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Seizing DreamsCh125.2 - Undercover Investigation


When Yu Hao was revising manuscripts in the office, Lin Ze gave him a lot of advice about the troubles one would encounter when interviewing people. Yu Hao would casually write them down while he listened, but most of the situations were just theoretical. Whether or not he could smoothly solve an unexpected situation was still a problem.

“Do we eat?” Yu Hao said, “Are we going to make a move at night?” gkBqM9

Jin Weicheng realised that Lin Ze did intend to nurture this intern properly, so he nodded slightly.

“We’ll look around at night.” Jin Weicheng said.

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Yu Hao showed Jin Weicheng a printed map, where marks had been made of the locations of the county government, battery plant, hospital, and so on. Jin Weicheng said, “We’ll go to the hospital at night. You’re in charge of taking photos, so be careful with your camera.”

Yu Hao said, “I’ll pretend to have eaten something wrong and get emergency treatment, then no one would suspect anything.” HXj9dR

“Alright.” Jin Weicheng said, “That’s a good idea, I’ll have to trouble you then.”


The lodging Yu Hao chose was located in the center of the county. There was a hospital and government agency nearby, as well as the largest supermarket in the county. Yu Hao and Jin Weicheng had dinner near the People’s Hospital and began complaining of a stomach ache. Jin Weicheng immediately sent Yu Hao to the hospital for emergency treatment. There was only one doctor on duty in the local hospital, who had a very strong accent when he spoke in Mandarin. Yu Hao’s face was ghastly pale, and he lay sprawled on the table as he groaned. Jin Weicheng kept rubbing his hands at one side.

“Are you two not locals?” The doctor on duty asked. cdiIRJ

Jin Weicheng told him that this was his nephew, who was here to sell water purifiers. The doctor said, “Why did you only come after his condition deteriorated so much? There’s inflammation, get him on a drip ba.”

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Yu Hao’s cold hadn’t completely recovered in the first place; he didn’t expect to get treated in passing. The doctor said, “It’s gastroenteritis caused by a cold, he’ll be fine after the inflammation is alleviated.” So he asked Yu Hao to get on an IV. Jin Weicheng looked at the medication, which was an anti-inflammatory drug. He asked Yu Hao, “You wanna get a shot?”

Yu Hao didn’t know what to do either.

“He’s already this sick! It might develop into pneumonia!” The doctor said. mLE6XT

Jin Weicheng said, “Are there any beds? We just arrived, so let him stay overnight? Then you can help us save on some hotel money.”

Doctor, “We only have one bed free, but the two of you have to leave tomorrow morning right after your IV. We don’t have anymore beds left.”

Yu Hao pretended to be absolutely exhausted. Jin Weicheng said, “Okay.”


Yu Hao’s fake illness had turned into a real one, so he had to obediently get a shot.

Yu Hao called Zhou Sheng, but the signal at the other side was intermittent as well.

Yu Hao, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Sheng, “Turn on the video. Wife, where are you?” FOt8oH

Yu Hao didn’t dare turn on the video. He was afraid that after seeing him at the hospital, Zhou Sheng would worry for nothing, so he typed a message to say that he had already arrived at a hotel in Guangxian.

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The nurse came over to get Yu Hao on an IV and asked what they were doing. Jin Weicheng answered honestly and guarded Yu Hao in the ward. As soon as the nurse left, Jin Weicheng went to flip through the medical records of the other people in the ward and took his phone out to take photos.

“P’ii ub ajxf j ibbx.” Alc Qflmtfcu rjlv.

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“Ktf PN klii qgbyjyis yf vbcf lc tjio jc tbeg.” Te Ljb jcrkfgfv, “Ojbrtl ub atgbeut atf fwfgufcms fzla. Gbc’a fcafg atf iloa, rbwfbcf wluta yewq lcab sbe, rb qgfafcv ab ub ab atf ablifa.” l9WSRo

Jin Weicheng uttered an “un”. The IV was inserted into Yu Hao’s left hand. After the nurse left, he got up to go uncover the sheets of the patients in the adjacent ward. With his earphones on, he dialled Jin Weicheng’s number.

