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Seizing DreamsCh96.1 - Paradise


“This is Gege’s dream? All he watches are zombie movies……”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha fVmpSy

The scene in the Golden Crow Wheel was extremely calm. The pale sunlight illuminated the ruins, colouring it with a sense of desolation. Zhou Sheng observed for awhile and didn’t see any danger. Even the ferris wheel that they had previously ridden on was in the projection.

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“Go in to take a look?” Zhou Sheng said, “Wait under the ferris wheel?” Rrc9FE

Yu Hao was filled with doubt and remained silent. The master of the dreamscape was someone he knew in reality, and someone who had dreamt of him too, which was why the Golden Crow Wheel could show him this scene.

Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao looked at each other. Yu Hao nodded, and Zhou Sheng said, “It doesn’t look dangerous, and the sun’s still there too. If we end up separating, stay put and wait for me. I’ll summon my dragon over.”

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng took a step forward and jumped into the Golden Crow Wheel at the same time.


A glaring light flashed; Yu Hao stood in a deserted playground. A gust of wind blew, and not far away was the ferris wheel where Zhou Sheng had confessed to him. Leaflets swirled in the wind, and messy piles of cardboard could be seen everywhere. The cold light from the sun spilled down. It was like a scene from a wasteland science fiction movie, and not a single person could be seen.

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“This amusement park again?” Yu Hao said to himself.

At first, Yu Hao suspected it could be Cen Shan’s or Fu Liqun’s, or possibly even the people from the sports class who were with them at the amusement park that day.

“Zhou Sheng——” iRUJ6f

He shielded himself from the scorching glare of the sun and raised his head slightly. He saw a dragon fly out from the sun — Zhou Sheng had summoned his mount. Yu Hao ran over to the ferris wheel with large strides and waved at the sky.

Suddenly, Yu Hao heard a soft rustling nearby.

“Zhou Sheng?”

Yu Hao passed the restaurant in the amusement park and saw a figure inside. Was it an NPC? He took a few steps forward and looked inside through the French windows. The tables, chairs, and food within the restaurant had been knocked over and were strewn all over the floor. 2m6hHu

Within the reflection in the French window, Yu Hao clearly saw that behind him, staggering from side to side with torn and tattered clothes, was a humanoid monster with a rotten skull staring directly at him.

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Yu Hao’s hairs instantly stood on end. Immediately following which, that zombie let out an indistinct cry and lunged towards him! Yu Hao almost didn’t react in time, but within that short instant, spurred by the instinct that he had honed through his innumerable experiences in dreams, he dodged the monster by jumping to one side. The rotten monster smashed into the French window with a loud “thud”, and a large mass of brain paste spattered out!

Te Ljb, “……”

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Vevvfcis, jcbatfg wbcrafg gbjgfv, jcv jcbatfg jiwbra lvfcalmji gbaafc wbcrafg gertfv bea ogbw atf rlvf. Te Ljb mbeiv cb ibcufg fcvegf la jcv rtbeafv, “ILYF VLSRX!”

Two monsters, three monsters; Yu Hao turned around, pulled a mop from a corner, and sent the monsters that had rushed forward flying with a stab. The appearance of the monster became vivid when it had rushed him.

“Whose dream is this?! Why are there zombies??!” Yu Hao blew up as he shouted.

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Previously, in an American series that Fu Liqun often watched, there were a lot of walking corpses. When Yu Hao watched the show with Fu Liqun, he saw those characters more than once. These monsters looked exactly the same. He had no time to even think about what would happen if he got bitten, or whether or not he would recover; only his desire for survival impelled him to start running. Fortunately, at this critical juncture when everything was hanging by a single thread, the parkour that Zhou Sheng taught him came in very handy. Yu Hao jumped onto the haunted house from the back of the amusement park restaurant and ran quickly along the haunted house, then rolled onto the roof of the merry-go-round. When he looked back—— 6IbHzy

——that one glance was horrible; there were hundreds of zombies that had been alerted by Yu Hao, and they were swarming him from all sides!

