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Seizing DreamsCh98.2 - Escaping Danger


“Do you really think that all the people around you are zombies?”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha x07fyH

Yu Hao knew that Huang Ting, as a good buddy, had always been trying to help Chen Yekai find a partner. Still, saying it straight out like that was really too awkward, and Chen Yekai probably wouldn’t be interested in dating in such a situation.

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Zhou Sheng held his forehead with one hand, looking like he really didn’t want to see what was happening right now.

After Huang Ting cracked such an untimely joke, he sat at one side and took off his police cap. Zhou Sheng asked, “How is it? We should at least get an explanation ba? All of us almost lost our lives for this.” I4shmc

Huang Ting said, “It’s already been transferred to the investigation team for them to deal with, and all the suspects are under control as well. The internal situation in the city bureau is a bit messy right now, so I can only get a clear understanding of the situation in a few days. The identities of the kidnappers are a little complicated. One of them is a retired Sanshou athlete from the provincial team……”

Everyone was a little surprised.

Zhou Sheng said, “The one who fought with me?”

“I think so.” Huang Ting said, “He’s a very difficult opponent. At present, I think one of them was more familiar with the county’s surroundings and roads, and they were ready to take Qihang there to find an abandoned fish pond and……un.”


“They wanted to find a place to kill me.” Ou Qihang said, “That way, there would no longer be anyone who knows their secrets.”

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The ward fell silent for a moment. Yu Hao had to admit that that was the most reasonable explanation. Previously, Ou Qihang had thought of ending his life, so they wanted to fabricate a suicide scenario and let him go missing for a while before someone finds his corpse. A lot of clues would end with that then.

Perhaps, Ou Qihang could vaguely guess that he was already in danger, which was why he left the compressed files in Xiao Yujun’s laptop and hinted to Zhou Sheng about its password.

“What I can’t figure out,” Zhou Sheng was eating his rice and some rice grains had stuck onto his face. Yu Hao cleaned them off for him, and Zhou Sheng asked Ou Qihang, “was how you managed to free your hands to send us your message for help and ask us to go save you.” 70l h9

Yu Hao, “……”

Ou Qihang understood within seconds. “I sent it blindly. Once I got caught, I immediately felt about for my phone in my back pocket. Right after I sent the message and deleted it, they searched it out and took my phone away.”

Zhou Sheng responded with an “un”, “Amazing, I’d rather hold onto your thigh than a wall for support.”

Yu Hao thought, the two of you are way too kickass, could you guys get any better at fabricating a story right in front of Huang Ting?! Their questions and answers even flowed together so naturally too. At that moment, Yu Hao felt like his IQ got thoroughly and completely crushed. CXVUbs


Fu Liqun picked up a call, and from the look on his face, it should be from Cen Shan. He quickly got up and went out to take the call. Everyone chatted idly for a while longer. Yu Hao didn’t know what Huang Ting was allowed to say, so they discussed the meals that Zhou Sheng’s father had brought over.

Huang Ting, “I haven’t eaten yet.”

Yu Hao, “Tear off the lid of a lunch box, I’ll share some with you?” 0OhL8d

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Huang Ting, “Thanks.” He actually didn’t mind it at all, and began eating right after accepting it. He was obviously really hungry by now.

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Te Ljb, “……”

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Jtfc Tfxjl rjlv, “Lf’r qgbyjyis abb algfv.” slECp6

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So Ou Qihang got up. Yu Hao knew that the two of them had something to say to each other, so he didn’t follow and stayed in the ward to play games on his phone.

“What happened to the car?” Yu Hao said.

“Already informed someone to get it towed.” Chen Yekai said, “It’s okay, I’ve bought insurance.” HRiCVt

Chen Yekai looked at Ou Qihang’s receding figure, “Doesn’t seem as strong as you guys described him to be.”

