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Soul Shard CaptorCh26 - Not…. so rough, ah! It… is my first time… ❤


Levi felt both amused by the little guy’s adorable performance, and mortified by the mere idea of him dying. Ah, if the sister didn’t know how to properly pamper such a precious little brother, then it was up to him, Levi, to spoil him in both of their steads!

No, it would seem that father-in-law also didn’t spoil his precious baby enough, so, then, he’d spoil him three times as much? No! Four times as much! If his father was like that, then his mother can’t be much better, right? p OGPv

Mother and father-in-law, who got shot at without any rhyme or reason: “…” QAQ

Noah felt a sudden chill again and looked around, bewildered. Trey sat there, with a cat in his lap, deeply lamenting his low sense of presence. Did anyone even remember he was in the room? ‘My adorable little employer, look, look over here! If you are putting on a cute show for the audience shouldn’t you at least check their reaction??‘ (╥﹏╥)

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And Fynn, well, he was thinking, ‘Oh, your sister would be the one to want you dead the least? So, I take it she has no idea that her soon-to-be husband is cheating on her with her own adorable little brother?’ (¬_¬;)

Yet, Fynn could do nothing but swallow down the complaint and try his best to ignore the sudden sugar intent attack he felt coming off from Levi. The little guy was better off forever staying oblivious to the fact that he was the third party in their relationship! Not only would he feel guilty enough to die, but worst still, the little guy seemed to genuinely like and trust this brother-in-law! Wouldn’t he be crestfallen, simply devastated at the betrayal?? BCIFyz

What a bloody mess!! (◞‸ლ)

Fynn let loose a long breath, “Alright, so what you are saying is that you can’t come up with anyone who’d want to harm you?”

Noah nodded his agreement.

The silence in the room didn’t last for long before Fynn broke it again, “Did anyone know you’d be at the station around that time?”


Noah shrugged, “Probably a lot of people. I always take a Magcart to a restaurant for lunch around that time. And since that Magcart station is the closest to the Social Welfare Center, where I work, it is only logical that I’d take a ride from that station.”

“I see.” Fynn deliberated getting a list of people in the know but concluded that it would be pointless. Even reporters that often went to take pictures of Aris were aware of his schedule, so how could a villain with intentions of murder not be?

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“Well, that would be all.” Fynn sighed, feeling both tired of all the running around he had been doing today and dejected that he couldn’t hang with Aris today. “Aris, I have to run, I still have a long list of people to talk to.”

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Seeing Noah’s cutely confused and clearly-at-a-loss expression, Fynn suddenly felt like teasing him, “It’s just that today you are… hmm… more charming than usual? Like… looking at you, my heart goes doki-doki!”

Noah nearly choked on his own saliva, his eyes bulging out like a deer caught in headlights. Fynn couldn’t help but let loose a laugh, “Pfft! Cuter too!”

‘Don’t blame me! What can I do? You are especially lovely today, really makes one want to tease you!’ (≧ω≦) zToOH7

Then, before Noah could find an appropriate response, and before the other two big men could show their displeasure at the blatant flirting, Fynn ran out of the room, his little ponytail bobbing up and down.

…only to pop his head back in and say, “Astar Levi, can I have a word with you?”

Levi frowned, greatly displeased at the thought that ‘having a word’ meant he’d have to stop petting his kitten, and even worse, leave his immediate vicinity for a while.

Levi liked his current position just the way it was. And viewed anyone who wanted to break the status quo as an enemy. Alas, he couldn’t really refuse, this case could pertain to the little one’s safety. EAexpK

With great reluctance, Levi finally got up from the couch to follow behind Fynn, all the while wistfully gazing at the fluffy head he’d left behind.

The vein on Fynn’s forehead nearly burst, ‘Can’t you be more subtle about it?!? Do you want the whole world to know about your improper thoughts?!?’ (ꐦ ◠‿◠)

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The two didn’t go far, just outside the room, when Fynn stopped and turned to look at Levi coldly.

