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Seizing DreamsCh98.1 - Escaping Danger


“Do you really think that all the people around you are zombies?”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha eQUgdE

Zhou Sheng wiped his face and slid down the mountainside. One more person had joined their side; Huang Ting wielded a gun in his hand, and the situation was immediately reversed.

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Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng couldn’t stop gasping for breath. His elbows and knees were all covered in wounds, but he hadn’t sustained any serious injuries. He nodded to indicate that he was okay, but his eyes were fixed on the movements of their four enemies.


The thunderstorm continued to roar around them; the driver shouted out some words in dialect, and the four of them suddenly dispersed before rushing forward together — they were actually trying to seize Huang Ting’s gun! Huang Ting was clearly well-trained; he pulled away from them and fired a shot in this rainy night. When Yu Hao heard a gunshot in reality, he was instantly stunned.

“Fuck!” It was Zhou Sheng’s first time encountering such people who didn’t seem to fear death; he immediately flipped onto the top of Huang Ting’s car and lunged forward once again!

There were four enemies; one of them had been downed by Huang Ting in an instant, but the other two entangled themselves with Huang Ting and grabbed his wrist. Another gunshot was heard, but this shot failed to hit its target. Once someone got close to Huang Ting, he immediately began wrestling with the enemy to prevent his gun from being taken away. Another car drove up the mountain and turned on its high-beam, which blinded everyone for a moment.


“Their reinforcements are coming……” Zhou Sheng said as he retreated, “Run now! Everyone should try to get away!”

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Ou Qihang, Fu Liqun, and Yu Hao steadily retreated, then the door opened, and Zhou Laichun shouted, “We’re on your side!”

Immediately afterwards, four people rushed down from the car, and Zhou Laichun was wielding an iron rod. znpgEW

Zhou Sheng, “……”

“Hide behind!” Zhou Laichun said, “Get in my car!”

The scene turned chaotic; Zhou Laichun joined the fight, and the pressure on Huang Ting immediately lightened. The third gunshot sounded and Zhou Laichun was taken aback too. “Whose gun is that?!”

Huang Ting, “Keep your distance! Don’t engage in a scuffle!” 8CHGmi

“Ours!” Zhou Sheng said, “What are you doing here?!”

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Zhou Laichun was furious, “What the hell are you doing?!”

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In the next moment, a helicopter could be heard as well as the roar of a car engine. Two glaring lights shone down. Yu Hao looked up, Zhou Sheng held him in his arms and raised his hand to shield him from the light.

“Why does it seem like they’re making a movie?” Zhou Sheng said.

Yu Hao was breathless and couldn’t even say a single word — this was his first time feeling like he had just escaped the clutches of death.

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People began shouting overhead. When the enemies realised that they could no longer escape, they all squatted down, one after another, and placed both hands on their napes. Armed police came over and handcuffed all of them first. Huang Ting got onto a car, flashed his police ID, pointed at them, and everyone got on the car, then someone unlocked their cuffs. 2AKpfc

“Chen Laoshi?” Yu Hao suddenly caught a glimpse of Chen Yekai’s pale face. His whole body was drenched in sweat.


One and a half hours after everything was wrapped up, in the hospital.

Chen Yekai’s arm was wrapped up in bandages and a splint as he sat on a chair. d8Z7G

“All of you should go back first ba.” Chen Yekai’s left arm was fractured. After receiving an anesthetic shot and a splint for his arm, he actually seemed quite energetic. Yu Hao suffered from a soft tissue contusion while Fu Liqun had a bloody nose and a swollen face, but fortunately, his looks didn’t suffer. The nurse rubbed iodine wine over the scraped wounds on Zhou Sheng’s elbows, knees, and other places.

“It’s still early.” Yu Hao looked at the time; it was only 10pm.

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Zhou Laichun went to pay the registration fee and settled the medication bills for everyone. He asked his driver to buy four boxed meals and watched them eat from the side. Chen Yekai’s left hand was slung in front of his chest, while he held a spoon in his right to ladle the food.

Zhou Laichun, “……” Hcl Oi

Everyone, “……”

“Sorry.” Chen Yekai took the lead in saying instead, “I neglected my duty and took my students out to do such dangerous things.”

Everyone immediately spoke in unison, “It’s not your fault!”


Zhou Laichun quickly said, “No no no, Chen Laoshi, you’re really amazing.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Sheng said, “I’m the one who asked Kaikai for help.”

Chen Yekai said, “If I had known that the situation would be so dangerous, I definitely wouldn’t have……”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Zhou Laichun said, “The rascal already said that he’s the mastermind behind this and implicated all of you. I do feel very apologetic. Chen Laoshi, recuperate well, and if you need anything, feel free to mention it to me!” eEDn8I

“What do you mean by mastermind?” Zhou Sheng said angrily.