“His psychological defenses finally collapsed ba.” Yu Hao smiled, “Just like that night when Gege carried me to the hospital; all of my persistence vanished without a trace within an instant.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Yekai smiled and studied Yu Hao.


Zhou Sheng went to the back door of the hospital; there was an expansive lawn there. After a bout of heavy rain, accumulated puddles could still be seen on the lawn. The temperatures dropped after every autumn rain; winter was coming soon.

A lighter was flicked on. Zhou Sheng lit a cigarette for Ou Qihang, and the two of them stayed silent.

Ou Qihang has always been a little apprehensive. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know where to start.

“Look at that wimpy face of yours.” Zhou Sheng mocked. oxIDfE

Ou Qihang laughed as well. Zhou Sheng said casually, “Why are you suddenly so humble now when you were so haughty before? High caliber student, let me guess? Because I have a superpower? Or is it because we’ve already seen through your heart?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Yes.” Ou Qihang said, “What’s the point of putting up a pretense in front of you guys?”

Ou Qihang let out a prolonged breath and squatted down at the back door of the hospital. Zhou Sheng remained standing. Ou Qihang squatted just like a prisoner, looking up to gaze at the starry sky in the autumn night.

Zhou Sheng said, “Do you really think that all the people around you are zombies?” jp56sh

Ou Qihang was stunned and cast a sidelong glance at Zhou Sheng.

“Your teachers, classmates,” Zhou Sheng didn’t look at Ou Qihang as he explained, “They are all writing pleas of leniency to the prosecutor’s office, and they all hope that you can get yourself together.”

“Jun Jie, whose laptop got snatched away by you, is willing to bear the risk of getting fired to uphold justice for you.”

“Huang Ting is a police officer, so I won’t say anything about him, but someone like Kaikai who has no relation to you at all can fight to save you without fear of losing his life.” Zhou Sheng stated, “What you are will determine what you can see in your eyes. If you live as a zombie, then everyone else in your eyes will be zombies as well. You can’t see any living person who possesses warmth, so your inner heart has turned into a wasteland.” lkXZ4R

Ou Qihang, “……”

“Man is the only one who can redeem himself.” Zhou Sheng put out his cigarette beside the trash can and said, “Jiayou ba.”


In the ward, Yu Hao checked Chen Yekai’s bag — his driver’s license and other credentials were all inside. VYG7xN

“You won’t consider Qihang?” Yu Hao smiled.

“Absolutely no interest at all.” Chen Yekai casually said, “That kid’s a little sensitive, don’t joke around in front of him; I don’t wanna attract any peach blossoms.”

“But your numbers don’t match either.” Yu Hao joked.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Yekai, “Numbers can be changed, it’s not a problem.” HASLbR

Yu Hao, “Oh?”

Chen Yekai smiled, “Of course the other party will change, do you doubt my ability?”

“That’s being overbearing.” Yu Hao said with a smile.

“What Chen Laoshi worries most about everyday is stirring up peach blossom debts everywhere.” Huang Ting yawned and had woken up after a short nap. QX6Hk8

Chen Yekai’s clothes were all dirty and muddy, his hair was also really messy, and he even had one hand in a splint now. Yet, he had been putting on an optimistic front ever since arriving at the hospital, and Yu Hao knew that he was afraid that they would feel upset and guilty, so he was always wearing a smile on his face. This was probably one of the most sorry states Chen Yekai has ever been in, but even though he was in such dire straits, Yu Hao still thought that he was handsome, that he was really handsome.

It’s really a great pity that such a good guy always remained single.

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After Zhou Sheng and Ou Qihang smoked a cigarette, they found Fu Liqun, and all three of them came back together. Huang Ting put on his police cap, looked at everyone, and was about to say something when Chen Yekai interjected, “So that’s it for today? I still have classes tomorrow morning.” QPiT1V

“There will be a lot of investigations in the near future.” Huang Ting said, “I’ll try to get them not to bother you guys too much and ask them to resolve it all in one shot if they can so they won’t invite you guys back for questioning all the time. But this case is very serious and involves a lot of things in many different ways, so I hope everyone can understand.”

