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Strong Offense and DefenseCh39.1 - Nie Chuan: Why am I in the same room as Reece?


Translator: Re

Editor: MadMadamMims pFjxte


That same night, Nie Chuan followed Carlo and the rest onto the train to New York.

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The whole way, Carlo kept expressing his disbelief. “I really didn’t think Reece would agree to take the train with us! Don’t you know this guy would just buy a first-class ticket and fly there?”

Ewing kicked Carlo and said speechlessly, “Even if you don’t speak, nobody would be able to think you’re a mute.” jU9enP

In addition to the five of them, there was also Peter and Zack, another team member.

The moment Peter saw Nie Chuan, he was in a bad mood because he knew that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to go on the court again to play and could only be a substitute.

They were sitting in the same train car. When Carlo excitedly opened a pack of cards to play with everybody, Reece directly closed his eyes to relax. Montenegro also held no interest towards playing cards and took out a book to read.

Nie Chuan wasn’t good at card games. When he lost, he didn’t even know how he had lost.


“Haha! Nie Chuan, you lose!” Carlo was incessantly happy.

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“If I lost then I lost.” Nie Chuan was speechless. Losing didn’t mean he would lose a piece of flesh nor would he be short a dollar. He really didn’t understand what Carlo was happy about.

“That’s no good! We must have a bet!”

“Bet? I don’t have any money. If I have to bet then I won’t play,” Nie Chuan directly refused. SsYKbd

Montenegro also nodded.

“We’re just playing cards, why would I want your money?” Carlo wore an ‘I’m not this vulgar’ expression.

Ewing sneered, not thinking highly of Carlo’s idea.

Carlo took out some sticky notes and a pen. “Each one of us who discards a card can write down an action, a part of the body, a person here and the degree of the action on a sticky note in that order! How about it? This game’s not bad, right?” FQaZv

Ewing smiled. “Boring.”

But he had obviously consented.

Peter looked at Nie Chuan and thought that it was a good way to sort him out so he nodded.

Zack didn’t think anything of it. If everyone wants to play then just play. CUPVAp

Sitting beside Nie Chuan, Montenegro kindly lowered his head and reminded him, “I recommend you sit out this game. Carlo is sometimes up to no good.”

Nie Chuan felt moved to tears. Earlier when Carlo said the rules of the game, Nie Chuan already had a bad feeling.

But just when Nie Chuan was about to open his mouth to say “I’m not playing, I’d rather sleep for a bit,” Carlo spoke first, “Allen, you’re not afraid are you?”

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“Qtja kbeiv P yf jogjlv bo?” Kl1f4S

“P vbc’a xcbk flatfg yfmjerf atfgf’r cbatlcu ab yf jogjlv bo!” Jjgib rtgeuufv tlr rtbeivfgr jcv, lc atlr kjs, tf qeiifv Rlf Jtejc lcab atf ujwf.

Ktf olgra gbecv bo atf mjgv ujwf qjrrfv ys jcv Rlf Jtejc ilnfv eq ab fzqfmajalbcr ys ibrlcu jujlc.

Carlo cheerfully distributed sticky notes to everyone. Ewing patted Nie Chuan on the shoulder as he comforted, “Don’t worry, we won’t make things too hard on you!”

Peter was the first to show his sticky note, on which read “pull.” 5SA64s

Ewing opened the second sticky note. It was “hair.”

Carlo revealed a disappointed expression, “How are you guys all like this? So boring!”

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On his sticky note read “Montenegro.”

Montenegro shook his head helplessly, “I have no intention of participating in your game.” GJ 2Nv

“Who wants you here?” Carlo’s face made people want to hit him.

Zack turned over the last sticky note which was written “pain.”

“Hahaha, so Allen, you have to pull on Montenegro’s hair until it hurts!”

Nie Chuan looked at Montenegro wordlessly. Montenegro extended his arm out very cooperatively, “In fact, you can just choose to not follow them in playing this kind of game that makes your IQ drop.” DsHyJU

“Forget it, his IQ dropped a long time ago,” Carlo laughed.

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Embarrassed, Nie Chuan pinched one of Montenegro’s hairs and pulled. Montenegro coolly responded, “It hurts.”

“Ah, that’s it?” Carlo was very disappointed.

Ewing knocked him on the head, “Did you expect Allen to pull out all of Montenegro’s hair?” OL508D

After the start of the second round, Nie Chuan truly invested 100% of his IQ yet he still lost.

“Hahaha! It won’t be so easy this time!” Carlo appeared very excited.

Nie Chuan covered his eyes. He decided not to play any more card games with Carlo after this round.

“Hurry! Hurry!” TBhxyP

According to the order of their cards, Peter was the first to go and what he had written was “lick”.

Nie Chuan’s shoulders shook as Peter snorted. It seemed that he wanted him to make a fool of himself.

Ewing had written down the word “lips” then raised his eyebrow at Carlo, hinting for him to write “Nie Chuan” since it wasn’t a big deal to lick one’s own lips.

However, with a smug expression, Carlo turned his sticky note over. The name written on it was: Reece. svBLIj

Ewing was stunned. Peter was also stunned. Even if he wanted to give Nie Chuan a hard time, he really hadn’t planned on dragging Reece into it.

