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Seizing DreamsCh117.2 - Busy


The next day, Zhou Sheng casually mentioned to his department’s manager that he would be going to Beijing during the weekend, but the manager was a little surprised.

Zhou Sheng, “What’s wrong?” dH0JbP

“I was going to take a few of you guys out to Guangdong for a meeting.” The manager said, “Can you reschedule it on your side?”

Zhou Sheng answered, “I can’t reschedule it.”

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The manager said, “Then what should we do? We’ll have to think of something.”

Zhou Sheng was baffled. He didn’t expect anything else to happen over the weekend as well. Was this considered overtime? Many employees in Yun Lai Chun did work overtime on Saturdays and Sundays; on the one hand they could earn some brownie points, and on the other hand, the single dogs could scrimp on their electricity bills. kCcvyU

“I’ll let Director Huang know.” The manager said, “He wasn’t really in favour of taking up your private time in the first place……”

The deputy general manager of the business department wasn’t one of Zhou Laichun’s “people”. Zhou Sheng understood at once, and the manager was very tactful as well. He stopped talking right then and said, “See if there’s anything else you can do about it first ba, if you really can’t, then don’t go.”

Zhou Sheng was worried about letting Yu Hao go to Beijing alone to start work and had planned to buy a ticket to accompany him there to settle down first. But Yu Hao’s call came real quickly.

“You’re sending me off this weekend?” Yu Hao asked.


Zhou Sheng was absolutely puzzled, “How did you know that?”

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Yu Hao said, “Your father called me and said that you’ll be going to Guangdong……”

Zhou Sheng blew up at once. Yu Hao said, “Don’t get angry, I didn’t ask you to send me ah. I’ll go by myself. I’m getting a high-speed rail ticket, and I’ll arrive the next morning, I’ve already bought the ticket.”

Zhou Sheng, “No way!” Then he noticed that the people around him were looking at him. The office was rather quiet, so Zhou Sheng had to go to the emergency exit at the corner of the corridor to talk. Yu Hao insisted that he would be fine going alone, and asked Zhou Sheng to fly over for a visit after he was done being busy. Zhou Sheng was a little irritated, and they almost quarrelled again. XMzxCd

Zhou Sheng, “What kind of a bullshit company is this? Even the crown prince has to work overtime. They won’t even let me off on weekends. Just wait and see, when Laozi takes over……”

“Keep your voice down!” Yu Hao said, “Are you in the office? I’m only leaving with one luggage case, and isn’t it the same if you come visit me in a week?”

Zhou Sheng could hear the door of the emergency exit close, so he had to say, “I’ll stop here, let’s talk about it again when I get home tonight.”


Zhou Sheng returned to the office. Zhou Laichun sent him a message again.

【Can’t you find a place where there’s no one else there to make your call? A few people from the advertising department including the director were smoking in the stairway, and they heard everything.】

Zhou Sheng blacklisted his father and only removed him from the blacklist after work. There was no need for anymore dinner engagements tonight, thank God. But the manager gave him a stack of strategic plans to read and asked him to come up with a new one using those as a reference. And he had to finish it by Friday.

Zhou Sheng wanted to blow up, but when he thought about how the manager was part of his father’s ‘own people’, he must have gotten some hint to get Zhou Sheng to produce some results as soon as possible, so he couldn’t say much about it. BFcXTj


That night, Zhou Sheng took his work home, opened up the laptop, and sat opposite Yu Hao at the dining table. Yu Hao said, “I’ve already reserved the rail ticket, just go to Guangzhou.”

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Zhou Sheng wanted to say something, but Yu Hao said, “You’ve already decided to work at Yun Lai Chun, so you might as well spend more time on your work ba.”

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Ktbrf kbgvr wjvf tjio bo Itbe Vtfcu’r jcufg vlrrlqjaf lc jc lcrajca. Te Ljb mbcalcefv, “Po sbe gfjiis qijc bc ublcu, sbe mjc mtjcuf atf gfrfgnjalbc. Dea P’ii yf ajxlcu atf tlut-rqffv gjli, rb sbe wjs jgglnf fjgilfg atjc wf.”

Zhou Sheng couldn’t say anything in response.

Yu Hao smiled as he looked at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng was still wearing a shirt and suit pants, and his handsome face was dark. Yu Hao said, “Director Zhou, when you look all solemn and angry, you seriously look too cool.”

Zhou Sheng said, “So it’s right for you to make me angry.” 4ygA8v

Yu Hao smiled as he looked at him, “Although I shouldn’t say this, I think you look more handsome than Chen Laoshi in your formal attire.”

Zhou Sheng had rolled up his sleeves and was using the mouse. When he heard that, he put on the non-prescription glasses and smoothed his hair back with five of his fingers, revealing his forehead as he stared at Yu Hao with a grave expression. Yu Hao almost rolled off his chair; he wore a frantic expression on his face and didn’t know what to say.

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“Go and take a bath.” Zhou Sheng pointed at the bathroom and said all cold and abstinent-like, “Once you’re done, wait for me on the bed.”

