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Soul Shard Captor

Soul Shard Captor Original Novel

Author: Lucy Pan Dora
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Doting Love Interest, Fluffy, Mystery, NSFW, Quick Transmigration, Romance
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Release Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


After Noah’s much-awaited Ascension, what greeted him wasn’t the Haven he had been promised, but a system calling itself Black, offering him a job working for the World and Soul Management Bureau.

He has to transmigrate into different worlds, using an identity of some unfortunate soon-to-be-dead dude, and live out the remainder of his new life there however he wanted. Oh, and hopefully in the process of living happily ever after, he’d also get to accidentally complete some secret mission they refused to tell him about.

Noah: “Is this some kind of a scam?”  ಠಿ_ಠ

Black: “O-of course not! There are absolutely no tricks involved! Absolutely! There isn’t even a penalty for failure!”

Noah: “Oh. Great! Sign me up!” ╰(*°▽°*)╯

And so…

Noah: “What the hell?!? Why is someone trying to kill me?!”

Noah: “What the f*ck?!? Which bush did this wild pokem…no, terrorist organization pop out from?!?”

Noah: “Who are you guys?! What are you doing here?!? What the bloody hell is going on?!?”

Black: “Why are you looking at me? How would I know?”

Noah: “…!” QAQ

Yet, who would have thought that all that life-threatening stuff would be the least of Noah’s worries:

Noah: “Blackie! This… this! There is something really off about this good brother of mine! He is looking at me like a hungry wolf seeing a fresh and juicy piece of meat!” QAQ

Black: “How would you know how a hungry wolf looks like? Have you ever seen one?” (눈_눈)

Noah: “What? No! But…!”

Black: “Exactly. Don’t worry, host. He is just a bit excited due to nearly losing his life back there. You know, adrenaline.”

Noah: “…are you sure that’s what’s really going on here?”

Black: “Absolutely!” ()

Noah: “Blackie! Blackie! He is taking my pants off!! Why is he taking my pants off?!?!” щ(゚Д゚щ)

Black: “…you need a bath… he… is merely helping you strip…” o()

Noah: “I am not a child! I can strip myself!”  (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Black: “Then why haven’t you started stripping yet? The poor guy had to wait for you so long he became impatient!”

Noah: “…” QAQ

Noah: “Blackie! Blackie! His-his-his little brother is poking me in the ass!!” QAQ

Black: “What are you making such a big fuss about? It’s just morning wood.” (눈_눈)

Noah: “Why am I making such a big fuss?!? He just took it out of his pants!!!”

Black: “So? How is he supposed to take care of it if he doesn’t take it out?”

Noah: “I don’t know, but definitely not by using my thighs!!!” (⊙_⊙;)

Black: “Relax! Bros often help each other out with these things.”

Noah: “…”

Noah: “What do you have to say now?!? It’s normal for good bros to want to shove their thing up your ass?!?” (╬▔皿▔)

Noah: “Oh god, he is putting it in!!!! Blackie! Help!!!” QAQ

Black: “Don’t panic. Relax and follow my instructions.” (︶^︶)ノ

Noah: “Ok, ok, speak! Hurry!”

Black:  “You’ve got this. Breath in, breath out. Relax your muscles…”

Noah: “How is this helping??”

Black: “It’ll hurt less that way.” ╮(╯∀╰)╭

Noah: “…! Fuck you!!! You f****** mo****f***er!! Whose system are you, mine or his?!?”


— Many, many missions later —

Noah: “Hehe…this secret mission that you can’t tell me about… it can’t possibly be to get fucked by the target, can it?” (ꐦ ^་།^)

Black: “…of-of course not… ha… ha… h-how could that possibly be, eh?”

ML: Right, right, that’s just a very (not so) coincidental bonus. Ψ(╹ڡ╹ )Ψ

Release Rate:

  • ● 7-8 chapters per week – 1 regular daily chapter released every day at 6 pm CET
  • ● A high chance of an unexpected bonus chapter at a random time over the weekend
  • ● Author-sama might temporarily decrease the release rate due to unexpected events like laptop dying (currently in the middle of such an event QAQ) or because she ran out of her stockpile chapters because she gave away too many bonus chapters ○||_

Author Note:

Warning! Expect explicit, kinky sex. (╹ڡ╹ )

Some scenes might come off as dub-con/non-con, but they are not. (More info below) Don’t worry, there is no angst and no abusive domineering asshole MLs here!

Arcs are not short, each one having 80 chapters minimum. 1 Arc = 1 Volume.