There were no more buildings beyond the roof of the merry-go-round. Yu Hao was about to jump into the verdant plantation to escape using the trees as his cover when the whole world suddenly shook!


Zhou Sheng was currently racing at top speed with a group of zombies chasing him from behind. He roared, “Wife! Where are you?!” b3Zh6Y

Zhou Sheng was extremely fast; ordinary zombies had no chance of outrunning him at all, and he was familiar with the amusement park as well. After several twists and turns, he instantly shook off the zombies that were hot on his heels. While he was climbing up the winding stairs to the roller coaster, the earthquake began; Zhou Sheng lost his footing and nearly fell down, but he immediately wielded his jingubang and jammed it between the stairs. He flipped and sat on the jingubang, then looked into the distance.

The black dragon left the pale sun in this dream world and flew towards the earth. Zhou Sheng whistled, reached the top of the winding stairs in a few steps, then turned and landed on the black dragon’s back. He raised his hand and beckoned to summon his jingubang back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Yu Hao slid down from the roof of the merry-go-round and immediately fell into the midst of a group of zombies. A zombie held him down as its mouth gaped open to bite him. Yu Hao shouted again, made a 360-degree maneuver, sent the zombie in front of him with a kick, then heaved the zombie behind him over his shoulder to hurl it away!  BpitY6

The earthquake stopped.

“Zhou Sheng!” Yu Hao broke free of his predicament and ran away quickly. He passed through the fencing of a flowerbed, rushed across the lawn, and ran towards the ferris wheel. Following which, another earthquake started, and this time, the earth began to tilt, causing the lawn to slope. Yu Hao was caught off guard and almost slid right into the group of zombies that were chasing him!

The earthquake this time was even more violent than the last. The world spun wildly; the ferris wheel tilted under the violent trembles of the earthquake. A carriage flung off, smashing straight down with an impact that shook the earth.

Yu Hao, “……” dOtHIa

Yu Hao sprinted through the slope and jumped over innumerable ferris wheel carriages that were rolling towards him. More zombies emerged from both sides to pursue him, but they were all hit by the carriages one after another and rolled down the slope. Yu Hao felt as if he had been thrown into a large-scale Temple Run game and roared angrily, “What the hell is all this?!??!”

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“Zhou Sheng!”

Dragon fire spewed out and ignited the zombies with a blast. Zhou Sheng swung his jingubang out, knocking away a ferris wheel carriage that almost rolled onto Yu Hao and flung it towards the zombies behind him! However, even more zombies pounced onto the black dragon; some clung onto its tail while others grabbed onto its wings, and the dragon was heavily burdened at once. BgAaiO

Yu Hao was running on the ground. The black dragon roared, then rushed towards Yu Hao. Zhou Sheng stretched his hand out, and Yu Hao leapt and flipped in mid air.

Zombies closed in on him from both sides. Yu Hao jumped into the air, and Zhou Sheng caught him by the waist. The black dragon violently kicked off from the ground, beat its wings, and left behind two deep footprints in the ground as it suddenly leapt up.

“Hold on tight!” Zhou Sheng roared.

Yu Hao immediately hugged Zhou Sheng tightly out of pure instinct. The black dragon unfolded its wings several meters from the ground and did a massive spin to to rid itself of all the zombies that were on it. Yu Hao experienced a bout of dizziness before landing on the dragon’s back again. The black dragon soared into the sky and flew up high! ORwvkC

“Fuck, this is Gege’s dream? All he watches are zombie movies……” Zhou Sheng looked back at the earth.

“Roller coaster! Watch out!” Yu Hao shouted.


