Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch26.1 - Gun


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The dim fluorescent lights became the only source of light under the stage. I2hskl


The man in the silver mask stood within the depths of the darkness. He was clearly insulated from all light, but his entire person was like a sharp blade in the dark, making him difficult to ignore. Even his pupils were absorbing the light, thick, dark fog seeming to gather as he looked downwards. His presence seemed imposing, yet unreal at the same time.

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Within the silence, there was a plop–– LaRxev

It was the little sister in the western style clothing who had fallen to the ground in excitement. Her complicated, puffy lace skirt flipped up and left her hanging off the edge of the seat where it had gotten caught.


Almost every girl in Azure Cosmos fantasized about this scene.



The King would step down from his platform, bowing his arrogant head for their sake, and take away his captured subject. Amidst the heavy draperies, he would remove the mask that drove countless people crazy with worship.


She had already passed the teenage period of unrealistic fantasies.

What excited her was the scene unfolding in front of her–– lgJFjP


The new, distinguished King had walked down from the altar in order to personally pick up––this etherally beautiful little brother!

It was just like taking a bite out of a shockingly large, sweet melon!


The little brother was obviously familiar with the new King. He had remained silent and hadn’t made any objections as he obediently followed behind him.

Perhaps it was due to how he had only just recovered, but Wu Jin’s face was quite pale, his porcelain skin appearing gentle and soft in the dim light. His fluffy curls flew up slightly with the flow of air, his long eyelashes casting shadows over his cheeks, adding a bit of a more human aspect to the perfect contours of his face.


The two of them, one from high up and one from below, locked gazes under a strange yet harmonious atmosphere. oV8QHN


The man didn’t open his mouth from start to finish, but when he turned around, the teenager immediately followed behind him.

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The central control system for the entire building was cleverly manipulated, the originally bright lights going out one by one as the two of them passed by. Even the shadows cast by their figures melted into the darkness.


Most of the audience members were focused on the stage, and no one noticed what was happening here.

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It was only the little sister who had craned her neck out who suddenly thought of something after a while.


Mlnf wlceafr jub, rtf tjv abiv atja ilaaif ygbatfg atja rtf rerqfmafv atja la kjr atja Jgjhs Olbc Efv ktb kjr kjgwlcu atf cfk Blcu’r yfv… ZWSqlN


Vtf tlmmeqfv cfgnberis.

Cttttttttt! Qjr la abb ijaf obg tfg ab gfugfa la cbk?!


Qe Alc obiibkfv mibrfis yftlcv atf wjc, tlr fsfr meglber, jcv tlr ujhf kjcvfglcu fnfgsktfgf.

He waited until nobody was around, and then couldn’t help but shout out in delight, “Big Brother!”


The man grunted an affirmation. bSNish

His steps didn’t stop at all.


Wu Jin looked at Wei Shi and blinked. The luxurious silver mask blocked the man’s expression, but his broad palm was covered in a familiar distribution of calluses.

Wei Shi led him through the dark audience stands, an exaggeratedly grand Baroque-style hall, and a corridor covered in light metallic paint. At the end of his line of sight, the wall that had originally been flat suddenly displayed a series of virtual ripples. qXrt6G


“Identification verification initiated. Verification success. Welcome, Your Lordship.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.


––A completely different world seemed to be beyond the door. RjQ5n0

The elevator dropped rapidly. This mysterious base was located just below the arena.


Gazes from a dozen pairs of eyes converged on them as soon as they stepped out of the elevator. They saluted one after another when they saw Wei Shi, and then they looked at Wu Jin behind him.

Some were curious, some amazed, and some were struck dumb in astonishment. D7CVQA


One of the women, who was wearing a white lab coat, smiled kindly at Wu Jin.

“Brother Wei.” She opened her mouth to report, “Everyone’s making their bids in conference room B64. This gentleman…”


Wei Shi glanced at Wu Jin.

Wu Jin blinked, his expression stating clearly––you can put me anywhere.


“Wait here for me.” Wei Shi was concise and direct. As they left, the woman to one side smiled and opened the door to the lounge for Wu Jin. A5Xti4


Conference room B64.

