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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh49 - History


Yu Tang ignored his younger cousin’s reminder, pushed the door open, and entered.

Inside, his father Yu Fu was talking to seventh uncle. “…deserves to be called the Yu family’s genius.” Y2UZhG

“No, no.” Seventh uncle waved his hands as he smiled. His face, which was somewhat similar to Yu Fu’s face, was filled with pride. “Isn’t Xiao Tang amazing as well? He knows how to manage a company at his age.”

As he spoke, he placed Dayu Capital’s analysis report of Xinghai Entertainment back on the table.

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Unlike Dayu Maternity Hospital, which was private property that belonged to Yu Tang’s family, Dayu Capital belonged to all of the Yu family, and its branches could be found throughout the world; everywhere that the Yu family was in power, they would know of Dayu Capital’s movements.

Speaking of this, Yu Fu couldn’t help frowning. Looking up, he saw Yu Tang come in at that moment, and he became angry. He tossed the analysis report on the table to Yu Tang with a cold face. “What’s going on here?” VEvZXF

Yu Tang raised a hand and caught the report easily. He glanced through it, then unhurriedly walked over to his father’s table and put the report down. “It is as you can see.”

Yu Fu furrowed his brow and waited for Yu Tang to continue. The money invested in Xinghai Entertainment wasn’t much, but it wasn’t small either. He had shielded his son from Yu Dan, but Yu Tang still hadn’t properly explained this matter to him. Old Seven had put this mockery on display on his table today, so Yu Fu’s tone was sharp.

“Xiao Tang ah, seventh uncle will teach you a trick: If you want to fish for gains, you should wait until things completely collapse before you take action,” his uncle said with a beaming smile. His implication was that Yu Tang was wasting money.

“I don’t believe that.” Yu Tang lowered his eyes to conceal the impatience in them. “Dari wants to acquire Xinghai, but Xinghai would rather go bankrupt than accept a merger or acquisition. If something isn’t meant to be, you shouldn't force it.” Lk35iZ

Yu Fu was surprised. He never paid any attention to a small project like Dari. After handing it over to his son, he never got involved, and didn’t know that Dari had tried discussing this.

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“What’s more, Xinghai Entertainment is an entertainment company. If it really drops to the third tier after consecutive years of losses, many good resources will be wasted…” Yu Tang’s reasoning was concise as he elaborated on the purpose of his actions in an even tone. Yu Fu nodded his head slightly, internally sighing over Yu Tang’s thorough consideration. 

When Yu Tang said that he had taken advantage of the steep fall in stock price to secretly purchase a fair number of Xinghai Entertainment’s shares, Yu Fu’s eyes couldn’t help gleaming with surprise and delight.

It was already unbelievable for a child who was barely sixteen to understand how to manage a company, but he could even fish for gains amidst the chaos. He had thoroughly considered each and every problem. Such an outstanding son, compared with that fourteen-year-old nephew outside who had been admitted into the class for talented youths, wasn’t to be outdone. Xs jry

Seventh uncle’s expression gradually changed when he looked at Yu Tang. Five years ago, the latter had still been a fool, yet now he knew how to nibble away at the company. Sure enough, everyone in the Yu family shouldn’t be underestimated.

After successfully convincing his father, Yu Tang saw that the two elders didn’t have any more complaints and didn’t say anything else. He opened the door and left, but saw that his cousin was still waiting outside the door.

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His cousin from his seventh uncle’s family was called Yu Qi, and was rumored to have an IQ of 200. Yu Qi had an amazing memory since young, especially for numbers, and had been admitted into Z Uni’s youth class before he turned fourteen. This youth class continued all the way through high school, and those who could be admitted were all geniuses.

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“I was waiting to play games with you.” Yu Qi stepped forward and followed Yu Tang downstairs.

Yu Tang didn’t reply. He took a look at his mother and aunt chatting in the living room, then saw his wide-eyed little brother in the cradle on the side. He went over and picked up his little brother.

