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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh9 - Four Grasses


While changing the dormitories in the evening, it was another spell of chaos. Because class ended at nine, and ten o’clock was lights out, Teacher Jia went to the dormitories one period in advance, together with the teacher responsible for the dormitory, helping the two of them pack.

Qian Jiahui sullenly walked to 531 with his luggage, while Song Xiao followed the dormitory supervisor to 520. X CfrP

“Alright, here’s the key. I’ve already taken Qian Jiahui’s key, so hurry up and go in, it’s going to be lights out soon. It’s fine to unpack your things tomorrow.” The supervisor auntie was long-winded and wouldn’t stop talking, noisy to the point that his head was buzzing. Song Xiao quickly thanked the teacher and rushed into the room.

The layout of the boys’ dormitory were mostly the same, with two uniquely modelled bed, one slightly higher, the other slightly shorter, with a bedside table in the middle. Two desks arranged side by side, a large bookcase, a small dining table, wardrobe, bathroom…

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Unsure if it was a misconception, Song Xiao felt that this dormitory seems bigger than the other dormitories.

His new roommate was half lying on the higher bed, wearing a loose T-shirt and a pair of boxers, one slender leg was stretched out while the other was bent. One hand was holding a game machine, solemnly playing Tetris. LVg qd

For a second, Song Xiao thought that what he was holding wasn’t a video game, but a memorial.

“How is it you?” He was stupefied for a moment before reacting- his new roommate was unexpectedly the emperor!

Yu Tang slowly turned to look at him, then raised his arm to look at his watch: “You have ten minutes left.”

Song Xiao looked at the clock on the wall, now it was ten minutes to ten, it was going to be lights out soon, and his bed still doesn’t have any sheets! Sighing, at least there isn’t that many things, he hurriedly put on the bed sheets first, then placed three sets of school uniforms and some underwear in the wardrobe.


Because there was only one wardrobe, both their clothes were put together. Yu Tang’s clothes were hung on the left while Song Xiao’s clothes were hung on the right.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Pa!” Just as he closed the cabinet door, the lights went out, and the whole room fell into darkness. Song Xiao stood there for a few seconds, then he got used to the sudden darkness. Just when he was about to turn around, he suddenly sensed that someone was approaching. Song Xiao’s back prickled.

“You…” A warm arm was braced on the wardrobe, thus Song Xiao was walled between the arm and the cabinet door, making him unable to turn his body. That person was getting closer, his light breathing bringing a faint scent of peppermint, exhaling by his ear, and his heart skipped a beat.

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“Jilmx”. Te Kjcu qgfrrfv atf fwfgufcms iluta ja atf abq bo atf kjgvgbyf, jcv atf fcalgf gbbw gfaegcfv ab yglutacfrr. TcbPR

“……” Vbcu Wljb ibbxfv ja atja ofiibk ktb fzqgfrrlbcifrris gfaegcfv ab tlr yfv, qeiilcu bea j ybbx ab gfjv. Lf mbeivc’a gfrlra qeiilcu atf mbgcfg bo tlr ilqr. Jbeivc’a tf pera rjs j kbgv ab aegc bc atf ilutar?

The sound of water rang out from the bathroom, Yu Tang looked at the book in his hands, and he could only read those few paragraphs, no matter how it couldn’t stay in his mind. Looking up, he saw the dripping wet Song Xiao walk out, rubbing his hair while investigating the emergency light: “How does this turn off?”

The white T-shirt uniformly provided by the school, because of the moisture, stuck on his body, revealing the color of his skin, Yu Tang’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Throwing aside the book in his hands, a hand pillowing the back of his head, he watched him standing tiptoe as he fumbled with the light. “Which middle school were you in?”

“No. 17 Middle.” Song Xiao finally touched the power switch, turned off the light, then felt around the darkness to climb back onto his bed, stretching his limbs comfortably. Today was a day of chaos, and at long last he could have a rest. iFDkAQ

“Then your family lives in the central district?”

Yu Tang lifted a hand to pull open the curtains. With the moonlight, he could see the person on the opposite bed.

“Mm…” Having been here for a month, Song Xiao didn’t really get out of the house much. He doesn’t know what district he was in, so he answered vaguely with a sound. “Oh, that’s right, those four yellow haired boys that we saw in the canteen, do you know who they are?”

