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Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch104.2 - R-Code


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha 

Wu Jin finally understood where the wound on the big boss’s right hand had come from. Anger was brewing in his chest, and he didn’t bother with talking nonsense. He turned sideways to dodge the blade, then returned the attack. Wu Jin’s eyes were cold, sparking with a chilly light, and in an instant, his opponent was suppressed–– 4BtFbD

Wu Jin raised up his elbow again.

There was a flash of silver, and the knife ended up between Wu Jin’s fingers.

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Tactical maneuver A12 was connected to C8. It was a combo move that the big boss had taught him 10 years in the future. OYtZe4

There was silence in the classroom. Even Wei Shi looked at Wu Jin in surprise. Wu Jin looked back and met his gaze.


In the R-Code Base, these 15 and 16 year old students were still at the primary stage of brawling. As long as Wu Jin, as a half-fledged survival show contestant, could catch them by surprise, it wasn’t impossible for him to hold his own.

The group’s leader finally swore viciously, “F*ck, don’t hold back, everyone charge!”



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Wu Jin glanced at the young big boss. The two didn’t say a word to each other as they stood back to back. Wu Jin handed the knife to the big boss and continued to use the chair for himself––it was the most primitive heavy weapon.

Wei Shi didn’t talk any nonsense either. His injured right hand held the knife, and the stick in his left was vicious and tough. He almost never missed.


It was the two of them versus many, and their backs drew closer together. Wu Jin became immersed in the fight, and adding on the fact that it was his first time participating in a brawl with the big boss, the excitement in his blood burst out, turning him into a squealing little leopard.

Wei Shi was stuck to the soft little shortie at his back, and had no idea why he was so excited. His spine was a little stiff.

When there was only one opponent left, Wei Shi didn’t hesitate to attack. The knife landed on the bully and sliced––leaving a wound exactly like the one on his own arm.


After his revenge was over, Wei Shi crouched down and rummaged through the pockets of the people who were begging for mercy. He found several green cards and divided them in half, handing half to Wu Jin.


“What’s your name.” He suddenly spoke to Wu Jin.

Wu Jin’s eyes brightened, “My name is Wu Jin.” He looked closely at the big boss and continued happily, “I know your name is Wei Shi.” iarVGC


Wei Shi’s eyes swept over the small curls that had suddenly turned fluffy and soft.

The little shortie told him proudly, “Your name, I saw it on the test paper.”

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Wei Shi made a sound of acknowledgement and expressionlessly led Wu Jin out of the classroom.

His palm was a little itchy.


By the time two of them walked out of the factory and into the black smoke, it was already dark. Wu Jin held the green cards and soon learned what they were for. 6yKWY3

Food, medicine, and supplies in the R-Code Base were traded for at a fixed time and fixed location. The green cards were the ‘exchange vouchers’ that were commonly used among the genetically modified. In the supply warzone that was known as the ‘canteen’, two conflicts had already broken out between the genetically modified within a mere 10 minutes.

Most of them were 15 to 16 year old youths, while some were slightly older. The instructors watched on as they competed with each other, and even used it as a basis to score ‘whether or not they had aggression’, and ‘whether or not they were viable’.

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By the time evening training arrived, Wu Jin’s thoughts were already cold. PHg1Bz

Those who didn’t accept complete genetic transformation and did not accept the emotional shackles were not allowed to learn firearms and combat. The so-called ‘training’ was nothing more than an instructor’s meaningless and even provocative instructions to the students, but the teens repeated every instruction again and again in a frenzy in exchange for extremely small rewards.

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Ktf E-Jbvf Djrf kjr ugjvfv.

  ukc Lj

Ca atf abq bo atf ilra kfgf atf tlutfra gjcxfv gfrfjgmtfgr ktb gjgfis rtbkfv eq yea vfmlvfv bc atf ’rmbgf’ jcv ‘jvjqajylilas bo ufcfr’ obg fjmt wbvlolfv tewjc, obiibkfv ys atf lcragemabgr, jcv olcjiis atf ufcfalmjiis wbvlolfv––

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Cr atf ybaabw ifnfi bo atf tlfgjgmts, atf wbvlolfv tewjcr fzlrafv lc jc fzagfwfis gfqgfrrlnf fcnlgbcwfca atja obgmfv atfw ab yf rbmljiis reyrfgnlfca. Ktfs aglfv atflg yfra ab qifjrf atf lcragemabgr jcv atf gfrfjgmtfgr, jcv, vef ab atf teuf qrsmtbibulmji qgfrregfujq, atfs kbeiv jirb rqbcajcfberis erf yeiislcu jcv nlbifcmf jr j wfjcr ab mgfjaf j ‘ujq’ jwbcura atfwrfinfr.