“Understood.” Everyone said in succession.

Huang Ting, “I’m really ashamed to say this, but I have nothing I can use to repay you guys……”


“Get out of here!”

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Several people couldn’t help but laugh. Huang Ting fell silent for a moment, then nodded in the end and snapped his fingers at Ou Qihang to indicate for him to withdraw.

Zhou Sheng suddenly said, “Watch him properly. If something happens again, we’ll go after you.”

Zhou Sheng’s tone was extremely stern, with an undertone that didn’t brook any refusal. XDBH2o

“Certainly.” Huang Ting said, “It’s been hard on you guys today, get his mother to stew some pig trotters for Chen Laoshi another day.”

Huang Ting got scolded a few times again before he whistled and hummed a song as he took Ou Qihang away with him. Zhou Laichun arranged for a car to wait outside the hospital entrance to send them back. The three of them sent Chen Yekai back to his dormitory, and Chen Yekai said, “It’s okay, I’ll soak in the bathtub to take a bath. You guys should hurry back ba.”

Although it was inconvenient for Chen Yekai to move about with one hand, he could still take care of himself, so Zhou Sheng wasn’t worried about him anymore. When they climbed back to their dormitory, the three of them then felt thoroughly spent.

Yo! Went for a fight again? You actually didn’t call us along?” Someone from the opposite dormitory said when he saw Yu Hao, Zhou Sheng, and Fu Liqun’s swollen faces as they returned. l3 BCk

“Don’t mention it anymore.” Fu Liqun said, “Almost got beaten to death.”

Zhou Sheng said, “We can’t all fit in one car, get Kaikai to change to a truck someday.”



Yu Hao carried a stool into the bathroom and helped Zhou Sheng take a bath. Zhou Sheng’s body was covered in superficial wounds from head to toe, so they had to be careful about them getting infected. He sat like a huge monkey, and although he had been beaten until his whole body had sustained injuries, his front was still standing up so he felt a little embarrassed.

“I’ll do it myself.” Zhou Sheng said.

“Your father asked me to wait on you in helping you take your baths.” Yu Hao said earnestly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yo.” Zhou Sheng said, “So now you’re acting on your superior’s orders?” yY0Itf

Yu Hao smiled and wiped Zhou Sheng’s back for him. Zhou Sheng said, “I didn’t expect him to show up in person today. When I fucking saw that old man come down with an iron rod, it really scared me. I thought he’d get hit a few times.”

“He loves you too, doesn’t he?” Yu Hao got up to take a towel, “Ai sometimes I really can’t stand the two of you, always saying things that you guys don’t mean……” As he spoke, he stood on tiptoe to help Zhou Sheng wipe his hair and body. When he knelt down on one knee to wipe his legs, Zhou Sheng just stood and looked at him with a grin on his face.

“Could you behave yourself a little?” Yu Hao smiled, “Still not resting easy when you’re injured.”

Zhou Sheng blew up, “This is a physiological reaction, I can’t help it, how can I behave myself……” ugPcvM

“You looked so cool today when you took on three of them by yourself.” Yu Hao suddenly said, “Done washing up, go out ba.” As he spoke, he put his arm around Zhou Sheng’s neck, made him lower his head, and kissed him.

“I’m a General after all, how am I supposed to go to war otherwise?” Zhou Sheng wrapped himself with a bath towel and went out in a carefree manner.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Juurensha: Hahaha, preening ZS is always fun lZVifc

Translator's Note

Sanshou, also known as Sanda, Chinese boxing or Chinese kickboxing, is a Chinese self-defense system and combat sport.

Translator's Note

jnlkjans THIS WORD PUN OH GOD I’m just being god damn liberal with this. The actual pun was: I’d rather admire (fu) you than hold (fu) onto a wall for support

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