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Strong Offense and DefenseCh37.2 - Chocolate Flavored Taotao


When he said such provocative words with his icy voice, Nie Chuan’s heart almost collapsed!

Nie Chuan looked at Reece but Reece’s expression remained indifferent, as if what he had said just now was as simple as saying ‘I’ll give you a piece of chocolate to eat.’ U6QE14

Nie Chuan really wanted to beat him up then shout out ‘Go to hell!’

If he told other people that Reece used condoms to tease him, it was certain that not a single person would believe him. They would just feel that he, Nie Chuan, was discrediting Reece.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But Nie Chuan was really upset ah! He felt like an honest but average student who had been bullied by the bad to the bone top student but he had no way to tell the teacher.

“Yeah, I like the chocolate flavor. If you have the ability then go buy it ah!” Nie Chuan lowered his voice and replied fiercely. DsEMS7

Maybe it was because Reece would accompany him in long-distance runs every morning, maybe it was because he would bring him bone soup to drink a few times every week, or maybe it was because he would drive him back to school every weekend, but Nie Chuan was no longer as scared of Reece.

Reece pressed his hand over the towel on Nie Chuan’s head, then left arrogantly.

The girls from the cheerleading team finally got their opportunity. Most of them surrounded Reece, asking him if he wanted to drink mineral water or if he wanted this or that. The rest were basically with Carlo. Two even asked Ewing if he wanted to go to the movies with them that night.

The remaining three – Nie Chuan, Montenegro, and Peter – were left standing there.


“I feel a little uncomfortable,” Peter said.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s very uncomfortable,” Nie Chuan replied.

Montenegro didn’t speak but when Nie Chuan nudged him with his elbow, Montenegro made a sound of agreement.

At this time, Celine came up to Reece and handed a box to him with a smile. “This is to thank you for sending me the flowers last time.” bgXlDy

Nie Chuan stared fixedly.

“Wah, Allen, that girl…… isn’t she the one you like?” Ewing put his arm around Nie Chuan’s shoulder, his expression sympathetic.

Don’t accept it! Don’t accept it! If you dare accept her gift then I’m breaking off my relationship with you!

Reece had both hands in his pockets with no intentions of extending them. W7OZ8E

“No need.”

“This is his favorite thing, don’t you want to know what it is?” Celine’s eyes seemed to be hinting something.

Nie Chuan’s eyes were almost spitting fire.

Damn! Celine is flirting with you! What did you even say to her on her birthday? Ogcmvr

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“His favorite thing to eat is chocolate, his favorite female star is Jennifer Lawrence, his favorite dim sum is Chinese cha siu bao, and his favorite soup is bone broth. What else do I need to know?”

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“Qtja jybea tlr ojnbglaf wjc?” Jfilcf jrxfv.

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Nie Chuan nearly rushed over but was caught by Ewing.

“Bro! Calm down……”

Reece dodged to the side and her lip only brushed his chin.

“What are you doing?” Reece lowered his voice and the atmosphere abruptly cooled. r3flvN

“I already told you, I’m thanking you for my birthday.”

When she finished, Celine turned and left.

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Nie Chuan’s face fell.

He already knew that perhaps such a scene would happen one day, but he never thought it would play out so clearly in front of him. HpTbwU

Ewing patted Nie Chuan on the shoulder and said helplessly, “Allen, that…… this is actually nothing, it’s really nothing…… would you like some gum?”

“No need.”

Carlo looked at Nie Chuan who was obviously very upset yet pretending that it was nothing and sighed helplessly. He turned to the girls beside him, “Who has chocolate?”

“I have! It’s mint flavored!” 3 pCFo

“Oh, thanks! I’ll take you to a movie this weekend.”

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Carlo unwrapped the chocolate and came up to Nie Chuan. He looked up at the sky before asking, “Eh, Allen, how are pigs flying in the sky?”

“Ah? What?”

As soon as Nie Chuan raised his head, Carlo stuffed the chocolate into his mouth. bEDMz0

Nie Chuan immediately felt as if he had been cured.

“Ah, life is just like chocolate, first it’s bitter then it’s sweet!”

At that time, Reece came over and raised his chin, “Let’s go.”

While comforting Nie Chuan, Carlo hinted at Reece with his eyes to explain why he had gotten kissed by Celine just now. hd164B

However, Reece merely said to Nie Chuan, “Let’s go.”

Nie Chuan was indignant but he didn’t take an angry stand against Reece. He wasn’t Celine’s boyfriend so he had no right to dictate her actions.

What’s even more pitiful was that it was clearly him who asked Reece to send Celine flowers.

It was truly self-inflicted, he couldn’t live anymore ah! DVQu8O

When he thought of this, Nie Chuan became even more dispirited.

