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Even until Death, the Scum Gong thought I was a White Lotus

Even until Death, the Scum Gong thought I was a White Lotus 渣攻到死都以为我是白莲花

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Author: 糖尾帅
Total Chapters: 112 + 5 extras
Genre: Dog Blood, Quick Transmigration, Romance
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Translators: Tian
Release Schedule: Friday


Xie Mu’s task was to make scum gongs fall in love with him.

He skillfully disguised himself as a white lotus, delicate and pitiful, kind and naïve.
Even if he became an existence thrown away by the slag gong like a cheap pair of shoes, it didn’t matter, because Xie Mu would quickly make him kneel and apologize, even willing to dig out his heart and present it on a silver platter.

—— and once the slag gongs fell in love, he would, step by step, lead them into hell:

[I didn’t abandon you, it’s you who abandoned the amnesiac me]

[I didn’t cuck you on purpose, I was being forced ah]

[Even though I used you as a substitute, but it wasn’t on purpose]

What could be crueler than abandoning someone only to want them back and find out that they’ve become forever out of reach?

Warnings: Fictional, brainlessly Mary-Sue, refreshing dog blood drama, love triangle antics, deceivingly harmless but inwardly dark main characters, there are no limitations on the morality of people, read with discretion

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  1. This is really interesting if the scum gang’s are treated as cannonfodder, it’s a new approach. Will there be a ML? I’m tilting b/w the ML being the scum gongs or a side character. Hmm… it’ll be really angsty if it’s the first.

  2. I must … resist … ah. should I save chapters for later …. shouldn’t open the translated chapter now … T^T this is so fucking hard….

  3. Sounds similar to Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong but I’m all up for heart wrenching and tear jerking dog blood novels!

    *Starts buying all the tissues*

  4. Hello thank you for translating this novel ….

    I have a question about this novel do we have only a MC and different scums gongs , or do we have theMC the scums gongs and a ML as well In the arcs …

    I’m not sure if I explain myself well, this novel is Mc vrs scum gong only with out ML or there are a ML as a 1:1 with MC later