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Soul Shard CaptorCh27 - Why me, great deity!?


At some point, Levi found himself wondering, was Noah intentionally trying to seduce him??? But that thought didn’t even finish materializing before it was discarded – if Noah was actually serious about seducing someone, everyone in this room would have been goners already. And he didn’t even dare think whether he had subconsciously included himself in that group of goners.

Noah, who was slowly getting more familiar with his brother-in-law, picked up on the other’s discomfort, but his thoughts misinterpreted the cause. He figured that the man couldn’t take the spiciness but was afraid of losing face in front of his junior. Wanting to reassure him, to tell him that he needn’t force himself, that he wouldn’t think any less of him for something so silly, Noah gently coaxed: “Brother-in-law…” gNorfE

Levi, who had initially found that call adorable, was now, for some reason, starting to really get irked by that title. So, he interrupted Noah: “Just call me brother.”

That would be easier to say and would sound much more intimate, right? And in that lovely voice, it would turn into the most beautiful music, right?

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Noah paused briefly, but then nodded in realization, “You are right! ‘Brother-in-law’ is a mouthful!”

Hearing that exclamation, Levi downright choked on his drink. The sudden crisis startled Noah, making him forget what he had intended to say and, instead, jump up to worriedly pat Levi’s back. 82VADR

Levi: The little guy… saying…! He was… a mouthful…!

Anyone would come up with the same very lewd and extremely inappropriate mental picture with those keywords, right?! You know, the one with both of them naked and the little one looking up at him from his kneeling position, licking his swollen red lips and saying… “brother-in-law is a mouthful!”

What to do!?! They were almost done with their meal, yet Levi now had to buy some more time for his lower regions to settle back down!! It must be the fault of all those gay porn videos he had scrolled through!! ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻


This is why decent people shouldn’t watch porn lest they turned crooked!! ○| ̄|_

‘Help!! How to prolong a meal until my third leg goes soft?! Urgent! Waiting online for an answer!!’

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Ah, little guy! You touching my back with your cute little paws is not helping!! Not helping!!! 〒▽〒

Ofnl’r afjgr ilafgjiis rqliifv ogbw tlr fsfr jr tf mbeutfv lc jc jaafwqa ab vlribvuf atf kjafg atja tjv fcafgfv tlr klcvqlqf. PKF8t7

Cii atf ktlif, tf mbeivc’a tfiq yea atlcx, ‘lo atf ilaaif ues kjr yflcu oemxfv tjgv, kbeiv tf qgbafra ys atewqlcu tlr ilaaif qjkr bc atf yjmx bo tlr ibnfg? Pa rtbeiv offi pera ilxf atlr, gluta?’ (/≧ω\) ♡

Finally, Levi’s cough calmed down, which cannot be said for his lower regions, which bafflingly got even more excited through this entire fiasco.

Ah, why did the little guy have to say such ambiguous words??? Why now of all times?!? щ(゚Д゚щ)

Today was simply not his day! It was like some god out there was digging pits for him all day long!! dvh5QG

Why me, great deity!? Why torture ME of all people like this?!?

If the said deity existed and could hear his plea, they would undoubtedly roll their eyes. Suuuure, blame it on me. It must be my fault that you, such a pure and innocent white little lamb, had turned into a big, black, perverted wolf! 凸(`0´)凸

Luckily for Levi, Noah was getting more and more familiar with him and his moods, so when he noticed Levi wasn’t in the right state of mind, he enveloped him in his soothing and slowly cranked up the intensity.

And of course, he made a mental note to never take Levi to eat spicy food again. Ah, this poor silly cute brother-in-law! He was so stubbornly trying not to lose face! It made Noah feel 5 parts worried, 4 parts guilty, and one part… ah… a bit amused and all fluffy inside (/≧ω\) ❤… you know, that feeling when a puppy does something silly and is looking all confused and flustered? This big brother-in-law, with how adorably foolish he was, left him with that kind of image. (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) eENKYd

And Noah really liked cute fluffy creatures, so by extension, he really liked this awkwardly sweet brother-in-law. The man was quiet but always listened very carefully, and never dismissed him in any way. Even though he didn’t speak much, you could tell that he was trying his best to participate in the conversation and that he was indeed very interested in what you were saying.

