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The Scum Shou's Survival GuideChapter 79


When Ye Ming opened his eyes, he’d returned to the system space. He impatiently asked 888, “Did I die heroically? Was I handsome?”

888’s voice was cold. “Sorry. You and Xicks turned into dust together. I’m unable to tell if a speck of dust is handsome or not.” wKhbq9

Ye Ming was silent for a while. “Oh…then never mind. Oh, right, what’s the next world?”

888 paused for a while. He asked, “Are you setting off now?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ye Ming’s passionate expression seemed to say he was willing to devote his life to fighting for his career. He patted his chest and said, “Of course a quick transmigrator like me, who’s this devoted to work, would want to keep doing tasks! I’ll definitely eliminate the blackening values as quickly as possible!”

888 laughed sarcastically. “Oh, you’re really dedicated to your work. I support you. Let’s go then.” 85BGdN

Ye Ming grinned, until the world around him spun.

[Ding, transmission complete.]

Ye Ming felt the memories in his mind.

[Ye Ming: Ge, you didn’t tell me it was this world…Graduallyfadingsmile.jpg]


[888: Don’t worry, for a dedicated quick transmigrator like you, who could even undo all the blackening of the previous world, what does this world amount to? Jiayou!]

[Ye Ming: …]

Ye Ming was extremely remorseful. He really, really wished he could go back to the past and slap his own face.

Go ahead, let’s see you make trouble! YU2GRS

May I please ask if there’s still regret medicine for sale?

This world was called the Immortal Cloud Realm.

The Immortal Cloud Realm’s immortal cultivation path was prosperous. There were no mortal nations here, only cultivation sects.

Each major cultivation sect controlled what amounted to a nation’s vassal state. They split the territory, and each presided over their domain. Among them was the Xuanguang Sect. It was one of the three most powerful cultivation sects, and its power spanned the skies. UKQ8Sz

In this world, Ye Ming’s identity was Bai Qianhong. Bai Qianhong had a spiritual constitution that was hard to come across in a thousand years. At a young age, he was taken in by the Xuanguang Sect Leader, Yuan Ming shangren, as his personal disciple.

Bai Qianhong’s character was cold and aloof. He was wholly devoted to cultivating and wasn’t distracted by anything else. He was very young, yet he had cultivated to the threshold of Nigh Immortality. In the Immortal Cloud Realm, he was recognized as a genius, and he was said to be the most promising candidate in ten thousand years to pass the dujie stage and become an immortal master.

But Ye Ming had absolutely no interest in passing the tribulations and attaining immortality. He only cared about his target.

This world’s target was another Xuanguang Sect disciple named Zong Jun, and he was Bai Qianhong’s shidi of the same sect. But Zong Jun’s strength wasn’t as great as Bai Qianhong’s, and his master’s cultivation wasn’t as high as Yuan Ming shangren’s. In the Xuanguang Sect, his position was far lower than Bai Qianhong’s, and he was utterly ordinary. GL8KxR

Ye Ming mulled it over for a bit, comparing the gap in their positions. He felt that, no matter what, Bai Qianhong couldn’t be the one to chase after Zong Jun. His image would deteriorate into dust. Plus, this was a cultivation world. It’d be bad if he were believed to be possessed by a demon.

So he maintained Bai Qianhong’s aloof character and quickly came up with a plan.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai Qianhong had great innate talent, his cultivation was strong, his backer was powerful, and he was handsome as a god. He was the cultivation world’s first-rate paragon of perfection, and his reputation might’ve been more famous than an idol’s. Countless people admired him, both men and women. But Bai Qianhong didn’t care for love. He didn’t pay attention to these things at all.

So to have Bai Qianhong like Zong Jun first wasn’t realistic. But Ye Ming didn’t need to do anything. He just needed to make Zong Jun like him. hk2DuU

The good news was that, according to 888’s prompt at the time, Zong Jun also really admired Bai Qianhong—of course, it was just ordinary admiration. After all, those in the Xuanguang Sect who admired Bai Qianhong numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands.

