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Soul Shard CaptorCh39 - …future husband? You mean wife???


Noah was neither skinny nor short for his age, however, when compared to the two full-grown men belonging in the extra tall category who exercised regularly, he looked especially slender and delicate.

His facial features still retained that youthful, soft look, and his skin was as smooth and white as that of a newborn. His legs were long and slim, his waist thin and flexible. His stomach and chest muscles were not prominent but were clearly there, outlining a vague but beautiful curve. zc9go4

In short, he had a look of a soft and juicy bunny, that any proper wolf would desperately want to dig their teeth into after a single glance.

The two wolves present took a big gulp to swallow down their saliva but were utterly unable to avert their eyes from his tantalizing image.

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…Especially the two perky spots of captivating pink that stood out amongst the white, clear skin, as if inviting a good pinch.

With his nearly naked baby presented right in front of him, Levi’s brain completely shut down. xrSUAe

Slim long legs?

Oh, how good would those legs feel wrapped around Levi’s torso as he fucked the tight little hole in between?

Soft and flexible waist and limbs?

Oh, they could definitely be pressed down into all sorts of positions!


Perky pink buds?

Oh, how good they would feel squeezed in between his teeth.

Oh, how delicious they would taste if he sucked on them.

Oh, how alluring they would look if they were toyed with until they turned red. C29Wy3

Levi’s pants became awfully tight, and his breaths turned ragged.

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His heart thumped so loud that he couldn’t even hear his own thoughts.

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It was as if a bucket of cold water was dumped on top of his hot head.

His precious darling was an incarnation of an incubus, simply enticing one into committing a sin! 4pm8l5

And the worst part, the absolutely unacceptable part, was that he wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of this deadly temptation!!

In his desperation, Levi activated his power full force, causing a t-shirt that he had just taken off and left inside his room to come flying into his hand.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Before either Trey or Noah could react, Levi had already pulled the shirt over Noah’s head. In one swell swoop, nothing above the thighs could be seen besides Noah’s little ruffled and confused head.

Only then did Levi let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. The limits of his endurance were constantly tested anew, constantly pushed further until he was stretched to the breaking point. LqQMBI

“Brother?” A soft and very bewildered mewl came from the wrapped dumpling he was currently holding by the hips. The little one stared up at him with his honey eyes wide and glassy making Levi stiffen up.

After taking a long breath, Levi gasped out hoarsely, “You can’t go out looking like that.”

Noah looked so confused that the only thing missing was a cloud of question marks floating around his head, “Looking like what???”

…So naked, edible, sexy, delicious, enticing, totally inappropriate? Levi swallowed down his saliva once again and rasped out, “…lacking in proper clothing.” U2CjlN

The colorful expression Noah made at that moment practically spelled out ‘Huuuuuuh??? Whaaaaat the fuuuuuck????’

Bro… we are going for a swim… what proper clothing are you talking about?!?


Levi’s mind was still sluggish because all of his blood had rushed downwards, yet he was now forced to come up with an excuse. Understandably, he stood there blankly for a long moment. rvp9 n

Just when Noah started to suspect that Levi.exe had stopped working, the thought-to-be-crashed process revived: “This might be a private beach, but it is a wide-open area without any mountains to block the view. There might be paparazzi lurking around. Or swimmers from nearby beaches.”

“So?” Noah looked at his imposing brother-in-law uncomprehendingly.

“What if they take a picture of you and publish it online?” Levi’s mind, alongside his shamelessness, was slowly getting back online, so he very patiently laid out the problem, looking very upright and very serious.

But his baby still failed to see the point, “So what if they do?” WDr6C9

‘Baby, I’m saying no one is allowed to see you unclothed but me!!’ >︿<

‘Also…seeing you like that…is too much for my little brother to take, ah.’ (/≧ω\)

After a moment of pondering over how to explain this in a way his baby would understand, Levi came up with this: “Your future husband wouldn’t want for your half-naked picture to be drooled over by countless people.”

Noah gaped, “…future husband? You mean wife?” kn9wvO

What he got as a response was a long pause. Followed by an unconvincing “…right.”

Levi: I always thought about myself as a husband 🤔 , but if you want to marry a wife, then I’m willing to be your wife… (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)❤

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Noah felt very defeated and rather wronged by his brother-in-law: ‘Brother in law, just because one of my good friends is gay doesn’t mean I’m gay!’ QAQ

Blackie: Good friends? You mean pursuers who stubbornly persisted despite being friend-zoned for years? One of your good friends is gay? Aren’t all of them gay? (¬‿¬) IMGFd8

Noah felt stifled; he couldn’t even correct this misunderstanding properly! He already clearly pointed out that he would be marrying a wife, not a husband, yet the other didn’t seem convinced! If he jumped out to clear up that he wasn’t gay, wouldn’t he end up looking defensive and totally gay?! QAQ

A grumpy kitten Noah wiggled his little arms to get them through the sleeves of the t-shirt. Then his squinted honey eyes glinted impishly as he pointed out, “Hey, hey, brother, that’s not right!”

Levi’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. Did his baby figure out his real intentions??? Did his darling catch him staring intently earlier?! Or did he notice his half-hardened lower member?!?

“If my future wife won’t like my half-naked picture spread around, then yours won’t either,” Noah smirked coyly. ‘Hehe, if I am forced into wearing a t-shirt, then you think you can walk around without wearing one?’ FkLIfS

Levi let out an internal breath of relief, then his eyes curved into a smile. Could he take that as his baby feeling possessive over him? ❤

Blackie: No. (눈_눈) Really dude, no.

Levi: Yep, since baby said that his future wife wouldn’t like it and baby IS his future wife, then by extension, it means that his baby won’t like it. And his baby wouldn’t like it because he is possessive! ❤❤

Don’t worry, baby! You are totally right! I won’t let anyone other than you see me half-naked either! This whole Levi package is all 100% yours! ❤ dAjqIB

Noah: ( ゚Д゚)…What? I’m right? But this whole thing was your idea!!! Are you praising me, or yourself? And when did I say I want this ‘Levi package’?!?

Blackie: Hush. Don’t waste your breath on imbeciles.

To complete his retribution, Noah went back into his room to find an old oversized t-shirt for Levi. Heh-heh. Noah decided to pick the one with an embarrassing cutesy design on the front. (¬‿¬)

When Noah turned around to walk towards his room, Levi could finally relax his stiffened facial muscles, and once again reveal that intense gaze filled with infatuation as he looked at his precious treasure. rtdL1J

Ah, my baby is wearing my shirt! ❤❤❤

It’s the ‘boyfriend shirt’! Ah, ah, my heart can’t take it! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)❤

And look at that adorable, mischievous look he has on! Ah, ah, really want to eat him whole!


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  1. So Levi is just a black hole full of pink +18 thoughts? He honestly reminds me of yandere boys and girls who basically imagine a whole different world just from a casual glance, with the whole pink hearts flying around and sparkles. Somehow cute