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Stop Bothering Me, EmperorCh23 - Don’t Make Trouble


Bringing a warm and peppermint-scented breath, blowing at his ear, Song Xiao’s body went stiff, uneasily shifting.

Luckily, Yu Tang didn’t entangle with him too much, embracing for a while then letting go. He leaned against the back cushion with a normal expression, picked up his book and read it like it was a memorial, as if he wasn’t the one who was taking liberties on him just now. GUOtzD

Song Xiao secretly looked at him, slowly shifted to the headboard, and also leaned on the back cushion.

This big back cushion on Yu Tang’s bed was probably specially for him to use when he read books at night. It was particularly comfortable, and could perfectly support his waist and backbone, so reading books for a long period wouldn’t be tiring.

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The author Huangye Mohe was pretty diligent, and it could be seen in a lot of parts that they had earnestly researched references. Maybe because it was to increase the style of writing, it’s writing was half-classical and half-vernacular. But for Song Xiao, a person from ancient times, he felt that it was somewhat amusing, as many term’s usage were unfitting. To say it with the popular slang he had recently learnt, it was probably ‘excessively pretentious’. LS6pkc

However, the good thing was that the story was comparatively exciting.

The handsome prince met a drunk little champion at the Lu Ming Banquet, and was attracted to the face that was as gorgeous as peaches and plums. As such, he then took the initiative to volunteer to send home the little champion who hadn’t brought a manservant. On the carriage sending them back, he couldn’t resist extending a hand into the crimson colored champion robes…

When Song Xiao saw this segment, he instantly blushed, closing the book with a ‘pata’.

“What?” Yu Tang, who had always been observing him from the corner of his eye, pretended to be alarmed by him and turned his head to question him.


“This book was written really ridiculously,” Song Xiao dryly coughed.

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“Where’s it ridiculous?” Yu Tang raised a hand and was about to take it for a look, but was avoided by Song Xiao.

Yu Tang didn’t grab it and didn’t persist, turning back to continue reading his own book. He waited until Song Xiao furtively opened it again to read, then pressed on it.

“With a calloused fingertip grinding against a place below the neck, Song Xiao who had his eyes closed, let out an unendurable sound…” KFW5fn

Song Xiao’s ears promptly became red. Initially, when he was reading it by himself he felt very shameful, and now he was even seen by Yu Tang. “Isn’t this just groundless nonsense? I spoke only one sentence to you during the Lu Ming banquet!” Furthermore, because he had answered every question correctly, he hadn’t been penalised to drink at all, so how could he be drunk?

“En?” Yu Tang tilted his gaze, looking into the collar of Song Xiao’s loose pajamas. “Empress is feeling regretful?”

“No!” Song Xiao wanted to seize the book back, he didn’t intend to read this book anymore, it’s not like there would definitely be something after. But Yu Tang was a step ahead of him, and raised the book up, the two people then scrambled for a book in a narrow bed.

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Song Xiao used a hand to prop his body up and jumped up suddenly, and instantly seized the book. While he was pleased with himself, he realised he didn’t have a supporting point anymore, falling down and bumping into Yu Tang, the two of them simultaneously falling onto the back cushion and rolling into a lump. 98Oe2k

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“Qe…” Ds atf alwf Vbcu Wljb gfrqbcvfv, tf tjv jigfjvs yffc olgwis reyvefv, klat cb lvfj ktfgf atf ybbx lc tlr tjcvr tjv oibkc boo ab.

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“Junzhu…” Yu Tang softly called him, moving closer slowly. xaGTUc

“Oh, that won’t do!” Song Xiao pressed against the shoulder of the person above him in a flurry, pushing him off, his eyes flashing with great fluster.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Tang frowned slightly.

“Written in the school rules, before adulthood, we aren’t allowed to have puppy love!” Song Xiao widened his eyes, speaking rather earnestly. He had even memorised that blue school rulebook. Regarding puppy love, below it were detailed explanations, puppy love behaviour included kissing, sexual behaviour and so on.

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Yu Tang’s thin lips pursed into a straight line, his expression dark. 7QVn3d

Song Xiao sat up, and tugged on his shirt that were pulled open in a somewhat embarrassed manner. “I’m going to sleep.” 

As he was about to get off the bed, a pair of arms encircled him from the back, tightly embracing him.

Yu Tang buried his face on Song Xiao’s shoulder and took a deep breath, silently stayed there for a while, then directly dragged him to lie down, reaching up to turn off the bedside lamp.

“Your- Your Majesty…” Song Xiao rubbed a hand that was holding him. 8Slpzf

“Sleep!” Yu Tang said fiercely.