What Ye Ming wanted to do was to turn this ordinary admiration into profound admiration, and then into love.

So Ye Ming kept an eye out for the perfect opportunity. He waited for a long time, and finally, when Zong Jun was being hassled by his fellow disciples, he stepped in and helped him.

The Xuanguang Sect was too large and had a strict hierarchy. The Xuanguang Sect’s disciples would forcibly take cultivation resources, by any unscrupulous means, even from disciples of their own sect. Zong Jun, as an ordinary disciple, always suffered in this respect and had already gotten used to it. If he could bear it, then he’d bear it. But he didn’t expect that this time…Bai Qianhong, who was normally so out of reach, was actually willing to discipline other disciples for his sake. UG847Z

Maybe Bai-shixiong’s heart wasn’t as cold as it seemed on the outside.

Zong Jun indeed began to admire him more. After that incident, the two of them could also be considered to have a connection. Ye Ming showed a little bit of care for Zong Jun, and he occasionally gave Zong Jun some cultivation resources he didn’t need. Even if that was all he did, Zong Jun felt that Ye Ming’s treatment of him was different.

In order to get closer to Bai Qianhong and be qualified to stand by his side, Zong Jun unceasingly worked very hard to practice his cultivation.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Pc ojma, Ibcu Aec kjr jirb nfgs lccjafis ajifcafv, jcv tf wjvf qgbugfrr fzagfwfis delmxis. FiwAmp

C tecvgfv sfjgr kfca ys ilxf atlr. Mlcjiis, Ibcu Aec rtbcf lc atf Wejcuejcu Vfma’r rfma-klvf mbwqfalalbc.

Every two hundred years, the Xuanguang Sect carried out its competition. There were seven core disciple positions. The resources and prestige that these core disciples got to enjoy couldn’t be compared to the rest of the disciples’. These were positions that every Xuanguang Sect disciple would stake their life to obtain.

Yearlvfgr mjiifv atfrf rfnfc mbgf vlrmlqifr atf Wejcuejcu Vfnfc. Ktfs kfgf atf oeaegf bo fjmt ufcfgjalbc bo Wejcuejcu Vfma vlrmlqifr, jcv atflg gfqeajalbcr kfgf bearajcvlcu.

Bai Qianhong was precisely the first of those seven core disciples. His cultivation base was excellent, and in all these years, his position couldn’t be shaken. Because his status among the younger generation of the Xuanguang Sect was too remarkable, all of his peers revered him, and there wasn’t anyone who dared to challenge him. KbHJtl

This made Ye Ming feel relieved. Thank goodness no one challenged him, or else he might’ve been exposed.

In any case, during this competition, Zong Jun managed to turn from an ordinary disciple into one of the seven core disciples. At last, he could stand on equal footing with Bai Qianhong.

Ye Ming was very happy about how hardworking Zong Jun was. He’d improved so much in only one hundred years. So the two of them now had more opportunities to interact, and the affection value was within grasp. Although Ye Ming was very happy internally, he pretended to be indifferent, as if it didn’t matter who won and who lost, because no one had ever been able to be a threat to his position.

As the most dazzling darling of the heavens, Bai Qianhong had the privilege of being so arrogant. ujNmy

Zong Jun finally had the chance to get closer to Ye Ming, but he didn’t have the guts to reveal his feelings too daringly, for fear that Ye Ming would reject him. So he always pretended to be a polite and modest shidi. He carefully remained by his side and secretly pined after him.

Ye Ming wasn’t in a hurry either. He passed his days as usual, silently waiting for another opportunity to approach.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Another hundred years later, Ye Ming left on an order to eradicate a demonic cultivation sect that was sacrificing commoners. Zong Jun volunteered to go with him. Ye Ming thought it was a good opportunity to develop the feelings between them; he had to give Zong Jun a little bit of an opening, otherwise Zong Jun wouldn’t be able to summon the courage to say anything for another thousand years, and there would be no progress with his feelings.