I’ll set up an Arcs Overview page soon so you can check out what the setting will be for each arc and vote on arcs that you are especially looking forward to so that I can move them forward in line.

Some more info (spoiler-ish):


  • ● Every arc is set in a new world with magical elements and a mystery that needs to be solved.
  • ● The emphasis of the novel is on the romance, which means that the concentration of sugar, fluff, and smut is higher than the concentration of mystery & adventure.
  • ● It is one on one pairing. MC is the shou, ML is the gong.
  • ● ML never has any previous memory of MC so he is always falling in love anew.
  • ● MC “shelves away” his emotions towards ML after each arc so that he can move on and live a new life in the next world. Thus, throughout the novel, both ML and MC end up falling in love with each other over, and over, and over again.
  • ● All worlds contain plot twists, and the pairing of MC and ML is always exciting/taboo-ish due to their peculiar identities in that world (Examples of what I mean by exciting pairings: hired assassin and his target, monster tamer and his tamed beast, master and disciple, siblings, brothers-in-law, etc.)
  • ● Like I mentioned, some scenes might come off as dub-con/non-con, due to MC’s perpetual reluctance to engage in hmhm activities. However, that’s just their thing. MC says no but is secretly looking forward to it, while ML knows that his baby especially likes being “forced”. Outside of bedroom activities, they are very loving, doting, respectful, and considerate of one another. (≧∇≦)
  • ● MC and ML are a bit of a S&M, so expect all the kinks that come with it, including rough sex


Aris the Soother

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  1. Aaaaah 😆 I found a new pit to obsess over. I can’t wait to start reading. The spoilers are making me more anxious 🤤 This is definitely my type of novel

  2. Excited to read this. Will read once I’m done with shhh

  3. The synopsis like short spoiler🤯🤯Its direct. interesting😋😋

  4. Whoaaa sooo many 😍 it’s 40 chapter already but the 1st arc is still not finish?? As an impatient but patient reader… I’ll have to camp until 1st arc over… Thanks for picking this up!!😃😃

  5. HOLY SHT. That is some God tier goods… gaahhhh Can’t wait for this to complete an arc so I can binge read it! Thank you so much for the mass release!!

  6. Too many information at one go. Why not stop at a certain point? I want to read this but it feels less exciting when the synopsis and Author’s Note is so jammed.

    Oh well, I’ll give it a try.

      • With the synopsis, maybe cut the middle part. Just go from Noah & Blackie’s 2nd dialogue (ML is looking at him like a hungry wolf) straight to the Many, many mission afterwards.

        The Spoiler-ish points:

        MC and ML meet early on in the arc and are pretty much glued together for the whole arc due to various circumstances.● It is one on one pairing, no harem, no love triangles.● There is no angst or misunderstandings and all arcs are happy endings.Totally unnecessary.Instead of feeling excited, I feel like I’ve read everything so I have nothing to be expecting.Some people might enjoy the handful info, but for me, it’s ruin all of the excitement.Someone might tell me that I shouldn’t have open the Spoilers tag, but mind you, I wasn’t expecting to be bombarded with straightforward information.If you are offended, I understand. But this is just how I view it. Try to learn a bit from other authors or books. None of them are selling so much information on their synopsis. Let your story reveals itself, exposing it’s own charm. If you made it that way, even without revealing so much information, people will definitely be drawn to your story.

        Ok, I’m done. I’m sorry if I’m too harsh.

        • When I was providing extra info, I only wrote what I personally would want to know upfront if I was searching for my next read. But I realize preferences vary between people, which is why I appreciate honest feedback. Only by knowing both sides will we be able to meet in the middle.

          So thank you for your honest and helpful feedback. It has been noted and I will work on it. 👍

          P.S. I’m not personally offended, just wanted to point out that “Try to learn a bit from other authors or books” might have not been the most non-offensive way to word what you were trying to say. 😉

          • Thank you for replying positively. After reading the story, I can see the clear characteristics of MC and Blackie and I am not disappointed. I’m glad I decided to read it despite the first hesitation. I hope to continue enjoying it.

  7. After seeing so many new update notifications from Discord pop up: ooh, I should check out which lucky novel got many new chapters out 😀

    After reading the synopsis and A/N: yesyesyesyesyes, camping time~

    Thank you for translating this! >w<

    • this is an original work….Lucy Pan Dora is the writer so its not a translated work but an original work posted here.

