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Seizing DreamsCh97.2 - A Rainy Night


“If they’re not going to make rounds, then he’s in quite a dangerous situation.”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha mZ Lrc

“I’ll make a few calls, don’t say anything.” Huang Ting said on the phone.

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One of Huang Ting’s phones was on loudspeaker to communicate with them, while the other was used to dial his colleague’s number. They were actually chatting idly, and he even asked the other party if he was going to sing karaoke tonight. Zhou Sheng looked back at Yu Hao, and Yu Hao suddenly understood. Huang Ting was testing his colleague.

After he hung up, Huang Ting’s voice sounded very anxious, “This won’t be easy to handle, and I can’t inform the expressway exit to stop the car. News will be leaked too easily. If the enemy catches wind of it……” EwTMHc

Chen Yekai said, “There are that many enemies?”


Un.” Huang Ting said, “……I’ll try the other side.”

Huang Ting continued dialling. A girl on the other end uttered a “hello” and Huang Ting said, “Please transfer me to Bai Laoshi.”


After the call was transferred, he continued, “In an open environment, please listen to my report.” As he spoke, he gave a brief report on the situation and finally said, “There are people in the bureau who are in the know, so we can’t notify the expressway exit to stop the car as we could alert the enemy. The only thing we can do now is to keep following them.”

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A male voice rang out, “Got it, I’ll inform someone to cooperate with you guys right away.”

Huang Ting answered, “Okay.”

That guy said, “We must find a way to protect that kid.” GUcYNw


When they heard those words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Huang Ting hung up and said wearily, “He’s just a high school student, do they need to be that ruthless? The teachers in his school are even writing letters to plea for leniency, since they hope that his sentence can be lightened.”

“Come on, we’ll win! Punish them on behalf of the moon, Officer Huang.” Chen Yekai said casually with words that made everyone burst into laughter. 3xs1u9

“The situation would be much better if we could inform the expressway exit.” Huang Ting said, “They must have caught wind of something for them to be that desperate.”

“In a fight between local and central governments, it’s impossible for the local one to win.” Chen Yekai was very clear on that.

“Chen Laoshi,” Huang Ting said on the phone, “Pay attention to your position and audience.”

Chen Yekai stopped talking. Zhou Sheng was sleeping, while Yu Hao had constantly been staring closely at the cars outside as he tried to pick out the Buick that Ou Qihang told them about. Not long after, Zhou Sheng woke up and glanced at the rearview mirror, then shook his head very slowly. 2WdvM8

“Wait, Kaikai.” Fu Liqun suddenly said, “Young Master, is it that car?”

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“P’ii jvv j mtlmxfc vgewralmx obg sbe!” Itbe Vtfcu rtbeafv, “Xfuf! Tbe’gf ageis j wjif ubv!!”

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Yu Hao almost shouted “fuck”! Fu Liqun’s power of concentration was seriously amazing! Fortunately, they had brought him along, otherwise they would have driven past the car! OE17WQ

Everyone shouted, “Add a drumstick!”

But Fu Liqun said, “What do we do now?”

“Hold on!” Zhou Sheng immediately said, “Don’t alert them! Huang Ting, are the reinforcements here?”

Chen Yekai slowed down a little and saw the car ahead begin overtaking another car. “Where are they driving to?” Oq2gKs

The Buick changed lanes. Chen Yekai changed lanes as well and drove behind a truck. Yu Hao instantly became very nervous, please don’t let anything happen on the expressway.

When they approached the toll station, there were many vehicles between the two cars. Chen Yekai had been keeping his eyes on the Buick, and he saw that it was about to drive away. Huang Ting was still making calls on the other end; the other party had changed to someone else who was in-charge. After hearing the details, they said, “We’ll arrive in half an hour. Please follow them closely and don’t engage in direct conflict unless absolutely necessary.”

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“Don’t get off the expressway……” Zhou Sheng muttered, “Please don’t get off the expressway.”

Chen Yekai saw that car finally get off the expressway, and everyone uttered a “fuck” in unison. Yu Hao realised the danger and quickly said, “Chen Laoshi!” Jib7Y1

“Got it.” Chen Yekai said, then swerved the steering wheel and got off the highway as well. Zhou Sheng called his family’s driver to guide them; this was a county town in the middle of the Yingxin Expressway. Chen Yekai did not dare to  turn on his high-beam and just followed along at a distance on the national highway. He almost lost them several times, but Fu Liqun would always accurately point out the direction in which the other car had gone.

