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Even until Death, the Scum Gong thought I was a White LotusCh4 - This Daddy Used You as a Substitute


Tan Tao brought Xie Mu back to his own house.

The house was clean and tidy, appearing warm and homely without losing style, Tan Tao’s temporary residence for hiding away from his parents.  It was now, however, distorted by Tan Tao’s silver tongue into a love nest for Xie Mu and him. cBDQzn

Xie Mu hesitated somewhat before sitting down on the sofa.  He looked around at the unfamiliar decor surrounding him, then looked towards Tan Tao, who was setting down the warm water he had brought over.  “Are we really lovers?”

“But…” Xie Mu could not help his look of trepidation towards Tan Tao, even as he tried his best to cover it up, “I had the impression that you really disliked me…”

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The hand Tan Tao used to the teacup tightened.  A flash of darkness flinted across his elegant and refined visage; however, when he lifted his head again, he had once more regained his ambiance of warmth.

He smirked, full of self-assuredness, “At school, I liked you, only at the time, I was afraid to admit.  That was why I acted the way I did that towards you.  Later, when you began working at Bo Qin’s company, we met again.” cdsAbS

“Xie Mu, you may have forgotten the progression of our feelings, but your body will not have.”

Although his eyes appeared calm as he spoke, Tan Tao had actually been trying very hard to recall the days of his youth.  An urge to bully arose suddenly.  He stared at Xie Mu, eyes fixated upon him, his gentle words wrapping around Xie Mu like a vine, “On the inside of your thigh, there is a small red mole.  That’s my favorite place to kiss whenever we do that.”

Under his gaze, Xie Mu’s face flushed slightly red; he could not remember if his inner thigh had such a mole.  He never wore short sleeves or short pantlegs in public as others had often teased him for being like girly due to his introversion from a young age.  Only those close to him had ever seen his body under his long-legged pants.

Tan Tao had almost persuaded him with his words, but his mind soon woke up.  His eyes grew more confused, “But if we’re lovers, why did the doctor tell me that Bo zong paid for my medical bills?”


When Tan Tao had brought him over, his luxury car did not seem like that of a person with no money.

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To this, Tan Tao also gave a reasonable answer.

“Your personality is introverted.  You were unwilling to let others know of our relationship, so we kept our relationship hidden.  Later, when you had your accident, Bo Qin helped us out as my brother.  Xie Mu, even though I was mean to you during our school days; however, later, I understood my wrongs.  You also forgave me.  If you still do not believe me, you can ask the hospital’s doctors and nurses, during this time, I really did go almost every day to see you…”

He spoke resolutely and clearly.  Hesitation shone through even more intensely on the youth’s face.  Clearly, in his memories, Tao Tao was still that person who had bullied and humiliated him, but if all this turned out to be fake, why would he lie? hQHBdt

“Then, then Bo zong…”

Even though he had already spoken to this point, Xie Mu still could not help but anxiously long for Bo Qin.  While gloom flashed in Tan Tao’s eyes, he let out an even gentler smile.

“Darling, since you’ve already resigned, you no longer need to think about Bo Qin.  I was terrified after this accident; I never want to lose you again.  Let’s announce our relationship, please?”

“But…” HjEmtR

“Alright.”  The man casually brought Xie Mu into his arms, his voice soft, “I know, you’re scared of the announcement bringing down my career, but that’s fine.  I don’t care about that; I only want to be together with you.  What is a little sacrifice?”

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Wlf Ze cbvvfv tlr tfjv ecmfgajlcis, la jii ofia ilxf j vgfjw.  Lbk mbeiv Kjc Kjb yf tlr ibnfg?

Even if he had a lover, it should be, should be…who should it be? pnIxyA

The young man covered his head, eyes perplexed.

“Be good.  If you can’t remember, just let it be.  The doctor stated that since your injury was too severe, you won’t be able to recover your memories.  Fortunately, you’re still alive and here.”

Tan Tao embraced the youth, earnestly guiding him, “On what day did your memory stop on?”

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“The day you poured water on me and locked me in the bathroom,” Xie Mu answered quickly. gZ0TG1

Tan Tao’s smile widened as he spoke, “Sorry, back then, I was too immature.  In the future, I will protect you well.”

He placed his chin on top of the youth’s head as he finished speaking, his silent smile growing ever larger.

Thank goodness, that event had yet to happen.

“Darling, it’s time to eat.” tkeNaF

Tan Tao hummed a song as he set down the dishes, plate by plate, onto the table.

Xie Mu looked at the table laden with food, eyes sparkling, then glancing towards the man wearing the apron, “Did you make all of this?”

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“Of course. After we got together, you were always busy with work with no time to cook, so I could only do it myself.”

Tan Tao lied through his teeth without a single flaw in his expression, but the youth in front of him suddenly frowned and covered his forehead. He hesitantly spoke up, “But, why do I feel like it was me who cooked…” bkAgXt

“Ah…” The man’s facade broke for a moment before he laughingly replied, “The doctor did say that you would remember some fragments. You must’ve remembered the days when I was too busy to cook, and you did it instead.”