That night when Nie Chuan returned to his room, Zhou Bin was online browsing his friend’s Facebook. As soon as Nie Chuan came in, with a “thump——”

He closed the laptop.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Haha, Ah Chuan, you’re back?” sdpSiN

“What’re you doing? What are you turning the computer off so fast for?” Nie Chuan arrived beside Zhou Bin and suspiciously opened his laptop.

“I’m not looking at anything ah! Just, you know, those videos!”

“Liar, if it was that kind of video then you would get me to watch it with you.”

Nie Chuan resolutely opened the laptop. It turned out that Lily’s Facebook had uploaded a picture of Celine kissing Reece. Because Reese had retreated too quickly, the photo was blurry. However, it was still possible to make out the moment when Celine almost made contact with Reece. XrGh8L

“Oh…… you’re looking at this ah.”

“That…… haha, don’t pay it any attention. You already knew that Celine likes Reece, didn’t you? Also, Celine isn’t the only beauty at DK, isn’t that right?”

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“En, yeah.”

Nie Chuan turned around and went into the bathroom to wash. At this time, Nie Chuan’s phone went off. Zhou Bin answered the phone for him, it turned out that Nie Chuan had an express delivery. iZ6yXU

Zhou Bing went downstairs to pick up the package for Nie Chuan.

When Nie Chuan came out, Zhou Bin informed him, “Hey, someone sent you a package! Maybe it’s a tenga cup!”

“If it’s really a tenga cup, I’ll give it to you ba!”

“Fuck, as if I need it! But I’m very curious, just who would send you an express package? Could it have been your mom?” Ahg4PC

“I don’t know either.”

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Nie Chuan found a box cutter. When he opened the package, countless small boxes fell out and the rich aroma of chocolate wafted out.

“Wa, seems like someone bought you chocolate! It wouldn’t be a new flavor that Mao Xian found ba?”

“Is it? Let’s open and try them!” MqKWXt

Nie Chuan picked one up and found the packaging of this chocolate to be rather strange.

Zhou Bin took a look before wordlessly throwing it back to Nie Chuan, “If you want to eat then eat it yourself ba! Eat some more! Be careful not to damage your little brother (penis).”

“Huh? What?”

Two seconds later, Nie Chuan abruptly woke up. 9HDIz1

“You bought these for yourself didn’t you? Is it necessary to pretend to not know anything in front of me?”

Damn! Who in the world sent him so many chocolate flavored condoms as a prank! Just how downright bored were they!

Then…… Nie Chuan remembered what Reece had said to him before the match.

Impossible! Impossible ba! Such a meaningless thing, Reece was probably just saying ba! J3IWE2

Nie Chuan turned the express delivery box over and looked at the label on the top.

Damn! Someone actually wrote on the express label with such serious handwriting to send chocolate flavored condoms to him!

Nie Chuan was almost fuming with rage!

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“I didn’t buy these for myself, it was Reece who sent them to me!” b8Bo02

Nie Chuan eagerly attempted to wash himself white in front of Zhou Bin.

“Reece Reddington? If you said it was Mao Xian who sent them to you, I would have believed you! If you said it was Carlo Brandon then I would reluctantly believe it! Even if you said that I, Zhou Bin, had sent them to you while in my sleep, then I would try to persuade myself to believe it! But Reece Reddington? Nie Chuan…… that’s really enough oh!”

Zhou Bin shook his head helplessly.

In his heart, Nie Chuan was in tears…… Look ba, this is the consequence of speaking out. Nobody believed him. dzSNCf

Could it be that from now on, no matter how Reece bullied him, no one would believe it?

Re: In summary, Student Nie Chuan got bullied by Student Reece but Teacher Zhou isn’t buying it x’D

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

MadMadamMims: Yo, homegirl Celine gettin REAL brave, we said don’t come back a few chapters ago! And NC, you like this girl for real?! Reece says no ma’am!

QXcv V

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  1. that was a really bitchy move. celine knows reece doesn’t like her, KNOWS he only gave her flowers because of nie chuan, KNOWS he likes nc, but tries to kiss him in front of nie chuan WHO IS CRUSHING ON HER, to get back at them both? ugh. sis, find something better to do with your life.

  2. Celine trying to cause tension to get back at Reece is a huge dick move like cmon, he literally just rejected you cuz he was in love with NC 🙃 How is that something you’re justified in getting revenge for? Ugh.

    That said: “ He felt like an honest but average student who had been bullied by the bad to the bone top student but he had no way to tell the teacher. ” is such a good line, like unf! Delicious! Reece even followed through and sent Nie Chen this promised reward 😆😆😆

  3. Unrequited crushes suck. But that was a bad move by Celine. Both because that was uncalled for when neither Reece nor Nie Chuan did anything really bad to her, and because I bet Reece holds grudges. If she still wants him to like her, this is probably the worst way to do it.