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Soul Shard CaptorCh40 - How about I show you just how hard I can blow?


Levi revealed a helpless look filled with doting as he gazed down at his baby, who was trying hard to hide his self-satisfied smirk as he handed Levi a large white t-shirt. Printed in the middle of the shirt was an adorable cartoon cat with a pink ribbon surrounded by several floating hearts.

Trey’s stifled guffaw could be heard in the background. sJYgR6

Noah expectantly peeked at Levi’s expression in, what he thought to be, sneaky manner, but in Levi’s eyes, it was just adorable to the max.

What could Levi do but play along?

Chrysanthemum Garden.

If it made his baby happy, let alone wearing a silly shirt, he’d even wear a skirt or a clown costume.

Thus, Levi very obligingly took the shirt off his baby’s hands, internally trying to picture how his darling would look with such a cute shirt on. It would probably look more like a nightgown on his baby, but damn, it would definitely look adorable! oB43gh

Seeing how obediently Levi had put on the embarrassing shirt – not only were there no complaints but he didn’t even ask if there were any other shirts available – Noah was very pleased. Any form of lingering displeasure or petty resentment that he might have held on to evaporated, leaving him very satisfied with this brother-in-law.

Noah even thought that seeing this tall and imposing brother-in-law wearing a kitty shirt is so very pleasing to the eye. Hehe, very cute! This is what they call gap moe, right?

Besides, he liked this brother-in-law, to begin with. The man just looked intimidating but was all warm and fluffy inside. Who wouldn’t like such a thoughtful and accommodating elder brother?

And thus, a very gratified Noah, with his eyes curving in delight, led the remaining two men out to the porch.


And Levi finally got a good look at his darling’s backside.

Dear god! Such round, perky, squishy-looking, cute little butt! (♡﹃ ♡)

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Must! Restrain! My hand!

Gb! Rba! Vqjcx! u1Ee7c

Rb qlcmtlcu flatfg! >︿<

Ct! Ktlr lr rkffa abgaegf! ಥ‿ಥ

Oemxlis, Ofnl vlvc’a cffv ab fcvegf obg ibcu, yfmjerf atja ybaabw kjr delmxis vecxfv lcab atf kjafg jr Rbjt tjio-kjxfv, tjio-rkjw vffqfg lc. Ofnl obiibkfv tlw lcab atf kjafg bcis j rafq yftlcv, milculcu ab tlr rlvf jr lo jogjlv atf batfg kbeiv vgbkc.

Trey trailed behind them, close enough to jump in to help if his young master needed it, and far enough to be a good backdrop. (〒▽〒) 5q ejX

As the three got used to the pleasant cool temperature of the water lapping at their chest, Levi suddenly remembered a matter: “What happened to the unicorn float?”

Noah had gone into his room with the box containing an inflatable unicorn but came out empty-handed. Levi had been so distracted by his baby’s honey trap that he completely forgot about the rainbow unicorn.

His darling, who was happily waddling about in the waters like a little duckling, enjoying the sand underneath his feet, suddenly stiffened. A moment later, he averted his eyes and mumbled a response under his breath that Levi didn’t catch.

“I… forgot to buy an air pump…” Noah was forced to repeat himself. xm8EhZ

Levi’s eyes curved in amusement. Wasn’t his baby simply the cutest? Like a little kid, he excitedly bought the unicorn but forgot about the technicalities of inflating it!

“Is the pump necessary? Can’t it be inflated by exhaling into it?” Levi wasn’t ready to drop this matter. His baby did everything too perfectly, so It was rare to see his delightful embarrassment. He had to enjoy this rare treat to its fullest!

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Noah again mumbled a response Levi didn’t catch, his eyes looking everywhere but at Levi.

“Hmm?” Levi let out an inquisitive husky murmur. bo3tpE

Exasperated and embarrassed over having to repeat something so embarrassing multiple times, Noah slapped his hand on the water’s surface with a loud smack, “I can’t blow hard enough!” And then he, in an attempt to hide the flush rising up his neck, proceeded to dunk his head into the water until only the eyes were above the sea level.

Levi’s mouth twitched several times, trying to restrain the deep chuckle that threatened to emerge from his throat, but the curve of his eyes and the playful glow within betrayed his delight.

Only after several seconds of torturous restraint did Levi manage to calm down the rumbling of his chest and purr out a very husky and suggestive “The let me do it. I can blow…very hard.”

Levi’s objectively sexy murmur made chills shoot down Noah’s spine, and he suddenly felt indignant, like a shy maiden being teased by a rogue. rts52V

His brother-in-law must have done it on purpose! Sure, he was the first one to say something stupid, but why couldn’t he have pretended not to catch the accidental dirty innuendo?!? Noah was dying out of embarrassment enough as it was! Why did brother-in-law have to tease him about it?! QAQ

Noah’s lips pressed together into a pout, and he turned his head away to hide his now completely red face. Like a cute little ostrich wanting to bury its head in the sand, pretending like nothing happened.