So during that mission, Ye Ming deliberately landed himself in a dangerous situation. Sure enough, Zong Jun recklessly rushed headfirst into danger in order to save him and was heavily injured. WvXdP9

In order to evade the demonic cultivators on their tail, they recuperated in a hidden ravine. Ye Ming finally seemed to be moved by Zong Jun’s risking his life to save him and his gentle care for him, and he expressed some gratitude and new kinds of feelings toward him.

With Ye Ming’s ambiguous manner and interaction with him all day long, Zong Jun couldn’t resist confessing his feelings to Ye Ming. Ye Ming pretended to be surprised, but he didn’t reject him.

Without rejection, there was hope. Now that Zong Jun had hope, he worked harder to pursue him.

In order to win Ye Ming over, Zong Jun unceasingly sought cultivation resources for Ye Ming. He didn’t even mind that he was delaying his own cultivation. For a cultivator, this was extremely altruistic. m98pYN

After Zong Jun’s stubborn, persistent wooing, Ye Ming finally reciprocated, and they became cultivation partners.

Another few hundred went by. Ye Ming and Zong Jun had by now become famous Daoist cultivation partners. Many people were envious; this flower on the highest mountain had been plucked by Zong Jun in the end.

At this point, the affection value had already gone over ninety.

But in the later stages, the affection value reached a bottleneck because nothing extraordinary was happening. The affection value grew painfully slowly. At the same time, Ye Ming’s cultivation also reached a bottleneck. WTP38C

While Ye Ming stressed over the affection value, Zong Jun thought he was stressing over his cultivation, so he took even more risks in order to search for opportunities to help Ye Ming break through.

In fact, it was completely normal for Ye Ming’s cultivation to reach a bottleneck. 888 said he wasn’t suited for cultivation. He had too many distracting thoughts. If a spicy chicken like him could cultivate to immortality, then the Immortal Cloud Realm would’ve long since become teeming with immortals and crawling with sages.

Ye Ming couldn’t refute it. As a cultivation figure that watched TV while he meditated and slept while in seclusion, he was cultivating to become an all-take-no-give internet immortal. As for the true Dao, apologies…he hadn’t managed to cultivate toward it at all.

Even though Ye Ming knew he didn’t have a gift for cultivation, he didn’t stop Zong Jun from running around for him. After all, the affection value was more important. hf9r08

Finally, there was a time that Zong Jun suffered untold hardships to find the ruins of a cultivation sect from ten thousand years ago. Inside, he discovered obscure cultivation manuals and a spiritual spring that could boost cultivation. Sure enough, Ye Ming’s cultivation base reached a breakthrough there.

For a time, this matter confused 888, but he later figured that the spiritual spring was simply too effective, because these ruins were very unusual.

It turned out that the Master Sage Ye Yin had been buried here ten thousand years ago. He had left behind the spiritual spring and manuals before he died…but in fact, Ye Yin had not died completely. A single remaining wisp of his spirit was sealed here, gathering its strength, waiting for someone to open up this place ten thousand years later and give him a chance to be reborn. The spiritual spring was precisely what he used to preserve his soul.

That’s right. Because Ye Ming used the spiritual spring, he was possessed by Ye Yin! 1jAGIY

Ten thousand years ago, the Master Sage Ye Yin was a brilliant, renounced hegemon in the Immortal Cloud Realm among both the righteous and the demonic. His name might sound pleasant, but he was the most ruthless, and his subordinates were also all cold-hearted and valued human lives about as much as they did weeds…All living beings had to serve him.