As the rain grew heavier and heavier, Zhou Sheng said, “We’ve nearly lost all visibility, where does that car want to go?”

“They’re familiar with this place.” Fu Liqun said, “Don’t know what place this is, I’ve never been here. Yu Hao, check the map……”

“It’s a mountain.” Yu Hao said, “It’s not a scenic spot. There are plantations below.” m0oQew

It was pitch dark all around them, and the road was bumpy. There were barely any cars on the road now. Chen Yekai said, “The chassis of this car is too low.”

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“Is it this place?” Zhou Sheng said.

“Yes!” Fu Liqun said, “I saw them drive toward the dirt road. Yu Hao, is there a village nearby?”

“No……” A chill suddenly ran down Yu Hao’s spine. In a dark, rainy night where you wouldn’t be able to see your fingers if you stretched your hand out, there was only one reason for bringing a hostage here—— to destroy the corpse and all traces of their crimes…… nvqFoy


Chen Yekai suddenly stopped the car.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Liqun asked.

Chen Yekai said, “They should have realised that they’re being followed.” QJfF4n

As the rain continued to pour, Zhou Sheng said resolutely, “Let’s go, we can’t put everyone in danger.”

Huang Ting said, “All of you should withdraw; send me the location.”

Yu Hao sent Huang Ting their location, and at this moment, a loud blare sounded from Chen Yekai’s car — a car had crashed into them from the side. Yu Hao almost let out a loud shout; everyone nearly hit the car’s doors because of the impact!

Fu Liqun immediately stabilised Yu Hao and said angrily, “Fuck!” 1VcB32

Enraged by this action, Zhou Sheng roared angrily, “Go!”

Chen Yekai was putting his car in reverse. The mountain road was pitch dark, the other car accelerated abruptly again and ruthlessly crashed into them from the side! Within an instant, everyone knew that they had fallen into a life and death crisis. Fu Liqun said, “If they knock into us one more time we’ll fall down the mountain!”

“Get out of the car and take cover! Beware of guns!” Chen Yekai no longer reversed. Zhou Sheng unbuckled his seat belt, and the four of them got out of the car, lunging away. The other party’s Buick knocked into the Benz again, pushing the Benz onto the protective railing with two of its wheels suspended in mid air!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Within the torrential downpour, Yu Hao slipped on the mountain road and Zhou Sheng roared, “Run!” Then he actually rushed to the Buick’s driver’s seat and forcefully pulled on the door handle, but the door was locked. Suddenly, someone appeared from behind the car and violently swung an iron rod down on the back of Zhou Sheng’s head. gP5Ht7

Fu Liqun shouted loudly and rushed forward; two other people came out of the car. Zhou Sheng threw a punch, but his enemy bowed down to avoid it, and the two sides started fighting. Zhou Sheng roared, “They’re trained! Don’t try to tough it out!”

Chen Yekai suddenly went forward and joined forces with Fu Liqun to deal with one of them. Yu Hao picked up a rock by the road side, rushed forward, then swung it and smashed it into the back of someone’s head. It was a chaotic mess within the rainstorm; everyone was covered in mud. Zhou Sheng was wrestling with someone and ended up rolling down the mountain road.

“Zhou Sheng!”

“Don’t mind me!” Zhou Sheng broke free from that person’s grip and ran towards the mountain road. 7mNKgy

Including their driver, there were four enemies, and they were all clearly combat trained. Zhou Sheng had a hard time dealing with just one of them, while Yu Hao, Fu Liqun, and Chen Yekai were hardly worthy opponents to even just one, and they could only circle around the Buick to dodge.

“Stop!” The driver grabbed someone and dragged him out of the car — it was Ou Qihang!

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He pinned a dagger against Ou Qihang’s neck, and the driver was clearly a very good kidnapper as he wasn’t fazed in the face of danger, “All of you, get back!”

Everyone separated briefly, and Yu Hao’s heart reached his throat. The kidnapper was slowly retreating, but Zhou Sheng was holding an iron rod that he had seized and slowly approached from behind the kidnapper, then he brandished the iron road and silently swung it down. fvBEdS

“You motherfucking……”

“Rescue him!” Chen Yekai roared.


