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Soul Shard CaptorCh29 - Asking to be pushed down and fucked thoroughly…


This son-in-law had been engaged to their daughter for two decades and never visited their home before! What could have possibly happened for him to pop up in front of their door at 7 in the morning?!

“…son-in-law… is the situation dire??” (っ °Д °;)っ dOL82u

‘…what?’ Levi looked at the perturbed father-in-law uncomprehendingly, not understanding how the other had reached such a conclusion. “No?” He might have fallen for his little brother-in-law, but that shouldn’t be considered ‘dire’?

Concordia city lord: …Then why are you here at 7 in the morning?!? 〒▽〒

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Are you here to see your wife-to-be? She had a long day at work yesterday, only coming back home late at night. It would be best to let her sleep some more.” Cordia daddy tried his next guess at the reason for the unexpected visit while politely implying that this wild son-in-law should come back later.

But the other side wasn’t catching on and deadpanned: “No. I came to see your son.” eUB2o6

Concordia daddy: ( ゚Д゚)?!?? ‘Wait… what?? Since when were the two of you on good terms?? Or any terms for that matter?? I thought you two didn’t even know each other!!’

Seeing the flabbergasted look on his father-in-law, Levi finally thought that it would be a good idea if he provided some kind of explanation: “We made plans to go out together.”

‘…you agreed to go out at 7 in the morning?’ ಠ_ಠ  The city lord of Concordia stared silently at this imposing son in law and didn’t know what to say. Aris must have said to meet up at 7, and instead of thinking, like any normal person, that the 7 referred to 7 PM, this son-in-law took it to mean 7 AM.

The city lord felt a coming of a headache.  (◞‸ლ) …Urgh… I’ll just let my son handle this… yeah… he should take responsibility for this misunderstanding… will teach him to be clearer in his words and actions…


“Honey, who is it?” Cordia daddy heard his lovely wife call from the kitchen, so he responded: “Our son-in-law is here to see Aris…”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

After a brief moment of deathly silence, Concordia mommy ran out of the kitchen, looking just as bewildered as her husband felt. But unlike him, his wife seemed to know some information he didn’t because she quickly recovered, “Ah, did you two have fun yesterday?”

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Qtja jmaejiis tjqqfcfv kjr Ofnl’r qjgfcar atgbklcu j ola, rafqqlcu atflg obba vbkc, obgmlcu Ofnl ab ajxf rbwf alwf boo ab ufa ojwliljg klat Jbcmbgvlj jcv atf Jbcmbgvlj mlas ibgv’r ojwlis bo obeg. rZdGv7

How could he fulfill his role as a proper husband if he wasn’t even familiar with his wife’s family circumstances or even the place where she grew up and worked? This moronic son of theirs had never even visited his future wife’s workplace before! If some coworker had intentions towards his little wife, he wouldn’t even know!! щ(゚Д゚щ)

Never mind that, to be honest, no one expected the dolt to fulfill the role of a caring and loving husband properly, but he couldn’t even properly fulfill the role of Astarea city lord!! He had yet to even meet the future city lord of Concordia – his little brother-in-law! Fine, they’d understand it if he didn’t like socializing, but as the lord of Astarea, how could he not familiarize himself with the lord of the city his offspring will be inheriting?!? (ノ꒪Д꒪)ノ︵ ┻━┻

While the claimed purpose of this excursion was to get to know his in-laws better, what the two families really wanted out of this whole thing, was for the two future city lords to get friendly with one another.

“So, what do you think of our little Aris?” Aris’s mother smiled encouragingly, revealing some of the lovely features Aris had inherited from her. xNAWuy

Levi’s eyebrow furrowed, trying to come up with an answer that wouldn’t sound like he was completely and utterly head over heels in love with the little guy, or like he wanted to fuck him hard. In the ass.

In the end, he responded with a single word, “Cute.” (/≧ω\) ♡

Noticing a soft pink flush creeping up the ears of her tall son-in-law, though totally misinterpreting the reason, Cordia mommy chuckled merrily. “Ah, yes, he is truly a little cinnamon roll. I am glad you two are getting along so well.”

