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Strong Offense and DefenseCh3 - Losing love is a recurring little thing


Translator: Re

Editor: Mins z14RCW



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Achuan, do you feel like you lost face? I just heard Mark and them talking about it. Reese Reddington is the small forward of DK University’s basketball team! Small forward, you know? Score experts ah! Plus DK University basketball team is a powerhouse in the NCAA basketball league, having entered the semi-finals more than ten times! Although DK has declined these past few years, it’s said that just last year it has once again entered the quarter-finals!” Zhou Bin comfortingly said.


“Yeah! Yeah! And Reese Reddington was very famous in high school. He even got into DK because of his basketball skills! So losing to this guy is very normal!” 


“Oh… I’m fine! You guys don’t need to worry!” As Nie Chuan was pulled up by his two friends, he turned and looked in Celine’s direction. 

  1NDP b

At this time, Celine was watching the video that was recorded on the phone with relish. She moistened her lips, eyes full of yearning. A few of the surrounding girls could not hide the excitement on their faces. 

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Nie Chuan’s face suddenly fell. 


Zhou Bin and Mao Xian sighed in unison, patted Nie Chuan’s shoulder and said, “That’s just worship for an idol. Don’t mind it!” 


“Right right! Reese Reddington’s appearance is more in line with the aesthetics of European and American girls!” The last sentence of Mao Xian deeply stabbed Nie Chuan. 


“Celine is a European-American girl…” Nie Chuan bowed his head. 


Zhou Bin glared at Mao Xian, his meaning was ‘if you don’t know how to speak then don’t talk nonsense.’ 


Although he was hit hard by Reese Reddington’s basketball skills, Nie Chuan quickly recovered. Basketball is not his field after all. If it had been an online game, Nie Chuan guarantees he could ravage that guy Reese! 


He put on a smile and went over to Celine, summoning up all his courage and ignoring his failure just now to ask, “Hey! Celine, would you like to come with us to go eat Chinese Teppanyaki?” 

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Celine smiled at Nie Chuan. “I really want to go, but…” 


Living in America these past few months, Nie Chuan learned to ignore the nice things that Americans say in the first half of their sentence and focus instead on the words following the “but”. 

  x uNnv

“But I made plans with my friends to practice a cheerleading dance together.” 


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“Ah? What cheerleading team do you guys want to join?” 


“Of course it’s DK basketball team’s cheerleading team!” When speaking of the DK basketball team, Celine was full of joy and even a little shyness. “I really didn’t expect to see Reese Reddington and Carlo Brandon today! They’re so handsome! I don’t know anything about basketball but after seeing Reese’s dunk, I fell in love with it!” 


The smile on Nie Chuan’s face became stiff. A cold wind blew through his heart and a few dead leaves drifted by. 


After Celine and her classmates left, Zhou Bin and Mao Xian patted Nie Chuan’s shoulder. 

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“Achuan ah, next time will be better.” Mao Xian thought for a long time and finally squeezed out this sentence that had no comforting effect. 


“The next time will be better? How will it be better! Who lied to me saying that if I come to America I will be able to get a blonde girlfriend with big breasts and a big butt!” Nie Chuan turned around and glared at Mao Xian. 


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Mao Xian took two steps back, smiled and said, “Celine is not blonde, she barely has a chest, and her butt is not big…” 


Rlf Jtejc ibbxfv eq ja atf rxs jcv gfjiis ofia atja tf’r tjv fcbeut. 


Ljio j sfjg jub, tf obiibkfv tlr qjgfcar ab atf Fclafv Vajafr. Lf kjr oeii bo fzqfmajalbc atja tf mbeiv ufa j yibcvf yfjeas jr j ulgioglfcv yea atf lvfji lr oeii. Pc gfjilas, atfgf lr cb wfja ab fja ja jii!

[T/N: meat is usually sex so it’s saying Nie Chuan wasn’t able to get any] dxgusE


The first girl he had a crush on was Lily, whom he met during a morning run. 