When they first met, Noah had thought Levi was hard to read, but after a few hours of bonding, Noah realized that the man was actually like an open book! He didn’t hide any of his expressions or feelings, they were all there and very colorful at that! You just had to pay attention so you can catch them before they disappeared. And once you got more familiar with him, you’d be able to spot even those, more subtle changes in expression.

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In short, Noah really enjoyed spending time with this older brother, and seeing his serious face crack and fall apart, was an especially pleasing sight. o(≧▽≦)o

*** xDsWYO

Tonight, Noah had learned another fact about his big brother-in-law – the man could really eat a lot.

After, what Noah thought was a hearty meal, the man ordered another dish. And then, after forcing it down, he ordered yet another. And then after that, another.

And the funniest thing about it all was that you wouldn’t be able to tell that the man was hungry at all! He ate those dishes agonizingly slowly as if someone was forcing them down his throat. And his facial expression to Noah’s now trained eye looked on the verge of tears!

Was he perhaps worried that Noah would end this outing after the dinner and didn’t wish to part? Wasn’t that absolutely adorable? HJTp7w

How could anyone find this cute brother-in-law overbearing and intimidating?? The man was simply a cute fluffy puppy! (/≧ω\) ♡

Levi: QAQ …little kitty, please stop looking at me with those big glittering eyes as if you are looking at your favorite human…! My boner was just about to go down, and now I have to order another dish!!! My stomach is about to burst!! ○| ̄|_

Ah, but seeing the little one looking at him like that… his heart felt as if it was drowning in sugar ಥ‿ಥ❤❤❤

…ah… forget it… KIO1V7

…He’d just use his power to compress the food in his stomach…

Levi suddenly stopped mid-bite, ‘Wait…! If I eat this much, would my cabbage think I am a pig???’

Blackie, who could see what was happening under the table, found great amusement in all this: ‘Hehe, why did you stop eating piggy? (¬‿¬) What? You can’t be thinking that if you eat less, you won’t be a pig? Hah! A leopard can’t change its spots, a pig can’t be any less of a pig even if it goes on a diet!’

Levi cautiously glanced at Noah. The other was looking at him with what seemed to be great respect – a gaze that you’d give a martyr. 5P1X9r

Levi: “…” (°△°|||) …oh, so he knows I am forcing myself to eat? 😱

Levi stopped eating, looking lost and a bit helpless.

“Brother, is there something bothering you?” Noah carefully asked, trying not to alarm the other.

Levi: “…” What could he possibly say? Yes, you? Because you are too sexy, and it drives me crazy?? 704xNg


Thinking that he had already understood the crux of the issue, Noah offered, “Would you like to go out together tomorrow too?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Before Levi knew what he was doing, he had already nodded his head yes and exchanged communicator numbers with Noah.

Wait… did he have something scheduled tomorrow? 🤔 He had a vague impression that when he had been freeing up his schedule these days, there was one thing he didn’t manage to reschedule… Never mind, will tell the secretary to cancel it. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ JmUzHo

Secretary who has to tell a whole room of politicians that their little city lord wasn’t coming to the important monthly council meeting because he is out playing with his little brother-in-law: “…” QAQ

“Alright.” Noah happily smiled, greatly pleased that this brother-in-law seemed to like spending time with him too. “Oh, and, brother, don’t be a stranger. You are family, no need to wait at the train station, whenever you feel like hanging out, you can just drop by my place.”

Noah tapped a few buttons on the light screen above his communicator. With a ding, Levi’s communicator received the address to Cordia manor and the electronic authorization to enter the premises freely.

“Well then, I’ll be at home tomorrow. Just come pick me up when you want to go out.” (☞゚▽゚)☞ aDqgbE

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