Only, such a person, in the end, was unable to withstand the heavenly tribulations. Everyone thought he had perished. No one thought he had a way to preserve a remnant of his spirit and await rebirth.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

No one knew about it. If he didn’t have 888, this strong golden finger, Ye Ming wouldn’t have known there was a soul residing in his own body. But he didn’t mind that much because Ye Yin’s soul was currently very weak and unable to do anything to him at all. Plus, he was close to maxing out the affection value. Once he left, what did it matter to him what Ye Yin was up to?

Zong Jun didn’t know about any of this. He was very glad to see Ye Ming’s cultivation base finally experience a breakthrough. He heard that Ye Ming wanted to go into seclusion and redoubled his efforts to find cultivation resources for him. He even ceded his own resources to Ye Ming. klsebx

Another two hundred years passed this way. After such a long time, Ye Ming’s cultivation base actually advanced by leaps and bounds, and Zong Jun’s affection value was now full.

This wasn’t Ye Ming’s first mission. 888 knew Ye Ming was about to make trouble again; he did that every time he was about to leave.

Ye Ming told 888 that he found the killing one’s wife and sister stuff very poignant. It was finally his turn to cultivate to immortality; how about he kill his husband?

888 urged him not to do it, advising that one must always leave oneself a way out, just in case. But Ye Ming was already lost in his excitement and wouldn’t listen. fEFR1i

Ye Ming left seclusion. Zong Jun, who had been keeping watch outside all along, was in a hurry to ask Ye Ming, but as soon as he entered the immortal’s cave, Ye Ming ran his heart through with his sword without any hesitation.

Zong Jun didn’t expect that the one he loved with his heart and soul, the one he would do anything to protect, would suddenly ruthlessly try to kill him. He didn’t have any chance to react. Disbelieving, he asked why.

Ye Ming only looked at him expressionlessly and said one thing: On the road to immortality, one should be heartless and relinquish love. You’re a hindrance to me.

Zong Jun was in so much pain he wanted to die. He’d loved this man for a thousand years. He wished he could offer the world to him in cupped hands. But in exchange he was called a hindrance…and was struck fatally by his sword. 5rYke3

That strike carried Ye Ming’s sharp spiritual energy. In a split second, it turned Zong Jun’s body into drifting ash, severing his soul—if it were anyone else, this strike would definitely have completely and utterly killed them.

But Zong Jun’s soul was special. Even after suffering such a strike, one wisp of his soul managed to escape.

No one knew that Zong Jun’s soul was very special, not even himself…but Ye Ming had 888, and so he knew. He knew he wouldn’t be able to really kill Zong Jun. Although it’d be a very serious setback for Zong Jun, he would still be able to cultivate back.

After all, he wouldn’t really want Zong Jun dead; the target couldn’t be killed. 3CdiFq

Ye Ming killed Zong Jun with a single strike, and then felt Ye Yin starting to stir awake inside of him. He did not want to stay behind and deal with another old monster, so he thought about leaving. Just then, he heard that a spirit object had appeared in a secret realm.

The spirit object was known as the spirit jade. It was a priceless spirit object passed down from ancient times that could strengthen and condense the soul. Ye Ming accepted orders to bring the Xuanguang Sect disciples to snatch it. Many others also went—not only people from all the large sects, but even those of the wicked demonic path.

In the chaotic fighting, Ye Ming made sure to expose a weakness, and he was killed. He left this world right then and there. kV6HZt

His memories ended there. Ye Ming recalled Zong Jun’s expression right before he died and thought to himself that this time he was really going to die a tragic death, yingyingying…Wait, he was already dead. What was going on right now?

Ye Ming was about to impatiently open his eyes and take a look at his situation when 888 suddenly stopped him.

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[888: Don’t act without thinking. I’ll show you what happened afterwards.]

[Ye Ming: (⊙o⊙) Oh.] S3ryh2

When Ye Ming saw it, he thought, What a disaster.

Three thousand years had actually already gone by!