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Lily was very enthusiastic and even patiently listened to Nie Chuan speak English. With her help, Nie Chuan’s speech improved quite rapidly. Two weeks later, when Nie Chuan confessed, Lily regretfully told him that she liked the captain of the school football team!  Oi8I7j


Unwilling to give up, Nie Chuan wanted to continue pursuing Lily. Holding roses, he went to the coffee shop that Lily frequently visited.


It turned out to be a very stupid decision. k9oJUF


When Lily’s tall and strong boyfriend appeared in front of him while holding her, the other had fiercely glared at Nie Chuan in warning. Nie Chuan was so frightened that he almost dropped the roses he was holding.

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Since then, Nie Chuan no longer exercised in the mornings. zTaZLF


The second girl he liked was named Lucy. They met in the library. Lucy’s profile as she sat by the library window reading books was very beautiful. Whenever Nie Chuan passed by the library and looked up at Lucy’s figure, he couldn’t help but sing in his mind “This is destiny.” Nie Chuan, who never goes to the library to read books, unprecedentedly borrowed a bunch of random books and sat down next to Lucy. 


After a week, he finally passed a note to Lucy.  bMenFA


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Your profile while sitting next to the window is very beautiful, can I be friends with you? 


After a minute, Lucy passed the note back. When Nie Chuan unfolded the note with trepidation, he had the impulse to cough blood. SwvlQ


I’ve practiced this posture by the window for a long time in order for Wade from the swimming team to see me when he passes by the library after practice.


That night, Nie Chuan, holding his two brothers, painfully ate three big bowls of rice while in tears.  N5dBxi


Mao Xian helplessly asked, “Buddy, I say, do you really like textbooks ah? How are they all Lily and Lucy! Wouldn’t the next one be Paula?” 


“Who is Paula?” Nie Chuan completely can’t remember if there was a Paula character in the textbook.  wULtF1


Zhou Bin coolly replied, “Paula is that bird Lily and Lucy keep.” 


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Nie Chuan: “…”  bJSCMX


And the third girl that Nie Chuan liked was Paula… *cough* no, it’s Lydia, a beautiful and rather handsome girl with short hair. 


One time, Nie Chuan’s bicycle broke. On the road to school, he tinkered for a long time yet could not fix it. Lydia, riding her bicycle, had passed by him and then stopped. In a few minutes, Nie Chuan’s bicycle was fixed. Nie Chuan was greatly moved and even joined Lydia’s bicycling club.  qUcmrE


Nie Chuan was very careful in investigating and found out that Lydia didn’t have a boyfriend. She also didn’t seem interested in any football team or swimming team members, so Nie Chuan assuredly and boldly confessed. 

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Lydia hammered Nie Chuan’s chest with her fist. “What are you doing! I think of us as sisters! Plus I have someone I like!”  HSCJmw


What? Sisters? Where is he like a woman? Was he actually treated like a sister? It’s simply shameful! 


“I don’t believe it! Who do you like!” Nie Chuan asked unwillingly.  3xJSuX


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You can say that you don’t like me, but don’t use others as an excuse to reject me! 


Lydia pressed her forehead and said helplessly, “My girlfriend is the school fencing team’s…”  QaGKly


“Wait, your girlfriend?” Nie Chuan thought he heard wrong. 


“Yeah, my girlfriend… I am only interested in girls, did you not know?”  TySlLU


Nie Chuan’s three views split. 


“Hey… this is America! What’s with that look of surprise?” 2moPya


Nie Chuan’s beautiful expectations for love were all broken. At night he held his blanket while eating chocolates until he got a stomach ache. Since then, he has not been riding his bicycle. It rusted and was sold by Mother Nie at a low price. 


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Until the appearance of Celine. T86qGd


Celine has beautiful long hair. When he first moved into his family’s home, there was one time when she had rushed past Nie Chuan in a hurry to answer her phone. Her long hair had brushed past Nie Chuan’s cheek. His feelings in that moment had been… indescribable. To Nie Chuan’s surprise, he and Celine both attended the same university, and that was DK. 