“You should really learn how to keep your emotions in check.” WKHsp4

Levi quirked his eyebrow, not quite understanding what the other was implying. Did Fynn notice when he was thinking how he might need to beat up another wild pig that popped up to steal his cabbage? What? Is protecting your own cabbage a crime, inspector? (≖ ‸ ≖)

“Don’t develop the feelings you shouldn’t be having.” Fynn locked eyes with Levi and sparks flew.

“Oh? What feelings?” Levi drawled dangerously. Really, what feelings?? Levi had no clue what the other was talking about but he really disliked people telling him what he should or shouldn’t feel or do. How is it any of their business what he feels, does or doesn’t do?

In a moment, that wild and sharp aura that had been pulled back in Noah’s vicinity returned, more biting than ever. No matter how puppy-like he behaved around Noah, for everyone else Levi was a ferocious wolf. rmYUTP

Not intimidated in the slightest, for he had dealt with vicious criminals regularly in his line of work, Fynn did not give way. Noticing how their minds weren’t on the same page, and his warning wouldn’t reach the intended target like this, he hissed out in a low tone, “Get your mind out of the gutter and remember who you are marrying next week!”

And then he stalked off, leaving a displeased and a bit bewildered Levi behind.

Levi was pretty sure he didn’t have any inappropriate thoughts while Fynn was around?? How could he tell that Levi had gotten an inappropriate boner earlier today and even the target of it?!? Could Intenters sense what you had thought about in the past?? How scary!! ( ꒪Д꒪)

If Fynn could hear his thoughts on his way out, he would have surely tripped. I was talking about your obvious infatuation with the wrong target!! But wait, what?!? You are already at the boner stage?!? Fuck! And you still dare look as if you haven’t done anything wrong!?! HckD0F


Levi sat in his seat rigidly, trying very hard to keep a poker face on, while internally he was just a single step away from crying tears of blood.

It all started when Noah had asked “Do you like spicy food?”

Levi, judging that the little guy liked spicy food from the expectant glint of his eyes, had replied affirmatively. qXa9U

And now, for the umptieth time today, Levi was deeply, deeply regretting his careless actions.

The dinner that he now had to endure was nothing short of cruel torture! Though it did leave a bit of a sweet taste in his mouth… after all, if he was with the little guy then any torture was not so bad…

Anyway! The point is, Levi’s entire body was burning up, everything above his neck was flushed crimson and he was sweating buckets! What Levi had learned today was that although he could handle spicy food well, there existed something in this world that was too spicy, even for him.

And that something was watching Noah eat spicy food. ಥ_ಥ 8n9mG4

Noah’s lips were red and slightly swollen due to the spiciness, however, all Levi could think about is how erotic they looked. As if Noah had been forcefully, roughly, passionately kissed for a long time.

That cute red tongue of his kept licking those raw lips as if they weren’t already deadly enough without the glistening trail of saliva. And when Noah tried something especially spicy, the little incubus would even let out a few soft yet absolutely lethal pants.

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And then there were his enticingly pink cheeks, and his red-rimmed and watery eyes. When he looked at Levi with those wide, glistening eyes, it was as if they were begging ‘Ah! Darling, please… not…. so rough, ah! …be gentler… …It… is my first time… ❤❤’

In short, every single inch of the little incubus evoked a man’s primal desire to possess, to “bully”, to press him down underneath their body. And it was all too stimulating for Levi to take. dKbF5z

No, not just him! He wasn’t to blame for this!! The sight before him would put a strain on any man’s mental fortitude!!!

…At least that’s what Levi was deeply convinced of, as he tried his hardest not to stare. Yet in this specific scenario, out of sight didn’t mean out of mind. The enthralling image was deeply imprinted into his mind and he simply couldn’t forget it.

Author note:

Haha, Author-sama continues to troll with her misleading chapter titles. Sorry guys, I always write the chapter first and then copy-paste some sentence/dialogue of the chapter as the chapter title. When I initially wrote that lewd sentence, I had no idea it would end up as the chapter title. ╮(╯∀╰)╭ YWcin4

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