But would Levi let him go just like that?

Of course not! His baby’s embarrassment was so lovely that no wolf would be able to stop the overwhelming urge to tease him! Just look at that yummy look of a fluffy kitten who has been greatly wronged! Cheeks turning redder by the minute as if he was a ripening fruit, promising a mouthful of sweet juice with a single bite! Look at those succulent pouting lips, shiny wet from the water! MJBDsL

If Levi could restrain himself from the temptation to play with this delicacy served in front of him, he wouldn’t be Levi!

Taking advantage of the fact that Noah had his back turned, Levi leaned in close until his lips nearly touched Noah’s cute flushed ear. His hot breath tickled Noah’s sensitive skin as he uttered a deep and sensual: “How about I show you just how hard I can blow? I assure you, I’m very good at it.”

Noah jumped like a cat who had his tail stepped on, clutching his tomato-red right ear. His eyes wide and practically spelling out ‘Foul!!!’ he turned to glare at Levi. Unfortunately, his completely flustered self had no fighting power.

At least not the kind of fighting power he had wanted. 3kAJwD

If you measured that ‘other’ type of ‘fighting power’, then, as Levi’s currently parched throat and excited lower regions can testify, Noah was absolutely deadly!

Noah’s ears burned like never before in his life, especially the right one that felt as if there was a feather tickling it, or a breeze leaving soft kisses on the delicate flesh. So itchy, so sensitive, so strange.

Everything that just happened left him flustered to the point of having trouble forming words. And as a person gentle by nature, who never employed aggressive or violent means of communication, he didn’t know how to properly convey his current outrage. Therefore, in a huff, he retaliated with the only thing that came to mind – irately splashing water towards Levi’s face.

To Levi, the entire situation appeared as if an angry kitten was putting on a show of might, using its soft fluffy paws to scratch at his heart, yet doing it with its sharp claws entirely retracted. Not only was there no pain, but he felt a warm current of sugary pleasure surging through every fiber of his being. 3Ilx7Z

And the kitten, completely unaware of just how irresistible he really looked in the eyes of others, continued to huff and puff, glaring at Levi in, what he thought was a domineering way, ‘Fear me, rawr! I’ll have you know I am very mighty! I’m warning you! This lord is not to be provoked!!’

Noah was getting more and more miffed. To express his displeasure and teach Levi that he, Noah, wasn’t easy to bully, he’d domineeringly drenched the miscreant with water from head to toe. Yet not only did that not teach Levi a lesson, the other even dared to smirk in a rather seductive way, directing an intense look Noah’s way filled with what seemed to be…adoration??

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Noah: You still dare mess with this bro?!? QAQ

Blackie: (◞‸ლ) …no, he is not messing around…he’s definitely very serious. 34Q0 E

Noah ground his teeth and snorted a puff of hot air through his nose, “Oh? Is that right? You are so mighty, are you? Then let this lord see how well you blow!”

Levi’s eyes widened at the challenge, and his mind couldn’t help but picture the image of him doing precisely that to his baby. The image of his darling writhing underneath him perfectly overlapped with the current image of flustered Noah in front of him.

So, what did Levi do?

What else could he do but pounce at the mouthwatering prey that kept stoking his desire? icopIu

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  1. Ehehehehe, Noah keeps on provoking Levi unintentionally and Blackie must be having the time of his life rn while Trey acts as the third wheel :b

  2. Eum… Although I honestly love this novel (and definitely Blackie, best system ever!) I have a few practical doubts about this chapter. Do you really expect me to believe a healthy eighteen year old boy – who as stated has some muscles on his stomach – can not blow up a float? I mean, I a girl with no muscles whatsoever, could do that when I was way younger than him (although it might take me some time, and a few pauses still) and in secondary school it was proven that I had the lowest lung capacity in class. I just find it really hard to believe. I know novels like this aren’t meant to be believable, but it just bothers me. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. But really, great novel!!! Hope to see more of Blackie (don’t know why, just love his comments, systems in other books are way to… meek? They bother me so hard and how can one stay that way after thousands of years?? Really love, love, love, love Blackie)
    • It depends on the type of material used. Sturdier and less flexible ones are much harder to inflate. Let’s forget the floats for a sec and focus on something that should be the easiest to inflate – balloons. There are those that are super easy to inflate, and there are those bought on Aliexpress where you need a bloody air pump. ○ |  ̄ |_ Author talking from experience ಥ ‿ ಥ