When Zong Jun’s heart was run through by Ye Ming’s sword, he thought it was all over. Who would’ve thought that a wisp of his soul would still survive and fall into the demonic domain? The demonic domain was the most chaotic, sinister place in the Immortal Cloud Realm. It was occupied by demonic cultivators and was a place where the weak were trampled by the strong. None of the righteous sects could interfere.

Zong Jun’s corporeal body was gone and his cultivation base destroyed. He had no choice but to start over again on the demonic cultivation path. Who could’ve predicted that this time, he truly astonished the heavens? In less than a thousand years, he achieved a true devil’s constitution, united the demonic domain, and assumed the title of demonic lord. m7M5jz

Because of Ye Ming’s strike, Zong Jun’s heart was filled with hatred and resistance.

His heart had been full of love but was wantonly trampled on. His dedication was rewarded with the death of his body and the destruction of his cultivation. Then he sufferent torment in the demonic realm, and from then on he turned to demonic cultivation once and for all…He was no longer that polite, cheerful Xuanguang disciple. Instead, he was a ruthless, merciless demonic lord.

Zong Jun was hellbent on getting revenge against Ye Ming. Unfortunately, before he was able to, Ye Ming had died long ago. How could Zong Jun accept that? So after becoming the demonic lord, he led his troops to invade the Xuanguang Sect and stole the spirit jade and Ye Ming’s old sword!

No one knew that this savage, bloodthirsty demonic lord was once one of the Xuanguang Seven, Bai Qianhong’s cultivation partner Zong Jun—everyone thought he had disappeared. rNYA5J

Because of this attack, The Xuanguang Sect suffered disastrous casualties and a heavy blow to its vitality. It became the weakest of the three major sects. These years, it was becoming increasingly low-profile.

Zong Jun had stolen the spirit jade. It turned out that the spiral wall could not only help to cultivate the soul, it could also help condense the mind. He had stolen it in order to resurrect Ye Ming.

Using the spirit jade as the core, the ten-thousand-year emerald vine as the medium, and the Cangxuan sword as the guide, Zong Jun reconstructed a body for Ye Ming and reassembled his soul.

In the blink of an eye, another two thousand years. B8ZxKu

[Ye Ming: So…if I never came back, Zong Jun wouldn’t be able to reassemble my soul even after another twenty thousand years.]

[888: But you did come back. To him, he’s succeeded in resurrecting you.]

[Ye Ming: I probably don’t need to ask how high the blackening value is…]

[888: Yep, looks like you do have some brains after all.] MyKWl3

[Ye Ming: Is it really 100? QAQ]

[888: Hehehe…]

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[888: As a token of our friendship, here’s one last bit of information: think before you open your eyes because Zong Jun is right next to you.]

[Ye Ming: …Trembling.jpg] Ga7Dd8

No wonder there was always this hair-raising feeling!

The blackening value, which had accumulated over the course of three thousand years, was well-fermented!

Ye Ming psyched himself up a bit, telling himself, Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, it’s okay, it’s okay, think of the affection value, the affection value. Zong Jun went through untold hardships to resurrect you, so he wouldn’t kill you as soon as you come alive again. At least your life is safe.

Ye Ming felt ready now and slowly opened his eyes. nmJ6jD

Deep in the underground of the Devil’s Palace, in a jade coffin lay a black-haired man in white clothes.

The man’s eyes were closed. His skin was white as snow, pure and translucent. There was a vertical marking between his brows, like a half-opened eye, which was parted to reveal glassy blue embedded inside it, and which made him seem cold and otherworldly. It made one wonder how he would look if he opened his eyes.

Zong Jun was dressed in all black, with a golden crown in his hair. He had a straight nose, thin lips, and deep blue eyes. He stood next to the jade coffin, his long, slender fingers gently resting on the side of it, his eyes gazing down at the man in the coffin.

It’s been two thousand years. How much longer do you plan on sleeping? You thought that you could hide from me…by dying? sQNZpi

Even if you’re dead, don’t think you can get rid of me.

