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Strong Offense and DefenseCh13 - Pool Party Invitation


Translator: Re

Editor: Mims kgX Je



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Nie Chuan’s eyes can’t help but sour, he couldn’t even see the lines of the floor clearly. 


“You look very upset.” 


“No,” Nie Chuan replied. 



“You do. Because just now you concentrated all your energy and tried your best.” 

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That voice is too close, too clear. The moment Nie Chuan looked up, he saw that Reece bent down with his hands on his knees, his head deliberately lower than Nie Chuan’s face in order to see his expression clearly. 


Nie Chuan stepped back, but he never thought that Reece would actually extended his hand and gently brush his knuckles against his left eye. 


It was clearly an action without strength but it instantly made Nie Chuan’s tears fall. 


“Failure will not make a person who has not worked hard sad. If you try as hard as you did just now for every goal in the future, no one will be able to stop you.” 


Please don’t give me *chicken soup for the soul. That was for Connor, not for you. 

[T/N: an idiom for consolation/comfort] 70eKXp


Nie Chuan rubbed his eyes and complained when his stomach made a grumbling sound. 


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At this time, Reece retrieved his watch from the chair on the side and looked at it. “It’s already ten.”  xwMY o


“What? Ten already?” Nie Chuan was dumbfounded. 


He actually played for more than four hours without realizing?  2pU5QZ


He didn’t feel anything at all… ah, no, now he feels hungry and simply wants to collapse. 

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“Let’s go eat something.” Reece threw a white towel on Nie Chuan’s face.  EnBbS1


Before Nie Chuan can wipe his sweat with the towel, he was pressed on the head. 


He felt Reece’s palm rubbing his head through the towel.  wpgjVm


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Are you afraid of me?” 


“Ah?” Nie Chuan looked up. What he saw were Reece’s eyes.  z08KYa


It was still the same indifference. With one raise of the eyebrows and people would tremble in fear but that smirk on his lips amidst the sharpness has a different kind of sex appeal. 


“N-… not afraid.”  CaEGWK


Not afraid of you my a**! 


At this time, McDonald’s is the only one still open.  9xYH D


This time, Nie Chuan ordered a meal without taking a long time to make a decision. He ate the hamburger in big gulps and finished two pairs of chicken wings. His speed of drinking Coke was the fastest ever, reaching the bottom in one breath, and then uncontrollably giving out a long burp. 


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“Eating so fast, it’s easy to get esophageal cancer,” Reece said in Chinese.  RxSLOU


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Effmf tjv pera olclrtfv fjalcu tlr yegufg jcv kjr ribkis fjalcu atf Mgfcmt oglfr. Llr abcuef qertfv ilutais jujlcra atf abq bo atf oglfr, atf qlmaegf bo tlw ylalcu kjr lcfzqilmjyis rfzs.  Z6jdB8


Nie Chuan suddenly felt that it was a pity that he did not model! 

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For example, sports drinks! Sports perfume! Men’s underwear!  ufpJqW


And then playing on the city’s shopping center’s LED screen would be the scene of Reece in a famous brand of men’s underwear while playing basketball… Those women would probably stand under the LED screen all day to capture him with their phones! 


“What are you thinking?” Reece leaned back in his chair with a slightly teasing smile on his lips.  3qthGe


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He seemed to have guessed Nie Chuan’s thoughts again. 


Nie Chuan suddenly became nervous. “No! I wasn’t thinking about anything! I’m just a little tired!”  Ew4If9


Nie Chuan shifted to the right when he suddenly bumped into Reece’s left leg under the table. With basketball shorts on, Reece’s slender calves were exposed. Nie Chuan’s legs just happened to brush past them. Surprised, he hurriedly took his leg back and dodged to the other side, but to Nie Chuan’s horror, he bumped into Reece’s right leg instead. 


Reece’s right leg felt the collision from Nie Chuan and kicked back once, as if warning him to not move carelessly. ntOMwr


Nie Chuan then realized that he was actually sitting between Reece’s legs! 


If he needed to blame someone then… blame McDonald’s double table for being too narrow! Also, what is this Reece Reddington doing with such long legs! Is he going to use them as chopsticks?  1GnKdq


Reece leaned back in his chair and looked at Nie Chuan calmly. If he didn’t get up, it would be really inconvenient for Nie Chuan to leave his seat. 


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“I… I want to go to the convenience store next door to buy something…”  mZBxLU


“Buy what?” Reece asked seemingly unintentionally. 


“Chocolate……”  OJwCi3


“Oh.” Reece finally got up with his hands in his pockets. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Nie Chuan breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and arrived at the convenience store next door.  AjDadG


He hasn’t had chocolate in a long time! Although he was full after the burger, Nie Chuan felt that there was still a lot of room in his stomach when he saw the various packages of chocolate.


He quickly took two. When he was on his way out, he found Reece looking at the shelf next to the checkout counter with the corners of his lips raised.  W9GtFm


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Nie Chuan followed his line of sight and blood suddenly rushed to his ears. 


Because there were condoms of all types and tastes…  sKhbPR


For someone like Reece who is excellent in appearance, a school tyrant, and is even one of the main players on the basketball team, there should be a lot of girls willing to have a *spring breeze ba? And with Reece’s strength, maybe you can try all the positions in one night? [T/N: spring breeze = smexy time]


Everyone is a man, Nie Chuan deeply felt the disparity between himself and Reece.  Avufci


When he saw Nie Chuan coming over, Reece chuckled and asked, “Why are your ears red?” 