Everyone had needs that were known and recognized. R-Code Base used acquiescence, indifference, and psychological pressure in order to select the most suitable human-shaped weapons in the base. Xgukyb


Wu Jin followed behind Wei Shi and muddled along the training amongst a group of genetically modified humans who weren’t valued by the instructors.

His brows were drawn into a tight frown.


Most of them were only teenagers, yet they were forced to become humble and obedient at a time when their minds and values were the most unclear. In order to survive, they could only attempt to integrate no matter what the cost.

On the other side of the training ground, after the training, the instructor told them a simple story: A C-level student, who’d undergone a high-risk transformation, had gone straight to A-level and was about to be assigned their first task by the laboratory.

Beside him were eager faces who were all eager to try it themselves––


Wu Jin turned his head away.

In this twisted R-Code Base, ‘accepting transformation’ and ‘accepting a high-risk transformation’ were things that were regarded as heroic and glorious.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was the childhood of all the genetically modified, as well as the childhood the big boss had experienced. Q0OyIA

He turned around abruptly.


Wei Shi looked at the shortie and gestured for him not to just stand there on the training ground and to catch up. 10PM was the exchange time for medical supplies––

The two of them stood guard in front of the exchange machine. Wu Jin hurriedly inserted the card, and bandages and medicine were slowly spat out from the conveyor belt. 84VmfJ

Wei Shi swept up the items and shouted, “Run!”


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Not far away, another team of modified humans were eyeing them. It wasn’t unusual for supplies to be snatched away immediately in the R-Code Base.

The two of them dashed to the woods, running until they were panting for breath before stopping. Wei Shi revealed a faint, happy smile that soon disappeared in the next second. KH5j2A


Wu Jin saw that the big boss had seated himself and quickly sat down next to him. The two youths’ sweaty arms were close to each other, and Wei Shi’s shoulders were a little stiff.

This shortie was like jelly. He was so soft, and so sticky no matter where they went!


However, Wei Shi only froze for a moment and didn’t refuse when Wu Jin took the initiative to bandage his wound.

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The wound-covered arm was wrapped up with layer after layer of bandages. The little shortie’s head was very warm, and the bandage seemed to be coated with a layer of honey, fragrant and sweet.


Wei Shi unconsciously licked his lips. sN R0B

The little shortie’s hand also looked very soft.


Wu Jin quickly bandaged the big boss’s arm into a baobab tree, then tied it off with a fat bow and pretended to inadvertently hold hands––


Wei Shi’s thoughts seemed to have been seen through thoroughly through. His eyes grew wide, and he turned his head away even as he retrieved his hand.

He was already like this on the first day of being picked up. This wasn’t safe! In the future, who knew what else would happen!


Wu Jin was a little discouraged as he stopped, but he soon perked up again. He needed to go step by step to win the big boss’s trust, and he wasn’t in a hurry now. MaQUZx

The air around them seemed both cold and hot. The sound of the electric current sounded again, and Wu Jin could almost see the green light on the instrument. He couldn’t remain in the world of Wei Shi’s consciousness for too long, and had to withdraw to rest before continuing.


After they finished dressing the wounds, Wei Shi glanced at the sleepy shortie and cleverly led him back to the dormitorydromitory.

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There were two simple, matching beds in the dormitory. One was made, while the other was empty. Wu Jin looked at the number on the empty bed––it was a serial number that was 60 ahead of the big boss’s, and there was a textbook with the name of the previous roommate on the shared desk. H0RGBp


There was only one possibility for why the personal belongings left in the room hadn’t been taken away, which was that the transformation had failed.

Wei Shi took a quilt out of the cupboard and tossed it at Wu Jin.


