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Soul Shard CaptorCh21 - Mn, kittens are definitely the cutest


Yeah… Surely not all search results would be bollocks.

Levi opened the next site that was some kind of a popular forum. The original poster of the topic was wondering whether he was gay. 8q1BvG

Levi scrolled down to read the great wisdom of his predecessors.

“Have you tried watching gay porn? (☞゚∀゚)☞  (link)”

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No, I haven’t. But that can be fixed very quickly.

Levi clicked on the provided link and was redirected to a site full of, as one would expect, gay porn. PMKpDW

Levi scrolled down through the list of scandalous videos. As the videos appeared on the screen, they would start playing and stop when they exited the screen. Levi scrolled and scrolled, but not one of the videos attracted his interest.

How were these videos any different than regular porn? They were all equally as dull and left him feeling just as indifferent.

By the time he had reached the end of the first page, he realized that once again, his member had gone soft.

Well, that solves that. He was clearly not gay. The wisdom of netizens is really the best way to go about solving such issues.


Appeased, Levi closed his communicator, double-checked the state of his clothes, and finally exited his bathroom stall.


Noah was getting worried waiting for the two men to appear in front of him again. They might have eaten something bad, because it took quite a while for them to come out of the toilet. Trey was still fine, but Levi seemed to have been pondering over the meaning of life because it took a good half an hour before he came out looking ghastly.

As if he had just gone through hellish torture. If you asked Noah, it couldn’t have been that bad, the air in the toilet didn’t even stink. zy5 C6

“Are you alright? Should we visit the hospital?”

The two men might have hemmed and hawed to the first half of his question, but they gave a resounding no to the second half.

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Noah was still worried because the two men avoided meeting his eyes and seemed to be a bit listless. But what could he do if they refused to seek medical aid?

Vfflcu jr atflg fcaterljrw obg qjlcayjii kjr cb ibcufg qgfrfca, Rbjt vfmlvfv ab wbnf bc ab atflg cfza rabq. Ufgtjqr atfs mbeiv ub rbwfqijmf atja mbeiv mtffg atf akb eq? Zjxf atfw obgufa jybea atflg aewws lrrefr? 1g9sRT

Rbjt jqqgbjmtfv Ofnl ab jrx tlw j defralbc, yea atf batfg’r ybvs eccjaegjiis raloofcfv.

This brother-in-law was rather cutely awkward, Noah thought. He must be feeling embarrassed that his little junior got to see him in such a situation. Or maybe he was feeling guilty about their earlier scuffle and was afraid Noah would blame him for it? That must be why he was avoiding his eyes and acting like a mouse facing a cat?

Actually, Noah was clearly overthinking it. Levi had felt not a drop of guilt, and by this point, he was no longer feeling any shame for anything that had happened before either. The reason why he was so tense and avoiding looking at Noah was because he was afraid that he’d get another spontaneous surprise boner. And this time, he might not be lucky enough to escape detection.

He didn’t want Noah to come up with some weird conjectures about why his brother-in-law was reacting so strangely, like thinking Levi had issues in that area or thinking that Levi actually had some kind of dirty intentions towards him. He felt that they’ve gotten closer through that game of paintball, and he didn’t want their relationship to take a step backward. moVI0X

Completely misinterpreting Levi’s inner turmoil, Noah felt amused. He tugged at Levi’s arm asking for his attention in a gentle way as if trying not to startle a skittish bunny, “Brother-in-law?”

“Mn?” the other let out a husky grunt.

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“What puts you in a good mood when you are down?”

Levi finally looked straight at Noah, but judging by his facial expression, he was at a loss. 3p 9HD

Noah tried to elaborate, his eyes darted left and right like a kitten trying to do something sneaky, “Is there something that puts you in a good mood when you see it? Something you especially like?”

Levi’s mind instantly conjured up a clear ‘you’ as the answer to that question, which sent him into self-doubt-fueled confusion. Seeing as Noah was still waiting for an answer to that question and looking at him with those large catlike eyes, Levi blurted out a first non-you answer that came to mind: “Cat.”

And then he felt like facepalming. Didn’t he still end up saying ‘you’ in the end?!

Luckily, Noah didn’t seem to realize the truth behind that statement. How could he possibly know that Levi didn’t like cat species as a whole, but just liked specific cat-like individuals that might be or might not be cats? XfaiKr

Noah, an avid lover of everything fluffy, was very satisfied with that answer. His eyes curved with delight, “Aren’t kittens the cutest?” Also, bunnies! Bunnies!! ❤ ❤

Levi nodded, showing his most sincere agreement, “Mn.” Kittens were little cats. The little guy was little and a cat, so he was a kitten. Since he was the cutest, then indeed, kittens were the cutest. As proven by his flawless logic, the statement was universally true. 👍

Noah’s eyes lit up at the thought of getting to pet lovely furry creatures, and in his excitement, he forgot he was still holding onto Levi’s arm. Thus, he ended up spiritedly pulling Levi along with him towards a Magcart stop.

