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Even until Death, the Scum Gong thought I was a White Lotus

Even until Death, the Scum Gong thought I was a White Lotus 渣攻到死都以为我是白莲花

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Author: 糖尾帅
Total Chapters: 112 + 5 extras
Genre: Dog Blood, Quick Transmigration, Romance
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Translators: Tian, Nao
Release Schedule: Friday


Xie Mu’s task was to make scum gongs fall in love with him.

He skillfully disguised himself as a white lotus, delicate and pitiful, kind and naïve.
Even if he became an existence thrown away by the slag gong like a cheap pair of shoes, it didn’t matter, because Xie Mu would quickly make him kneel and apologize, even willing to dig out his heart and present it on a silver platter.

—— and once the slag gongs fell in love, he would, step by step, lead them into hell:

[I didn’t abandon you, it’s you who abandoned the amnesiac me]

[I didn’t cuck you on purpose, I was being forced ah]

[Even though I used you as a substitute, but it wasn’t on purpose]

What could be crueler than abandoning someone only to want them back and find out that they’ve become forever out of reach?

Warnings: Fictional, brainlessly Mary-Sue, refreshing dog blood drama, love triangle antics, deceivingly harmless but inwardly dark main characters, there are no limitations on the morality of people, read with discretion

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  1. This is really interesting if the scum gang’s are treated as cannonfodder, it’s a new approach. Will there be a ML? I’m tilting b/w the ML being the scum gongs or a side character. Hmm… it’ll be really angsty if it’s the first.

    • If it’s the ml lead it’ll be similar to survival guide of scum shou.. it was the similar dog blood story but the shou actually turned the gentle gong blackened by making them hate him because he didn’t want them to suffer after he left the world

  2. I must … resist … ah. should I save chapters for later …. shouldn’t open the translated chapter now … T^T this is so fucking hard….

  3. Sounds similar to Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong but I’m all up for heart wrenching and tear jerking dog blood novels!

    *Starts buying all the tissues*

  4. Hello thank you for translating this novel ….

    I have a question about this novel do we have only a MC and different scums gongs , or do we have theMC the scums gongs and a ML as well In the arcs …

    I’m not sure if I explain myself well, this novel is Mc vrs scum gong only with out ML or there are a ML as a 1:1 with MC later

  5. Translator-san, do your best! I’m cheering for this book. It realy poke my interest. I’ll read it after all chapter is translated or when more chapters are published. Thank you very much!