The situation fell into chaos once again. Zhou Sheng shouted, “Fall back after retrieving him!” t jYk2

It was raining too heavily. Zhou Sheng was afraid of hitting someone on his side by accident; that iron rod was for greeting the kidnapper’s head, and it would be quite dangerous for anyone else who had to suffer its blows. Chen Yekai rushed forward to save Ou Qihang, while Fu Liqun and Yu Hao retreated immediately.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Deal with him first!”

The kidnappers were extremely quick in cooperating with one another; they immediately recognise that their main objective was to get rid of Zhou Sheng as soon as possible. As long as Zhou Sheng fell, the rest wouldn’t pose a threat to them at all. Now Zhou Sheng had to go up against three of them alone and was instantly suffering from an immense pressure. He pulled away from his predicament and retreated behind the Buick.

Yu Hao immediately stepped onto the roof of the Buick in three steps, laid sideways, and used his elbow as a hammer to smash down forcefully on the three who were fighting at the back of the car. Zhou Sheng flipped over, and using his back as support, the two of them exchanged places within an instant. Yu Hao’s elbow instantly hit the side of the driver’s neck and dragged Ou Qihang away. oSiMCI

“Go!” Zhou Sheng shouted.


It has been a long time since Yu Hao fought someone. When they were chasing Lin Xun’s briefcase, those two thieves were just delinquents, but the enemies they faced this time were completely different. Two of their enemies remained to deal with Zhou Sheng, while the other two pursued Yu Hao and Ou Qihang. Within an instant, the driver grabbed Ou Qihang’s collar again and rolled down the mountain road with him.

“Let go!” Chen Yekai rushed over. NEDYKH

Yu Hao slipped along one side of the mountain road, causing mud to splatter up high as he slid straight down. Chen Yekai had already rushed up to the driver and was entangled in a fight with him. Ou Qihang shouted, “Yu Hao! Is it you?! Let go of me! I’ll help you!!”

Ou Qihang’s hands were tied behind his back and he was overturned on the ground. He was struggling to get up and escape when Chen Yekai thundered, “Don’t run! Be careful of falling down the mountain!”

The other party twisted Chen Yekai’s arm and threw him aside, then violently kicked him. Chen Yekai let out a loud shout as his arm took that kick. Yu Hao flew down from higher ground and kicked that person’s head, so that person could only turn around again to deal with Yu Hao.

Chen Yekai took out his swiss army knife and cut the rope tying up Ou Qihang’s hands. He pulled off the sack on his head, and with their faces covered in rainwater, they looked at each other briefly for an instant—— G0riAd

Chen Yekai said, “Leave! I’ll help him!” After he spoke, he rushed back again.


Fu Liqun was dealing with one person by himself, and he was so nervous that he was trembling slightly. He has never been as good as Zhou Sheng at fighting and only relied on his tall stature as his advantage in suppressing others during fights. His chest was kicked twice, and his chin suffered a punch, yet he persisted in stalling his enemy no matter what.

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Shouts travelled over from the foot of the mountain. The kidnapper sneered and no longer cared about Fu Liqun– he turned sideways and slid down! jqA7dH

“Don’t run!” Fu Liqun slid down as well.


Two of their enemies encircled Yu Hao as they wanted to beat Yu Hao to death on the spot. Chen Yekai rushed forward, lifted his arm, and blocked a hit for Yu Hao. Ou Qihang joined in the fight, and the three of them began another round of scuffling. Zhou Sheng shouted from high ground, “Stop fighting! We’ve saved him, so hurry and run! Split up and escape! They can’t tell who’s who!”

Yu Hao was seeing stars from being beaten by the other party, but the sound of a running engine travelled to his ears. q3 Wsb

“Get out of the way!” Yu Hao shouted, then rushed forward to push away Fu Liqun who had slid down the mountain.

A car drove over swiftly and knocked into the driver until he flipped onto the front cover of the car. Huang Ting opened the car door, got out, then said loudly, “Police! Put your hands behind your head! Squat down!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Huang Ting’s voice was filled with an oppressive dominance. Ou Qihang immediately took Chen Yekai with him to hide behind Chen Yekai’s car, yet the four abandoned their car and gave up on Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao as well to circle around Huang Ting. Huang Ting took his gun out and said in a low voice, “Put your hands up!”


Juurensha: Wow, lots of drama. And am I sensing something about Ou Qihang and Chen Yekai?

Zryuu: staring at each other in the rain? huhu

Translator's Note

sailor moon reference lmfao

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