“Tangtang, why are you holding your brother?” Seeing her eldest son stuff her youngest child into his embrace and leave, Mother Yu hurriedly called after him. qj3DWU

“The three of us are going to play games,” Yu Tang said expressionlessly.

“Hahaha, he’s so young, how can he play games?” His aunt rocked back and forth with laughter. “Hurry up and put him down. The two of you can go play.”

Yu Tang raised his brother so that their eyes met. “Do you want to stay with mom or play with me?”

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Little Yu Lin was going to be a year old soon. His body was very sturdy, and he could just about walk as well as say a few simple words. His big, black eyes opened wide. Looking at the big brother in front of him, then turning his head to look at the two gossiping women, he firmly said, “Dede! Want dede!” oRBIvX

Satisfied, Yu Tang thus sandwiched his little brother under one armpit and carried him to the games room.

Yu Qi frowned slightly, unable to understand what Yu Tang was planning to do by bringing the child along, but he still followed.

The two of them picked a team FPS game. Yu Tang placed his brother on the floor rug and he sat down as well, cross-legged. He picked up the game controller and promptly began playing.

Seeing gege ignore him, Yu Lin crawled around on the carpet. After a while, he sat beside his gege and looked at the brightly colored images on the screen, and didn’t cry or throw a tantrum. XE1MwR

Yu Qi sighed in relief when he saw how obedient this child was. He was the only son in his family, and he didn’t like children; he didn’t even like his younger cousins.

“Tang ge, did you really invest in Xinghai Entertainment to earn money?” After Yu Qi killed a concealed enemy, he flipped over and ducked to one side, shooting intermittently at a sniper hiding by the window of a tall building. “And not to win a beauty’s smile?”

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Yu Tang’s hands didn’t pause in the slightest. Flipping backward to hide behind a shipping container, he gunned down the gangsters rushing at them.

After finishing them off, there was only one gangster wielding an ax left. Yu Tang’s game character remained crouched idly on the ground, and the ax-wielder ran at Yu Qi’s character from behind. vDLlZ5

“Ah!” The game character wailed mournfully as it was instantly slashed by the ax-wielder.

“Oh, no!” Yu Qi yelped and hurriedly switched weapons. However, all his character had were long-range weapons, none of which could handle this sort of close-range battle. He immediately panicked, but didn’t plan to ask Yu Tang for help at all.

Yu Tang looked at him and saw that he was struggling all on his own. Raising an eyebrow slightly, he had his game character turn around to raise its weapon and fight over on the other side. He had zero intentions of saving Yu Di.

Both of them were looking in different directions in the game. If they weren’t paying particular attention, they really wouldn’t be able to see their teammate’s situation, so it was pretty normal if Yu Tang didn’t notice him. KwUvVR

“Wao!” Little Yu Lin crawled over. Seeing the character on screen being beaten up so miserably, Yu Lin curled his lip. This Yu Qi was really dumb. Yu Lin’s ‘I’m the only one who holds supremacy in this world’ elder brother wouldn’t necessarily agree to help even if someone begged him. This person who didn’t even beg, and merely waited for Yu Tang to notice and proactively save him…  given such arrogant behavior, he was doomed to die a miserable death.

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Yu Tang glanced at his little brother out of the corner of his eye and saw the little guy sigh solemnly as he shook his small head, his protruding ears flapping comically with the movement of his head. Yu Tang couldn’t help reaching out and poking his forehead.

Wu…” Didi had originally been sitting up. At gege’s poke, he instantly couldn’t remain upright, and just like that, he fell down, hugging a leg. Because his body was too small, he didn’t make a sound when he fell, and slowly turned over like a round ball.

“Tang ge, help!” Yu Qi finally couldn’t stand it and had no choice but to ask Yu Tang for help. If he was hacked to death, he could only revive after ten minutes. It was too boring to just watch Yu Tang play. sf4Rzy

Only then did Yu Tang unhurriedly stand up, switching to a dagger. He leapt across in a single bound and stabbed the axe-wielder to death in three moves. “Generally, one should mind their own business, and only offer a hand in rescue at the critical moment.”