“Four fools. You don’t need to pay attention to them.” Yu Tang scoffed. uFxsMI

Song Xiao listened to that low and pleasant voice, and somehow felt at ease, so he wanted to talk to him a bit more. Suddenly coming to this strange time and place, even though he could act unruffled every day, when night comes, his heart inevitably felt some distress and fear. When he saw the reincarnated Jingyuan emperor today, he felt like he went up the mountains for a treasure hunt, barely entering the mountains, and he had already found the greatest treasure, so he didn’t need to wade through mountains of daggers and seas of flames.

Fools… Song Xiao had never heard of this word, but more or less knew the meaning. Since the emperor had said he didn’t need to care about it, then it must be nothing. Originally he had wanted to ask a lot more about Yu Tang’s current situation, where his home was, how many people there were in his family, but the words hadn’t left his mouth, and Song Xiao had already fallen asleep.

There was a period of silence in the room. “You…” Yu Tang opened his mouth, wanting to ask a bit more, then he heard a soft snore. Getting up, he slowly walked towards Song Xiao’s bedside, sluggishly reaching out, getting closer to that fair face bit by bit, when he touched his eyelashes, he lightly trembled and rapidly withdrew his hand.

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He stood by the bed silently for a while. Yu Tang closed his eyes, turned around and went back to his bed, pulling the blackout curtains. 0Rreko

Above Yu Tang’s bed was a circle of sliding rod, when pulled, the curtains would wrap around the bed tightly. Turning on the bedside lamp, he took out a thick book, flipping open to the bookmarked page.

This was an English book with densely packed English letters, but the book was a simple and unadorned craft paper, on the paper was a poem written strong and vigorously with a fine-tip brush, ‘Unknown where the person went, the peach blossom still smiled at the spring breeze’.

Gegeda! Gegeda!” At five thirty in the morning, the campus broadcast rang on schedule. Song Xiao got up in a daze, rubbed his eyes, went to the bathroom to wash his face, tidied himself up and came out. He discovered his roommate was still dead asleep.

“Yu Tang, get up,” Song Xiao pushed the man on the bed, but there was no response. He could only sit by the bed and pull him out. “Hurry up and wake up, get up to go running.” Last night the form teacher had repeatedly made it clear, for the morning run he could not be tardy. CzLib0

“Ah, so noisy!” Yu Tang raised his hand to hit the person. Having seen Song Xiao’s face through squinted eyes, his hand stopped in midair.

“Get up!” Song Xiao used his finger to poke at the face which was puffed up in unwillingness, and couldn’t help chuckling.

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Yu Tang sat up and stared at the curved, smiling eyes, and couldn’t help curving his own eyes.

Within the school’s uniform, there was a set of sportswear, which is mandatory for the morning run and physical education class. Everyone was wearing black clothes, so the four students who were wearing golden Nike limited edition clothes were especially eye-catching. 8YJnaG

Golden jacket, golden pants, and also a pair of large golden shoes, they were particularly glittery during the early autumn’s morning light.

“Wah, look, that’s the first years’ four hotties, completely the same as ‘Meteor Storm’.” Special Class One’s Hua jie shrieked while running.

Song Xiao looked at the four golden lumps of Special Class Two, and felt a bit dizzy, promptly turning to look at Yu Tang, who was leading the group, to collect his thoughts. Who these four people were, he finally remembered last night. They were the four yellow haired boys from his previous memory, the ones who had beaten him.

“4G, 4G!” A girl from another class screamed, and the four man group simultaneously turned their heads. The tallest one reservedly nodded his head, while the other three suavely waved their hands. jzdVM6

“What’s 4G?” Song Xiao asked Qian Jiahui who was by his side. Qian Jiahui was also puzzled, who then poked the Hua jie who was screaming the loudest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You guys don’t even know this,” Hua Jie looked at them like she was a wise immortal, “Sheng Meng’s four grasses, that is 4 Grass, abbreviated to 4G!”


The author has something to say NnvqYA


Little theater


Xiaoxiao: what does 4G do L47tW

Fish Tang: The internet is fast, videos won’t lag, site traffic shuashuashua

Four grasses: this is the era of 4G, Sheng Meng is our 4G’s realm

Fish Tang: Fools, I have wifi

Baobao Notes RcDeTs

I imagined the 4G wearing golden clothes… with their blond hair…. I cannot even begin to imagine how tacky they look. Like, no matter how hot you are, nothing can save you from bad taste.

Translator's Note

a sound effect, I don’t think there’s an english equivalent

Translator's Note

this was written in English in the raws

Translator's Note

sound of swishing or rustling

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