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Seizing DreamsCh82.2 - Fireworks


“But you are my love, why would I still need to seek it?”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha LwhH2N

Yu Hao took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. He felt like the shock he received today would last him for at least a month.

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“What’re you thinking about?” Zhou Sheng asked again.

Yu Hao said, “That was my first kiss. I was totally unprepared and it was gone just like that.”


Zhou Sheng, “It was my first kiss too.”

Yu Hao responded with an “un”. Zhou Sheng continued, “Then let’s kiss again ba.”

Yu Hao was about to check their surroundings when Zhou Sheng openly — indifferent to whether there was anyone else in the restaurant — leaned over and kissed Yu Hao on the lips again.

The warmth of his lips and the soft sensation was so addictive to Yu Hao that after one kiss, he wanted more. a2mPu0

“What are you thinking about?” Yu Hao asked.

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“You really want to know?” Zhou Sheng said as he tidied up his jeans and smiled.

Yu Hao looked at Zhou Sheng doubtfully. Zhou Sheng said, “I’m thinking about when to take you out to get a room.”

Yu Hao was thoroughly stunned. So……so fast? Zhou Sheng continued, “Gege asked me to prepare in advance, but I was too nervous and didn’t prepare……” dIs0hY

Yu Hao immediately said, “We don’t need to rush that ba? I……I need to mentally prep myself too.”


Yu Hao had seen some pictures on the forum before, and those pictures almost scared him off his chair. A lot of them came from foreign countries, and it looked like it must be very painful and uncomfortable ba! Even he had to mentally prepare himself and he was gay to begin with, let alone someone like Zhou Sheng who had never had never been attacted to guys before.

Yu Hao, “That……Hu……Hu……” He really found it a bit hard to say. rj3JVY

Un? What’s wrong, Wifey?” But Zhou Sheng could say it really smoothly.

“I wanna ask you.” Yu Hao thought it over and over and felt like he needed to confirm it. At this time, he suddenly understood why Zhou Sheng had said that he wanted to confess to Yu Hao in a very serious and earnest fashion — Yu Hao did indeed lack a lot of self-confidence.

“Say it ah.” Zhou Sheng answered.

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“Tbe gfjiis……tjnf offilcur obg uesr?” Te Ljb rjlv, “Olxf rfzeji vfrlgfr?” mXc0N3

Itbe Vtfcu, “Yt? Cgf kf vlrmerrlcu Mgfev’r atfbglfr bo rfz jcv atf qrsmtbibus bo ibnf?”

Te Ljb rjlv, “Rb, P’w pera jogjlv, jogjlv atja sbe……” Cr tf rqbxf, tlr fsfr wfa Itbe Vtfcu’r mbcafwqijalnf ujhf.

“Not for Gege, not for Xia Lei or the rest too.” Zhou Sheng, “Not for Kaikai, and even less so for Xue Long……”

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Yu Hao almost spat his drink out. Zhou Sheng continued, “Only for you.” qrsuDv

Yu Hao thought, how does that feel exactly? Does this mean that Zhou Sheng got bent by me? He felt a bit apologetic towards Zhou Sheng.

“Feels pretty exciting.” Zhou Sheng could tell what Yu Hao wanted to ask from his expression, then thought about it again and said, “I might be bisexual? If you don’t believe me, come and kiss me, then I’ll let you touch me, and you’ll know if I’m lying to you or not.”

Yu Hao should have said no, but he changed his mind and said, “Okay.”

Zhou Sheng shrugged and closed his eyes. Yu Hao turned and looked around. It was close to dusk, and there was no longer anyone in the restaurant. So he crossed the table and lowered his head to kiss Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng pulled Yu Hao’s hand up to press against him, and Yu Hao knew that he did have feelings for him. 267XWa

When their lips parted, Zhou Sheng opened his eyes, and a hint of a smile could be seen in his eyes.


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“The fireworks will be starting soon.” The manager said, “Aren’t you guys gonna go on a few more rides? Instead you’re just making out wherever.”

Yu Hao’s face instantly flushed red. Zhou Sheng said, “What’s wrong with having a date in your shop? It’s not like we’re taking up space!” xd8WTf

The manager said, “I’ll give you guys a pair of It Takes Two to Love ba, we’re closing soon!”

Zhou Sheng went to get the drink and briefly chatted with the manager, then left with Yu Hao. When they left the restaurant, a gust of wind blew past, and the setting sun glowed with a gold hue. Yu Hao suddenly felt like the world around him seemed surreal. From now on, I’ll be in a relationship with Zhou Sheng? What will we do in the future? And what will our future be like?

Zhou Sheng took off his jacket and handed it to Yu Hao, “It’s a bit cold now. You just recovered from your cold, put it on ba.”