  8. Synopsis seems a little too long? Perhaps shortening the Noah and Black interactions would help. Still, looking forward to see what this novel has to offer 🤩

    • I can remove some of them. Which one(s) would you say are redundant/least exciting or funny? The first one when Noah notices ML’s strange gaze? The second with the stripping? Third with a boner? The last one with actual snu-snu?Or do you think none should be removed but shortened instead?

      • I mostly agree with Zo Arai, except that I think it would be okay to leave one of the two dialogue sections (stripping/boner) that come right after the hungry wolf one. And the last one can be removed. The reason why I’d say this is because all three sections are mostly in chronological order, but only the last one would look weird if you remove the two before that (because there wouldn’t be prior context). Whereas for the first two that come right after the hungry wolf, both seem to look like they’d read well stand-alone, and their content is similar in that they’re both progressions of the hungry wolf. Then why not leave all three and not remove any? Mainly because I feel like the whole thing starts to read as one long scene of dialogue instead of key excerpts. And it also reveals more than necessary, instead of leaving the reader anticipating what might come after.

        Author’s notes with warnings are good. Any warnings should definitely be included so don’t worry about adding more as required.As for your spoilerish notes, (yeah I definitely had to click on them, I always do XD) I would say all of them are fine, though a bit long? So I see a chunk of text even though they’re actually in point form. Though I suppose this bit isn’t as crucial since it’s in the spoiler section anyway. But if you’re considering shortening them, e.g the second point can be shortened to something like “E mphasis is on romance, which means more sugar, fluff, and smut than mystery & adventure.” (Additions of appropriate exclamation points and/or emoticons will help to convey mood too). Although I would say most of the spoiler points are fine. It’s the 5th, 6th, and 7th which are more chunky. There are parts which definitely can be shortened, like ” Examples of what I mean by exciting pairings” can just become “E.g.” I understand if you just have your own preference of how you wanna write your synopsis of course. I may just be too used to synopses being shorter, the kind where a quick glance true can tell me all the necessary info for me to decide if I wanna read it XD

        • I say this and then I realise I forgot to properly space out my text so now it’s a text wall that I myself would feel disinclined to read (^^ゞ I’m so sorry…. 🙇‍♀️

  9. I—🥺 happy.jpeg

    Looking through the synopsis.. The system this time shouldn’t suffer excessive abuse from the host… Right? Ahhh so many chapters, why am I late seeing this just now…

  10. Hahahaha Synopsis is really smth

    Really “good” ” very truthwothy” system I already like him (¬‿¬)

    I like a part with all bros do this lol lol.🤣🤣

  11. The synopsis, the author’s note (the WHOLE thing) makes me definitely want to read this! better informed, better armed! I don’t want to invest my time and emotions into something only to find out later that there’s some triggers that I didn’t expect. I don’t know why some ppl are telling the author how to do her stuff…isn’t that like his/her artistic (or personal) choice? smh…besides, the synopsis/anecdotes obviously were made to flow sequentially, so doesn’t make sense to cut it short?

    Anyways, all the best author-nim! and thanks for the leengthy intro, really appreciate it


    • Author-sama has to write a lot every day if she intends to finish the series in her lifetime. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

      At least 14 arcs, each arc has a min of 80 chapters… 1120 chapters min, if there is a daily release that is 3 years, 6 years with every second day, 9 years if it’s every third day. If it’s once per week, we are up to 21 years and a half. 😅

      So… good thing author-sama isn’t writing just as a hobby, am I rite? ( ☞ ゚ ∀ ゚ ) ☞

  12. the synopsis sounds so good ah thank you so much for posting this <3 spreading this to my friends so we could camp together haha

  13. uwahhhh no abusive domineering MLs and not dubcon???? woah woah woah im so excited.

    im going to read this once finished (-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Oh yes the first arc!!! i cant stand not knowing ughhhhh so atleast i can console myself at how an arc ended and by the length im so glad because world building and getting to know the character more is what i crave. thank youuuu Lucy!!!!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

      • the first arc!!! i read by arc because if i go down the whole book i get burned out and i lose my motivation ahahhahahahahha so im going to wait for the first arc completion!!

        sending author-sama

        (ノ*>∀<)ノ 🌟✨ power up energy 🌟✨

  14. The Author sama’s misleading titles…pffft! Hahahaha! I can’t! ROFL! I was like, F*ck! This book is so pitted! Author-sama, can you not pit your readers like this? QAQ

  15. This novel 100% got my attention!!! After I finish the backlog of chapters of the novels I’m currently reading I’m definitelly going to binge read this one 💕

    Thank you, author-sama!