“No…” Nie Chuan placed the chocolate on the checkout counter like everything was normal.  cbtRzG


“Go and get two boxes of tampons,” Reece continued. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ha? What? Tampons?” Nie Chuan quickly reacted. “Is it for your girlfriend?”  gtpKQC


Reece eyebrows rose as he looked at Nie Chuan with the gaze of looking at a fool. “For you, idiot.” 


Nie Chuan is flabbergasted. He is a man and doesn’t get periods. What would he do with this? 7Ld4S8


Looking at his stunned expression, Reece suddenly reached out and pressed hard on his nose. “It’s not for stuffing underneath, it’s for here.” 

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Nie Chuan suddenly realized that if he was hit on the nose by his opponent’s elbow during practice or his nose got hurt and started bleeding for some other reason, then he can plug it with a tampon!  PXiJwp


Just… why did it feel so strange? 


Perhaps because his strength today has been completely exhausted, Nie Chuan couldn’t open his eyes the moment he sat in Reece’s Land Rover.  l5ogAG


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When he was getting out of the car, Reece suddenly stopped him.  oGWDH1




“Ah?” Nie Chuan shook and turned around.  E2l51


“Don’t tell them that I practiced basketball with you today.” 


“Why?”  vfas97


“Because they’re very annoying.” Reece’s voice lowered by an octave. 


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Nie Chuan suddenly woke up. “I know.”  BULYvN


“If you tell them, I’ll use your head as a basketball.” 


The moment Reece raised an eyebrow, Nie Chuan felt a chill.  cnfSd


“I… I promise!” 

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The Land Rover’s engine started, and Reece immediately left. PbANSu


When he returned to his student dorm, Zhou Bin had just returned from the library. 


Nie Chuan directly plopped onto his bed, he didn’t even want to move.  TMZjXS


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Achuan! Are you just going to sleep like this? What were you doing today ah!” Zhou Bin put down his books as he asked. 


“Playing basketball.”  7 c6XW


“Playing basketball…” Zhou Bin was stunned and then immediately smiled. “Achuan, you should still get up! Are you going to sleep without even taking a shower after playing basketball?” 


“So tired… let’s talk tomorrow ba…”  dg bvy


Zhou Bin helplessly sat on the edge of his bed and looked at Nie Chuan who was like a puddle of slime on the opposite bed. 

Nie Chuan didn’t even have the strength to swallow his own saliva. 

  a2 mZE

Zhou Bin helplessly sighed. “Want me to wake you up tomorrow?” 


“… Want…” 

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  RnHL i

“I knew it would be like this.” Zhou Bin came to Nie Chuan’s bed and smacked Nie Chuan’s head with a pillow. “I still want to talk to you.” 


“… Talk tomorrow…” 


But Zhou Bin obviously doesn’t want to wait until tomorrow to talk. 


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“So you know how Celine and I are both studying journalism and we have the same compulsory courses?” 


When mentioning Celine, Nie Chuan suddenly became energetic and looked up. “What about Celine?” 


Unless she really is together with Reece Reddington? 


Nie Chuan thought of Reece standing in front of the condom shelf in the convenience store today and his heart felt cold. 

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“Celine asked if you have time this weekend. Her friend is throwing a pool party and she asked if we would like to go.” 


“Pool party?” Nie Chuan’s eyes lit up. What emerged in his mind was the scene of countless beauties wearing bikinis playing in the pool. 


And Celine turning her waist and coming to Nie Chuan who is sitting by the side of the pool to send a glass of wine to his lips. 


Ah… his nosebleed would dye the whole pool red! 


“Hey! Hey! Get your head out of the clouds you idiot!” Zhou Bin silently used the pillow to smack Nie Chuan again. 


“Go! Go! Of course we have to go!” Nie Chuan nodded vigorously. 


Zhou Bin looked helplessly at Nie Chuan. “Then remember to call Celine tomorrow. But… compared to the swimming team, tennis team, and football team, is your body wearing swimming trunks worth looking at?” 

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“… Will those people be going?” 


Zhou Bin nodded. 


“Then what should I do?” 


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“My suggestion is that you tell Celine that you really want to go to the pool party, but because your body is always uncomfortable for a few days every month, you can only dress neatly and drink some drinks on the side while enjoying their good figures.” 


“I’m always uncomfortable for a few days?” Nie Chuan’s eyebrow rose, then he grabbed a pillow to beat at Zhou Bin. 


Nie Chuan was looking forward to the pool party. He and Zhou Bin had already been in this country for quite a long time, but they have never assimilated into the life and culture of its locals. Nie Chuan also wants to know whether a college pool party is the same as in the movies. 


He quickly fell asleep, and Zhou Bin took the opportunity to take off his basketball shoes and cover him with the quilt. 

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Nie Chuan had a very beautiful dream. In the dream, he was sitting beside the pool and Celine, like a beautiful mermaid, fell into the water and swam towards him. 


When she emerged from the water, her wet hair stuck to the back of her head and on her nose and brows were droplets of water. She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, propped her hands up on both sides of Nie Chuan, raised her head and started to kiss Nie Chuan. 


At that moment, Nie Chuan was dragged into the pool by a force. His swimming is rather good. Back in high school, he would go to his grandfather’s hometown to swim in the river every summer. But the other person’s strength was too great. He struggled urgently until he clearly saw the other person’s face. 


Reece Reddington! 



Re: lmao Zhou Bin making it sound like Nie Chuan is on his period 😂 well… to be fair he did get tampons *smirks* JjSmn5


MadMadamMims: LOL they are a mess ><

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