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Seizing DreamsCh113.2 - Troublesome


The door was open, and the air conditioning was very cool inside. Zhou Sheng and Fu Liqun were bare chested as they ate mala crawfish. Fu Liqun was all sweaty from eating, Zhou Sheng asked, “How was dinner? Has Junjie given you a reply?”

Yu Hao thought, you really do know everything. Chen Yekai went to Japan, so the one who would invite him out for dinner should be Xiao Yujun. b16Jnw

Fu Liqun asked, “When will you be going to CCTV? By then you could help advertise for your bros’ business?”

Yu Hao smiled, “Stop messing around, have you guys made your plans?”

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“Eat first.” Zhou Sheng said. Yu Hao didn’t eat much for dinner and was a little hungry now, so he ate the crawfish with them. After eating, Fu Liqun borrowed Yu Hao’s laptop to check something in the living room. Zhou Sheng and Yu Hao went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Yu Hao drew out Zhou Laichun’s card and showed it to Zhou Sheng. cWP9FE

Zhou Sheng, “……………………”

“How much was I valued for?” Zhou Sheng took the card and asked with a smile.

Just based on this one card, Zhou Sheng could roughly guess what had happened to Yu Hao today.

Yu Hao said, “Take a guess?”


“Tens of millions ba?” Zhou Sheng thought about it and answered, “Did you tell him Kaikai’s idea?”

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Yu Hao said, “I didn’t think he would consider it seriously at all, if I knew sooner I wouldn’t have provoked him……but he couldn’t have given it.”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Zhou Sheng saw that Yu Hao was standing, so he took the plate from his hands and wiped it. He said casually, “Afraid that I would find someone else to play Fairy Jump with again? Find someone to partner up with and cheat him of all his money?”

Yu Hao did think of that before. If you, Zhou Laichun, could offer 50 million to ask me to break up with your son, then would you fork out another sum if Zhou Sheng finds a new guy in a few days? How much could you give away? ZvdUfz

“He would definitely fork it.” Zhou Sheng said to Yu Hao, “This sum of money isn’t to buy our relationship– it’s to buy up all of my relationships in my life. He just wants to prove to me that no matter who it is, they can be sent away with money. Think about it, if I were to date again, no matter who it would be, I would never be able to believe in them again.”

Yu Hao thought that it did seem that way. If he had really taken the money, then Zhou Sheng would remember it for the rest of his life. Then, no matter if he were to date or get married in the future, his values would have been thoroughly beaten down by Zhou Laichun, and he would never be able to make a comeback ever again. In the future, Zhou Laichun wouldn’t even need to fork out a single cent before getting Zhou Sheng to break up with whomever he wants.

“I really shouldn’t have said that to him.” Yu Hao said. He kept feeling like he had done something wrong today.

“It was pretty good ah.” Zhou Sheng smiled, “From now on, just be dead insistent on the shares, what else can he do if he can’t give it? Then it would change from a matter of principles to a matter of business for everyone. As long as he doesn’t give up the shares, then the two of us can stay together justifiably, what the hell would he be able to say about that?” aPcLXD

Yu Hao thought that that was too much. He was caught off guard by the development of the situation in such a direction.

“What if he does give it?” Yu Hao said.

“He would never give it.” Zhou Sheng said seriously, “He only has 13% of Yun Lai Chun’s shares. If he gives you 7%, you would be the largest shareholder of Yun Lai Chun.”

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Yu Hao, “……” zebUIQ

“According to his plan, within that 13%, 6% of it would go to me while he keeps 7%. Otherwise why did you think Kaikai settled on that number?” Zhou Sheng smiled as he said, “The Great Chieftain is still very cunning na. Kaikai even specifically studied the decision-making system implemented at Yun Lai Chun’s shareholders’ meetings.”

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Since Zhou Laichun couldn’t accede to the conditions, it was only to be expected that Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng could be together. When they thought about it this way, Yu Hao was the true winner of this game. 1RJ 9O


“Still two million?” After Zhou Sheng washed the dishes, the two of them didn’t leave the kitchen. Zhou Sheng flipped the card to take a look.

“2,200,000.” Yu Hao said, “The financial yields for the past two years are still in it.”

