” Wei Shi was next to his ear and spoke in a low voice, “CP partner.”


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Wu Jin’s flush spread from his ears to his cheeks, and he reflexively nodded in agreement.

Wei Shi’s eyes flashed cold. Beneath the ambiguous lighting, there were clear shadows on his facial features that made people feel inexplicably afraid. His voice was indifferent as he spoke, but carried an aura that almost held a warning, “Variety show program, audience vote. There is physical contact, cud-dling-and-hug-ging.” Z7U0ng


Wu Jin finally came back to his senses, his heart clenching. Even before his logical thinking kicked in, the thing he’d been most worried about resurfaced.

Big brother really knew about the Scarf thing. Big brother didn’t like Scarf… Big brother was, was angry! Things clicked in his mind.


Big brother indeed disliked forming CPs.

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The rabbit ball pile in his heart once again yingyingyinged and curled up into a ball. Wu Jin had no choice but to pick them up one by one. It had clearly been within his expectations, but he still felt a hidden sense of loss.

It was like a small animal that was used to being close to its companion, but was suddenly told that cuddling was not allowed. It was obviously eager to get closer, but was dragged back by its tail. 2mSgaL


Wu Jin reacted and was flustered as he said, “Big brother, don’t worry, I, I, I…”

Wei Shi’s deterrence was complete, “Who do you want to CP with?”


Wu Jin’s response was quick, “Caesar!”

“……” The man didn’t say a single word, but he looked at Wu Jin until he almost broke out in a sweat.


Wu Jin’s sense of crisis suddenly kicked in. He tried to save himself and offered up the second option, “Wei, Wei Yan…” yDb8Uu

The corner of Wei Shi’s lips turned down slightly, making the rabbit spirit who didn’t dare to look up fall into the ice cellar.


“You know him well?”

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Wu Jin shook his head tremblingly, “No! We’ve only spoken a few words!” 8J96UW

Wei Shi was indifferent, “You want to cuddle and hug him?”


Wu Jin was shocked, his head shaking at full speed, and he even started to feel aggrieved.

If he had a choice, of course he wouldn’t hesitate to form a team with big brother. He had the best big brother in the world… 8gud1A


Wei Shi stared at him for a long time. The rabbit hadn’t jumped into other people’s fields, he was just silly. He was helpless and spoke in a low-pitched tone, “You don’t want to partner with me that much, hm?”

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Wu Jin was stunned.


Big brother was too close, and his voice in his ear made his back go soft. From his perspective, he could see the man’s Adam’s apple as it moved up and down, and his voice was like a blade that had been scalded in wine. It could clearly be deadly, but it instead scraped gently, releasing the slim thread of hidden gentleness inside the stone crack, sliding across from his back, to his shoulders, arms, and waist and turning him into soft mush.


After that, he reacted quickly.

Elder brother’s meaning was, it unexpectedly was––Wu Jin raised his chin reflexively. His eyes were still dazed, and his breathing came in short pants. RfXdmo


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The man looked down, “Last time. Who do you want to partner with.”

Wu Jin’s eyes instantly lit up. He was both excited and embarrassed, “… Big brother!”


Wei Shi nodded in satisfaction.

Wu Jin once again acted like a wet blanket, “But White Moonlight double assault’s votes are higher…”


Wei Shi: “Voting isn’t a problem. As long as you want it.” kle3O6


In the next second, the man pressed Wu Jin into the corner of the wall, his body posture extremely arrogant as he squeezed against him. The curtains were blown over by the breeze, tickling Wu Jin’s cheek. The young man couldn’t control his actions and lifted up his head, like delicious and addictive prey that wouldn’t resist no matter how they were toyed with.


This pose was extremely ambiguous. qNx40Q

Perhaps because the man’s aura was too powerful, the youth had no time to think. His brain couldn’t quite function, but he was secretly happy because of their closeness.


The breaths of these two people intertwined in the narrow space.

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Wei Shi, who’d been just about to open the curtains, suddenly changed his mind. yCptvo


The beast in his mind that couldn’t be reined in was released at will.