Just as the black dragon flew up and was looking back at the zombies below, the roller coaster track in front of them had collapsed amidst the earthquake. It fell towards the two men and dragon. Zhou Sheng suddenly turned his head, and they shouted loudly in unison. The black dragon was almost hit, but Zhou Sheng urgently pressed down on the dragon’s head in the nick of time. The black dragon vanished as it disintegrated into particles of light. Zhou Sheng then hugged Yu Hao with one hand while he grabbed the roller coaster track with his other, and along with the collapsing roller coaster, they plunged directly into the lake outside the amusement park. AXeS6g


The roller coaster track that was nearly twenty meters long plunged straight down, taking the two of them along as it crashed into the lake. Yu Hao could hear a loud ringing in his ears; he was submerged, but Zhou Sheng grabbed him with one hand and dragged him out of the water.

Yu Hao coughed incessantly by the lakeside. Zhou Sheng rubbed his back and looked to his right and left. He shook the jingubang with his fingers; it shrunk and assumed the form of a golden circlet, and he casually put it on his head at a slanted angle.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Hao, “Is your birdie alright?”  QgYjuw

Zhou Sheng, “That’s not a birdie!!!”

Yu Hao started laughing. Zhou Sheng kept an eye on their surroundings at all times and whispered, “Don’t make too much noise. Keep close to the surrounding walls, and get out as soon as possible.”

“What about your dragon?” But Yu Hao was worried about the dragon instead.

“It went back for now.” Zhou Sheng said, “It’s too big of a target and frightens the zombies too easily. We can summon it back once we find a safe open space. For now, we need to figure out what kind of place this is first.” 3a48kf

Yu Hao said, “Apocalypse, zombies, and earthquakes. This is seriously too weird.”

Zhou Sheng saw three zombies wandering around in the distance and said, “Only the apocalypse and zombies, or rather, there are only zombies. The zombies brought about the apocalypse.

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“Then what about the earthquakes?” Yu Hao frowned.

“Earthquakes only just started in this dream.” Zhou Sheng said, “Look, it seems all these buildings didn’t collapse due to earthquakes; it might have been a result of the influence of the outside world on the dreamer.” R 4QcY

Yu Hao recalled that one time in Chen Yekai’s dream when the turbulence he experienced on the plane had caused tremors in his dreamscape.

“So the master of the dreamscape is on a plane too?” Yu Hao guessed.

“Even more violent than a plane.” Zhou Sheng gestured with his hand and made a tilting motion, “What do you think it seemed like when the earth suddenly sloped just now? I think it was like a car braking.”

Yu Hao, “Oh yeah!” URwVZB

They passed by the secret CS game room. Yu Hao continued, “Dreaming in a car…it wouldn’t be Gege, could it be sis-in-law?”

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“I don’t think so.” Zhou Sheng said, “It was just a guess before we came in, but after seeing how there are no living people and only zombies here, it’s almost certain who this dream belongs to. Think about it, who would think of everyone in the city as ‘walking corpses’?”

“Is it him?!” Yu Hao instantly felt enlightened; the indifference of society to many things, garnering attention at the cost of one’s blood and life — who else could it be but Ou Qihang?!


Zhou Sheng opened the door to the paintball equipment room in the amusement park, “It’s him for sure. Let’s hurry and look for him.”

Yu Hao said, “This is a paint gun.”

“I’m guessing that it’ll be useful.” Zhou Sheng said, “Do you remember how he said that on the day he met you, he had just finished playing paintball? If he likes playing it, then the paint gun should be a pretty impressive weapon in his impression……”

Before anyone could register it, Zhou Sheng wielded a submachine gun in one hand, abruptly turned, set the gun onto Yu Hao’s shoulder, and fired! PxghW5

Behind Yu Hao, a zombie that was rushing forward was shot. Its head exploded before it fell to the ground.

“Go!” Zhou Sheng threw the other gun to Yu Hao and whistled at the same time. The black dragon rushed out of the pale sun again and flew towards the earth!

Yu Hao held a gun and shouted, “It really does work!”

“There are too many zombies!” Zhou Sheng said, “Get out of the amusement park first and find a place where there’s no one around!” 3UbxKf

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  1. Yay! I was highly doubtful that it was Gege’s dream. snickers He’s too sunny to have apocalypse nightmares. Right? I love FLQ. Thanks for the chapter~