How could death be so simple? I wait for the day you live again…Zong Jun slowly bent over. His cold, pale fingers stroked Ye Ming’s face, brushing past his pink lips. He lowered his head and kissed them; this kiss felt tender and longing, but it was also tinged with deep hatred.

It was a pity that this person still did not react, same as the past two thousand years.

Zong Jun got up indifferently. He was about to leave, when he suddenly saw the eyelashes of the person within the jade coffin flutter, and he slowly opened his eyes, which were limpid and dark as black jade. EDoaFU

Zong Jun immediately stopped in his movements. His pupils constricted slightly, and he stared fixedly at the man in the coffin.

The man in the coffin looked back at him.

An indefinite amount of time later, the man in the coffin revealed a bewildered look in his eyes. He gently opened his mouth, and from it emerged a clear, wintry voice, “Who…are you?”

[888: You’re wimping out?] hRZ3CS

[Ye Ming: …No, I just lost my memory, heeheehee.]

[888: Then what are you afraid of? Deal with it head-on.]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Ye Ming: …I always like to use my wit instead. What’s the fun in dealing with things head-on? Hehehe.]

[888: If you’re wimping out, just say so, hehehe. I’ve seen you at your lowest already.] NpfRl5

[Ye Ming: …]

[Ye Ming: Fine, I’m a wimp QAQ]

[Ye Ming: So that’s why I have amnesia! I don’t remember anything anymore! How could he bear to hurt me, who’s forgotten everything, like a blank sheet of paper? I trust that my family’s Zong Jun isn’t that kind of person!]

[888: …] mmp qFI1SJ

beansprout: 888 never confirmed the blackening value…it’s probably closer to 1000000 than 100 tbh…anyway!! tysm konswa for all ur help w/ cultivation terms!! and also tysm jouicifer and soyadumpling!

Translator's Note

A title of respect in Buddhism or Daoism.

Translator's Note

通神; This is a cultivation stage that the author made up. It seems to be right below dujie.

Translator's Note

In this story, dujie (渡劫, or “passing tribulations,” in reference to the 9×9 heavenly tribulations that occur during dujie in some stories) seems to be the final step in mortal cultivation before immortality. Often, other cultivation stories will also include a dacheng stage right after dujie, and after one has attained dacheng (大成, or “grand completion”), they will soon ascend to immortality.

Translator's Note

Senior disciple brother.

Translator's Note

The most prestigious and talented of the disciples.

Translator's Note

Junior disciple brother.

Translator's Note

AKA saints. Similar to, but distinct from Immortals. They don’t have a strong relation to Daoism, and they may not necessarily have eternal life. But other than that, they typically also have a close connection to the natural world and similar magical powers achieved through cultivation. (From wuxiaworld.com)

Translator's Note

Cultivation stories are very deeply inspired by Daoism. The Dao is origin and source of all thing, and is the absolute principle underlying the universe….In these novels, characters often try to gain insights into the Dao, which can give them supernatural powers or even control over the natural world. (From wuxiaworld.com)

Translator's Note

There’s this trope where a cultivator will kill his wife or little sister to I guess cut off wordly ties or desires or something along those lines and further his cultivation.

Translator's Note

The abode of a cultivator. Often high up in the mountains in a cave where spiritual energy is abundant. (From wuxiaworld.com)

Translator's Note

A minor world/land which is partitioned off from the rest of the mortal world (usually in a separate dimension with a hidden entrance connecting the two). In these novels, cultivators often attempt to find Secret Realms and raid them for the rare treasures, herbs, and beasts within. (From immortalmountain.wordpress.com)

Translator's Note

Specifically, a bi is a jade disk with a hole in the center. Historically, they were buried with the dead as a “sky” symbol to accompany the dead into the afterworld. They were placed ceremonially on the body of persons of high status. (Source)

The Jade Bi-Disk from China, Use, Meaning and Material in Historic ...

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