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Soul Shard CaptorCh30 - Ram it straight into that tight little hole!


Levi didn’t know how he even managed to find it in him to squeeze out a trembling, hoarse groan: “…where is your toilet?”

The unguarded, half-asleep baby… pointed his thumb over his own shoulder towards the bathroom connected to his bedroom. Xsx8dQ

Levi: “…” If this wasn’t a subtle invitation to come in and fuck him hard, then he doesn’t know what could be considered as one. (✧﹃✧)

Blackie: ‘…Wow, a sheep leading a wolf into the fold. My new host is really one special cookie…’ (◞‸ლ)

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Suddenly thinking about the special mission he was given… now it all makes sense… who else could be better suited for this than an oblivious white lamb… you really can’t get the same satisfaction from eating them clean if they don’t give off this “I am a little white sheep, come eat me” vibe…

Much to Blackie’s disappointment, Levi’s last shred of rationality held on just long enough for him to dart into the bathroom and lock himself inside. myOJlL

At that moment, as Levi slid to the floor, panting heavily, everything became crystal clear. His desires, his feelings, what he wanted, what he needed. The answer was right there and couldn’t be any clearer.

Did he genuinely want to profane the innocent little guy with his dirty self?

Yep. Definitely. In every way possible. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

He was absolutely a pig that wanted to thoroughly devour the cute little cabbage!


Run him straight through with his huge member, hard!

Pound him like there is no tomorrow until he begged for mercy!

Defile him in every way possible. Cover every inch of his skin with his own mark.

Every day. For the rest of his life. UN1dxo

(♡﹃ ♡)

He, Astar Levi, was most definitely, with every burning cell of his being, totally infatuated with the existence that was Cordia Aris.

If Fynn ever found out that his warning led Levi to realize the nature of his feelings for Noah, the man would probably cough up blood and faint from the sheer frustration and crippling regret.

And if Blackie ever found out, he definitely wouldn’t miss adding in some words of great wisdom, like… qPel8n

“That Fynn guy…

“…deserves an MVP reward!! What a good side lead! Look how dutifully he fulfilled his role of making the main male lead realize the nature of his feelings for the female le… uh… ahem, the main character. Well done, side lead Fynn! Very well done!” (☞゚∀゚)☞

The side lead Fynn whose warning backfired horribly: ‎() ┻━┻

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Alas, judging at how Levi treasured his words, both were very unlikely to find out the secret behind this abrupt awakening. And that same quiet man was now groaning out a guttural noise filled to the brim with frustration and exasperation. 0uSfdZ

Lbk vlv atlr tjqqfc? Qtfc vlv tf rajga vfnfibqlcu offilcur tf rtbeivc’a tjnf?

Qjr la ogbw atf wbwfca tf tjv olgra mjgfrrfv atja oieoos tfjv? Yg kjr la ktfc tf tjv atf batfg qlccfv ecvfgcfjat tlw joafg ajmxilcu tlw ab atf ugbecv veglcu qjlcayjii?

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ufgtjqr atfgf kjrc’a j rlcuif wbwfca ab yijwf. Zjsyf la kjr rbwfatlcu atja ribkis jmmeweijafv ys rfflcu jii atf meaf ilaaif atlcur atf ilaaif ues vlv, rfflcu jii atbrf njglber fzqgfrrlbcr jcv rwjii wbnfr? Qjr la rbwfatlcu atja ugfk klat fjmt kbgv atf batfg rqbxf, jcv fnfgs jmalbc tf wjvf?

Or maybe it had been love at first sight all along. Was that why Levi had felt as if he had found what he had been looking for, the moment he laid eyes on the little guy? a6gvrC

If Levi had noticed this seed of infatuation when it had only just been planted, would he have managed to pluck it out? Prevent it from germinating into this… obsession?

Levi stopped to ponder for a moment.

He… had no such power. ○| ̄|_

All his effort was already going into preventing himself from pouncing on the little incubus, how could he possibly have extra energy to spare to prevent himself from falling for him?! WJH8lG

This had been a lost cause from the moment they had crossed paths. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Looking back at it, he should give himself a pat on the back for managing to hold on for an entire day yesterday. That in itself could be considered a great achievement worthy of admiration.

Levi let out a heavy sigh. He had gone under, and there was no way to climb back up, what’s done is done. What he needed to do now is deal with the aftermath; Levi glared at the sizable bulge in his pants.

How could he even attempt to deceive himself when he had such a pig teammate?! Not-so-little buddy, aren’t you a bit too honest?! Don’t you know that if you want to corner your prey and successfully capture it, you need to be low key!! ycJ3Av

Scaring it off prematurely is no good!! This frog needed to be boiled in warm water!

After getting over the initial shock of the realization he had fallen for his little brother-in-law, Levi had come to terms with it abnormally quickly. He even had the gall to think ‘hey, this whole love thing feels pretty good. What else in life can give you even a sliver of satisfaction one felt being with the one they loved?’

