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Seizing DreamsCh73.1 - Birthday


“It’s not expensive if you like it.”

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu
Edited by: Amelea, FistFullOfDollars and Juurensha BDZkF

“Happy birthday to you——”

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“Happy birthday to you——”

Zhou Sheng took a deep breath, followed by an “aowu” that sounded like a wolf’s howl, and shouted, “Why did you buy such a huge cake? Who would eat it?!” Yu Hao also jumped in fright after singing the birthday song. He asked Fu Liqun to buy a cake, and he ended up buying a five-pound one!


“There’s more! Quick!”

Fu Liqun immediately handed the cake to Yu Hao and turned on the accompaniment with his phone.

“Comin’ over in my direction!” Yu Hao held the cake and twirled around, unbridled. He moved in synchrony with Fu Liqun as they began to sing.

Zhou Sheng burst out laughing. Yu Hao began singing《Despacito》, which had a robust rhythm and was very lively as well. Yu Hao and Fu Liqun sang as they danced, and their dance steps looked extremely beautiful too. Zhou Sheng was bowled over with laughter as he watched them earnestly dance. In the end, Fu Liqun spun around, swung his hips twice, and shouted “Yeah!” to end this performance. fy6VkY

Yu Hao couldn’t catch his breath, “Blow……blow out the candles, the whole thing’s about to melt.”

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Fu Liqun was so hot he stuck his tongue out, “It’s too hot, Young Master, hurry, we need to turn on the electric fan or else I’m gonna die from the heat!”

Yu Hao placed the cake in front of Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng smiled as he closed his eyes and made a wish, a very short wish. Not long after, he blew out the candles. The two people clapped their hands. Yu Hao sped over to turn on the ceiling fan in their dormitory before breathing a sigh of relief.

Zhou Sheng didn’t say anything and just smiled as he cut the cake seriously, yet that smile seemed slightly melancholic as well. sjZEHG

As soon as the room turned quiet, the atmosphere had turned a bit strange. No one spoke for nearly ten seconds. Yu Hao was trying to figure out what to say, while Zhou Sheng seemed like he had been very moved.

“Do you want a large or small slice?” Zhou Sheng asked Yu Hao.

Yu Hao, “A smaller one, I can’t eat anything too sweet.”

“Gege, what about you?” Zhou Sheng passed the cake to Yu Hao before cutting a slice for Fu Liqun. cdR9a3

Fu Liqun said, “Large or small doesn’t matter, anyway, once I get one……”

“Then I’ll cut a large one for you……”

“……I’ll feed, it, to, YOU!”

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Te Ljb, “Ljtjtjtjtjtjtj!! Ljtjtj!! Ljtjtjtjtj!!”

Me Oldec, “Ljtjtjtjtj!! Ljtjtjtj! Ljtjtj!”

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The cake wars began. Yu Hao laughed until he was exhausted and collapsed onto another chair. He was laughing with a hahaha when Zhou Sheng smashed his head with cake. He shouted, “What does this have to do with me!?” 9VblF6

“Attack him together!” Fu Liqun shouted, then the two of them began smashing Zhou Sheng with cake. Once the scuffle broke out, it was almost impossible to stop. Fu Liqun threw some cake at them, but Zhou Sheng took Fu Liqun’s laptop and smacked the cake away, and a huge slice of cake flew up to the ceiling fan.

Yu Hao suddenly became aware of a very serious problem — Fu Liqun will be going home tomorrow, and it’ll be Zhou Sheng’s birthday tomorrow so there’s no reason for him to clean up and do housework. And that meant that, all the cake in the dormitory would be left to him to clean up!

“Stop, don’t throw anymore!” Yu Hao said, “Stop! Stop! Stop it! Please!”

Zhou Sheng and Fu Liqun’s war was reaching its peak. The two of them were slugging it out with fistfuls of cakes; Fu Liqun even grabbed Yu Hao to use as a shield against Zhou Sheng, which incensed Zhou Sheng. He snatched Yu Hao back and made him stand behind as Zhou Sheng shielded him. At the sight of an opportune moment, Zhou Sheng set Fu Liqun up by luring him to a particularly slippery part of the floor, causing him to slip and fall. Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao cornered Fu Liqun into a dead end in the dormitory. Fu Liqun let out a huge shout as he knew that defeat was at hand; he immediately turned his body to the side to face the wardrobe, but Zhou Sheng grabbed the cake and forcefully stuffed it into his nostrils. 5vqnJc

“No more, no more.” Yu Hao said, “Don’t throw it! It’s all gone!”

As《Despacito》played, the dormitory was in a chaotic mess: the floor, table, wardrobe, balcony window, and the balcony were all covered in cake and cream.

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Yu Hao, “……”

Fu Liqun forcibly sneezed the cake in his nostrils out. Zhou Sheng was drenched in sweat and set the ceiling fan to its maximum speed, but Fu Liqun and Yu Hao roared at the same time, “Stop!!!” WvechD

But it was too late. The cake on the ceiling fan flung off. Zhou Sheng burst out laughing because he had forgotten about it.

After the three washed their faces, they all sat down, gasping for breath.

“This is really the most unforgettable birthday I’ve ever had.” Zhou Sheng said weakly, “I didn’t even get to eat my cake!”

“There’s some here.” Yu Hao took the small slice that he had placed on the table. DWqyu9

Fu Liqun said, “Let me have a taste, it’s my first time ordering from this shop. Black and white chocolate mousse.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Hao, “It’s really good, there’s even ice cream in it.”

