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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh36 - Staying Overnight


Mother Yu looked at her son in surprise. “Of course he can, but you have to see if his family agrees first.”

This son of hers had autism when he was younger, and wouldn’t communicate with anyone. It was said that most autistic people had particularly high IQs. When this child got over his autism, he retained his high IQ, and it went without saying that this was a good thing. But his IQ was far higher than that of his peers, which led to him still not having any friends. nSu Qk

This was her very first time seeing Yu Tang treat someone with this much care. Bringing his friend home and playing for one afternoon wasn’t enough; he even wanted him to stay overnight. Such behavior had to be supported!

Hence, when Yu Tang brought Song Xiao downstairs, the latter preparing to return home, Mother Yu enthusiastically urged him to stay. “It’s already dark, and this place is very far from the city center, so driving home isn’t safe. How about you just stay the night; both of you can continue with your homework tomorrow.”

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Song Xiao blinked. Transportation a thousand years ago had been inconvenient, so staying overnight at a friend’s house as a guest was very common. Song Xiao thus didn’t think there was anything wrong with the host asking him to stay, but he still declined. “It’s fine, auntie…”

“Stay ba. Listen to auntie; tomorrow, I’ll have the chef cook you something delicious.” Mother Yu smiled as she spoke, and she turned to ask the housekeeper, “I said earlier to have the kitchen make three small steak portions for the children to eat; did you already let the kitchen know?” N7B2CW

The housekeeper promptly cottoned on. “I already informed the kitchen ten minutes ago.”

Since the host had already prepared his share of the meal, it wouldn’t be good to decline again. Moreover, this was a command from the empress dowager, so he couldn’t not obey and could only agree. “Then, I’ll be troubling auntie.”

“How obedient!” Mother Yu laughed, told them to run along and play, then turned away to busy herself with other things.

Song Xiao sighed lightly, then turned around to speak to Yu Tang about leaving after he ate. “Your Majesty, I…” vjLs6k

“Hello uncle, this is Yu Tang. It’s already late, let Song Xiao stay at my place ba.” Before Song Xiao could open his mouth, Yu Tang had already made the call. “Ok, thanks, uncle!”

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Yu Tang expressionlessly hung up his cellphone, then silently met Song Xiao’s eyes.

The corners of Song Xiao’s lips turned up. “…Thanking the emperor for your generous grace.”

Yu Tang’s father had gone overseas for a meeting, so it wasn’t very formal at the dining table that night, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. d1Ayr4

The steak was sautéd just right. Yu Tang, Song Xiao, and Dugu An all had delicious steak, while Yu Miao ate fish.

“Mom, I also want to eat beef steak.” Yu Miao looked impatiently at the three geges’s plates.

“Your teeth are growing now, so you can’t eat hard things.” Mother Yu stared at her for a moment, indicating that she should eat properly.

Yu Tang slowly cut a small piece from the softest and lightest part, and nonchalantly placed it on his little sister’s plate. His eyes were fixed on his own plate the entire time, and his mother didn’t see it since she had lowered her head to eat. Y2v8Fe

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“Alright, but don’t stay up too late playing.” Her expression understanding, Mother Yu nodded agreeably. Children- they all wanted to stay with their friends so that they could continue playing at night. ydcZi2

When the emperor dragged him away, Song Xiao had a bitter look on his face – the empress dowager understood nothing at all, nothing!

Rejecting the emperor’s suggestion to ‘shower together’, Song Xiao showered in the bathroom, came out, and changed into Yu Tang’s pajamas. Because the pajamas were slightly longer, he could only roll up the sleeves and the pant’s legs. But they were soft and smooth satin, and very quickly fell down after they were rolled up.

As he struggled with the pajamas, he came out to see Yu Tang soaking in the jacuzzi, and immediately froze.

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The jacuzzi had artificial waves that splashed against and rolled around Yu Tang’s body. The white waves surged against the emperor’s tightly muscled chest. Water droplets slid down from the graceful line of his jaw to his sexy Adam’s apple and collarbones… XH975l

Sensing that he was being watched, Yu Tang slowly opened his eyes, then saw his family’s empress hurriedly turn around and run away. Because the pajamas were too long, Song Xiao tripped when he was next to the bed and tumbled headlong into a pillow.

Yu Tang couldn’t help breaking into laughter. Getting up and wiping his body dry, he put on a bathrobe and walked towards the bed.

“Your pajamas?” Song Xiao’s eyes widened as he watched Yu Tang take off the bathrobe and get under the blankets naked.

“Aren’t you wearing them?” Yu Tang reached out to touch the smooth satin pajamas. 4Avu7

Song Xiao shifted away and glared unhappily at him. “You only have one set?”

“Of course not.” Yu Tang followed and shifted closer to rub against Song Xiao’s side, one hand stroking the line of his waist. “But I just like this set.”

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Wu…” When his ticklish back dimples were caressed, Song Xiao couldn’t help groaning.

Yu Tang’s hand paused, his Adam’s apple bobbing for a moment. Then, he propped himself up and slowly moved closer. “Junzhu…” YUayRC

“Mn?” Song Xiao raised his eyes, and before he could ask “What?”, a scorching kiss had already landed on his neck. His body couldn’t help trembling, and he raised his hand to press against Yu Tang’s shoulder. “Don’t…”

The person on top of him didn’t listen, and a slender, nimble, and slightly callused hand snuck into a gap in the oversized pajamas.

“En…” Yu Tang didn’t know what he had touched, but Song Xiao suddenly let out a sweet and intimate nasal sound. At the same time, he clearly felt Yu Tang’s breathing abruptly become heavier.

