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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh48 - Investment


“Why, you don’t want to?” Yu Tang seemed addicted to roleplaying as he flipped Song Xiao over and pressed him to the bed, a finger brushing his cheek.

“This servant… Wu…” The words barely left Song Xiao’s lips when Yu Tang sealed them with his own. UZlRCu

What the overbearing chairman should do at that moment was use practical actions to stop the little seductress from attempting to voice a refusal, then force him to sign the contract.

“As a contractual lover, you need to be available at all times. When I have needs, you have to satisfy them.” Yu Tang propped himself up above Song Xiao’s body and spoke callously.

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“This servant’s body still can’t…” Song Xiao was helpless and could only play along with the emperor.

“Oh,” Yu Tang said without any fluctuation in tone, “Zhen will wait for you.” bvfm5P

Promising to be his former husband’s contractual lover… Song Xiao really didn’t know what to say. But the emperor was happy, so just follow along ba.

Song Xiao’s family’s business was nothing to the Yu family, but the family was relying on a single person. If the Song family collapsed, Song Xiao wouldn’t be able to live well. He also had the strong character of a scholar, so if they weren’t married, Song Xiao would never use the Yu family’s money.

Yu Tang slowly sipped on his cola. It was still better for this matter to be dealt with. Jokes were jokes, and there was no way he could really directly throw a check at Song Xiao like in the book. Listed companies also wouldn’t permit him to suddenly inject funds into them.

Xinghai Entertainment’s stock price plummeted, and the shareholders were very dissatisfied. The board of directors also continuously put pressure on Song Zicheng to step down and hand over the position of chairman to someone else. kMIVdB

Over at Dari Media, Uncle Yu Dan gloated over Song Zicheng’s misery. He privately contacted Song Zicheng and conveyed his intention of acquiring Xinghai Entertainment. Song Zicheng bluntly rejected him on the spot.

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This company was half his life’s work. No matter what, he was unwilling to sell it to anyone. Even if it withdrew from the market and became an ordinary company, it was still his.

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Yu Tang knew this, so he didn’t put forward an acquisition proposal. Instead, he had people from Dayu Capital contact Xinghai Entertainment.

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When Dari Media heard the news of Dayu Capital’s intervention, they were very unhappy. Yu Dan directly went to look for Yu Fu.

“Didn’t we agree already back then? Why did you suddenly intervene in Xinghai Entertainment’s business now?” Yu Dan was angry. He had given Yu Fu the shares at a low price in the hopes of finding a backer, so as to dominate the entertainment circle. The first step in doing so was to annex Xinghai Entertainment. Now, just great, Dayu Capital had intervened, which allowed Xinghai Entertainment to continue competing with him. He had really lifted a stone and smashed it on his own foot.

“Don’t worry about it.” Yu Fu signed the document in his hands, then leisurely raised his eyes. “There’s naturally a purpose for Dayu Capital’s investment.” Rn5XZw

This sentence made Yu Dan choke. The Yu family had a large family and vast industries, and every step they made was calculated. He didn’t dare ask more, and could only leave in anger.

After Yu Dan left, Yu Fu lowered his gaze and called Dayu Capital. “Xinghai Entertainment’s case, what’s this all about?”

What happened at the lantern festival had frightened Yu Miao tremendously, and she developed a fever the moment she returned home. Yu Tang was furious, and ordered people to follow up on the information from the public security bureau.

At first, the two child traffickers insisted that they were doing a good deed, and refused to admit that they were selling children, up until the baby’s family was found. 9fdwqI

“Baby! My little baby!” The child’s mother cried to the point that she wasn’t able to walk steadily, and someone had to support her. The moment she saw her child, she suddenly stood up straight and rushed over to grab the baby.

“You bastard child traffickers, when I lowered my head to tie my shoelaces, you took the child away!” The child’s grandmother sat on the floor as she cried. She had been pushing the stroller as she took a walk close to the lantern festival at the time. When she lowered her head, the child was gone. She vaguely saw a woman leaving in a hurry, but the elderly lady couldn’t catch up at her pace, and there were so many people at the carnival. In the blink of an eye, the woman couldn’t be found.

After losing the child, how could she explain herself to her son and her daughter-in-law? The elderly lady almost drowned herself in the river.

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The child’s father directly grabbed the male child trafficker and began to beat him up, and the police were unable to calm him down. Vjg0Nf

“Sir, don’t get excited. We’ll report this to our higher-ups. The court will definitely punish this sort of scum heavily,” the police earnestly persuaded the father as a few people pulled the latter back.

“What happened afterwards?” When Yu Tang returned home, the person handling the matter had just happened to return with a report.

“The police frightened the two of them and said that they would be sentenced heavily. The woman was tight-lipped, but the man panicked and said that they were under orders from someone else.” This was said very softly, so as not to be overheard by Yu Miao, who was sleeping upstairs.

“The man said that it was a number of wealthy-looking people who ordered them to drag Yu Miao over; they even showed him a photo of Yu Miao. However, those people were very cautious and didn’t give him the photo or any contact information. They only told him to bring her to the park’s west entrance, where he would be paid upon delivery.” 1PefsL

After a long explanation, the trail was broken.

Yu Tang narrowed his eyes imperceptibly. At that moment, he saw Mother Yu come down the stairs with a married woman who was dressed luxuriously. When the woman saw Yu Tang, she smiled.

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“This is Xiao Tang ba. It’s been years since I saw you; you’ve already grown so big.”

Yu Tang lifted his head and looked at her. “Seventh aunt.” l968dg

Ai, you still remember me ah.” Seventh aunt was the wife of his seventh uncle. The Yu family had a lot of family members in Yu Tang’s father’s generation. There weren’t many siblings; most of them were paternal male cousins, who were all lumped together. 

Unlike Yu Dan, who was a distant relative, this seventh uncle was a younger uncle who was part of the Yu family’s main bloodline. The Yu family’s influence in China was currently divided into two, and seventh uncle was in control of the other half.

“Tang ge, fifth uncle is calling for you.” A thirteen- to fourteen-year-old youth walked out from the study and called for Yu Tang from upstairs.

Yu Tang went upstairs and shot a glance at his younger cousin. IL84N6

“It seems like fifth uncle is angry. Be careful,” the youth whispered to Yu Tang with a friendly smile on his face.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


The author has something to say:

The high school phase is about to end. Once they are in university, they can do some immoral things_(:з」∠*)_ UdkjnN

Little Theater

Fish Tang: I hear that immoral things can be done when we’re in uni

Xiaoxiao: What… what sort of immoral things?

Fish Tang: Openly copy homework 69t4Ax

Xiaoxiao: …Oh

Baobao Notes

Jules, the greatest queen ever, is back oh thank god


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