The room fell into tranquilness, Song Xiao shifted a little and changed into a comfortable position. It wasn’t long before his limbs relaxed, peacefully falling asleep.

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Yu Tang glued his face onto his nape. After a long while, he sighed, long and slow.

Song Xiao from their past incarnation, didn’t like attending to him in bed. Even though he didn’t reject his intimacy, once they got into bed he would find reasons to avoid it, if it couldn’t be avoided then he would still not allow him to do it to the end. They had been married for a year, and the amount of times they did it to the end could be counted with his fingers. 3Jzxwc

So, he still didn’t like him ba…

The next day, the two of them acted as if nothing had happened, washing up and going to class as usual. With a beauty in his embrace, Yu Tang was rather unwilling to get up, and couldn’t help being even more sick of that annoying chicken clucking.

“Getting up at five something, is zhen a chicken?” Once his embrace was empty, Yu Tang then unhappily got up.

Song Xiao rubbed his sleepy eyes. “Get up ba, we’ll soon be late.” 8RtB5G

Yu Tang was exactly the sort of fellow that liked working at night, while morning was his nighttime. During the previous emperor’s reign, they had to go to court before the sky was bright, but when it became Jingyuan emperor’s reign, it was set to sunrise.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The candidates for the department heads in the student union were basically determined, Yu Tang had picked a second year boy that had also ran for president with him to be the vice president. During breakfast, the two of them had a meeting in the canteen, sitting down together to chat while eating.

“The candidates for department heads are of no problem, as for the vice department heads, I think that we could let the heads pick for themselves.” The vice president was called Wang Yuechen. During middle school he was the student union’s chairman of the city’s key middle school, and was fairly familiar with the affairs of a student union. As he spoke, he took out a list of names from his pocket, and there were several names on it.

Most of them were second years, after all, to manage a department, it was better to let the seniors do it, but he was somewhat worried that the president might not agree. 4d3ugn

Yu Tang gave Song Xiao a soup dumpling, and didn’t even give the name list a single glance, “What departments are usually established for a student union?”

“Usually there’s Literature and Art Department, Studies Department, Physical Education Department, Propaganda Department, Health Department, Disciplinary Department, and our school will inevitably have a foreign exchange, so there still needs to be an International Department.” Wang Yuechen was very familiar with this.

“En,” Yu Tang replied with a grunt, then slowly drank up the porridge in his bowl. “Change the names.”

“Ah? Change them to what?” Wang Yuechen was rather startled. He had originally thought the president would have some opinions about the allocation of personnel, but unexpectedly the focus point was the names of the department. 6pUOG8

“Change them to ancient times’ Six Ministries, Administration, Revenue, Rites, Publicity, War, Justice, as for the International Department, just call it Court of State Ceremonial ba,” Yu Tang spoke casually.

“Pft—” Wang Yuechen nearly sprayed out the mouthful of porridge he had just drank, coughing after he choked for half a day, then took a napkin to wipe his mouth. “President, are you role-playing?” 

He thought to himself, as expected, he’s a little child, foolishly making trouble.

Teenagers always had a sort of bizarre concept, believing that if they were higher than other people by a grade, it meant that they were much older. So towards this junior president, Wang Yuechen was rather ill at ease. efByk5

Yu Tang composedly finished the dim sum in his plate, wiped his mouth, then lifted his eyes to look at the vice president. “To stand out from the masses.”

Wang Yuechen wanted to kneel to this big brother. This established Six Ministries, what’s above it? Should they also convert president to emperor ah?

Song Xiao really couldn’t continue listening, and kicked Yu Tang under the table, softly saying, “Don’t make trouble, emperor.”

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The author has something to say


Little theater

‘School Rules Are Just Deceptive Writing’ k1M0C

Fish Tang: Let me copy your homework

Xiaoxiao: School rules said that we can’t copy homework

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Fish Tang: Let’s go on a date

Xiaoxiao: School rules said that we can’t have puppy love sJMw5Z

Fish Tang: Let’s make love

Xiaoxiao: School rules said minors have to reject sexual activities

Fish Tang: …The government drives the people to revolt, zhen wants to lead the Red Turbans to revolt!


Baobao Notes

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Aight so the last four words are actually exactly the same as the title of the novel, but it doesn’t fit the situation if I threw in the title lol


Hello! I’m back!!!! Unfortunately, I’m in danger of failing one subject so I still have to do some extra work, but I’ll be updating from now on! Thanks for being patient!! 5aigWY

Translator's Note

the slang used was 装逼过头, zhuangbiguotou.

It means to pretend to have wisdom, seem smarter/better than they really are

Translator's Note

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