Wei Shi looked down at him deeply, his expression indifferent, but the blood in his body churned and boiled with the desire to bite off his prey’s neck, to conquer him and dominate until he cried and begged for mercy, using the most brutal and primitive method to invade his vulnerability, polluting him, and marking him as his.

  GQE 9K

The man’s voice was hoarse when he spoke, “Lift your head, look at me.”

Wu Jin was soft and malleable as he looked up, his cheeks burning hot, “Big brother––”

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The intense oppression from his hormones was almost violent. Wei Shi followed his own desires and leaned close, until he was only one step away from pressing the soft rabbit into a rabbit pie. pzdiK2

The man reached out, his fingertips rubbing against Wu Jin’s neck as he commanded, “Call my name.”


Wu Jin was blocked, “I, I…”

Wei Shi’s brows pulled together. BZbSyo


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Jin’s heart was beating in his throat, “Wei, Weiweiwei…”

Then, his subconscious jumped up, intuitively full of reliance and trust, “Brother Wei!”


Wei Shi froze.

The youth that was trapped in the corner had crystal bright eyes. He was obviously so silly that he would cook himself well and deliver himself to Wei Shi’s door, yet he somehow had tugged on that last line of Wei Shi’s reason.


Wu Jin’s pupils were clear, his eyebrows curved, and he even rubbed against the right hand that was holding his carotid artery. 8dLlCo

The fierce beast that was one step away from being released fully was suddenly strangled back.


The reins were finally stuffed into the youth’s hands.


Not now.

Wei Shi stared fixedly at him for a long time before retrieving his gaze.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He’d used a thin, thin line to hook a rabbit, and reeled it in for two months just to see a few bunches of soft curls. fc5jhx

The rabbit he’d hooked only knew to call him big brother.


It was time to take in the line and change the bait, cast a net and catch the rabbit.


On the other side, Wu Jin finally noticed the positioning between the two of them. He vaguely sensed that something was wrong, but his memories flashed back to the time in the narrow coffin of the ‘Judgement’ card where he’d also been shoved against the big boss.

It was just that they were now in the dimly lit bedroom.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The youth raised up his small round face and asked foolishly, “Big brother?” ZqjBzU

Wei Shi entered a message on his terminal. He reached out, adjusted Wu Jin’s posture, then drew back beyond the warning line.


“Stand properly.” The man said.

There was a swish, and Wei Shi suddenly pulled open the curtains. Gt9qvp


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The night and starlight stole in through the window, the scent of lilies carried in by the night breeze. In the South Tower on the opposite side, there were the loud sound of voices.

Many trainees hung around in the corridor before curfew, looking for the fourth player in a game of mahjong, or simply chatting about anything and everything as they enjoyed the cool air. On the fourth floor, a group of trainees were gathered together for karaoke. On the fifth floor, Qin Jinbao lay on a mat and listened to ‘General Meng Tian, the 28th General of Qin establishing the throne’. On the seventh floor, Thin Fire was dancing with the window open.


On the sixth floor, Red raised up his terminal and clicked to take a selfie.

He then quickly sent a message to Wei Shi, “Done!”


Wu Jin was still confused. UVn6PD

Wei Shi: “I said before, votes aren’t a problem.”


Star Blog.

ID Crosson Trainee-Mao Qiukui. DoTscf

Mao Qiukui – Red, it’s red red red red red~

“––Today’s selfie, heheh. [Photo]”


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The team activity channels were currently at the peak of the Crosson Show’s traffic, and fans soon swarmed in. ijJfqr


“I’m announcing that the two fools of Crosson belong to this darling from today on!”

“Silly Red, when did you dye your hair from wine red to watermelon red?? It’s a good selfie––”


The fan who was currently typing was suddenly shocked.

“My god?!” She didn’t hesitate to draw a circle around a spot and upload the screenshot:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Ahhhhh in the background behind him, f*ck me, it’s Little Witch and… Wei Shi? Covering my heart––Ahhhhh! What are. These. Two. Doing!!!” 9VrB 0

Juurensha: Wahahahha, sneaky sneaky Wei Shi.
xiin: hurry up and realize your feelings, Little Witch! This UST…

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