Zack swallowed and suddenly didn’t know if he should open his sticky note or not.

“Quickly open it! What did you write, Zack?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Forget it, let’s stop playing.” Ewing wanted to crumple Zack’s sticky note but before he could reach for it, Carlo snatched it first. qrxKn5

“Ah! It turned out to be ‘intense’!” Carlo showed Nie Chuan the paper, “So you have to lick Reece’s lips until he’s satisfied……”

Ewing got up and covered Carlo’s mouth. “I really want to just knock you out!”

“Wu…… wu……” Carlo pried away Ewing’s hand with great difficulty.

Everybody looked at Reece, focusing on his lips. 2Wiy q

In that split second, Nie Chuan thought of that kiss in the library — the way Reece’s tongue had swept through his mouth, the intensity of his sucking, as well as all the sensations that suddenly poured into him.

“Hey Carlo, you’re really pushing it.”

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“Yeah! Just what is your head made of!” Ewing hit Carlo on the head again.

“Ouch, how about we change…… change Reece’s name to mine then! Allen, you can come lick me! I don’t mind……” Carlo wore an ‘I’m aiding the feelings between friends’ expression. KfkCPv

Ewing covered his eyes, he really didn’t feel like talking anymore.

“Could someone tell me how this guy was able to survive until today?”

Reece’s eyes remained closed as if their conversation had nothing to do with him.

It was precisely because of this that Nie Chuan didn’t feel as embarrassed. e3nS2T

“Alright alright! We won’t play anymore! Let’s all get some sleep. The one we’re dealing with tomorrow is CBU!” Zack finally helped smooth things over. He put away the playing cards and returned them to Carlo.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Carlo sighed. He knew that getting Nie Chuan to lick Reece’s lips was an absolutely impossible task. In reality, he had just wanted to see Nie Chuan’s embarrassed face.

The inside of the car suddenly quieted down.

Nie Chuan also closed his eyes and pretended to go to sleep. ndLa2c

No one knew how desperately he wanted to drive Reece’s kiss out of his mind. That feeling when his tongue was hooked and played with by Reece’s, the decisive and vigorous sucking that it brought, as well as the sensations of his blood surging and his heart stopping — Everything would just pour into Nie Chuan’s mind like a flood. Whenever he drove those thoughts away, they would impatiently reappear without fail.

When the train finally reached the station, Reece got up, slung his duffel bag over his shoulder, and left ahead of Nie Chuan.

They arrived at the hotel Carlo had booked in advance and began assigning rooms.

Ewing raised his hand to room with Montenegro while Peter and Zack likewise agreed to share a standard room together. Carlo was a step faster in slinging his arm over Nie Chuan’s shoulder, “Hey, Allen, let’s share a room!” QvMPj3

“That…… I wanted to have my own room……”

To be frank, after the game just then, Nie Chuan really didn’t feel like speaking to Carlo.

At that moment, Reece went up to Nie Chuan and directly said, “Your ID.”

Nie Chuan’s conditioned reflex was to reach his hand in his pocket. By the time he reacted, Reece was already going to the hotel’s reception desk with his ID to register. 2COeiJ

“Hey, Reece! That’s a foul! How can you just directly take Allen’s ID like that!”

Reece didn’t pay any attention to Carlo as he gave Nie Chuan’s bag a pull. Nie Chuan followed after him.

Only when they entered the elevator did Nie Chuan react.

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My God! He actually has to sleep together with Reece tonight?! 46yINw

In accordance with this person’s nature of monopolizing a student apartment by himself, how could he tolerate living with others?

When the elevator opened, Reece walked out with Nie Chuan following behind him like a shadow until he unlocked the door with the room card.

The hotel Carlo booked certainly wasn’t expensive. The standard room wasn’t big but it looked very clean.

Reece hung his clothes in the closet then put his toiletries away. MhNiRl

Nie Chuan didn’t know what to do and could only sit foolishly on the edge of the bed.

After Reece got everything in order, he turned to look at Nie Chuan, “Do you have anything you need to put in the closet?”

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“No,” Nie Chuan shook his head.

If the intersection between him and Reece wasn’t basketball then it was advanced mathematics. Apart from these, he and Reece could hardly find a topic. AKikqV

“In tomorrow’s practice match with CBU, we will probably have to face Owen Wishaw. Do you understand what that means?”

Nie Chuan’s heart tensed. How could he forget Owen Wishaw? His performance last year was really too dazzling.

“Ah Chuan, you need to remember that a basketball game isn’t a duel. If Owen is marking you, what you need to do isn’t to win against him but to let your team win the entire game. Understood?”

“En.” ankCcv

Nie Chuan nodded as he looked in Reece’s direction.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If the last time Reece called Nie Chuan “Ah Chuan” was to comfort him when he was feeling disheartened from not performing well in front of Connor, then this time it was to remind Nie Chuan what he must remember.

“Very good.”

Re: Can someone teach Carlo how to be a better wingman xD cawIMS

MadMadamMims: lmao when even ur friends think u need to get it on >< I feel u Carlo

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