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Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch126.1 - Cut Him


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

The entire dance floor was in a stupor. Gbjoqd

G-minor Sicilian dance music rang out melodiously.


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The cello and flute sounds were like gentle chants, while the Wei Shi in uniform was extremely overbearing, and he couldn’t resist pulling the dazed-looking blonde beauty into his arms.

The hand that had been kissed in such a cherished manner finally reacted and subconsciously attempted to struggle––the fingertips with the gun callouses immediately held it in place aggressively, and the youth was forced to raise his neck, their fingers firmly interlinked. JVy42l


The accented first beat of the dance began.


Riding boots stepped forward, invading the space, and Wu Jin swished back, just in time to step on the second beat. Wei Shi’s other hand came up to hold the youth’s waist––


Wu Jin’s eyes were round from the bullying, his entire body trembling suddenly!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The waist of a boy group lead dancer couldn’t be touched––

The cello picked up the tune, and Wei Shi forced Wu Jin to turn with the bars of music being played. Wei Shi’s cape flared out neatly, and the champagne and burgundy skirt of the person in his arms swayed like a rose in full bloom. 0fodL3


In the distance, the rest of the dance floor was buzzing with noise!


Wei Shi was expressionless, but his eyes were frighteningly deep. The lines of the figure beneath his fingertips were flexible and thin, and the few small abs that could be shown off during ordinary times were stuffed into the rococo style dress and couldn’t be found. Wu Jin’s eyelashes fluttered constantly, his amber pupils stunned and dazed from the scare. His long, platinum blonde curls hung down to his waist, brushing the side of the man’s fingers like a teasing caress. MXxbeE

The man rubbed lightly along the youth’s waist.

“!!!” Wu Jin was instantly left unable to think: Waist, waist!! My waist!!!


Wei Shi stooped down like he was about to deliver a kiss. 6E2vFs

The cello changed tunes, and the skirt flared out again.


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In the corner, Vera forcibly sucked in a breath. It was very difficult for her to maintain her calm, and she suddenly kicked away a chair: Scum man! Snatched away my son––!

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  aX eZS

Pc batfg mbgcfgr, atf agjlcffr kfgf gbjglcu klat ijeutafg.

“Mbgmlcu j afjw-eq klat Dgbatfg Qe, 6666!” Olc Bf delmxis ujnf Qfl Vtl j gbecv bo jqqijerf.

“Ktlr lr ktja la wfjcr ab yf ubbv ja ajxlcu jvnjcajuf bo bcf’r mjgv…” Ktlc Mlgf kjr atbeutaoei.

Zlcu Tjb rijqqfv atf ajyif jcv ijeutfv, “Gjcmlcu atf kbwfc’r qjga! Mbg atlr ab tjqqfc ab sbe, jgfc’a sbe rliis cbk! Po sbe tjvc’a ilfv ab wf klat ojirf miefr, sbe’v ralii yf j vluclolfv Olaaif Qlamt… vbc’a sbe jugff, mjqajlc? Jjqajlc?” Kx5BC4


Zuo Botang made a calm sound of acknowledgement, but his heart was like a storm. His brain once again flashed back to the kisses he’d seen between trainee Wei and trainee Wu at the Floating City bar. Yet at this time, nobody in the audience even noticed!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

These people were really…


Ming Yao: “Hahaha, captain, why aren’t you laughing! Hahahaha, this sniper is laughing to death!”


At another corner of the dance floor, Zoe, the captain of the White Moonlight team, was also finding it difficult to laugh.

Zoe frowned, “Where did he place his hand?” xKs6D7

Wen Lin comforted him, “It’s a social dance. Didn’t you also touch Caesar’s waist when you and Caesar practiced dancing?”

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Caesar: “Hahahaha Little Witch hahahaha––”


Zoe gritted his teeth, “… Why does his gaze seem off.” GnWQ4V

Wen Lin thought about it, “It’s a normal gaze.”

Caesar: “My god, Little Witch hahahaha––”


Zoe squeezed a sentence out from behind clenched teeth, “How come I feel like he’s taking advantage of Little Witch?!” 4Y6iNd

Caesar: “Hahaha––what?”

Red quickly grabbed Caesar: “Hahahahaha––”

Caesar was immediately infected by the laughter and was once again happy and carefree, “Hahahahahahaha-hic––”


Outside the arena.

The CP fans who were watching the live broadcast were squirming with glee.

If at first, they’d only started up the live broadcast in order to try and find candy in the shadows of the swords, then at this time, they were overwhelmingly covered with sugar. The sky was pouring down sugar rain, and a rainbow candy bridge was being built up in the sky. The two of them were riding in the clouds and singing loudly––

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The CP fans quivered as they took screenshots.