He pulled the youth to sit down, the image of gentleness, “Darling, stop thinking about all these things; they’re all in the past. Quickly eat up, these are all your favorites.”

Xie Mu lowered his head and saw that, indeed, all the dishes on the table were ones that he liked. Adding the fact that last night he had especially checked on that red mole, his doubting heart slowly settled.

However, he still searchingly asked, “How did we get together?” fR6Bnj

Tan Tao replied, “I confessed to you. In the beginning, you wouldn’t agree. Only after chasing you for a long time, did you finally agree.”

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“After we began our relationship, you worried about the paparazzi disrupting our lives.  You were reluctant to expose our relationship, to the extent of even being unwilling to take pictures.  If not, I would be able to show you photos.”


“Yeah.  After graduation, I entered the entertainment industry.  Now I can be considered a pretty famous celebrity.” HxBr93

Tan Tao laughed warmly, reaching out to wipe the piece of rice sticking the youth’s mouth.  His tone was full of expectation, “Darling, I already announced it.  You are my lover, my only love.”

“In the future, I will protect you.”

This kind of gentle Tan Tao made Xie Mu fall into a trance.  The person who always brought people to blockade him in the restroom, and the man who drenched him with water, was he really his lover?

Xie Mu questioned, “That day when I was 19-years-old and you locked me in the bathroom, how did I get out?” qmbQxk

Tan Tao replied, “After, I regretted my actions and rushed back to school to rescue you out.”

“It was also then that our relationship started to thaw.  If not, later, you would not have agreed to be pursued, don’t you think so?”

The lies Tan Tao strung were truly without flaw.

The youth tentatively regarded the table full of his favorite dishes.  He hesitatingly nodded his head, “I believe you.” 6mSnyZ

Throughout his whole life, there had never been a person who had treated him so gently.  Since Tan Tao behaved this way, it must be lovers then.

As a popular, acclaimed actor, Tan Tao openly discussing the topic of homosexuality quickly rose through the news ranks, appearing on the front pages.

Xie Mu flipped through the various information published using the phone Tan Tao had given him.

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Tan Tao did not dare imagine the psychological impact for someone not used to being on screen, nor in a position of constant surveillance.  Thus, Tan Tao only stated that he had a same-sex lover, but did not expose the name nor face of Xie Mu. TRQX1V

From this period of interaction, the youth had come to believe Tao Tan’s words, even secretly looking forwards to their future together.

He was Tan Tao’s lover.  This man would tolerate him and take care of him.  The 19-year-old youth, who had felt for the first time kindness and warmth, became more and more deeply immersed in Tan Tao’s warmth.

As Xie Mu had yet to accept Tan Tao, the two slept separately.  Upon waking up, a bright-eyed Xie Mu told Tan Tao, who was cooking, that a dream had decided his heart.

“I think I might have remembered something related to our relationship.” YigaCV

Tan Tao’s hand shook, salt sprinkling out.

The young man standing on the side failed to discover anything strange.  He continued to chatter happily, “Last night, I dreamt of a man and I dining together, a candlelit dinner.  That man was you, right?!”

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“Of course.” Tan Tao tossed aside the salt jar, his pretty face displaying a pampering smile, “Concocting romance, is that not my best attribute?”

“Seems like we truly are lovers.”  Xie Mu said to him excitedly, “In the dream, I could feel my excitement and joy at being able to dine with you.” SCkPMV

The smile at the corner of Tan Tao’s mouth was a bit stiff.  The hand holding the spatula unable to refrain from tightening, his fingers exerting enough strength to whiten, “Really?  At the time, I still thought that you had yet to accept my intentions.”

Xie Mu radiated happiness at being able to remember something.  During this time, other than his initial vigilance, he worried the most that this was all fake.

He was too desperate for the care of others.  Even if the person caring was someone who had bullied and humiliated him, his 19-year-old self could not help but store some of that warmth deep in his heart.

His dream had resolved the issue that had continued to torment and worry him. 5UjEvl

He felt sweet and happy, “Tan Tao, I will try as hard as possible to remember more of our time together; I won’t forget you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tan Tao forced a smile, “Dear, there’s no rush.  The doctor said that shocking or stimulating your memories would do no good for you.”

“Then, I’ll help you.  Would you like to open a bottle of red wine?  I saw a bottle in the kitchen last night, x collection, your favorite, right?”

“Wait for a little.  I’ll cook a dish for you, bitter melon; I remember that you like this!” PKrZw0

The youth’s smile seemed to be begging for praise, naive and sweet.

One could tell that Xie Mu had already accepted Tan Tao; however, he, who should have felt happy, instead, felt as if all the blood in his body had frozen in his veins.

Red wine, bitter melon, these were all Bo Qin’s preferences.

Author’s note: dk4KRP

Xie Mu: 🙂 going to play you to death

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