Levi, after initially freezing up… did absolutely nothing to stop him or point out how they might get misunderstood. In fact, his unabashed and very pleased curl of the lip only made the entire situation more prone to misunderstandings. ifJ1sm

Trey hurried his pace to catch up with them, his face as stiff as a rock and nearly as black as one.

Only when they once again sat inside the Magcart, did Noah finally let go of Levi’s arm. At that point, Levi was already sitting right next to him, much to Trey’s displeasure.

Seeing how displeased the other man seemed, a sadistic spark of self-satisfied pleasure ignited inside of Levi, urging him to take it even further. He, very nonchalantly, put his arm over the top of the backrest of Noah’s seat, making Trey nearly jump up to his feet then and there.

Levi shot him an evil smirk and didn’t even stop to question why he felt the need to play with the guard so, nor what he was trying to imply. H0FPXo

Noah, of course, was too preoccupied with the thoughts of cats to notice the silent confrontation. Since he didn’t have eyes on the back of his head, Noah had no idea that he currently looked as if he was being embraced by his tall brother-in-law.

And that’s how the trio found themselves minutes later, entering a cozy little cat cafe. It had a warm, homey feel and was filled with cat climbing towers and cutesy decorations. There were many puffy looking sofas and armchairs placed all around the café. And there was even a corner with various cat toys.

The moment the trio entered through the doors, the eyes of all cats in the café darted in their direction. And then, like a horde of hungry wolves chasing a rabbit, they shot in their direction, alarming all other customers in the café.

Animals, in general, were sensitive creatures. They relied on their instincts much more than humans. Since they instinctively liked the comfortable aura of a Soother, all the little fluffies crowded around Noah to greet him. O8tRoA

Seeing the commotion they were causing, the manager was immediately notified that a Soother was in the vicinity, and she quickly popped up to direct the trio into a separate private room prepared just in case a Soother came.

That’s right, this cat cafe had a special arrangement for Soothers! Which is why Noah had chosen this one in particular.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

On the one hand, Soothers were bad for business because suddenly, the cat café became bare of cats for all other customers, but on the other hand, cats greatly enjoyed the company of Soothers and were in a better mood with one around. Even if that wasn’t so, baring Soothers from entering would be unethical. Thus, the cat café prepared a private room to isolate Soothers from the rest of the café and only allow a limited number of cats in.

Noah didn’t mind this arrangement at all, he would rather relax with his cats in privacy, than worry about being gawked at or photographed. But seeing how his presence brought a bit of a trouble to the manager, and yet brought joy to these lovely creatures, he immediately spread out his Soothing field to include the entire café. This way, everyone, both customers and cats, would feel comfortable and pleasant, enjoying their stay inside the café. And he would be compensating them for the trouble his arrival had caused. 4ezwFT

Noah was nearly purring with delight, much like the felines surrounding him, as he sat his cute round butt on the couch inside the private booth.

“Come sit here.” Noah looked at Levi and patted the empty place next to him on the sofa.

Noah meant nothing by the action, merely thinking that sitting next to him would be best because he was a cat magnet. But to Levi, that innocent invitation looked like the definite proof that this little brother-in-law liked him very much and wanted him by his side. Levi felt like he had been drowned in sugar so much he would undoubtedly get a toothache. He knew it wasn’t good for him, yet this sweet temptation was impossible to resist.

Thus, to no one’s surprise, the man plopped down his bottom next to Noah a mere second after the invitation. MkeqUC

Cats of all shapes and sizes flocked around Noah, rubbing themselves on his legs, climbing into his lap, even jumping onto his shoulders.

Noah’s eyes curved, and his smile couldn’t be any wider as he started to pet one cat with each hand.

Ah, this was pure bliss! This was the life! (ᗒᗜᗕ)

Levi, who was paying more attention to Noah than to the cats, saw how his cheeks flushed in excitement and how his entire being radiated pure bliss, and suddenly… his thoughts swerved in a totally wrong direction, nearly making him choke on his own saliva! b7sQqe

It must be due to that bunch of porn videos he had just scrolled through recently!!! How could he possibly think that the little guy’s blissful expression looked as if he had just been fucked thoroughly?!?

Levi’s mind that was already on the brink of insanity nearly snapped when he felt his loins stir again. He looked down mortified only to see it rising up….! 😱

Rising up to look him in the eye!

With its slit…ed eyes! ddAMTc

Alright, so it was just a cat that climbed into his lap… (; ゚ 3゚ )~

‘Phew!! False alarm…’ Levi’s heart that jumped into his throat settled back down. ‘That was close!’

He was fast at flinging that inappropriate imagery out of his head this time! He just needed to persist a bit in his efforts and he’d slowly build up his immunity to his lovely brother-in-law’s seductive charms.

Unfortunately for Levi, he was mistaken about both of those points. He had forgotten that Noah had cranked up his soothing. Under the influence of soothing, Levi would be less impulsive and less prone to… ahem… suddenly getting excited against his better judgment. ncqYAa

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  1. So Levi is the ML? How about Aris’s sister if like that.. If Levi is really ML for our MC.. i hope Aris’s sister will not gonna angry with Aris (Noah) when she know ML like our MC.. Sorry for my bad english…. ~~ Thank you for the chapter