Wu, c- can’t…” Song Xiao tried to push him away, but this time, it wasn’t as easy as when they were in school. Instead, Yu Tang grabbed his hand and became more forceful. X OiCq

“We’re very much not in school today,” Yu Tang huskily said as he touched that exceptionally supple part. 

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“Even if we’re not in school, we must still properly abide by the school rules!” Song Xiao tugged the emperor’s hand out of his pajama pants with a serious expression. Feeling that he had lost yet again, he seized the opportunity to sneakily grope the emperor’s butt.

Yu Tang’s expression had already cooled. In school, Song Xiao said that they had to follow the school rules, and didn’t let Yu Tang touch him. Now, they weren’t in school, so it was obvious that Song Xiao was blowing him off. Just as he was about to get angry, he became aware of a certain naughty hand, and was effectively angered into laughter.

The gentle and charming atmosphere was utterly destroyed. Yu Tang removed his hands and lay down. He drew Song Xiao into his embrace and took a deep breath. MKQAdh

Song Xiao’s body stiffened. After a while, when he saw that Yu Tang had no intention of letting go of him, he dug his way out of Yu Tang’s arms. Lying down on the other side of the bed, he looked at Yu Tang with wide eyes.

This bed was very large, and no less inferior to the emperor’s bed which the two of them had slept in before. There was no need for them to sleep squeezed together, like in school.

Yu Tang silently looked at the empress roll back and forth, the latter unaware of how his short hair was being mussed into sticking up. Facing off against Yu Tang across the gap, he was like a little animal protecting its food. “You…”

The words were on the tip of Yu Tang’s tongue, but he swallowed them back. The firm and resolute monarch had never known how to convey his feelings in front of his empress. Yu Tang sighed, raised a hand to wave it in the air, and the automatic lights instantly went out. W8kpln

The room sank into darkness. Song Xiao heard Yu Tang softly say, “Sleep ba” and nothing else after that.

In the tranquil room, it wasn’t long before Song Xiao heard the sound of smooth and steady breathing. In the moonlight, Song Xiao saw that the emperor had fallen asleep, so he sneakily shifted closer to him a little. Staring at those fine and long eyelashes for a long while, he yawned, and slowly sank into sleep.

As soon as Song Xiao fell asleep, Yu Tang reached out and pulled him into his embrace, dropping a kiss in between his eyebrows. After that, he put his chin on top of that fluffy head and closed his eyes in satisfaction.

On the morning of the second day, Song Xiao discovered that he had once again slept in the emperor’s embrace. According to the emperor, it was Song Xiao himself who had rolled into his embrace in the middle of the night. Song Xiao didn’t believe it at first, but thinking of how he had sneakily shifted over before falling asleep, he was also partly to blame, so he didn’t dare say anything more. z8dTSO

This was supposed to be going over to a classmate’s house to do homework, but the two of them didn’t even do a single question. When they finished breakfast, they ran off to play tennis. As for the little disagreement from last night, the two of them didn’t bring it up anymore. While they were playing happily, the housekeeper informed them that a guest had come to visit, and the madam had called for the eldest young master to go to the living room and greet them.

Yu Tang wrinkled his brow. “Who?”

“It’s the Cheng family’s third miss and Madam Cheng,” the housekeeper said with a smile. This was the guest that had made an appointment last night, and he remembered telling the eldest young master about this before.

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Yu Tang nodded, then turned around to continue teaching Song Xiao how to serve the ball – he had no intention of leaving with the housekeeper at all. b27pB5

The housekeeper: “…”

“Yu Tang!” A girl’s voice rang out behind them. Yu Tang impatiently turned around to look, and saw Cheng Xinran, in a creamy white dress, standing outside the court.

Cheng Xinran was none other than the Minister of the Ministry of Rites; that was, the so-called head of the Literature and Art Department, and a second year student. The Cheng family was also a large aristocratic family, and was on friendly terms with the Yu family. Cheng Xinran’s mother was familiar with Yu Tang’s mother, so she would regularly come to their house as a guest and occasionally bring her daughter along.

Song Xiao naturally recognised Cheng Xinran, the female senior who had snatched his seat at the first meeting of the student union. 42G0Lm

“Tangtang, why didn’t you come and say hello to Aunt Cheng?” Mother Yu and Cheng Xinran’s mother had also come along, and the former beckoned at Yu Tang.

Yu Tang unwillingly threw down the racket and walked over, pulling Song Xiao along with him.

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“This child is…?” Madam Cheng took a look at Song Xiao. Seeing that he was fair and handsome, with a noble temperament, it was obvious at a glance that his background wasn’t a common one. However, when she searched her memory, she couldn’t think of any young master of an upper-class family that matched this one.

“He’s called Song Xiao; he’s the son of the boss of Xinghai Entertainment,” Cheng Xinran explained to her mother in a low voice. 519o3l

“No wonder…” Madam Cheng nodded in understanding. She had also heard the gossip about Song Xiao. The big families viewed a company like Xinghai Entertainment as nothing more than the nouveau riche, which wouldn’t be able to integrate into the upper class.

Song Xiao had naturally seen the split second of censure and dislike in that madam’s eyes, but didn’t mind at all. Yu Tang did, however, and his face instantly turned icy. When his mother told him to play with Cheng Xinran, he wordlessly dragged Song Xiao off to play basketball.


Little Theatre: gSauYd

Empress Dowager: It’s rare for your ge to have a good friend ne.

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Didi: ╮(╯_╰)╭

Empress Dowager: Their feelings are really good; they even sleep together.

Didi: (¬_¬) luDSm9

Empress Dowager: This child, why are you rolling your eyes?

Didi: (Lights a candle; momma, you’re gonna regret this)

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