Zhou Sheng said, “Okay.” As he spoke, he took off his apron and went to the living room, then took up his phone. Fu Liqun was still lying down. Zhou Sheng said, “Gege, we’ve discussed it on our side.” XR8rK3

Yu Hao was scooping out ice cream for them at the dining table. Zhou Sheng and Fu Liqun’s conversation travelled to his ears.

“We won’t participate in any strategic decisions or implementations.” Zhou Sheng said, “But if you need help, you can always call us at any time.”

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Fu Liqun put his phone down and was a little dispirited, but he pulled himself together and smiled at Zhou Sheng. Yu Hao thought that the two of them should have roughly concluded their talk. Fu Liqun wanted to start a business, but Zhou Sheng didn’t intend to join in. In reality, although Fu Liqun was very tight with them, feelings were feelings, and business was a different matter altogether. Yu Hao wasn’t very optimistic about his entrepreneurship either; it might not necessarily fail, but a lot of time and effort would have to be invested into it for sure.

“Yu Hao wants to be a reporter, you know that.” M3YtsJ

“It’s okay, you don’t need to explain.” Fu Liqun said, “That’s being too distant.”

Zhou Sheng took his phone, and he pondered while tapping on it. He said, “What’s more, it’s not like you lack manpower right now……”

Fu Liqun uttered an “un” and said, “I’ll ask around at work tomorrow, I can treat the entrepreneurship as my internship bei. It won’t be considered a formal job……”

Zhou Sheng put his phone down, then said to Fu Liqun, “I’ve transferred two sums to your account, there should be 400,000 in total. Check it?” qdBOwD

Fu Liqun, “!!!”

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Fu Liqun immediately grabbed his phone and logged into his account. After glancing at Yu Hao, he said, “This won’t do. Young Master, I’ll transfer it back to you.”

Zhou Sheng said, “I’m joining in as a shareholder ah, didn’t we decide on that this afternoon?”

Fu Liqun said, “I have the money, I can just ask for it from my parents! My family can still afford this much, and if it’s still not enough, I can get a loan! No one’s ever heard of borrowing from a friend to start up a business……” Y2w8qM

“Just keep it!” Zhou Sheng said impatiently, “Why are you dilly-dallying so much?”

Yu Hao finally couldn’t help himself from asking, “What kind of business do you guys plan on doing?”

Zhou Sheng answered Yu Hao, “A gym.”

Fu Liqun said, “Young Madam, I’ll transfer the money to your account……” y9tQS5

Zhou Sheng got angry, “Gege!”

Fu Liqun said, “I originally wanted to partner with you, but if you’re not going to be a shareholder, then there’s no need to……”

“But I am!” Zhou Sheng was baffled, “These are my shares. I’m leaving it all up to you while I just invest in your business. You can give me the dividends once you start earning money, you’re not content with that?”

Yu Hao thought that Fu Liqun really did intend to open a gym. He had already worked there during the first semester of their second year and was roughly familiar with the operations of a gym. The sports department had also taught them a lot of relevant knowledge regarding the field, and after the completion of minor courses, students could also apply for a fitness coach certificate. So it was quite appropriate for his major. ChIOAl

“Count me as a shareholder too ba.” Yu Hao smiled, “That’s the betrothal gift Zhou Sheng’s family gave me.”

When Zhou Sheng heard that, he immediately burst into laughter, and Fu Liqun didn’t know if he should cry or laugh. He hesitated, “Yu Hao……ai!”

Yu Hao said, “Why are you being so hesitant? Is it because you wouldn’t need to return the money to your family if you made a loss, but you would have to return Zhou Sheng’s money if you did? Gege, are you embarking from a starting point where you think you’d make a loss?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fu Liqun’s sore spot was instantly struck by Yu Hao —— although he had discussed a lot over and over again with Zhou Sheng today, when the time came to make a decision, he really wasn’t very confident in himself. He was afraid that his blood had all rushed to his head, and he would end up failing miserably,  thereby even letting Zhou Sheng down. DKtgFG

“So,” Zhou Sheng said without much concern, “You need the pressure. You’ll only succeed in a fight to the death with all your bridges burnt.”