Zhou Laichun didn’t say anything more and smiled as he took his cigarette out to light one up. Yu Hao said, “Uncle, you can’t smoke here.”

“Oh yes.” Zhou Laichun immediately said, “I’ll smoke outside. Why don’t……”

“See you later.” Zhou Sheng said. QABHDz

Everyone, “……”


Zhou Laichun left behind a few more instructions and specifically urged Yu Hao to pay attention to Zhou Sheng’s injury and to make sure it wouldn’t get infected while bathing before he got up and left.

Right after Zhou Laichun left, the atmosphere within the ward finally relaxed a little. Fu Liqun said, “Fuck it was like shooting a police and kidnapper movie. It was my first time encountering such a situation; I can now say that my life has not been lived in vain.” 8fdpz7

Chen Yekai said, “We must be more careful next time, we underestimated the enemies too much. It’s really too……too, it’s still scary when I think about it now.”

“Okay okay, don’t morally torture yourself with hypothetical situations anymore.” Yu Hao said, “After following Junjun Jie for so long, one thing I’ve learnt is that there are many unexpected situations in life. Let bygones be bygones, just be careful next time.”

Zhou Sheng said, “If we hadn’t followed them, Ou Qihang would probably be dead by now.”

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Fu Liqun beamed with joy as he described how he fought the kidnapper, while Zhou Sheng just listened to him expressionlessly. In the end, Fu Liqun said, “But of course, Young Master is the most amazing one.” iGXcyj

Yu Hao said, “You were fighting three at first, then even dealt with two in the end.”

“Zhou Sheng’s seriously scary.” Chen Yekai said ruefully as well.


Those guys were practically fugitives and had clearly received professional training as well, so they were really good at keeping up a fight. In the end, Huang Ting had to open fire before two of them were taken down. During the armed police’s initial questioning, they didn’t manage to guess the other party’s true identities and could only take them back first to interrogate them slowly. They would be able to get it out of them sooner or later. gek1ZA

“I’m sorry, Kaikai.” Zhou Sheng said guiltily, “Caused you to get hurt so badly.”

Chen Yekai smiled, “I’ve always wanted to be a hero, I just never had the chance to. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

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Everyone laughed, and Fu Liqun said, “It’s better to have fewer chances to be a hero though.”

Chen Yekai said, “If there’s really no other choice, I won’t regret stepping forward. Gun regulations are very strict in China, which is really good, otherwise, the situation today would have been very different.” FlvGPL

Chen Yekai has lived abroad for many years and knew what would happen if guns weren’t controlled. Everyone responded with an “un”. Yu Hao was no longer afraid now and didn’t feel the least bit excited either. It was as if the four of them had just finished playing an intense basketball match, and everyone felt like they had all gone through death’s door together, resulting in the establishment of a friendship that surpassed that of ordinary ties.

A knock could be heard. Huang Ting came in, followed by Ou Qihang.

“Came to see you guys.” Huang Ting said.

When Ou Qihang saw the four of them, he felt somewhat at a loss for a moment. No one spoke. In the end, it was Chen Yekai who smiled as he said, “Take a seat, have you had a bath?” Eu81Oe


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Huang Ting went over to look at Chen Yekai’s hand, “It’s not too grave, does it hurt?”

Chen Yekai said, “I’ll need to keep the sling on for two to three months.”

“Serious injuries take a hundred days to heal.” Huang Ting said, “It’s not as bad as my previous fracture.” As he spoke, he showed his wrist to Chen Yekai, “There won’t be any problem after it recovers.” ITurLd

Chen Yekai said, “I’m not worried about that.”

Ou Qihang just sat quietly. Yu Hao had a piece of gauze stuck onto his forehead, Zhou Sheng was covered in iodine wine, while Fu Liqun just smiled as he looked at Ou Qihang.

The rain stopped. Yu Hao looked outside the hospital windows; the lights outside shone resplendently.

“I’ll give you a task.” Huang Ting said to Ou Qihang, “You’ll be in charge of feeding Chen Laoshi everyday.” iqntIv

Everyone burst into laughter, but Chen Yekai said solemnly, “Huang Ting!”

“Sorry.” Ou Qihang said with much remorse, “I’m sorry for putting you guys in so much danger. Sorry, Kaikai Ge.”

Fu Liqun came to the rescue, “People who want to feed him can queue from here all the way to the river.”

Everyone laughed again. QdrOkL

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  1. Reading SD is literally like eating chicken soup for the soul. It’s so gahdamn heartwarming. /(ToT)/ Yes, Qihang, feed him everyday and nurture your feelings.
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    🤩 Thanks for the chapter~

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