Another screenshot, another screenshot, a video recording, another video recording––

After being shut down for a long time, the scrolling comments were opened up to the public again, and there were frenzied text bubbles everywhere, “Ahhhhhhhhh the Scarf CP is REAL!!”


The program producer who was smoking in the monitoring room coughed up a smoke ring, “You guys are still in a daze?! Hurry up and put up the ad to sell pink membership scrolling comment bubbles!”


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On the dance floor of the Palace of Versailles.

Wu Jin finally made eye contact and used his eyes to negotiate for the right to ‘not be pinched on the soft flesh at his waist’, and mouthed silently, “No way! I promised Vera that we’d team up from start to end!” KARJqG

The two of them spoke in very low voices, and they deliberately avoided any sound receivers.

On the Crosson Show scrolling comments, there were enthusiastic netizens translating for them. “Contestant Little Witch: Ah-Shi OwO! I put on a nine layer dress and put on makeup to offer the King a dance you won’t regret!”


Wei Shi: “It’s fine, Chu Chu will invite Vera.” hnjtWD

The enthusiastic netizens translated: “Contestant Wei Shi: Little Jin! My heart is full of you! ( ̄▽ ̄)=!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Wu Jin: “!! I still need to explain to Vera––”

Netizens: “!! I still want to give birth to a monkey for Ah-Shi––!” Ug qfo

In the live broadcast room, Blood Pigeon couldn’t bear it anymore and turned off the scrolling comments, “What is this!”


On the dance floor.

The youth’s voice was clear and bright, and there was something different about him when he wore women’s clothes. Wei Shi’s gaze wandered around the youth’s bare collarbone, his flat-as-a-plain chest, and slender waist. Then, they performed a turn, and he bent over with his back to the camera to slide across the youth’s earlobe, his breath like electricity and making Wu Jin’s skin feel numb. pvw MO

Wei Shi: “With you dressed like this, I have an obligation to take responsibility for you.”


Wu Jin was shocked, “…Hic.”

As the music for the first dance came to an end, the second ranked player entered the dance floor. Chu Chu lifted up the ‘Madame de Maintenon’ card in her hand. The lady who’d accompanied Louis XIV for the last 30 years of his life was simple, devout, and open-minded. Not only was she the redemption for Louis’s soul, she had also been his most trusted political aide. m6Wbt4

She had the heart and love that Madame de Montespan had wanted the most, and Madame de Maintenon was the real uncrowned Queen of France.


Chu Chu lifted up her small skirt and headed quickly towards Vera. She lifted up her skirt to perform a lady’s bow, smiling and reaching for Vera’s hand.

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Vera woodenly accepted her hand. j9rHgF

Chu Chu bowed her head and kissed it ‘Mua~’.


Vera’s cheeks were red, “What are you doing!”

Chu Chu expressed, “Isn’t this always done before a dance? I saw that God Wei also gave a kiss! Sister Vera, we’ll go with Little Witch and God Wei to complete the process. Nothing will go wrong! Believe me, believe me––” After that, she continued chattering, “Think about it, you and Little Witch were a team for the ball invitations, and God Wei and I were a team. Now that we’re trading partners, and the invitations haven’t changed, it won’t be an illegal team formation if we partner up with them again.” d6hLUO

“So, this means that changing a dance partner doesn’t split up the teams! It establishes a friendship between the two teams! An alliance! After that, the four of us will have a friendship where we fight side by side. You’ll assault, and I’ll snipe…”


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A few meters away, Wu Jin suddenly understood.

As long as the two original teams chose each other as partners at the same time, they could establish an unbreakable four person cooperation mode. If this model was expanded to three teams, or four teams––Wu Jin quickly crossed out this possibility. The team composition would be too complicated, and something would fail. Pd 9Ca


At the edge of the dance floor, not only Wu Jin, but other contestants also understood in a flash.

When the second round of dance music began, the third ranking identity finally entered the dance floor––Zuo Botang, who held the cardinal card.


There was a squeak.

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At this time, the exit to the ball opened, and Wu Jin and Wei Shi’s wristwatches lit up at the same time, indicating that they could now leave the Hall of Mirrors.

Quite a few players’ expressions changed as they left.

Wu Jin and Wei Shi were both good at different things. They had complementary advantages, and their tacit understanding was well known. Once two strong teams joined hands, they would become a serious threat to any team, unless the other teams were able to strengthen their own team and find a reliable alliance–– 1FPLYd


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