The conference room set 100 meters below the ground was magnificent. It could only hold twenty people and was tightly guarded, with outlaws from different factions holding guns as they stood on guard outside.


Inside the conference room, a man who was also wearing a white lab coat was explaining the results of Floating City’s latest scientific research.

The nametag on his collar had the word ‘Song’ written on it in exquisite calligraphy.

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The atmosphere beneath the podium was chilly. mNngwd

Except for a single black cat––there was a black cat seated in the first row, absorbed in eating a cat treat.


“Genetic modification technology was proposed by the ancients eleven centuries ago.” Researcher Song explained mildly, “By the 27th century, the focus of individual transformation research began to shift from DNA to RNA––if DNA is said to be the book of life, then this book can no longer be rewritten from the moment of our birth. The cost of developing an efficient and stable DNA chain was enormous.”


The black cat darted towards the podium, and Researcher Song could only make way for this respected dignitary. “In contrast, inducing changes in RNA behavior carried a lower cost––it can also be understood as translating and then transcribing the book of life.”


“It is widely known that the major biotech giants––Nanxusu Corporation, R-Code Entertainment, and even the Federal Military, have made major changes to the RNA transcription process through drug injections, bio-radiation, and other experimental methods. In the process of creating new cellular tissue, hormone secretion was strictly controlled in order to enhance the functions of the human body and create the so-called perfect human-shaped weapons.”


“––Tenacious and loyal, with strong bone densities and high muscle ratios.”

“This type of combatant had fatal flaws. They had limited emotions, less situational awareness, and a high rate of heart disease.”


“One of the most important flaws is what we have come to call ‘emotional shackles’.” P09MI8


The two big words appeared on the screen.

“The reason why profits in the genetic medicine industry soared last quarter is because we have cracked the problem of these ‘emotional shackles’.”


The audience members beneath the podium were all shocked.


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“Please pay attention to this cat.”

Researcher Song scratched the black cat’s chin, then picked it up while it wasn’t paying attention. “Of all the cases I’ve treated, one of them is particularly complicated. They are powerful, highly vigilant, and cannot be influenced by psychological suggestions at all.” HE RXN


“Empathy inspired us just as we were at a loss.”


“No one is on guard against cute little animals––we attempted animal therapy paired with psychologist assistance while adjusting the patient’s medication.” cTOLZz

“The patient quickly developed a deep bond with the ‘therapy companion’, taking the initiative to open up, and a significant increase in dopamine was found during a recent medical examination.”


“Through playing with this cat…” Researcher Song stroked its back, and the black cat’s hackles rose, baring its teeth and claws at him.

“And interaction…” V1RznL

Researcher Song suddenly covered his left hand, but three claw marks could be clearly seen.


The speech continued on the podium.

Behind the one-way mirror to one side of the conference room, two of the dignitaries from Floating City were struck dumb with astonishment. Adatn8


“Why can’t little Song get over it, did he have to insist on using this black cat for this demonstration? Other than Brother Wei––who else on this base hadn’t been scratched by it?”

“He must be doing it in order to be realistic… How unproductive. Say, was it really this damned cat that cured Brother Wei? It really doesn’t look like it, their feelings don’t seem deep at all!”


“Professor Song said that yesterday’s test results were due to the effect of a successful empathic bond. It makes sense that there’d eventually be a small effect from such a long period of psychological cues. During this half of the month, wasn’t the small animal by Brother Wei’s side––precisely this cat? If not the cat, then who else should get the credit?”

“If it’s not the cat, can it possibly be Red the Lion? Silly Red? Hahahaha…”

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The door handle turned from outside. The two of them immediately went mute, standing up to attention and saluting from their eyes, “Brother Wei!” pCyigb


Wei Shi: “How’s it going inside.”

“Better than expected.” One of the young men quickly reported, “The first stage of bidding for the patent has risen to 1.2 billion credits, and Zhi Wei’s side is still raising the price…”

xiin: if it isn’t Silly Red, who could it be? hm… SZdi8m

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melon – piece of gossip

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