Yu Hao said, “I have a jacket……” SZq3CB

“Could you listen to your Hubby?” Zhou Sheng looked at him and motioned to Yu Hao to look at the couple cups in his hand, reminding him that they were already together.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Hao thought, oh God, how am I supposed to sleep tonight? My head’s starting to hurt again.


Zhou Sheng looked down as he texted Fu Liqun and the others to ask where they were, then he asked Yu Hao, “Is it okay to watch fireworks together with everyone else?” qlUbkB

Yu Hao, “Of course……”

“I thought you might still be a bit embarrassed.” Zhou Sheng muttered to himself.

There will be a fireworks show at 7.30pm. Today was the last day of summer vacation, so the fireworks show would be grander than usual. Zhou Sheng found a bench and sat down with his arm around Yu Hao’s shoulder.

“Are you cold?” Zhou Sheng said, “If you’re cold, hug me.” c5EmOG

Yu Hao laughed, “Stop teasing me like that; I won’t be able to hold myself back.”

“What’s wrong with teasing you a little? I couldn’t do it before, but now I can tease you all I want.” Zhou Sheng looked into the distance; Fu Liqun and the others slowly arrived in groups of two or three.

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng took his phone out and nimbly tossed and turned it around. He switched it to self-timer mode and raised it up horizontally. Yu Hao thought he wanted to take a picture of the ferris wheel in the sunset, but Zhou Sheng turned his head and kissed Yu Hao, then pressed down on the self-timer key. E8qwWg

“Somebody’s watching.” Yu Hao said.

“Who cares about them.” Zhou Sheng said nonchalantly.


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As night slowly fell, the sky turned purplish red. Zhou Sheng looked at his phone and said, “Xue Long’s checking the dorms today; we can’t go out.” LyM1Hx

“I want to return to the dorm too.” Yu Hao had been so swept away by love today that he almost felt like vomiting, “Let’s go back when we’re done watching ba.”

Zhou Sheng raised his eyebrow at Yu Hao mischievously and said, “Then wait for me to prepare beforehand and study a little first.”

Yu Hao, “Are you going to study with books? Sex education doesn’t teach that.”

Zhou Sheng, “I can consult Kaikai.” mrnd t

Fu Liqun’s voice rang out from behind them, “Young Master, that’s being too much of a bully ba.”

Yu Hao got a fright. Zhou Sheng asked, “When did you come over?”

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“When you were talking about studying.” Fu Liqun said.

Cen Shan was laughing so hard she almost collapsed to the ground. Zhou Sheng said, “Sis-in-law was so unrestrained today, how many times did she take the roller coaster?” C3vknD

“For an entire afternoon ba. I’ve basically opened the door to a whole new world, it’s so fun.” Cen Shan said gravely. Fu Liqun’s face was ghastly pale, and he clearly wasn’t feeling very well.

Fu Liqun said, “Yu Hao, please take some pity on the disabled and make some space for Gege bei.”


Yu Hao quickly got up, “Both of you can sit.” 2tP0Hu

Zhou Sheng said, “Ai! I knew Gege has good judgment, thank you!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Hao, “???”

Yu Hao was about to stand to the side when Fu Liqun and Zhou Sheng tacitly sat on either end of the bench; Fu Liqun sat down, reached out to wrap his arm around Cen Shang’s waist and let her sit on his thigh, while Zhou Sheng pulled Yu Hao over by his waist to make him sit on his lap.

Fu Liqun, “No need to be so polite, you’re welcome na!” sE1D0K

Yu Hao blushed and wondered, what kind of rapport is this? Zhou Sheng reached out and pulled up Yu Hao’s hood; the two of them snuggled together as the fireworks started and exploded with a “bang”, illuminating their faces.

Yu Hao stared at the fireworks in a daze, but Zhou Sheng was looking at Yu Hao’s face with a smile in his eyes.

“I’m giving you this.” Yu Hao whispered as he took out the love charm that Cen Shan had given him from his pocket. Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao and smiled, but didn’t take it.

“That charm’s only effective today.” Cen Shan said, “You can throw it away already.” tgrE3L

Yu Hao, “But isn’t this used to find love?”

Zhou Sheng, “But you are my love, why would I still need to look for it?”

Yu Hao, “…………”


“Oh dear.” Fu Liqun said, “Zhou Sheng don’t do that, Laozi’s sleeping alone tonight! Take pity on me bai!”

Fireworks rapidly flared in the night sky. Under the night sky, like countless shards of broken jade and falling stars, they shook the world and illuminated the earth. The ferris wheel spewed out dazzling, colourful flames, and everyone in the amusement park cheered together.

“I love this ferris wheel so much.” Yu Hao muttered to himself.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Juurensha: ZS you finally get to go full lovey-dovey couple mode, and I am very happy for you.
Ame: /screaming
Dollars: ah my heart is so full. I feel like it is bursting along with the fireworks ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ BDUIN

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