It’s just that from Celine’s performance today, it can be seen that her interest in Reese Reddington is far more than ordinary, even wanting to join some cheerleading group. Nie Chuan can already see that the failure rate of his confession is as high as 100%.  Ds3W9K


He really hates these sports! 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


What football team! The swimming team and basketball team can all go die!  J3AEbv


Nie Chuan sorrowfully walked home with Zhou Bin and Mao Xian following behind him. 


Zhou Bin felt around in his backpack, found a piece of chocolate that had already become soft, and stuffed it into Nie Chuan’s hand. J1OrdV


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Achuan! Eat some chocolate to supplement energy! We must challenge this unfair world to the end!” Zhou Bin’s voice was full of positive energy. 


“En.” Nie Chuan nodded and tore the chocolate wrapper. It had not even reached his mouth before it broke and dropped onto Nie Chuan’s T-shirt. “Ah! If it stains the shirt, my mom will kill me!”  oAwcHK


Mao Xian reached out and caught the falling chocolate, “Achuan! What to do?” 


“What do you mean what to do? Of course I have to eat it!” Nie Chuan lowered his head. S7tjnb


“Wait, don’t lick me! So disgusting!” Mao Xian threw the chocolate out of his hand. 


Nie Chuan made a disappointed expression and could only take apart the wrapper and carefully lick it clean. 9TdvgW


Zhou Bin breathed a sigh of relief. Nie Chuan finally wasn’t thinking about the matter of being defeated and Celine’s infatuation with Reese Reddington so he won’t need to painfully eat ten large Cha Siu Bao or something. [T/N: Cha Siu Bao= barbecued pork buns]


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“Nie Chuan, I still have some fruit candy here, do you want it?” Mao Xian pulled out the candy from his pocket.  1yDmcj


“Want want want! Give it!” Nie Chuan took off the paper, threw it into his mouth, and continued to walk forward with his hands in his pockets. 


Zhou Bin shook his head helplessly. “This guy is really… if a beauty comes he will flood, give him some chocolate and he will be brilliant. Well, the scar will never remember the pain.”  NxGI73

[T/N: flood= 氾濫 (fànlàn) while brilliant= 燦爛 (cànlàn), the two rhyme]


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Are you condemning him?” 


“No, I’m praising him.” 


At this time, Carlo was driving while Reese looked out the window quietly with his chin on his hand.


The sky was already dark, the street lights passed across Reese’s mysterious eyebrows over and over again. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Hey, I say, weren’t you too serious towards that kid today?” Carlo glared at Reese and asked.


“I didn’t.” 


“You didn’t? What about the last one? Is it because he almost passed you?” 


“He can’t bypass me.” 


“But he did a great job on that last one didn’t he? It’s just because he almost passed you in that moment that you became serious! Even I’m not sure I could succeed if it was me.” 


“So he failed.” Reese’s reply had a ‘it was only natural’ meaning. 


“Hey… he’s still a kid. Your slam dunk made him fall onto the ground! If he gets a psychological shadow and doesn’t play basketball in the future then it’d be a pity!” Carlo said with some worry. 

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“Do you really want him to join our basketball team?” 


“… Forget it, he looks so small that he probably doesn’t have much hair there! By the time he can enter the basketball team, we should have already graduated for many years.” 


“Then you can rest assured. A college student who can enter DK is definitely not a kid.” 


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“What? College student? Are you joking with me? Is he also DK?” Carlo showed a ‘You’re playing with me’ expression.



Re: Carlo, Asians don’t raisin 0w0 also poor Nie Chuan’s failed confessions have me cracking up x’D 


MadMadamMims: NC must be super unaware if he’s gettin labeled as the gay friend >< and who’s not a kid enjoying candy from his bros? lol fXSD4H

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