Yu Qi nodded his head and had his character stand up and continue walking. Suddenly, he paused and turned to look at Yu Tang. Seeing that Yu Tang was still indifferently fighting enemies, he couldn’t help the change in his expression. It had sounded like Yu Tang was talking about the game at first, but it was in fact an answer to Yu Qi’s previous question.

Dayu Capital’s investment in Xinghai Entertainment was Yu Tang’s work. As a younger cousin who was always compared with him, Yu Qi naturally would pay attention. He didn’t actually know much, and was only sounding him out jokingly, but just now, Yu Tang had been warning him to mind his own business.

Even though Yu Qi had been admitted into the youth class, he didn’t intend to actually complete his PhD in the country. Instead, he wanted to go to the US for university. wiSnzC

Currently, the Yu family’s general headquarters was in the US. The patriarch, as well as some of the elders, were there, so if Yu Di wanted to obtain a higher status in the family, going to the US was a must.

Yu Tang would also inevitably return to the US, and the two of them could form a reluctant alliance, so it was better to remain on friendly terms before that.

Even though the talented class could recommend Yu Qi to some schools, he had to take an exam if he wanted to get into better schools. This time, Yu Qi had come to A City to take an exam.

Yu Fu felt that his son’s performance was being called into question, so after seventh uncle left, he had a chat with Yu Tang and wanted him to go to university in the US. Yu Tang was noncommittal. He didn’t really care where he studied; what was important was tying his wife to his side. Agreeing casually, he then went to school, his schoolbag on his back. 2qHbnI

They finally talked about Great Yu in history class in the second half of the semester. Naturally, they also talked about the most glorious era, the golden age of Jinghong.

The beautiful history teacher seemed particularly interested in this period of history. Even her previously flat intonation had changed. “Emperor Jingyuan ascended the throne at the age of twenty-five. He did his best to make the country prosperous. Not only did he develop the agriculture field, he also supported commerce. Most importantly, he was especially skilled in warfare, driving the Xiongnu deep into the desert as they fled like dogs!”

Listening to the teacher’s impassioned presentation, Song Xiao was also overwhelmed with emotion. Great Yu was the most glorious reign in all of history, and Emperor Jingyuan was undoubtedly the greatest emperor of Great Yu. He was so great that, even after he married a male empress, he was still revered by later generations.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Even he, a male empress who should’ve been denounced by the people, had been accepted by history because of Jinghong’s golden age. He was fully recorded down in official history, without a single degrading word written about him. Jh2xdg

This was all due to Yu Jintang’s contributions, in exchange for seven years of personally leading troops into battle, countless days and nights without rest or sleep, and a life that barely spanned 35 years.

And now, the eternal emperor was sitting beside him, splayed across the table and dead to the world, with one of his hands even secretly resting on Song Xiao’s thigh.

Song Xiao: “…”


Little Theater

Xiaoxiao: What’s an eternal emperor?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Didi: As an emperor from over a thousand years ago, he’s an eternal in chinese, this word could also be read as thousand years ago. Sort of. emperor

Xiaoxiao: …That is to say, you’re also an eternal emperor? 5ch2Ci


Fish Tang: I seem to have seen something

Didi:  ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

2r PWy

Translator's Note

if you use force to break a melon from its vine, it won’t taste sweet

Translator's Note

trying to say gege

Translator's Note

remember that phrase, ‘lit the beacons and played the feudal princes, just to win a beauty’s smile’? He’s referencing that

Translator's Note

千古一帝, a title granted to an emperor who was most important, usually because of many meritorious deeds. In real life, the Eternal Emperor usually refers to Qin Shihuang, who was the very first emperor to be given the title. Not 100 percent sure, but it was because he was the first to unite the whole of China, so he was the first emperor, which is where 一帝 comes from. Later, this title was given to only a few other emperors.

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