At that moment, Yu Hao really felt like an arrow pierced straight through his heart. After being together with Zhou Sheng for two years, the two of them had unconsciously gotten used to the other’s company. But ever since the day Zhou Sheng started going to work, it was as if he was reexperiencing the feeling of his heart beating wildly during those days when he had a crush on Zhou Sheng. qV1yoe

Yu Hao had always been indifferent to men in suits, and his blind date “if you don’t manage your money, your money won’t care about you” made him stay far away from them as well.

But when it was on Zhou Sheng, the temperament of a mature, working man suddenly made his heart palpitate — an overbearing CEO was simply the gem of the world! Yu Hao was beginning to understand why romantic danmei novels loved the CEO trope! Who wouldn’t love this kind of CEO?!

“You definitely can’t show such an expression to the young girls in your office.” Yu Hao said, “And you’re forbidden from looking at anyone with that kind of gaze.”

“But, I, want, to.” Zhou Sheng enunciated each word coldly, “Why? Do you have something against that?” GXMASq

Yu Hao went over to pounce on him. Zhou Sheng couldn’t stand getting tormented by him anymore and held him in his arms, “Knock it off! I still have to write up a strategic plan……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’ll write it for you!” Yu Hao shouted, “President, I want to mate with you!”

Zhou Sheng picked Yu Hao up and carried him into the room, threw him onto the bed then laid beside him. Yu Hao started unbuttoning his shirt, while Zhou Sheng took off his glasses and sighed a little wearily.

“I really can’t feel rest assured letting you go to Beijing alone.” Zhou Sheng said, “What if you don’t go? Could you just stay at home as a Young Madam?” 0ap7iv

Yu Hao tugged his shirt collar and kissed him. The two of them embraced each other in bed and started kissing passionately. Zhou Sheng was still wearing his suit pants and black socks, when an idea flashed through Yu Hao’s mind, ah, his shirt’s gonna get wrinkled again. Never mind I’ll iron it……

Reality proved that it was right for Yu Hao to have let himself go this once that night, because Zhou Sheng had to attend dinner engagements for the next two days, and Zhou Sheng returned very late on the night before Yu Hao left, so they didn’t have much time to be affectionate.

“If it’s still like this in the second month,” Zhou Sheng said seriously, “I’ll quit.”

Yu Hao said, “It’s normal for you to continue such a lifestyle until you finish learning everything that you’re supposed to. The adaptation period will be the toughest, but after this transition ends, it’ll be much easier, just like your father.” rRAWX

Zhou Sheng was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Even when compared to all the employees in the company, he would still get at least an 80 as a score for his efforts. He could only hate the fact that he didn’t study business and management, so now he had to put in twice as much time to learn all that knowledge during his internship.

“It’ll take at most half a year.” Yu Hao said, “I don’t think it’ll be easy after I go over too.”


Now, the only thing that could alleviate Zhou Sheng’s stress was Yu Hao. Yu Hao kept comforting him. But Yu Hao did feel that even though it was exhausting for Zhou Sheng, he could avoid the most painful experience of a newcomer — getting scolded by the supervisor. lXiroQ

No one in the company would dare cause trouble for Zhou Sheng and scold him. They would only request for him to take his work seriously and quickly learn what was needed, so as to complete the assignments his father handed down. Once he got familiarised with the operations and business, then he could properly assist with the takeover.

“All the money is in this card.” Zhou Sheng undid his tie and sat on the bed to help Yu Hao pack his wallet, “There’s 26,000 here, and here’s 5,000 cash for you to carry around with you……”

Yu Hao was ironing Zhou Sheng’s clothes for him. He had bought a shirt for Zhou Sheng in advance, “There are shirts in the wardrobe, one per day. Gather up all the dirty clothes on Friday and place them on the table. Gege will remember to take them down to wash for you when he goes downstairs, and take them back on Monday.”

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Zhou Sheng said, “I was thinking that I might as well just wear underpants and slippers to work.” B9QtAR

“You’re the Young Master, so no one would scold you for it.” Yu Hao said, “But you’ll have dinner engagements once in awhile ba. Wear something more formal, then you’ll unconsciously start playing the part too.”

Yu Hao was right. After Zhou Sheng changed into formal wear, he would become more solemn and serious, unlike before when people would just see him as a sloppy kid.


Zhou Sheng checked Yu Hao’s bag. He saw his camera and a metal heart-shaped music box sandwiched between two layers in his bag. Zhou Sheng twisted the coil of the music box, and it started tinkling — it was the song《My Little Happiness》. Yu Hao was a little embarrassed. He was ironing Zhou Sheng’s clothes with a hanging ironing machine and both of them looked at each other, then they recalled the time they spent together on the ferris wheel two years ago. AX91hR


“Stop being so busy.” Zhou Sheng said, “Come over and let me hug you.”