Levi, with a straight face, nodded as if he completely agreed with everything she just said. And he did, it was just that he really wanted to take a bite of that cinnamon roll. Or swallow it down whole into his stomach with a big gulp, not even leaving a single crumb behind. ukhQgJ

“Well, come in! What are you doing, just standing at the door?” With high spirits, Cordia mommy led her son-in-law into the foyer, fully showcasing from whom Aris had picked up his personality. “Make yourself at home. Aris is in his bedroom, first floor, second room to the right.”

Hiding her smile behind her hand, Cordia mommy pushed Levi towards the staircase. “Have you had breakfast yet? If not, go get Aris, and we can all eat together.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Levi followed mother-in-law’s instructions to find Noah’s room and knocked twice.

He thought he heard a muffled voice from inside, saying something along the lines of “What is it?” NCmy45

Levi reached to open the door, but then stopped himself. He shouldn’t just come in? What if the little guy wasn’t fully clothed?

After a moment of a difficult internal struggle between proper conduct, and actually, looking forward to seeing the little guy unclothed, the propriety won out by a hair. Levi wasn’t still quite sure about the nature of his feelings and where to go from here onwards – and most importantly, he didn’t want to scare the little guy off!

Thus, Levi knocked again.

Noah, as any normal person who didn’t have work that day, had been sleeping in. And when he heard a knock on his door, he had assumed it was his parents that wanted to tell him something before they went to work. So, he didn’t bother to get out of bed and just mumbled, “what is it?”, still half asleep and fully intending to continue sleeping after dealing with the interruption. BlukXj

But instead of going in to tell him whatever and then leaving, the person on the other side continued to disturb his sleep by knocking again.

Noah furrowed his eyebrows and pitter-pattered with his bare feet to the door.

And thus, when the door of the bedroom opened, what met Levi’s eyes was the lethal image of half-asleep Noah wearing only an oversized t-shirt.

The little guy’s hair was all over the place, making him look adorably ruffled. His cheeks were rosy like a juicy peach, ready to be eaten. His eyes glazed and half-closed, their watery appearance both evoking pity and a ruthless urge to ‘bully’ him viciously in all sorts of inappropriate ways. BgyWGt

The oversized white t-shirt looked as if it would slip off Noah’s shoulders at any moment, revealing his delicate collarbone and a part of his shoulder. The urge to pull the shirt entirely off was overwhelming, overpowering, maddening.

All it would take to reveal everything that should and should not be seen was a single tug. All it would take was a simple bow of the head, and then he’d be able to press his lips upon that soft white skin, to nibble and bite and leave his mark of ownership for all to see.

Levi felt an arrow pierce straight through his heart, and his mouth turned dry in a heartbeat. A flame ignited in the very core of his being, along with an uncontrollable need. All of Levi’s blood rushed downwards, awakening every nerve in his body with an overpowering desire.

Noah stared at Levi blankly for a while, his half-asleep mind seemingly not comprehending the situation at all. He started to rub his eyes, making them even redder and tearier, like a little wife who had been bullied by her husband in bed. VtfSdK

And another arrow lodged itself in Levi’s heart. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard, fighting against his every instinct telling him to pounce and devour the little guy whole.

And then, Noah, completely unaware he was standing on the precipice of a cliff, let out the cutest yawn Levi had ever seen or heard.

Most people looked unattractive when yawning, but that clearly didn’t apply to Noah. It was as if he had bought an aesthetically pleasing expression pack – even in death, he’d surely have a beautiful facial expression on.

Levi, whose last thread of rationality was strung so tight it might snap at any moment, used the last remnants of his willpower to lower his eyes in an attempt to avoid looking at the alluring picture any longer. oC Azu

But what met his eyes were Noah’s naked slender legs stretching from under the t-shirt which barely covered his little behind. And those cute little pink toes walking around without any shoes on.

The lethality of seeing your precious baby, looking completely unguarded and vulnerable, wearing only a shirt… just in arms reach… in front of a large bed… as if asking to be pushed down and fucked thoroughly…

Chrysanthemum Garden.


…was a complete goner. ○| ̄|_ SGHgxo

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  1. …..I didn’t know that… when you see a cute babey like this…. your first reaction would be to want to fuck him,,,, im pretty speechless, Levi. So many dirty thoughts, tsk tsk, how improper.

  2. I am… So confused? Does the mum know,,, or at least suspect? Or is she just being polite? Maybe I’m just projecting my wish for them to get the show on the road ahaha…