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Splitting the Immortal

Splitting the Immortal 脔仙

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Author: 鲥鱼多刺
Total Chapters: 106
Genre: Cultivation, Fantasy, NSFW, Xianxia
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Translators: EllaBells
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Author Summary:

The lofty and cold flower was assaulted and played with. The aloof xian-zun was captured in one fell swoop. Under the encirclement of a pack of wolves, the secretly hermaphrodite body was thoroughly used and played with in turns, gradually sinking into depravity…

Hermaphrodite beauty shou, NP (no pairing, many pairing), MC ultimate shou

Trodding on your liver and heart, no ugly gongs, the ending is open and HE

Translator Summary:

The beautiful and powerful immortal of the righteous path, Yu Rue, fell powerlessly into the hands of those who seek vengeance and harm upon him. His closest guarded secret of having a hermaphrodite body was then revealed. His cultivation and strength sealed, his weapons and tools gone, he could only let others toy with him as they like as he gradually sank into depravity.

Warnings: rape and sexual training, exhibitionism and voyeurism (including light touching, but no insertions), nipple/lactation play and development, urethral training, front and back hole training, clitoral training, whipping and spanking, use of toys, verbal and mental humiliation, mindbreak and more.

T/N: 18+ only! The kinks and scenes of this novel are very hardcore and heavy! Please read the tags and follow the courtesies of “Don’t Like Don’t Read”! Thanks~

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