Wu Jin caught it obediently and looked between himself and the big boss for a while before suddenly swishing close.

“There’s no mattress, it’s cold…” The little shortie dragged the quilt with him and was about to pounce on Wei Shi.

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“!!” Wei Shi was caught off guard. He couldn’t tell if it was anger or something else, but his ears were slightly red, “Hands, where are your hands!” yrctwe

Wu Jin made an ‘oh’ sound and pulled his paws back from the big boss’s belly. His eyes were bright and shining as he moved the quilt to the front and pounced across the quilt––


The young big boss was a lot greener than the one from 10 ten years later. He hadn’t yet had professional training, and he might not necessarily be able to beat him! As long as he fought for it, he would be able to get half the bed!

Wu Jin was full of fighting spirit. EZ4FjS

Wei Shi was taken by surprise when he was pounced into the quilt and caught by Wu Jin everywhere. He held back until he couldn’t anymore and grabbed the little shortie in a death grip. The pale brown, soft curls made his nose twitch continuously, and the light minty sweet milk fragrance filled his nose.

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Wei Shi’s face suddenly turned red, but he was still cold and rigid, “Stop messing around!”

Wu Jin finally wasn’t cold anymore. P5kYD9

He took a sniff. It turned out that the big boss from 10 ten years ago had a soft smell of grass in sunshine, and nuts! Wu Jin drilled into the big boss’s embrace once again, and felt an indescribable excitement.


Wei Shi harrumphed and turned his head away, silently acquiescing to him squeezing in with him in the bed.


“Wei…” Wu Jin’s subconscious was drifting, and he called out in a daze.

Wei Shi silently counted to three in his head before managing an indifferent and light sound of acknowledgement.

“Big boss…”

Wei Shi was at a loss, “What––” When he lowered his head again, the shortie was already deeply asleep. aPM3YN


“……” He stuffed the shortie into the quilt and decided not to fuss over these details with him.

The night breeze gently lifted the window curtains. After a long time, Wei Shi suddenly opened up his eyes and fished Wu Jin out from the blankets to look him over once before falling into a reassured sleep.

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Rain began to fall gently a short while later. Wei Shi woke up alert and fished the little shortie out again for a moment before getting out of bed and closing the window. sFwtNI

It was like he was afraid that the shortie would suddenly disappear.


He’d picked him up, so the shortie was his. Others hadn’t wanted him and had tossed him out the iron gate, so he could only be his.

Wu Jin turned over, leaving his hands exposed outside the quilt. 6zbM50


When Wei Shi stuffed the hands back into the quilt, he thought about how the little fool had wanted to hold hands after they’d just met for the first time! It was very unseemly! He pinched Wu Jin’s hand in frustration and scolded him on the inside.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

As he’d expected, his hand felt very good to the touch.

  L CXhW

Wei Shi looked carefully at Wu Jin’s face by the light of the moon, and finally fell into an awkward sleep.


Floating City laboratory.

Wu Jin covered his stomach as he walked out of the instrument and was immediately supported by Researcher Song. His breathing was weak, his face pale, and the instrument was flashing red. IUCJEa


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Researcher Song quickly took Wu Jin’s pulse, “Give me an M7 sleeping aid, and add two tubes of physical strength recovery agents.”

A little researcher quickly ran off to obtain the items.


Wu Jin shook his head, “No need, I’m going back in right away––”

Researcher Song frowned, “Rest for two hours. Otherwise, it may cause irreversible damage.”


Wu Jin hadn’t had a chance to reply when Researcher Song comforted him, “The subconscious can patch up logical holes on its own. It’s fine, it’s only two hours. Brother Wei won’t find out.” uvfldQ

Wu Jin paused for a moment and finally nodded.


R-Code Base.

Wei Shi abruptly opened his eyes. 3E0bsp

There was no sign of the little shortie in his arms, and he was the only one breathing inside the dormitory.


The youth’s expression changed instantly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

xiin: omg he disappeared on him… poor guy. And young-Wei Shi was! So! Prim! And! Proper! Ahahaha did not expect that at all!
Juurensha: Hahahaha, it seems no matter how old they are, Little Witch will inadvertently cause WS some sexual frustration (or awakening in this case???) And yes, it’s so funny to see how prim and proper he was !


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