Those words seemed to have knocked enlightenment into Fu Liqun’s head. Yu Hao understood that this was actually Zhou Sheng’s way of motivating someone. If he took his parents’ money to start up the business, then he could just let it go if it was wasted, and Fu Liqun may not put his utmost into the business. However, once Zhou Sheng became a shareholder, Fu Liqun’s stress would multiply, and he would have to find a way to continue his gym business no matter what.

“Okay.” Fu Liqun said, “I get it, Young Master, I won’t betray your trust.”

“It has nothing to do with me.” Zhou Sheng laughed again, “It’s Yu Hao’s betrothal gift.” nhLDxp

Yu Hao and Zhou Sheng started laughing again. Fu Liqun borrowed Yu Hao’s laptop and started racking his brains for his start-up.


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“Are you optimistic about the gym?” Before sleeping, Yu Hao asked Zhou Sheng.

Zhou Sheng asked instead, “Are you optimistic about the gym?” 8BEfAK

Yu Hao, “……”

Zhou Sheng shrugged. They understood without stating it explicitly, and Zhou Sheng continued, “I’m not very optimistic about him, but I trust him.”

That was what Yu Hao thought as well, but he wasn’t as good as expressing it as Zhou Sheng.

“Any news from CCTV?” Zhou Sheng teased again. J3xBgG

The two of them were sleeping side by side. Yu Hao thought about it over and over, then finally said, “Un. Jun Jie said that she has another idea, so I have to wait for a few more days.”

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Yu Hao turned sideways and rested his head on Zhou Sheng’s arm, then placed his hand on his collarbone and carressed it.

Zhou Sheng didn’t suspect anything at all and answered, “She thinks that you wouldn’t be able to act as freely as you would like at her newspaper office ba?”

“That should be what she means.” Yu Hao said. xacYdV

Zhou Sheng said, “I bought something for you today. It’ll come in handy when you start your internship. Do you want to see it?”

Zhou Sheng sat up as he spoke. Yu Hao said, “What did you buy again?”

Under Yu Hao’s repeated orders, it was rare for Zhou Sheng to buy big ticket items anymore. He had intended to give it to Yu Hao when he started on his job, but he couldn’t hold himself back and still ended up presenting him the treasure beforehand.

Zhou Sheng took out a box from under the bed, and Yu Hao let out a loud shout. 6Eb90F

Two lens along with the main body — it was a brand new camera!

Yu Hao, “You……how much did this cost?”

Yu Hao flipped it around to see. He had never researched cameras before, but there was an “H” on the camera body, and it was both light and compact with a round lens. Zhou Sheng had evidently already tested it out in the shop, and he taught Yu Hao how to use it. He asked, “Like it?” And his gaze shifted from the camera to Yu Hao’s eyes.

“What brand is this?” Yu Hao asked out of curiosity, “It’s not Sony?” 3LBAHd

“A small manufacturer.” Zhou Sheng smiled as he answered, “I know you don’t want me to buy an expensive one.”

Yu Hao said, “What is it called? How much does it cost exactly?”

“Hasselblad.” Zhou Sheng said, “See, the receipt is inside. It’s only about 3,000 plus. The assistant taught me the basic functions, but you’ll have to work out the rest by yourself slowly. The lens was a few hundred, but the memory card is free.”

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Yu Hao nodded, and he calmed down. Fortunately, Zhou Sheng had bought him a camera that cost 3,000, so it wasn’t considered a professional one. Even if he couldn’t find a job in the media industry, he could leave it at home and bring it around to take pictures when travelling. tOzBfJ

“Once you start your job, you can take it around with you to take all the pictures you want.” Zhou Sheng smiled, “When you win the Pulitzer Prize someday, will you remember what to say? Thank your Hubby for buying you the first camera of your life, then the shot would move to me, who’s in the first row, while I clap and whistle for you……”

Zryuu: I swear to god I fucking love Zhou Sheng so damn much right now

Juurensha: Awwww, cute. 8gc1qV

Translator's Note

“仙人跳” refers to a kind of behavior that uses psychology of lechery to design traps and cheat people’s money. A man(A) is in collusion with a woman(B). The woman(B) seduced another man(C) with salacity. When they(B and C) went to the hotel for sex, and the man(A) caught adultery in the act and forced blackmail.

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