Alc Qflmtfcu, “Zs qtbcf’r gecclcu bea bo yjaafgs. Elcu atf yfii ab mjii atf vbmabg bnfg jcv rajii tlw obg oloaffc wlceafr. P’ii ub lcab tlr boolmf ab ajxf j ibbx.”

Yu Hao rang the bell to call the doctor. The nurses and doctor came. Yu Hao groaned, “Am I allergic to this medication……”

“That’s impossible!” The doctor said, “How could you be allergic to this?’ l6GUak

“I’m so cold.” Yu Hao groaned.

“It’s infusing too rapidly.” The doctor said, “Don’t touch it! Why did you adjust it to such a rapid rate? Are you crazy!”

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Yu Hao, “Oh yeah……”

Doctor, “……” 72imk1

There wasn’t any problem with that logic. Yu Hao kept making a ruckus and pulled on the doctor’s white coat to not let him leave.


Jin Weicheng entered the doctor’s office. The computer was still on. He immediately took out the micro camera Lin Ze distributed and began taking photos of the medical records on the monitor screen.

“If only I could record videos.” Jin Weicheng said, “But unfortunately we don’t have a video recorder.” Then he clicked on the ‘return to previous page’ button on the medical records page, and an abbreviated table popped up. There were hundreds of names on it, hospitalization times, and overviews of the patients’ conditions. He scrolled down with his left hand on the mouse while he held a camera with his right, and took more than ten pictures in a row. gI8Zkz

“They’re going back.” Yu Hao said through his earphones.

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“Stall them for a little longer.” Jin Weicheng said.

Yu Hao, “I can’t, I’ve already tried my best……”

Jin Weicheng clicked open the medical records of a few patients at random and took some pictures of the screen, then darted out. After waiting for a while, the doctor and nurses hadn’t returned. Jin Weicheng felt dissatisfied and wanted to go in again to take more pictures, but the doctor now finally came back, so he had to give up on that thought for now. d0hcq4

Yu Hao was on an IV for half an hour, and it was really effective. He felt much better now. He thought that it was more or less okay, so he took the needle out and went to look at the patients in front of his bed one by one without making a sound.

Most of the patients were asleep and were surrounded by a screen. Yu Hao saw an old lady with a larynx tube. He took her medical records for a look. The doctor’s words were like scrawls, but he could discern the word ‘poisoning’, and the word ‘poisoning’ was preceded by a chemical element symbol.

Yu Hao placed the medical record within the range of his lens, then took a photo of both the record and the patient together. Jin Weicheng said, I’ll go look for those undergoing kidney dialysis.”

“There shouldn’t be anyone now ba.” Yu Hao said softly and started taking photos one by one. He really wished that he had a video recorder right now. 0rdKQ5

Jin Weicheng said, “There are, they’re still queuing. Go take a look in the office and take your recording pen out.”

After Yu Hao finished a round of photo taking, he slung his bag over his shoulder and took his recording pen out, “What do I record?”

“It’s up to you.” Jin Weicheng said, “Judge for yourself.”

“Where is this……” Yu Hao ran towards the door at the end of the corridor and almost shouted ‘what the fuck is this a morgue’……and immediately hurried up the stairs. He heard a woman screaming, so he took his recording pen out and approached, oh……someone’s giving birth. vxSfQJ

The pregnant woman was pushed across a corridor by a nurse and into the delivery room. She flung her hand everywhere to grab at anything in sight and instantly grabbed onto Yu Hao’s wrist.

“Family members wait outside!” The nurse said, “Don’t go inside!”

Yu Hao and the pregnant lady looked at each other when his wrist was grabbed by her, and he was immediately scared witless. With fear in her eyes, she clutched onto Yu Hao tightly and left a few deep, red imprints on his wrist. She shouted a few words and didn’t seem to have been speaking in the local dialect. The nurse pried her fingers open, and the pregnant lady suddenly started shouting again. She wailed as she shouted and got pushed away.

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Yu Hao went downstairs again and looked for the office. He wanted to see if there was any useful information. SFjYqw

“Who are you looking for” The nurse asked unhappily, seeing Yu Hao peeking in and out of the office.

“Ah! I’m looking for the doctor!” Yu Hao tucked the recording pen in his sleeve, “I won’t finish the rest of the IV, I want to leave.”