As an Astar, Levi wasn’t overly burdened with questions of ethics and morality. He didn’t care about how others viewed him, the only opinion he cared about was of his little darling.

He was a man very honest with and faithful to his own desires – once he realized he had them. RQqjO9

If he wanted it, he would get it. It was as simple as that. It was this rather-run-his-head-through-the-wall-than-give-up nature that gave him his power in the first place.

Enforcers. Stubborn and assertive to the point of being unreasonable. The types that would break down the wall without a second thought, if they couldn’t find the door. The types that would rather crack their head open while trying to go through solid concrete than take no for an answer.

He wasn’t as fluffy and cute as Noah thought he was. He was a very selfish, stubborn, and overbearing man that just had to have his way no matter what.

Levi wanted his little brother-in-law. Was it wrong? Maybe. Would that stop him? Not really, no. m5M qo

Since Levi wanted him, then he could only be his – no, the little guy was already his, he just didn’t know it yet.

It was as simple as that.

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As for the fiancé, who he was marrying in the following days? Fiancé? Who?

The fact that he was about to get married completely slipped Levi’s mind. D0WFQV


He should probably rub one out, so he isn’t pent up the entire day?


And so, Levi got up to face the shower, pulled down his pants and released his lively member. vJ9jr8

As he closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around his shaft, it wasn’t hard to imagine that he was doing his little kitten. He could even smell his baby’s lovely scent in the air. (Well, of course, he could, the smell came from the shampoos and liquid soap that were sitting in the shower in the first place…)

Levi imagined throwing that cute little darling of his on the bed right now, ass in the air. Imagined pulling down his cute little underwear to reveal the naked globes underneath.

And then, he’d ram it straight into that tight little hole.

Plow him hard, have him gasping for air, writhing underneath him with misty eyes, crying from pleasure. 8QFq C

Ruthlessly pound him until his cute little entrance turned red and swollen, and his little white butt cheeks turned pink as if they had been spanked mercilessly.

Levi replayed all the cute sounds he had heard Noah make, and revisited the sinful visage of him with his lips swollen red and face pink.

So delectable, so erotic, mn, one of these days he’d definitely do him just like that.

*** FnEaAL

Noah was one unlucky guy. He just didn’t know it.

Who else had the great honor of having their brother-in-law wake them up at 7 AM, and then proceed to fap to the thought of fucking them, in their own home? Right next to their bedroom, in their own private bathroom?

Yep. That’s some real shit right there.

And what was the poor host thinking right now of the beast inside? EbWVSx

Noah: (/≧ω\) ♡  How cute! ♡ ♡

This silly, cute brother-in-law was so impatient to spend some more time with him that he showed up at the earliest possible time that wouldn’t be considered entirely unreasonable!!

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

Wasn’t he simply so adorably awkward?! Like a little kid who couldn’t sleep because he was looking forward to playing with the new friend he made yesterday! o((>ω< ))o

Blackie: That…! (・―・) …was a surprisingly accurate summary! That man-child definitely wanted to ‘play’ with the new ‘playmate’ he had made. And that’s definitely why he couldn’t sleep last night. (¬‿¬) YoazPZ

Noah: Ah, how adorable! In his haste, this silly brother-in-law even forgot to empty his bladder! He must have forgotten to eat breakfast as well!

Isn’t he really fortunate to have such a lovely brother-in-law??

Blackie: …Wow. Just wow. (눈_눈)

Where would you find another person who got abruptly woken up at 7 AM by a crazy brother-in-law, and instead of getting pissed, they found him lovely? (◞‸ლ) YkdFmT

His host should really get a reward for that epic level of tolerance.

Blackie glanced at the ‘reward’ who was currently fapping inside the bathroom. “…” (눈_눈)

The old saying is indeed true. Good people have short lives…

…instead of getting a medal, his host will clearly get fucked to death… PF7REW

Ah, well, sacrifices need to be made for the success of the mission. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

He’ll just think of it this way – since good people have short lives, they need a scoundrel in their lives to look after them. 👍

Yep! It’s starting to sound like a match made in heaven already! ^__^

Good, good, then he’ll stay out of this shit and with a peace of mind… wZSHMN

…eat metaphorical popcorn at the side. ಠ‿ಠ

Honestly, Blackie was dying to know whether Noah still found his brother in law cute after getting ‘eaten’ clean.

Future Noah, who had been so ruthlessly sacrificed by his system: (╬ °Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻

How could he possibly find this beast in human skin cute after getting tied up and fucked in his poor virgin ass like there is no tomorrow?!? щ(゚Д゚щ) Ym0UHk

…A-alright… so… actually… he… um… still… found him a bit… a bit… just a bit…. cute… (/≧ω\) ♡

Author Note:

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Haha, I just love those totally inappropriate sounding chapter titles 😂
Once the actual smut chapter is published, you’ll just think “author trolling again” and then “Woooah! The title actually happened?! Nani?!?”


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