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Yu Hao said, “You’ll have to go to work in five hours, I think you need more sleep. You lack sleep everyday, it’s too tiring for you.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I’m just a fucking fourth year! What the hell happened to my life?!” ZjYfeS

Yu Hao hung his clothes up and went over with a smile. He hugged Zhou Sheng and said, “I think there won’t be any problems with our future.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I think so too. I just hope this time will pass quickly ba.”


The next evening, Chen Yekai’s flight back to Ying City ran late. He was supposed to see Yu Hao off, but he didn’t go. wosntg

Fu Liqun was quarrelling with the management of the district where the gym was located at, so he didn’t go either.

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Yu Hao dragged his luggage alone to the high-speed rail station and waited for Zhou Sheng as he looked at his watch. Zhou Sheng was held back by the chief financial officer in the evening, who asked him a ton of questions. When he rushed down to the garage from his company, he just happened to get caught up in the rush hour traffic jam.


Yu Hao kept consoling Zhou Sheng and asked him to not feel too anxious, and Zhou Sheng was so angry in his WeChat that he laughed. y2bU5R

“My patience for this company is being depleted bit by bit.” Zhou Sheng said in his voice message, “I’m someone who bears grudges.”

Yu Hao sent him a message:【We’ll meet next week, it’s really okay.】

Zhou Sheng didn’t sleep at all last night, but Yu Hao had at least caught up on some sleep. Zhou Sheng was currently on the brink of a meltdown, and he couldn’t say anything as he looked at the jam in front of him.

【This is the first time we’ll be apart.】 d62ASW

Yu Hao looked down and started writing out a large chunk of text on his phone.

【I’ll be getting on the train soon. You’re the General in my dreams, and also the hero in my reality. I still remember that day we were on the ferris wheel. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I didn’t even know what to do. From then until today, I still feel so overwhelmed with happiness that I always feel like I’m at a loss. Being with you is the luckiest and most frightening thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I’ve always thought that I’m not as good as you think I am; I’m just a very normal, and useless person. So how could I be so lucky to deserve such a radiant person like you, who’s just like the sun?】


Zhou Sheng held his phone. After typing a few words, he deleted them, and sat silently in the back seat of the car. oFCbZQ

Yu Hao:【Every time I see you, it’s like watching the sunrise. No matter how many troubles I have, I would still end up feeling happy and optimistic. You’re the most outstanding one; even if you often say that you’re just a confused good-for-nothing, to me, you’re the world’s best, and also the most perfect person in the world.】

Zhou Sheng sent him a voice message. Yu Hao held up his phone and placed it next to his ear to listen to it. Zhou Sheng was shouting in his voice message.

Zhou Sheng, “My dear wife! Fuck this high-speed rail that’s never behind schedule! Fuck this god damn Yun Lai Chun! Yu Hao! Stop sending me any more messages, I’m going crazy! Yu Hao! I fucking love you! I love you!”

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Yu Hao started laughing. He stood in front of the high-speed rail carriage and looked up. ORF0Yy

【You’re like my most reliable Gege, my only family, and my only lover. That day I sent you off to work, I was thinking that during these days with you, I’ve always been under your meticulous care. So let me do something for you and our future ba. Leaving your protection will just be temporary, and I want to become a better person too so that I can stand side by side with you. This made me use up almost all of the resolution I have in my life, so……it’s actually a good thing that you didn’t make it in time. Because if you had come, I wouldn’t want to leave anymore.】


A whistle rang out on the platform. Yu Hao looked at the escalator. This was the last train to Beijing, so Yu Hao had to board it. The doors closed. Zhou Sheng bought a ticket and went into the station, and didn’t even care about the train schedule. He flipped over the ticketing gate, rushed down the stairs and ran to the platform.

Zhou Sheng, dressed in a suit, was dashing through the platform as he searched for Yu Hao’s carriage. He shouted, “Wife! Wife——!” OsAh70

Yu Hao stood by the door and immediately waved at Zhou Sheng. Zhou Sheng ran madly behind the high-speed rail for awhile; the train accelerated and drove away with a whoosh. Yu Hao threw him a kiss at the carriage door and pointed at his phone. Zhou Sheng was breathless from running. He raised his left hand, he was wearing the Golden Crow Wheel.

Yu Hao, “!!!”

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Zhou Sheng nodded, then looked down to grab his phone and answered Yu Hao’s call.

“Life is like a thriller novel, in the next moment, what will be the plot? I don’t think anyone would know, what is going on with the world……” Yu Hao’s voice rang out in the phone as he sang. otqT5

The high-speed rail left Ying City. Lights streamed into the carriage, and the distant rivers and mountains all fell asleep, as if they had entered a bright and resplendent dream. (

Zhou Sheng felt helpless. He ran until his body was thoroughly spent. He took a few steps, stood up straight, listened to Yu Hao’s song for a while and threw a kiss at the high-speed rail in the distance.

“I love you.” Zhou Sheng said, “Wait for me.”


Juurensha: Awwwww, that was super sweet. (Although guys, such a dramatic train farewell when you’ll see each other in a week…)

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zryuu: ;-; </3

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