“You weren’t even on the IV for that long.” The nurse said, “You haven’t finished a bottle yet.”

Yu Hao said, “I’m much better now.” 1mbo9d

The doctor came out too, “No, go back and finish it!”

Yu Hao said, “I’m scared! What if someone suddenly dies in that ward……”

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Doctor, “You……”

Yu Hao said, “The one on the bed beside me was too scary, what happened to him? Did he get poisoned? Why was his complexion so green?” XRAzND

The doctor said roughly, “It’s none of your business!”

Yu Hao repeatedly said that he wouldn’t continue with his IV, so the doctor couldn’t force him. Yu Hao carried his bag as he left and waited for Jin Weicheng at the hospital entrance. He didn’t know why he had a nagging sensation that something was wrong. Jin Weicheng came down, Yu Hao said, “Give me a moment……there’s something else I need to do.”

As he spoke, he ran to the obstetrics and gynecology department and saw a family waiting outside. The doctor and midwives on duty in the office went into the delivery room to help deliver the baby. Yu Hao flipped through the  half written medical records on the table and took a photo of the pregnant lady’s name and her home address while his heart thumped wildly.

“Are you done?” Jin Weicheng said through his earphones. gSN3mJ

Yu Hao, “Hold on.”  Then he began rummaging through the files in the folder. He found a form with an inch-long photo, looked down, and it was a village in the outskirts of Guangxian. He took another photo. After verifying the name, just as he was about to put the form back, he was silent for a moment before he folded the paper and took it away.

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“I’ll go to the public bath to wash up.” Jin Weicheng rubbed his fingers to signal to Yu Hao to give him some money, “And get some information along the way. Will you go?”

Yu Hao waved his hand, “I’ll go back to the hotel.” 7S8Fb

He needed to hurry back to sort out the photos on hand and charge everything. When he returned to the hotel, Yu Hao passed by a small shop and an idea struck him. He then bought six meat floss buns and stuffed them into his bag.

After returning to his room, Yu Hao took a bath and came out to check all his electronic devices. Apple phones would automatically shut down whenever it was too hot or too cold, that was one of its really annoying points.


Zhou Sheng:【Sleeping?】 aIyDJV

Yu Hao:【I’m in the hotel.】

Zhou Sheng turned on the video. While Yu Hao turned on his camera to send pictures to his phone through Bluetooth, he transferred it to the cloud for a backup as well to avoid any problems. That was something Situ Ye taught him. Boss taught him how to interview and fool people, while Lady Boss taught him composition techniques, taking sneak shots, and other photography skills. Yu Hao had unknowingly obtained the teachings handed down by both Lin Ze and Situ Ye.

“I was so nervous just now……” Yu Hao was really incredibly nervous when he took photos in the hospital, but after he started talking he immediately stopped. “Where are you?”

Zhou Sheng had really bad signal on his side, it was intermittent, like he was on some car. dwARsV

“Where are you going tomorrow?” Zhou Sheng asked.

“We’ll be investigating around the periphery of the plant tomorrow.” Yu Hao said, “Laoshi went to the public bath.”

Zhou Sheng, “Oh? He went to get a massage?’

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Yu Hao said, “You don’t need to care about other people’s affairs so much.” DQljmt

Zhou Sheng asked, “Which plant?”

Yu Hao said, “Guangxian battery plant.”


Zhou Sheng’s voice carried a hint of a smile, “My baby’s pretty high-spirited ah.” nIsSZN

Yu Hao, “You too ba? You’re in a good mood right?’

Zhou Sheng whistled, “Of course I am.”

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Yu Hao, “Why are you in such a good mood?’

Zhou Sheng said, “Young Master won’t tell you.” HuZ9nB

Yu Hao laughed. It was pitch dark on the other side, and all he could see was the blurred outline of Zhou Sheng’s side profile. He was probably on a car after work, “Go back earlier and take a bath. We’ll meet in a few days.”

Un.” Zhou Sheng answered, “You sleep earlier too.”

Juurensha: Yaaay, Haohao gets to be a real reporter now. Also ZS interacting with STY and LZ was great. BXr9JT

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  1. As a nurse, the blatant invasion of people’s personal health info is giving me pain. But my YH is too cute, he can certainly do as he pleases.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️♥️♥️