And thus, the three of them each took a plastic fork and divided Yu Hao’s small slice up to eat. Yu Hao still wanted more, and considered finding some to eat in the dormitory. Zhou Sheng said, “Don’t look anymore, we can order another one tomorrow to eat in the dorm. Go take a bath ba, who wants to go first?”

“There’s still more.” Yu Hao laughed. d0IYOm

Fu Liqun was also waiting for this moment. He fished his phone out and prepared to record Zhou Sheng’s reaction.

Yu Hao opened up the wardrobe, and Zhou Sheng’s soul immediately scattered, “There’s another cake? No more ba!”

Jiang jiang~! Happy birthday!” Yu Hao handed the wrapped shoe box to Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng felt slightly apprehensive as he said, “Oh it’s a birthday gift, you gave me a fright. Didn’t I say that you didn’t need to buy me anything?”

Zhou Sheng smiled as he tore apart the shoe box. He looked up at Yu Hao, “I knew you wanted to buy shoes.” Then he looked down, lifted the lid, and suddenly fell silent. 7gS4bD

Zhou Sheng was completely dumbstruck as he picked up the limited edition AJ model. He looked at the shoes, then looked at Yu Hao. Yu Hao just smiled as he looked at him.

“Yu Hao?” Zhou Sheng said, “Where……did you get this from?”

“It fell from the sky.” Yu Hao laughed.

“Why did you buy such expensive shoes?” Zhou Sheng looked even more bewildered than when he was smashed with cake. He took out one shoe, then took out the other, before raising his head to look at Yu Hao in a daze. kba48f

“For you of course.” Yu Hao said, “Happy birthday, I thought that you’d like it. Gege brought me out to buy it.”

Yu Hao’s eyes met Zhou Sheng’s, but only for a fleeting moment before Zhou Sheng looked down again. He didn’t say anything. Fu Liqun finally captured that classic moment. Yu Hao realised it too — in that brief moment, Zhou Sheng seemed like he was on the verge of tears!

“Stop recording!”

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In the next moment, Zhou Sheng figured out that Fu Liqun was recording and immediately got up, “Delete that video……” WO dgp

The shoes almost fell to the ground before Zhou Sheng hurriedly caught them. Fu Liqun was still recording and he said in a sentimental voice, “Wuwuwu, I’m so touched, I’m so touched I’m going to die……”

Zhou Sheng looked at Yu Hao, and now it was Yu Hao’s turn to feel a little embarrassed. “You’re not going to try them on?”

Zhou Sheng turned them over and over in his hands to look at it, “I’ll try them on after we clean the floor tomorrow, there’s cake everywhere.”

“……this is too moving.” Fu Liqun said, “It’s bringing tears to my eyes.” j0n3wa

“I suddenly remembered something.” Yu Hao said sincerely, “Gege, this pair is for you.” As he spoke, he took out another wrapped shoebox from the wardrobe.

“Nice one!” Zhou Sheng immediately took his phone out and recorded Fu Liqun.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Now it was Fu Liqun’s turn to be dumbstruck. Yu Hao stuffed the shoebox into his hands, “Take it ah.”

Fu Liqun, “Where did you buy another pair?!” iarRl5

Yu Hao said, “Got it for free when I bought Zhou Sheng’s pair.”

Zhou Sheng burst out into laughter instantly. Zhou Sheng said, “This……”

“Take it ah.” Yu Hao urged.

Fu Liqun accepted it with a dazed expression. He sat down, opened the shoebox, and inside it was the pair that he had looked at for a long time but couldn’t bear to buy. LOQ1d6

“Can I take it?” Fu Liqun faced Zhou Sheng as he asked, “Young Master?”

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“Take it ba.” Zhou Sheng answered.

“After I take it, will we still be friends?” Fu Liqun asked, worried.

Yu Hao, “……” HpBUuM

“We’ll be friends for a lifetime.” Zhou Sheng laughed, “Don’t worry, it’s from both me and Yu Hao.”

Fu Liqun’s heart was at ease and nodded, “Aside from your sis-in-law, this is the first time someone has given me something so expensive.”

“Then what about me?” When Yu Hao heard the words ‘friends for a lifetime’, his slightly drunk self was suddenly interested, and he smiled at Zhou Sheng, “What do you consider me as?”

The dormitory suddenly fell silent. Fu Liqun quickly grabbed his phone and started a video recording. xeCtNq

Yet Zhou Sheng smiled as he looked at Yu Hao, his eyebrow slightly raised, “Why don’t you say it yourself, what do you consider yourself as?”

Yu Hao didn’t expect Zhou Sheng to answer in that way. Zhou Sheng angrily said to Fu Liqun again, “Stop recording! Haven’t you had enough?! If you keep recording I’ll throw your shoes away!”

Fu Liqun immediately hugged his shoebox and darted to his bed. Yu Hao quickly got up, “I’ll go take a bath.”

“Go ba.” Zhou Sheng was still slightly tipsy. He turned around from his chair and looked at the AJ that Yu Hao bought for him. He turned on the table lamp, placed the shoes on the desk, and took a photo with his phone, “Don’t buy such expensive things in the future.” SWdpEM

“It’s not expensive if you like it.” Yu Hao answered.


It was only when they went to bed when Zhou Sheng sent Yu Hao a WeChat message:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Sheng:【How did you know that those were the shoes I wanted the most? I didn’t even tell Fu Liqun, so he couldn’t possibly know. Did you see them in my dream? But even I never saw them in my dream.】 XDRMax

Yu Hao:【Ah? I didn’t know, I just thought that you might like them so I picked that pair, that’s great!】

Yu Hao looked up at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng reached over and touched Yu Hao’s forehead, “Sleep ba, good night.”

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